Habana braced for onslaught

2011-09-29 12:19

Auckland - Bryan Habana rates his only Test against Samoa as pretty special but also one of the toughest physical beltings he has experienced with the Springboks.

The former IRB player of the year scored four tries in the Springboks' 59-7 win over Samoa in the pool stage in Paris on the way to lifting the 2007 World Cup.

Left-winger Habana, 28, became the Springboks' all-time greatest try-scorer at this tournament with his 39th try in his 72nd international, and knows the defending champions are in for another physical test against Samoa on Friday.

"It was pretty special, it is also unique scoring four tries for your country," Habana told a press conference in Auckland on Thursday.

"But in that first 20 minutes I wasn't really interested in taking any collisions after seeing their number eight (Henry Tuilagi) running into Danie (Rossouw) and Schalk (Burger).

"That first 20 minutes against Samoa in 2007 was some of the toughest Test match rugby I've ever played, it is pretty tough.

"I reckon tomorrow it will be no different. The structure that Samoa have come into with a lot of their players playing in European leagues has seen them become a much-improved side than what they were in 2007.

"They are going to lay down a big challenge for us, not only physically, but in their structure.

"So we have to make sure we are playing our best rugby if we're going to have any chance of success."

Habana, who equalled Jonah Lomu's tournament record of eight tries at the last World Cup, said although the All Blacks are the team to beat, the Springboks believe they can win back-to-back Webb Ellis Cups.

"There is a belief within the team that we can definitely go and win this World Cup," Habana said.

"The outside influences are not really important but the pressure we put on ourselves as a team and as individuals to perform.

"The All Blacks have definitely laid down a marker over the last couple of weeks and the rest of the world is following them at the moment."


  • 7dust - 2011-09-29 12:37

    Find some form Habana and fight for your place...Hougie is waiting. Healthy competition is good and its time for you to come to the party.

      Neilson - 2011-09-29 22:37

      He has form, his only problem is his Stormer partners. luckily with Francois in centre his tries will start to flow again.

  • Shakes - 2011-09-29 12:41

    Agree, come on Habana show some of that form that won you the IRB player of the year!

  • battle4truth - 2011-09-29 12:45

    has been

  • Bellakanoose - 2011-09-29 12:46


      Johnny-BB - 2011-09-29 14:35

      ...Bryan Banana and Jean de Villiers should be sent home.... ...and grandpa Smit....

  • Anneleen - 2011-09-29 12:52

    Habana, how about four more Habana and the Bokke...may you collect some serious points! Go Bokke!!!!!

      DeonL - 2011-09-29 13:21

      I agree, score 4 tries and you can keep your place, Hougaard is best when he comes from the bench.

      Anneleen - 2011-09-29 13:30

      @DeonL...thanks for your comment...yip, Hougaard is one impressive player...setting the playing field on fire!

  • PEA - 2011-09-29 12:59

    Hopefully first and last!

  • Witblitz - 2011-09-29 13:05

    Hasbeena, I hope you get a few more tries before you retire.

      Kevin - 2011-09-29 13:09

      See you opened the klippies early today

  • Zooma Lema - 2011-09-29 13:10

    The weak link, no defensive skills, a has been.

      Rudolph Raath - 2011-09-29 14:09

      you're realy a knob! Maybe if you watch some rugby you'd realise he has lost his attacking prowess, but his defensive qualities are still up there! Knock this guy at your own perril, he's still got a couple of good performances in him, and he is a bit of a "glory boy", pulls out the big performances when it counts!

      RandomDude - 2011-09-29 15:51

      Why do you ppl give him the thumbs down ? He is a weak link , he can be good in defense at times but in general he's not . He always breaks line and goes for the intercept pass ( which he never gets anymore because teams expect it ) ...biggest sin in a drift defense for the outside wing to come inside of the other teams line.. the whole idea is to funnel them into the sideline

  • OZNOB - 2011-09-29 13:30

    I EXPECT THE bokke to do well though they should treat them exactly the same way as they treated the fijians - in their face and never let up. they should also not get complacent against the samoans

  • Lance - 2011-09-29 13:38

    Youre not quite the try-a-minute machine you used to be..but your work rate and superb defense makes upt for it. Good defense wins world cups and SA is statistically the best defenders in the 2011 RWC!

  • rockurassoff - 2011-09-29 13:38

    I think Hougie should team up on the wing with Habana - perhaps the lack of having a good partner on the opposite wing is the reason Habana is not up to standard.

      Travis - 2011-09-29 14:02

      Rubbish mate. JP has been great. I think that he has been the stand-out wing, with Hougaard the stand-out super-sub. JP is wicked quick, really strong, and I think that he has defended well. He is in better form than Habana, and although I wish Habana all the best, there are areas - like his defence - where Habana is seriously lacking.

  • rockurassoff - 2011-09-29 14:40

    hey, why 7 thumbs down? I only made a suggestion.... Habana is not a bad player, and perhaps if he teams up with Hougie it will give him motivation to work harder.... @ Travis - IMHO: JP is good on defence??? Really????

      RandomDude - 2011-09-29 16:04

      because he's royal game apparently . never mind that he hasn't scored a real try since June 2010 ( just what we want in a wing ) and he sucks in defense because he always goes for the glory intercept try which he never gets anymore .Want too f'up our defensive pattern? Sell Habanna a dummy , make him go for the intercept and you have a clear run for your wing.. if the cover can't make it to him .

  • Jean - 2011-09-29 15:26

    Why refer only to him, there are 14 other players as well or are they not important? Some players are always shown on TV, in the papers etc, wonder why?

      Lance - 2011-09-29 15:44

      Dont be sour grapes Jean,..just because Frans took your spot doesnt mean there arent people out there that dont rate you. Nurse your rib..then we'll see.

  • Happybloke - 2011-09-30 03:33

    The facts are real Hougard is in better form , but he is the impack player for two positions, scrumhalve and winger, Habana is under pressure to keep his hopes to kep his spot, so he will play the game of his life tonight to ensure he wil be picked in the qfinals, and that goes for Frans Steyn as well, Jean wants to get his spot back too, Butch James is in the same boat, great competion , and that will win teh worldcup for SA.I think the experience of Habana speeks for itself and Divilliers the coach has to bank a player to do the job and that is where Habana will show his class.

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