Boks content to dodge media

2011-09-09 12:27

Auckland - South Africa may be defending champions but they are receiving less media attention than normal, something captain John Smit says works well for him.

GALLERY: Springbok signing session

GALLERY: Boks build towards Wales match

"We're delighted to have a few cameras shying away from us," said Smit, who led the Springboks to Rugby World Cup glory in 2007.

It is natural, Smit said, that all eyes be pinned on the All Blacks.

"It's par for the course for a team that has played some of the best rugby and is hosting the tournament."

The Springboks have named their most experienced team ever for the opening game against Wales on Sunday.

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  • Juan More - 2011-09-09 12:52

    And so the build up to successful retention of the World Cup begins...

  • SirPlod - 2011-09-09 12:53

    Yep, that's it... just do your thing in the shadows, Boks, and come out firing when it counts! I have a good feeling about this one...

      Tools1 - 2011-09-09 12:59

      Yip, in the shadows SirPlod because they say the darker the night the nearer the dawn.

  • -Zeus- - 2011-09-09 13:11

    I can sense this dark (Bok) horse, go sliding all the way into the final. Do your talking on the field boys, and ignore the sideshows.

      odysseus - 2011-09-10 07:35

      It's interesting how many of us have this "feeling"....can't be a coincidence...

  • DIDI - 2011-09-09 13:28

    good luck bokie!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jk - 2011-09-09 13:44

    wales by 1, france by 8, wp by 21, bulle to loose again...

      BringITon007 - 2011-09-09 13:47

      Boks by 15... JK to Robin Island... ROFLMAO

      JohnnyBB - 2011-09-09 14:21

      ...Stormers/WP = losers for 10 years... ...and counting....

      Johann - 2011-09-09 14:25

      There's that man jk with the small vocabulary (and other things I believe!!) AGAIN

      Rick - 2011-09-09 14:40

      JK - I'm going to paste this on each article until i get a response from you: "Hey JK boet... Good to see you up again, still blurting out garbage as usual, hey... I have a proposition for you... Let's take your predictions to the next level... A small bet. If you are right and Wales beat us OR France beat the All Blacks OR France win the world cup. I promise NEVER to comment on sports24 articles EVER again. But... If you are wrong on ALL THREE then you should promise to NEVER comment again on sport24, OK? I say that's a fair deal don't you?"

      BlueRaven - 2011-09-09 15:08

      Johann jk buys his shoes at the toddler section.

      Eugene - 2011-09-09 19:46

      Typical Wp supporter to want to see the Boks and Bulls lose (both teams get booed at Newlands)

  • BadBoy79 - 2011-09-09 13:45

    C'mon guys... Be the first to take the cup 2x in a row... You CAN do it...

  • GypseyAnn - 2011-09-09 14:04

    ¤*¨¨*¤.¸¸ ...¸.¤\ \¸.. B O K K E ! ,.,\ .\¸.¤*¨¨*¤ .¸¸.¸.¤* ..\ ?/ /¦ / \ Rugby World Cup 2011 !!! Keep the flag going..**

  • waine - 2011-09-09 14:38

    The Boks will save their talking for the field. The media will be all around John Smit when he lifts the Web Ellis Trophy high and shuts his critics up. The media will feed off Ritchie Mc Caw when his team chokes again! Go Bokke!!

  • Coconut - 2011-09-09 14:42

    GO BOKKE GO !!!!!!!!!!!! Go show the world what you are made of. Make the Welsh Dragon Bleed. Then go and retain that wonderful title - WORLD CHAMPIONS. GO BOKKE GO and make us proud. Forget about the unpatriotic slurs made by one jk he is what he is.

  • namibia24 - 2011-09-09 15:39

    I like this!!! Stille waters Diepe Grond!!! Stilte voor die Storms!!! Silent but Violent!!! Go BOKKE!!! (Bakkies en John en Victor ook, al is hulle oud)

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