IRB: Two RWC trophies

2011-08-18 10:45

Cape Town - The organisers of the 2011 Rugby World Cup have confirmed that there are two official World Cup trophies.

Rugby New Zealand 2011, the organising committee, and Rugby World Cup Limited, the IRB subsidiary which owns the tournament, made the announcement after a New Zealand television station reported that the trophy presently in the country was not the original.

In a statement released on the official World Cup website, tournament director Kit McConnel confirmed that there are two Webb Ellis Cups, but said that both are genuine.

“As is common with other major sports tournaments, we have two trophies, however only one is ever used at any given point in time,” said McConnell.

“Both cups are equal in stature. There is no original cup as such, they are interchangeable and we don’t distinguish between the two. They were both acquired before the first tournament so share the same Rugby World Cup history.

“Both have been used at past tournaments and both have been in the hands of winning captains and teams. They both represent the spirit of the game.”

TV3 reported that the real Webb Ellis Cup was in Ireland being repaired and that a replica had been used during a four-week long promotional tour of New Zealand.

Martin Snedden, CEO of Rugby New Zealand 2011, attempted to assure the New Zealand public that the trophy they had seen was real and that they had not been fooled during the tour.

“The trophy that New Zealanders saw and had their photos taken with is the Webb Ellis Cup that will be presented to the winning team at the final of RWC 2011 on October 23 at Eden Park,” said Snedden.

“We are pleased to be able to reassure all those fans who turned up early in the morning around the country that the experience they had was genuine.”


  • Ant - 2011-08-18 10:55 we can definitely retain the World Cup by stealing one of them.

      Valis - 2011-08-18 11:33


  • Liam - 2011-08-18 11:05

    Why they haven't told us this before? If we do win the competition will we be awarded the same trophy as last time or a different one? Is the trophy that Francois Pienaar lifted the same one that John Smit lifted? So many questions....

      Tools1 - 2011-08-18 11:31

      Francios Steyn...... chuby or not chuby? Fat is the question!

  • sean - 2011-08-18 11:22

    Great, so they have given it to the Irish to fix, we'll get it back with both ears on one side lol

  • Nicholas - 2011-08-18 11:36

    There can be a cup for the winners on the field and the one on the scoreboard!

      Gregs - 2011-08-18 11:52

      Great comment Nicholas - you are sharp!!!

      PurpleDragon - 2011-08-18 12:39


      Lean - 2011-08-18 17:09

      Lol! For you divvy

  • Blue - 2011-08-18 11:54

    "attempted to assure the New Zealand public that the trophy they had seen was real and that they had not been fooled during the tour." Why are the NZ public so concerned with the cup? Seems like they've already won the cup before the first kick off like "all the other years" SHAME CHOCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Bumblebee - 2011-08-18 12:20

      No Blue as usual a windgat arrogant japie. NZ'ers are in general honest people and they get very pissed off if they are being taken for a ride. In a WORLDWIDE HONESTY SURVEY in 2010 NZ came 3rd in the world out of 100 countries after only Norway and Sweden. SA and Zim didn't make the top 100.

      Blue - 2011-08-18 12:32

      Lets have a quick survey of our own people, thumbs down for bumblebee if you think he's an idiot!

      BM123 - 2011-08-18 12:42

      Hey Bumblebee - pity your countryman ??? Dempsey didn't know about the honesty index when the 2006 soccer world cup was being awarded!

      Kirk Mc Mahon - 2011-08-18 15:51

      They havent seen the original one since 1987 thats why they upset....

  • burtfred - 2011-08-18 13:13

    Why are the Kiwis so concerned about which cup is in NZ? They're not going to win either cup anyway.

      Blue - 2011-08-18 13:39

      My thoughts exactly, it shouldn't concern them!

  • Alan - 2011-08-18 14:27

    ... and only the Boks and Wallabies have won both of them!

      Blue - 2011-08-18 14:32

      And the All blacks keep going on about that we didn't need to play them in 2007so we were lucky, but they had their chance in 2007, the ONLY world cup they won, is one that SA didn't even play in because of sanctions!

  • Kirk Mc Mahon - 2011-08-18 15:53


      Alan - 2011-08-18 23:54

      well with the way the irish refs have been fixing games these last few years I think I know exactly what you mean. Funny how both ireland and new zealands fortunes have both improved since the irb head office moved to dublin and the kiwi paddy o'(cheat) brian was put in charge of the refs. @ bumblebee - i worked for many years with a large number of kiwis and they are anything but honest. As for their view on cheating in sports (I constantly reminded them of how much the ABs, esp richie mcgaw cheated and got away with it), their opinion was that if you are not caught or the ref favours you so does not penalise you then it is not cheating - so yes by those standards maybe you are an "honest" nation but hell by my standards you are just a bunch of cheats who couldn't win an honest competition so changed the rules, bought the refs and will still choke when it counts.

  • Paul - 2011-08-18 16:40

    Pakistan, more like.

  • 2nd coming - 2011-08-18 17:00

    So if it's not a big secret and so common, why is this the first we've heard of it? It's been in existance for 20 odd years? Here's what I think happened, trophy number 2 was made when SA was awarded the 95 world cup becuase the IRB was convinced we'd lose one

      nzbro - 2011-08-19 07:36

      lol bro somebody must have told them its now entering a corrupt society where corruption stretches all to way to the top I hear from my saffa bros at work.Who knows it might av been the copy that got given to SA 2nd time too & original kept secret?lol

      Kirk Mc Mahon - 2011-08-19 09:27

      Its because when you win it for the 3rd time you get to keep it and quite frankly that could be happening this year with either Aus or the Bokke!

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