Breakdown 'jackals' decisive

2011-10-07 09:48

Wellington - The Rugby World Cup quarter-final between Australia and South Africa will hinge on the breakdown, with "jackals" Heinrich Brüssow and David Pocock to play key roles, Boks assistant coach Gary Gold said on Friday.

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Gold said conditions in Wellington for Sunday's clash were likely to be soggy after almost a week of rain, making the ball scavenging skills of South Africa openside flanker Brüssow and his Wallaby counterpart Pocock crucial.

"The breakdown will probably be the defining factor at the weekend, both on attack and defence," Gold said.

"The teams that master the breakdown this weekend and adhere to the referee's interpretations the best, are going to be in the best position to win."

Gold said that meant Brüssow and Pocock, both regarded as among the world's top openside flankers, could turn the game.

"There are two significant forces this weekend and both teams are going to have to be on their toes when those two jackals come close to the breakdown," he said.

Gold believed the Australian scrum had recovered from a poor performance against Ireland, which resulted in a famous 15-6 victory for the Irish, and would be confident facing South Africa after two wins over the Springboks this year.

"Australian teams can live with the best physical teams in the world at the moment," he said.

"I'm not sure that was necessarily the case four or five years ago, with regards to the Australian pack .

"They've got youth and athleticism - so they've exciting backs moving them around the park and forwards who can keep up with them. They're a dangerous team."

Gold said the reigning champions were desperate to build on the success that had brought South Africa two world titles.

"I've heard how important it is for New Zealand but it's equally important for us," he said.

"We've seen how success in the big stage like this for our sports teams have got a very strong way of uniting our country.

"It's important for us and we realise the responsibility, that responsibility is heavy on the shoulders of the guys - not as a burden but in a way that they want to meet the challenge.

"Also, there's guys obviously playing their last World Cup and they want to go out on a high and leave a legacy."

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  • Anneleen - 2011-10-07 10:00

    Heinrich "Jakkals"'s to you having a huge "ball scavenging" game. Go Brussouw, Go Bokke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Hooflungdung - 2011-10-07 10:30

      Michael ... learn another language ... Jakkals is Afrikaans ... Chop, hows about you get your facts straight!

      Blondie - 2011-10-07 10:36

      @ Michael you should know that as your surname is not Cilliers for nothing!!! :)

      Johnny-BB - 2011-10-07 11:46

      .....easy one for the Wallabies...!! .........Protea-flower-team going home Sunday.....

      The Patriot - 2011-10-07 12:48

      As a Saffa you really are a stuck record.

      Clark Kent - 2011-10-07 21:19

      Yes pocock will totally dominate this area of the Proteas. Aussie by 12 points have a safe trip home boys

  • remnant - 2011-10-07 10:04

    Australia is a good team but i know South Africa will win this one.They have shown heart and Character!Good luck to the Boys!

  • Wow! - 2011-10-07 10:25

    Go Bokke!!!!. We need his one boys.

  • DeonL - 2011-10-07 10:34

    Good clean out at the break ups will also help a lot. Go Bokke!

  • Werner - 2011-10-07 10:37

    Chuck norris has only one ball. . . . Heinrich brussouw took the other!!!!!

  • gooinat - 2011-10-07 10:46

    Just imagine Brussouw,Bismark and if Flo gets a run at the breakdowns..............

  • AmandaWhereTo - 2011-10-07 10:55

    I know it's two separate images, but it looks like Brussouw is passing the ball to Pocock... Hope he doesn't do that on Saturday! (>.<) Go Splingbokkies!

      Dros - 2011-10-07 11:42

      it's actually the referee pulling down Brussouw - hope that doesn't happen on Sunday

      Shik - 2011-10-07 11:48

      Don't worry Dros, we can get Hougaard to push the ref aside :)

  • BlueSilver - 2011-10-07 11:14

    David Pocock, let op, Brussouw'tjie gaan jou wys hoe word dit gedoen!! GO BOKKE!!!

  • theprodigy - 2011-10-07 11:16

    Everybody is discounting the Boks, lets surprise them & shut the critics up once & for all. Clinical for 80 min, never give up, we have what it takes. GO BOKKKKKKKKKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !!!! Make history for us.

      RandomDude - 2011-10-07 19:36

      The uninformed discount us .

  • Greegs - 2011-10-07 11:29

    Lets see if SA can deliver when it counts.....

      SA-FAN - 2011-10-07 11:34

      They are way better in that department than our Protea cricket team so I would say yes.

  • AmandaWhereTo - 2011-10-07 14:44

    I get the feeling that someone runs around clicking the 'thumbs down' button for every single comment made on this site. Maybe having a 0 somewhere messes with their databases... I could make a comment like: "I'm not overly keen on dying a horrible and painful death", or "I wish peace and happiness on all mankind", and even if the comment is relevant to an article, some chop will thumbs down it...

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