Boks to stick to known recipe

2011-10-02 19:21

Auckland - The driving maul, one of the key elements that helped South Africa win the 2007 Rugby World Cup will remain a point of focus in the team, Springbok hooker Bismarck du Plessis said.

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“The mauls were one of the main focus areas for us on the weekend against Samoa as we wanted to keep it tight, because we knew they had great athletes, from one to 15, that can run the ball,” he said.

“We put in a lot of work in that area of our game and I can’t see us changing much at this stage."

The Springboks next face Australia - another team known for their expansive approach to the game - in the quarter-final of the tournament in Wellington on Sunday.

The big No 2 said discipline will remain important and is a facet of the game each player takes personally.

Du Plessis, who earned his first start of the tournament against the physical Samoans, is likely to retain his place in the run-on team.

He combined well with Heinrich Brüssow in securing turnover possession.

Getting down and dirty in the rucks just so happens to be an aspect of the game he enjoys.

He credited Sharks coach John Plumtree for some of his skills at the tackle area.

“I pride myself in that (securing turnovers) and I work hard on that aspect of my game at my franchise," said Du Plessis.

“Luckily Plum (John Plumtree) taught me a few things to do in those situations and I’ve taken note of what some of the other guys are doing there, as it is an area that I would like to improve in.”

Deciding when to go for the steal is just as important, and in that regard Du Plessis said instinct played an important role when numbers are committed to rucks.

“It is purely a decision you have to make as a player, I think when you are under you don’t want to commit guys and when you are on the front foot you want to put a lot of players in," he said.

“I think Samoa put us under a lot of pressure with counter-rucking and I think we stood our ground well there."

As impressive as the Springboks were at lineout time - where they won three of the opposition’s balls in the first half - their scrumming also left many a Samoan frontrower begging for mercy during the contest.

Du Plessis said there would always be room for improvement.

“Every game is different, in one game you have great lineouts and in other games your scrums. We just have to keep working hard at everything we do.”

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  • tHeOrAcLe - 2011-10-02 19:47

    Keep it Tight, The Wannabes have had most of there back line changed, don't know if they will be so agile anymore. We will take this one BOKKE...

      Thomas - 2011-10-02 21:17

      It would be stupid to try something you are not used to!! On another note, why is everyone associated with NZ exempt from the citing commitee?????? The Samoan team (nearly all born in NZ and Sonny Bill with his no arm shoulder charges getting away scott free!!! If it was the Boks punching so openly, you can be guarenteed the citing commission would have done it's work after revewing the game!!! Guy's we are not meant to retain the cup by any means!!! Another sad thing is the poor quality of the refs and assistants, they are not even getting the basics right.( Foreward passes,, offsides, knockons.) A sad day if a team loses the WC through pathetic refing!!!!!

      Scaramouche - 2011-10-02 21:26

      Clark, have you visit DC in hospital yet? Yes, the All Blacks have many amazing qaulities to their game (scrum included), but they will not be as potent without Carter (get it?). I think we'll have more to show than just a driving maul, but obviously we can't say that a press conference! Anyway, driving the Canadians or Japanese back is not quite Tri-Nations or 6 Nations rugby ... innit?

      jase880 - 2011-10-02 22:21

      Carter out is a massive blow to the ABs. When the Boks beat NZ in the last tri-nations game I said then (as I'm sure many others did) that if Carter goes out the AB's are in big trouble. Slade is not in the same league. And it's GREAT to see Wales and Ireland so competitive - they are really in great form. Can't wait for quarters and semis - this competition is going to be the best ever!! Go Bokke!!!

      Mickey Fin - 2011-10-02 23:18

      @ Thomas. OK, so you caught us out! The world is all against South Africa! The officials had meetings in secret to discuss how to all blow against S A and ensure they don't win again. If you must know, the cup already has New Zealand engraved as the winners. We came to an agreement with the rest of the world, just excluded South Africa. But you guys are not as stupid as we thought and have latched onto what we are doing. LOL

      marco - 2011-10-03 13:55

      One area of weakness and vulnerability for Australia is in their scrums especially at their tighthead props with serious technical issues when it comes to their binding under pressure.Whoever referee's this should be aware of that and South Africa would wanna target that for potentially a 3 or 5+2point penalty.Recent performances by Francois Hougaard,the now goner Francois Steyn,Bismarck du Plessis and Heinrich Brussow,shows that the Boks do have the X-factor compared to Australia and New Zealand.Even our old stalwarts like Danie Rossouw,Schalk Burger and Jacques Fourie are hitting fine form and surely look world class.Only problem is that PDV and co may have pencilled in Francois Hougaard,Bismarck du Plessis and Danie Rossouw on the bench for the quarter-finals and that's a major worry. One of many ways the Boks should beat Australia I reckon is by creating the maximum impact in the first half of a game.That means starting the guys they want to put on the bench in Francois Hougaard,Bismarck du Plessis and Danie Rossouw.The Boks are at their best with their noses infront first off,and with these players we have our best chance of getting ahead by scoring points.You know you can always bring on Fourie du Preez, John Smit and Bakkies Botha to close out the game then.The Springboks have the players in their squad to defend the trophy successfully so good luck to them.

      OZNOB - 2011-10-03 15:38

      oh please mr clark kent ! your comments are like your dress sense - appalling my dear. So far none of your misguided opinions have panned out which tell us you definitely are one of these arm chair supporters who jabbers of his/her opinion without thought to the factual content . we will see you in 4 years time when your teams make another attempt to obtain something that will always so elusive to them

  • René Müller - 2011-10-02 19:50

    As long as we don't do the 'kick & chase' ALL the time, keep them guessing! I also believe we are better (should be) in the scrums, we've been very strong in the scrums as for the line outs, we've been a bit 'iffy' and it needs some work, me thinks.

      tHeOrAcLe - 2011-10-02 19:57

      Rene' you are spot on, DO NOT KICK AWAY POSSESSION, You can see when the opposition run back at you that it's not a good thing, Why not adapt during the game? Up to the Captain to make those calls but not happening.

      René Müller - 2011-10-02 20:04

      @tHeOrALe, the Bokke have played some brilliant rugby, nice running rugby, which obviously is spectacular, however its clearly not always possible! I doubt we will see that from now onwards, it will be tight games - tense times await us, as long as we win!! Hope the coaching staff is doing their homework this week!

      Chris - 2011-10-02 20:10

      Correct. We looked at our most vulnerable when Samoa ran back at us after we gave them kick and chase ball. I hope the problem is a bit of lack of imagination by Morne Steyn (which can be coached out of him) and not tactics that are being coached into him!

      AA - 2011-10-02 20:41

      Talking of kick and chase, did it seem that the All Blacks were a little shakey under the high ball against Canada ? It seemed to be a good tackic by the Canadians that worked well and if it were a more skilled team would have some points on the board.

      Clark Kent - 2011-10-02 21:19

      @AA Wow yea the All Blacks looked real shaky how many trys did they score wasnt it about 8 after Canada kicked the ball to them. The big issue you guys have ,abd none of you are facing it. Is that the Proteas dont have the skill level to keep the ball in hand for 13 or more phases. Before some dunderhead forward knocks it on or Pocock or Mccaw steals it from you. Unfortunately this is the modern game you must be able to keep the ball in hand for long periods of time ,and your team cant do it yet

      Scaramouche - 2011-10-02 22:10

      René, It is great to see Guthro back! I think that (on present form) that he offers more than Beast in the scrums and general play. I don't think we have anything to less than any other team when it comes to our pack ... OK, #8 being the exception... Clark - you are as one-eyes and ignorant as any one-eyed Springbok supporter. 8 tries against Canada does not imply they played the perfect game (except for Kaino who did). They did look shaky under the high ball, Slade is a liability and the opposition is ranked 12th on the world. The All Blacks should be proud of the performance and you may need to see it on context.

  • frans.mosia - 2011-10-02 20:13

    Sunday's game will be one of the difficult games the Springboks have to encounter, but the Bokkes have what it takes to win that game and go thru to the semi's.Go Bokke.

  • MsBloubul - 2011-10-02 20:27

    Go Bokke Go...3 games to 3rd Crown.

  • Theo - 2011-10-02 20:32

    So Bismarck will you be playing or will you be on the bench ?

      Christiaan Roos - 2011-10-02 23:11

      Well asking HIM that is a bit of adding insult to injury not? Ask COACH John Smit and team manager Pdv that! there are two men that can cost us the WC and the semi-final against the ABs and that is the 2 aforementioned. What part of PLAY BISMARCK do they NOT understand. "Would the true best hooker in the world please step forward"

      Theo - 2011-10-03 06:27

      Christiaan, couldn't agree with you more, but seeing as Bismarck is being so vocal I thought maybe he would like to express his viewpoint on this NB subject.

  • Two.Oceans.Aviation - 2011-10-02 20:54

    @ theoracle agree 100% keep it tight and slowish, will fluster Quade Cooper and shut down their back line, Bismark has become quiet the fetcher in the last season and its easy to see how much turn over ball means to him. I think it should be a tight 60 min and the focus will be on discipline as both goal kickers are on ntop of their game so givving away cheap points will be like commiting suicide. But in nthe last 20 with subs coming on our bench will have alot more impact in the game and that should be the time to really tighe the screws an see us home.

  • janajonker - 2011-10-02 21:09

    keep ball in hand.if u kick make sure its out.grind them upfront.make 1st time tackles.hit cooper hard.start a farm in their half.e 1st time tackles.hit cooper hard.start a farm in their half.

      Clark Kent - 2011-10-02 21:24

      Yup nice thoughts but as said above your team doesnt have the skill levels to kepp the ball in hand for long periods of time without losing it. This is the modern game ,and your team still hasnt learnt how to play it yet

      Guz - 2011-10-02 21:44

      Thanks Clark Kent, but I don't think we'll be taking advice from a NZ who's team last won the cup 24 years ago, eish...I was 5 years old then :)

      jase880 - 2011-10-02 22:28

      Haha - Clark, then how come we have one twice as many World Cups as the ABs? Actually, it's the AB's who have never learned how to play World Cup rugby. In-between RWCs the All Blacks dominate. At RWC everyone raises their games to "win or die" levels and suddenly the whole fancy SBW throw the ball around approach doesn't work. I respect NZ but if they try play that dainty stuff against SA in a World Cup game they are going to get their asses kicked. A tight structured game is the only way they have a chance.

  • david.sportsman - 2011-10-02 21:48

    I prefer to read more of the comments on here, instead of commenting unnecessarily myself, but tonight I cannot hold back anymore - Sorry, but this "Clark Kent" guy is brave and all I am hoping, for his sake, is that the All Blacks win this WC, otherwise I am going to look him up to see how he is taking another WC failure :) Only win they ever had in the WC was '87 without the Bokke. Pretty sad I think, but I have lots of respect for a great team like the All Blacks, and should they lose this one, I would not want to be an All Black supporter anywhere in the world. Predicting anything before a rugby game is very dangerous...ANYTHING can happen on the day and therefore I am positive about the Bok's chances.

      BardofAvon - 2011-10-02 22:12

      Agreed, david.sportsman - this clark kent fellow is a pest but when I see his name I don't read his comments or the retorts. When are folk going to learn not to react to idiots? Heh I sometimes also put out the bait though... As far as 1987 goes, the All Blacks would have had to beat Naas, Carel, Danie and Ray. Big ask. Very big.

      Bennie - 2011-10-03 05:36

      True, then they had a lot to say about the 2007 WC because we didn't play the AB's or Aus teams...but in 1995 we did...short memory:)

  • BardofAvon - 2011-10-02 22:16

    The closer the Boks can get to Bulls rugby the better their chances. Good to hear Bizzie talking like a Bull. An ambitious fellow like him may even be able to bench for us one day, if he keeps up the good work.

      Jacques Ackermann - 2011-10-03 16:49

      your blue bull crap pattern is so outdated its bloody scary. mindless kicking and crash balls all day long. wonderfull style. its like watching paint dry hope you feel proud. south african rugby is now regarded as the most ugly pattern in the world. all due to your blue bulls style.we might as well field props at 12 and on the wing. whats the use of having a backline if you never use it.

  • david.sportsman - 2011-10-02 22:26

    Oh yes, I have to agree. I thought of a possible Bok team that would have gone to the '87 WC after my earlier post. I thought of the team that played in the '86 Yellow Pages Rebel tour of Murray Mexted, Andy Dalton and Grand Fox team - The Cavaliers, that toured here. Here are the names of the guys who played in the first test at Newlands - 10 May, 1986 - Team 15 FB Johan Heunis 14 W Jaco Reinach 13 C Danie Gerber 12 C Michael du Plessis 11 W Carel du Plessis 10 FH Naas Botha (c) 9 SH Christo Ferreira 1 P Anton Barnard 2 H Uli Schmidt 3 P Flippie van der Merwe 4 L Louis Moolman 5 L Schalk Burger 6 F Wahl Bartmann 7 F Gert Smal 8 N8 Jannie Breedt Replacements 16 Chris Rogers 17 Piet Kruger 18 Rudi Visagie 19 Garth Wright 20 Schalk Naude 21 Helgard Muller I get shivers when I think back at how talented they all were !!!!

      jase880 - 2011-10-02 22:30

      What about Serfontein at 9?? Surely he was still playing at that point? Or had he retired already?

      Forward - 2011-10-03 07:34

      Ha Ha ......... and Schalk Burger was still @ primary school

      SA-FAN - 2011-10-03 12:28

      Forward that Schalk Burger was the father of current Schalk Burger

      Staalbal - 2011-10-03 13:13

      @ Forward - egg on face Ha Ha

      The Rob - 2011-10-03 13:18

      And we smacked the Cavaliers in that series. I went to the game at Loftus where Naas was outstanding on the day. Funny thing is: after we smacked the Cavaliers they went on to win the inaugural RWC. It does beg the question.........................

  • david.sportsman - 2011-10-02 22:46

    Nope, he retired already. I can remember it was the start of Garth Wright as well. He played in the later games. Remember Burger Geldenhuys hitting Andy Dalton from behind - broke his jaw, which was not something to be proud of though. Gert Smal hitting Gary Night, the Cavalier front row, in the scrum, knocking him out cold. Those days there were no yellow cards and they just kept on playing. And afterwards they had a beer together :) - Tough as nails. I love today's faster style of play, but I do miss those days as well.

      Clark Kent - 2011-10-02 23:09

      Yes but you wont get past the Wallabies they will be to fit ,and fast for you so all of these comments are worthless

      Johnny-BB - 2011-10-03 09:34

      ....Proteas out after quarter final... .........Go All Blacks..!!!

  • david.sportsman - 2011-10-02 22:59

    Sorry, but I had to share this with the guys / ladies who can still remember that series in '86 and who are interested - watch the tries from the series here - - gave me goosebumps - Enjoy!

      Jacques Ackermann - 2011-10-03 16:44

      david that is true springbok rugby not this kicking rubbish tackle all day long CRAP we are seeing. i know defences we less organised ext but the hand speed and off the ball runnning was far better than what we see today. running on to the ball with proper speed and coming from deep. thanks for the share. wished i was there so see that games.

  • Proudly SA - 2011-10-02 23:14

    Bismark should start - superb player; John Smit good but no time for sentiment and best team must be on paddock. Felt sorry for John against Samoa as Nigel Owens decided to get one -up on John by giving penalty and yellow; possibly he was trying to work boks up to retaliate; trust he will be thrown off reffing panel now; not many bok friendly refs around in world cup - pity Craig Joubert and Kaplan cannot ref us as by far best refs at WC

  • TC - 2011-10-03 05:42

    This Clarke Kent character must have a serious chip on his shoulder, or perhaps he's just a teenager. So much wasted effort, can imagine his type in the playground!

  • Leslie - 2011-10-03 05:48

    Well spoken. If we keep the ball in hand we can win but kicking it to our opponents is dangerous. They will run at us and we will tire defending. All the best. Sorry about Carter, he is a great player.

  • Sakkie Van de Spuy - 2011-10-03 12:05

    @ Johnny-BB...what happened to your France by 8 comment? Guess Tonga proved you wrong...Maybe you should start playing U/09 rugby again, to teach you the basics before you want to start talking World Cup rugby. @ Clark Kent - Most of us knows, that on any given day the AB's, Springboks or Australians can win each other. The point is, we support OUR team and we firmly believe they can do it for a 3rd time. Most of the reasons you use to criticise the Springboks is stupid, if one consider there history and also current standings. The Springboks is one of the top teams consistently, even if they use your definition of "outdated" playing style. Unfortunately, the Springboks (and most teams) in South Africa, play by the same structure. Soften the other team upfront, play in their half and then play the ball wide. It is not complicated, but it wins games. Period. The AB's/Ausies play their high risk, expansive game and in Tri-nations, where there is always another year to try again, their high risk game more often than not, wins them games, but when it is a real high pressure game, you will quickly find, that even these teams revert to a tighter game. Only difference is, the Springboks, play this type of game all the time, where they are now forced to play it, while they dont have the needed practice in playing it.

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