Boks won't change anything

2011-09-20 12:45

Taupo - What worked against Fiji last week, when South Africa played a more fluent passing game, should also work against Namibia, Springbok hooker Mahlatse "Chiliboy" Ralepelle said on Tuesday.

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"Our goals may differ game by game, but I guess the most important thing that we try to do is to keep to our structures and to do what works for us, so I don’t think we are going to change anything from last week," Ralepelle said.

The Bulls frontrower, who has previously captained the Springboks, could make his World Cup debut if asked to take over from skipper John Smit during the team's third match of the tournament in Auckland on Thursday.

Ralepelle said he looked forward to the opportunity of playing at the highest level and was eager to get out on the pitch.

While not the flashiest of players, Ralepelle has been one of the most consistent hookers in South African rugby as far as ruck cleans, lineout-throws and general work rate on the field are concerned.

Heading into this week's challenge against South Africa's neighbours, he said the title holders could not afford to take their foot off the pedal against the minnows.

"What we are going to try and do is to apply the same pressure to the Namibian side and hopefully get good momentum and go forward, which is what is needed in rugby, and build it from there," Ralepelle said.

He will need to get used to playing next to loosehead prop Gurthro Steenkamp and tighthead CJ van der Linde, but the number two was not concerned about cohesion in the front row.

"Being in the system for quite some time, I've managed to work with CJ on and off the field," Ralepelle said.

"So I don't think our timing or anything like that is going to be an issue."


  • Anneleen - 2011-09-20 12:51

    "Chiliboy", may you heat up the pitch...go Mahlatse, go Bokke!!!!!

      pants - 2011-09-20 15:52

      Who would give this comment a thumbs down?

      Mike777 - 2011-09-20 16:53

      Chilliboy is the most capped Springbok with the least playing time on the field in the history of Springbok rugby. Is this because he is not good enough? Now they want to force the reserve to be Captain!!

  • Avi27 - 2011-09-20 12:55

    Boks to pass the 50 point mark!!! We only on 4th gear at the momment. Things faling into place slowly. We got some tough games ahead but I got a feeling we going to peak just on time. We just need to play our structures and play one game at a time. Experience is key (Aus should agree after thsi last weekend) add a few youngsters in the mix and we have one deadly combo. Its good to see the coach give the rest of the sqaud a chance as come k/o and we get a few injuries our guys coming in may be undercooked. We have an awesome squad and our best starting xv is good enough to go all the way. We also have the most destructive and strongest bench (Bismark, Beast, Alberts, Hougard) that going to get us over the line. Go Bokke!!!

      FJ2 - 2011-09-20 17:32

      Wrong. We scarcely came out of 1st gear against Wales and just got into 3rd in the Fiji game. This team is far from it's top game.

      Rob Jones - 2011-09-20 21:48

      You have to be joking!! your bench looks like Bill & Ben the flower pot men compared with the All Blacks

      Wormtongue - 2011-09-20 22:31

      Rob Suurgat. You come across as a hideous creature with a quiver of poisoned arrows. This is not an anger management blog mate. If you wish to be a New Zealander - you go girl ! But you are still a fake Kiwi at this point aren't you?

      Ruck'n Punt - 2011-09-21 01:10

      @Wormtongue, this has nothing to do with anything regarding your comment (I'm a kiwi), but every time I see your avatar and name I crack up, what was going through your head when you chose that picture and name? Hard case lol, you make the nasty arrogant comments from some posters including yourself directed at kiwis almost bearable mate. Thumbs up

  • poendev - 2011-09-20 13:06

    Is this why John Smit's blue-eyed hooker is playing and not Bismarck - to take over the captaincy of the team when Smit goes off?????

      Hanjo - 2011-09-20 13:33

      Chiliboy has been incredible this season, are you suggesting he doesn't deserve a single game(even if it is from the bench) ... and it has it benefits, should Smit or Bismarck picks up injuries, we don't want Chiliboy too rusty. also, someone suggested resting Bismarck may be precautionary after he took a bit of a knock against Fiji.

      roboman1 - 2011-09-20 15:41

      Chilliboy justifies his spot on merit, and yes they must give him game time just in case. It is just a pity for Chilliboy that John and Bismarck are so key at the moment, but once John retires after the world cup, I reckon chilliboy will get plenty of game time

      chappy - 2011-09-20 15:58

      Chilliboy should be ahead of Smit on form, he's #2 behind Bizzie. That's pretty much what SHOULD happen after the WC. But I suspect Bismarck will remain as an impact player off the bench and Chilliboy will take over the captaincy to appease the politicians. Not that I mind so much, I believe he deserves his place and has shown some great form in the games he played this year.

      Theo - 2011-09-20 17:15

      Chilliboy justifies his spot bit Smit doesn't

  • Jon JJ - 2011-09-20 14:04

    Oh wow, what a massive game this is!!

  • wozlocksley - 2011-09-20 15:32

    namhla - you are a dreamer

  • Jacques Ackermann - 2011-09-20 15:48

    Namhla is yet another racist in a long line of them. good luck to you buddy.

  • otse - 2011-09-20 15:54

    im black and i say screw the quota system or whatever out the best team there is out there end of story

      Colin Klinkert - 2011-09-20 18:53

      Well Said... I get very excited about youngsters of all colours and cultures. The team will have a 7/8 split next year as there are many good players coming up. Lets have a unified team picked on merit, at all levels, and let's have everyone supporting that same team! - Not just in sport but in life, then SA can be great!

  • Mike777 - 2011-09-20 17:07

    I see that you clear my comment about Chilliboy. He is the most capped Player with the least playing time on the field in the history of Springbok rugby because he is not good enough. Now they want to force him in as captain!!

  • LACER8 - 2011-09-20 19:24

    It has been obvious that the advantage law played, is very subjective. It is at the referee's discretion when to call " advantage over". Maybe Im biased being a springbok fan, but certainly in the game against the Welsh the Boks were given few opportunities to exploit the advantage call and Wales were able to use it to their advantage.Surely this subjectivity will have a massive impact on the modern day game, say for example if Steve Walsh was refereeing an SA game. Just a thought...any clarification appreciated. GO BOKKE!!!

  • Happybloke - 2011-09-21 05:14

    Chillyboy need some time in teh middle .but will get his opportunity now, and that would be his last, he is a good player but not an Internation player, especially with Bismark in the side...

  • Neutralist - 2011-09-21 08:18

    If an all black Springbok XV is the best XV we can play, then play them.

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