Fourie wary of Wales' tactics

2011-09-06 12:24

Wellington - Wales have revised their tackling game and are targeting the breakdowns, the Springboks' chief on-field defensive co-ordinator, Jaque Fourie, said on Tuesday.

"They [Wales] have a new approach," Fourie said ahead of the Boks' Rugby World Cup opener against the Welsh in Wellington on Sunday.

"They have a new defence system as well and they are rushing up quite quickly [in defence] and putting teams under pressure.

"They are also putting in a lot of hits in the rucks so we just need to stick to what's been working for us and do even better."

Fourie, making his third appearance at the global spectacle, believed the stiff competition in the Springboks' pool group could work in their favour.

"It is a very tough group and that will prepare us for the quarterfinals and going onwards," said the experienced Bok centre.

"It can be a positive. We've got Wales, we've got Fiji, Samoa, and not to throw away Namibia, and we are taking all four of those games very seriously."

The Boks have all sung the same chorus, insisting that Wales will be their only focus and that the other teams in their group will be studied closer to the actual matches.

Fourie said it would remain that way throughout the competition.

"That's how we want to approach this," he said.

"The first game is Wales and we want to come through that one convincingly and take it from there."

The Bok backline failed to score a try in their last seven matches, but that was of little concern to the man ranked third among the top try-scorers in the side's history.

"I don't think it is a concern. We've worked at what we've wanted to work on, and we've got the smaller details right, and I think we achieved that in our last game [against the All Blacks in Port Elizabeth].

"We just need to handle that rush defence, get quick ball and go forward."

The team had travelled well, according to Fourie and, although they were still recovering from jetlag, they were starting to settle into their sleeping routines.

"The way we arrived here was excellent; the people welcomed us with open arms so everything else is excellent."

Aside from training and media responsibilities, the Springboks had been given freedom to do whatever they wished -  within set parameters - and Fourie felt the team were balanced in how they approached the build-up to their title defence.

"When we step onto the pitch we know what we want to do and when we step off we relax.

"It is a World Cup and a great occasion, so we need to take in as much as we can."


  • Jay - 2011-09-06 12:41

    Rush defense may suffer against our chip and chase style............................This is an area a player like Gio Aplon could do really well in.................................Amped!

      BokBru - 2011-09-06 12:50

      Amped is not the word. It's much more than that. Cannot wait. Going to be great.

      Christy - 2011-09-06 14:06

      I agree but some reason I got the feeling he wont have much game time. I think he should start on the wing in place of Habana.

      GraemeBB - 2011-09-06 19:35

      @Christy - Habana is one of the best chasers in the world. That is why he was so good with the Bulls. I think he was brilliant in defense for the Boks in the Tri-Nations, and I just hope he doesnt try intercept unless he is covered - in which case, I think he will be the best man for the job.

  • Straightdeal - 2011-09-06 13:02

    I get horrified when I hear the words "chip and chase", because we don't actually execute that tactic well at all. We just kick away the little possession we get. I honesttly believe we should set a target of 2 tries per game, and play the sort of rugby that will give us those tries.

      terry - 2011-09-06 13:15

      England have also stated that their target is 2 tries per game. Personally I think that it is stupid to set a target like that - because if you score 2 tries then the team will automatically (albeit unintentionally) take their foot off a bit, and this could end up hurting you. The target should be to score as many tries as opportunity permits - but at the same time take whatever other opportunities come to hand ..... drop kicks, penalties, whatever - just get more points than the opposition.

      BOKLDN - 2011-09-06 13:19

      A tactic sucked straight from your thumb, no doubt.

      Janco - 2011-09-06 13:43

      @Straightdeal, I think most of us get that same feeling when we those 3 words along side each other. Rushing up in defence tends to open huge gaps in the defence which can be exploited by centers like Jean and Jacques without having to play "flashy rugby" - another word I dread. At the end of the day, the team(s) that will win their big matches, are the teams that get the basics right, keeping ball in hand and taking full advantage of the oppositions mistakes and most of all remaining calm, collected and patient. I can't wait for this tournament to start!!!!

      Ozymandios - 2011-09-06 15:24

      For every try you score from 1-2 the team gets a bonus of R2,500. If you score 3 tries then the bonus is R10,000 per try per game and if you score 6 tries or more per game the bonus is R20,000 per try. Then let's see who takes their foot off the pedal.

  • RWC It - 2011-09-06 13:14

    This game is in the balance... after running the Boks close in their last three encounters and coming off the back of wins against England and Argentina.. Wales are dangerous. The worry for the Boks is that some of their key players may not be 100% match fit, which they need to be at a test level. It's all well and good training hard on the paddock, but the intensity of a test is something else. Will PDV rue not playing more first team players in the Tri Nations? Also look out for the young guy George North for Wales.. he's a monster at only 19... scored against the Boks last Autumn and, what I've heard, is improving with every game.

  • dean Roberts - 2011-09-06 13:21

    im sorry but am i the only person who read in this article that app we havent scored a try in our last 7 tests matches? What a load of crap journalism...if you dont have your facts right, then note to the Editor...dont let the guy write the article...

      Highlander - 2011-09-06 13:28

      If you read the article correctly, it states that the Bok backline have not scored a try in their last seven outings.

  • Anneleen - 2011-09-06 13:29

    "chief on-field defensive co-ordinator"...well written description...! that 42 Welsh players attended a Polish training camp... ...building on the word excellent...that is how it feels to be a Bok-fan...go Bokke!!!

  • Adrian Murray - 2011-09-06 14:23

    What's the rush? Do Wales know what a ruck is? Shame I think their brusied ego is keeping them from not feeling like the center of the competition.

  • Johann - 2011-09-06 14:48

    Quote from the Minister of Sport .............. MOER HULLE!!! That's all that is needed

      Oukoos - 2011-09-06 17:03

      Die dom wetter kan nie eens van die bed af moer nie.

      BradMan4RSA - 2011-09-06 22:39

      Johann hey wou MOARI hulle gese. LOST IN TRANSLATION! ;-)

  • remco mons - 2011-09-06 17:24

    The "smaller" matches should be rollercoasted in every sense: Forwards in full motion and backline in full attack too. Hopefully the Boks have practised a couple of secret backline moves themselves, instead of just focusing on winning good ball and then kicking it away. That is the only way to 'gel' with four pool games in hand, prior to the knockout stages

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