Boks aren't boring - Rossouw

2011-09-17 17:52

Wellington - Six superb tries showed that the Springboks are capable of playing a less predictable game, Springbok lock Danie Rossouw said after his team’s 49-3 World Cup victory over Fiji on Saturday.

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"We are always accused of playing boring rugby, but today we threw the ball around a bit and look at the result," said the versatile lock forward who was named man-of-the-match.

During the match Rossouw displayed skills with ball-in-hand most backline players would be proud of, while his role as lineout coordinator was just as impressive.

As for the victory, Rossouw could not emphasise just how important it was for the team.

"We really needed this win," he said.

"It has definitely helped us with our confidence and I think it is a kind of a turning point for us.

"We needed to show that we can score some tries and we are really happy with the performance."

Springbok coach Peter de Villiers praised his go-to man for his contribution on the night, but added that he would not have had as much space to run freely, had it not been for the hard work from the rest of the forwards.

"Danie’s performance will come down to our structures," said De Villiers.

"He just fitted in and chose the right lines when he ran onto the ball and to look at him, an old man with a new revitalised 'engine' in the game here; I’m very pleased with him.

"Before we announced the team my concern about him was that he played eight, seven, he played four and five as well and all those different positions call for different tactics and running lines and responsibilities and roles.

"So for him to fit in like that; yes I take my hat off to him," said the coach.


  • SouthernersBKK - 2011-09-17 18:02

    massive game, ran some great lines and his support play was fantastic too! go on son!

      BLOUBOK - 2011-09-17 20:24

      Agree 100%. Must also say I think Frans Steyn today showed the world he is not a 10 or 15, but a 12.

      nzbro - 2011-09-18 03:36

      [ "We are always accused of playing boring rugby, but today we threw the ball around a bit and look at the result," ] Agree 100% with you there Rossouw ! At last you have experienced what its like to actually run the ball to the try line instead of your usual drop goals/penalty/ rolling maul etc etc. Wasnt it just lovely playing the expansive game? It was entertaining to watch even for a AB fan like me. If it wasnt for your green jersey matey I would have sworn you were an All Black player with ball in hand all the way to the try line.Bloody well done man & tell that to pdivvy from me too will you? .Can we have some more of that when AB/Bok meet again? Your fans & I just loved watching that spectacle against Fiji so dont let it happen only every 4 years okay matey! Bloody marvelous !

      Uhuru - 2011-09-18 07:03

      @nzbro - yes I am sure danie will tell pdivvy your thoughts. As you know we south africans can only aspire to the great running rugga of the all blacks. By the way why dont you also email obama your thoughts on iraq, and i am sure that u2 would lije to hear your thoughts on what their next album should sound like. Its just that we all, the whole world, hold your opinion in such high regard. Especially us RSA rugga fans really appreciate your 'insights' into how we play and who we play. Thatks for gracing us with your thoughts.

      patrickb - 2011-09-18 08:03

      Uhuru: You just killed me! What a good laugh............

      burtfred - 2011-09-18 09:43

      I have never been a big Danie Rossouw fan, but yesterday he changed my mind. He played brilliantly. well done Danie!

      Richard - 2011-09-18 10:57

      @nzbro: Shame u just don't get why you haven't won the cup in 24 years.

  • Agwambo - 2011-09-17 18:26

    They might not play the most of entertaining games, but the Boks always get the job done. We are proud of you guys

  • First48 - 2011-09-17 18:31

    Well done Danie, one of my most favourite Boks ever!

  • Pennyformy.. - 2011-09-17 18:32

    Thought JF/JDV was the right combination but the latter has lost some flair – think he’s got injury concerns in the back of his mind. FS and JF were great together. Hougaard in the team in place of Habana is a no-brainer. Smit … I think all the praise from P-Divvy went to his head … and he is too thick to realise that if Aus/NZ journos write him up it is because they do not want Bismark in the starting 15! Facts: our “fearless inspirational leader” went of while we were behind against Wales and we won WITHOUT him on the field. If you watch his 53 minutes today … always on the fringes, do not commit … 2 good moves in minute 24 and 40 and the third time he featured was when he knocked in the second half. Scrums were decent with him there – Bismark on, 3 tightheads!! Last week and this week there were 2 incidents where he could have dived on a loose ball … but he does not want to get injured because he’s too afraid to let Bismark play 80 minutes! He is arrogant and should demote himself to the bench for the sake of his team and country. I am sure ALL the props will pick Bismark. So would Bullterrier Brussouw because he’ll have another ball hunter with him. So please John Smit – do the right thing – you are just too average to start for the Boks – and it might work in the pool games to give Bismark only 20 minutes, but it will not be enough time to play catch-up in the semis against Aus. En Danie - jy is 'n YSTER!

      First48 - 2011-09-17 18:46

      Your post made my head hurt. You have a ugly writing style.

      standoff - 2011-09-17 19:07

      I would not give you a 'penny for your thoughts' if you published them in book form and gave away a free week in Mauritius as a bonus. I don't think any of you 'analysts' have ever played 'the game'.

      Frans Smith - 2011-09-17 19:07

      sad but true. my sentiments exactly.

      gatvol4corru - 2011-09-17 19:11

      JS = Captain Slow and ads little value. Bismarck,Chilly,Gary,Straus are all better options. Guess the CLOWN owes JS for something. Frans Steyn nade the position his with Jaques. Hougaard,should play as 9

      Bok-USA - 2011-09-17 19:13

      well done bokke!!! now keep it up and go all the way.I wonder what the Wales coach will call this...RUGBY perhaps? how about that spear tackle on Lambie, only a penalty. It should have been a red card and suspension. I recal last year, both Jean & Jaques being suspend after one leg going pass 90 degrees. I'd like to see Hougard at 9, he deserves it and will be a handfull/headace for the other teams

      Watch Dog - 2011-09-17 21:33

      You are so wrong on John Smit. The Boks need them both. Bissie will not be able to play 80 minutes and scrum the way he does if he has to play a full game. He can only do what he does best in the last 20 to 30 minutes. Then he is awesome. It is not possible in test rugby to produce the type of rugby that Bissie does for 80 minutes. John scrummed exceptionally well today, even when he came on as tighthead. Shame on you for not supporting our captain halfway through the Worrld Cup. Any REAL and TRUE BOK supporter would have supported any player in the squad by now. Wether you agree with ther selection or not. YOU MUST BE AN AUSSIE. Go John Go Bokke

      Karoobloed - 2011-09-18 00:31

      Watchdog what would be wrong with letting Bissie play like he does until he tires, then bring a second choice on? Or do you prefer the added pressure of catch-up rugby? The best players should never warm the bench.

      AMS-Dammer - 2011-09-18 10:32

      John Smit to START the game, with Danie pairing with B Botha... When JS and Bakkies leave after 60 minutes, bring Bismark and Matfied (Cpt) on... PERFECT BALANCE!!!

  • PROSA - 2011-09-17 18:35

    not boring at all for 80 minutes i was not in afghanistan my blood is green VIVA BOKKE

      First48 - 2011-09-17 23:10

      Goodluck buddy! Keep your head down!!

  • Veld66 - 2011-09-17 18:41

    Better play even much better, Australia await in last 8

  • Mike@CapeT - 2011-09-17 18:41

    Baie mooi Bokke! Gelukkig vir die strukture en rugby intelligensie van die Bulls (die kern van die span) het ons Fidji van die begin af versmoor. Spies se formidabele krag het weer almal in"awe" gehad, hy hol dan met 10 Fidjiane op sy rug! Die bruto krag van Bakkies, Danie en Guthro was ook weer Goue medalje materiaal, en dan ons wedstrydwenners Fourie, Morne en Hougie. En dan's daar Schalk, haai foeitog mense, die p@ephol is totaal uit sy league uit, so dom soos ;n blok Cheddar kaas. JF Baie gemiddeld

      jaco.jansen3 - 2011-09-17 18:54

      Ek is glad nie n Schalk fan nie, in teendeel het ek gewonder of hy moes saam wereldbeker toe. Maar vandag het hy sy beste game in seker 3 jaar gehad.

      GP - 2011-09-17 19:33

      Schalk almost won man of the match so go learn something about the game. Ans once again I saw NO Bulls players today, only Springboks. Go Bokke.

      Carl Muller - 2011-09-17 20:30


      FJ2 - 2011-09-17 21:21

      Mike@CapeT: You're depriving a village somewhere of an idiot.

      almosthuman - 2011-09-17 22:22

      go say it to the man then,no need to post crap on the forums just to show your homo-erotic love for bulls players.

      FM150 - 2011-09-18 13:14

      Yeah perd ek dink nie blou bloed kan gesond wees vir jou algehele gesondheid en kop nie. . .

  • Majordad.007 - 2011-09-17 18:52

    We are learning to cheat; sorry, play the pro game. Ask Smit and Botha, bale in to the ruck and bounce over to the opp side, then inspect the position in a static position, denying to opp side from engaging as you may not physically remove the player, they must get the opportunity to return on-side. We hedge the off-side line, watch the loose trio; break early, hang early by finger-tip contact, turn 90deg and prevent the scrum-half from moving round. The Refs allow this. We won but, if I was ref I would tell the SA captain to instruct the players to bite their tongues. We are appealing players especially to the officials. We won but, I am not convinced

      Tom - 2011-09-17 19:48

      Have the opposition not play the same game? I saw many obstructions from the Fijians whereby the ball could not be passed after a maul. I am convinced that the Boks can play the game to the end of this tournament GO BOKKE

      Democrat - 2011-09-17 20:08

      So, what will convince you? Most commentators, before the game, spoke of this being the 'banana skin', whatever that meant. The Boks were superb and no doubt silenced a few of the naysayers.

      hawk - 2011-09-18 12:20

      I hear the Boks are sending a special delegation to try and convince you. Your opinion is so important to them. Your knowledge of the off-side rules are awsome. No go and play lawn bowls you inbred imbicile

  • slg - 2011-09-17 19:02

    Great game Danie! On another note, he's actually physically smaller than Bismarck. Interesting, isn't it. I was surprised.

  • Frans Smith - 2011-09-17 19:03

    South Africa, the current world champs, with an almost full strength side, ranked3rd, played Fiji ranked 12th. It should have been a good win? Lets not get ahead of ourselves because we suddenly scored tries against a team that is ranked very low! On a positive side, Frans Steyn has grown in maturity since 2007 and i was worried about his distribution skills (he used to and still do sometimes plays a bit selfish), but he really got the rest of the backs going with long flat passes and he almost everytime broke the advantage line. His skills (and i think it is due to him playing in France) has improved massively!!! He linked very well with 10 and 13 - it was he has played there all year. i never thought i would say this... "maybe he was even better on the day than a Jean De Villiers would have been? Guthro and Jannie was awesome! Best performance even though against a lowly ranked side since the Lions Tour i think. At least we suddenly looked like we could score...and we did.

      StaalBurgher - 2011-09-17 19:07

      So you are saying we were on par? Good. That is where we need to be.

      Frans Smith - 2011-09-17 19:13

      forgot to add; the ball handling by forwards and backs were right up there with NZ and the Aussies normal play (not the way they played against Ireland). The bloody Aussie loss means we could play Aussies quarters, NZ semi's - 2 x big games in a row? We need to watch the injuries - we are especially thin on locks, centres (losing key players like FDP, Morne or Brussouw would be a disaster) = check what happened to the Aussies having a few key players not on the park?

      Bok-USA - 2011-09-17 19:25

      no sweat over FDP. Hougardt is much, much better.

  • Louis - 2011-09-17 19:48

    laat my dink aan daai 2 karakters- is die een se naam Twakkies of iets...wat soms se "i am not K.K"

  • Clark Kent - 2011-09-17 20:24

    One win where you scores some trys against a weak opposition, and suddenly you play entertaining rugby. All Blacks average over 70 points against Fiji, NZ Maori beat them by 50 points. Kinda puts the boks win in perspective.Great that the boks have to play Aussie now as the whole crowd will get behind aussie bye bye boks

      FJ2 - 2011-09-17 21:27

      We become the thoughts we think all day long. You're about to be flushed.

      Wormtongue - 2011-09-18 00:43

      It is fitting that an individual that considers himself superior to his nation, and the team that represents them in the international Rugby arena, choose such a grandiose identity. Yes it is all about your bloated narcissistic ego, little superman. You come across as absolutely ridiculous in rejecting and mocking things that are far greater than yourself.

      Weller - 2011-09-18 01:23

      What you do not know is that it was Japans B team. They admitted that because they have no hope of beating the AB,s they will not risk injury of their top players. The evening before the game the two teams had dinner together and the two coaches shared a tabel. Japans coach is an ex AB who won the 1987 WC. Think about it.

      patrickb - 2011-09-18 08:15

      Oh f*ck...........Not you again!

      Vusi9 - 2011-09-18 09:15

      Cant wait till we meet the South Pacific XV in the semis (if they get that far). Their scrum is very average and even Japan managed to milk a few penalties from it. We are going to bully you boet! What is your excuse for choking going to be this time?

      patrickb - 2011-09-18 09:22

      Vusi9: Love "South Pacific XV"

      AMS-Dammer - 2011-09-18 10:43

      Vusi.... I AGREE!!!! BOKS BEAT FIJI AT THEIR OWN GAME!!!!! The AB's are NOT A TRUE NEW ZEALAND side... they are made up of a MIXTURE of South Pacific nationalities... get "FORCED CITIZENSHIP" because they play rugby... If and when the Boks do meet with the AB's, in their BACKYARD... the Boks WILL ANIALATE THE AB'S!!!! Sorry Clark the K*nt... sorry to burst your bubble!!

      Richard - 2011-09-18 11:33

      Always amuses me how much value the All Blacks and their supporters place on smashing a mino! "We beat Fiji by 70 and you beat them by 50 so we've got the cup in the bag"........ BAhhahhaaaaa!!! Following that reasoning if the Boks play the ABs you'll win by 20? Right?? Just yesterday Graham Henry is quoted as saying the All Blacks are back on track after smashing Japan by 70 odd points. mmhhh..... Compare that to John Smit's acessment of the Fiji game: "a step in the right direction".I'd say! Besides if you aren't scared of the Boks why are u so keen to get behind the Aussies?

  • Carl Muller - 2011-09-17 20:27

    If they are going to peak in the final it is ours.... with all these old men!

  • Phillip Carlisle - 2011-09-17 21:05

    Bok-USA 100% mate, Houghaat at 9, no doubt, fast, mobile, run circles around other scrumies. Watched the game again, and he finds gaps, and is great in defense.

  • Oscar - 2011-09-17 23:00

    A bit of realism here please. SA has no reason to get excited about a good win against Fiji. To put things in perspective: Japan (13) is 2 places ahead of Fiji (15) on the IRB world rankings. Yet SA scored only 6 tries against Fiji, but the ABs managed 13 tries against Japan and except for the intercept try, the ABs kept Japan far away from the goal line. The Boks have averaged 43 points in their games against Fiji, while the ABs have averaged 73 points against Fiji. Fiji is, like Japan, one of the weaker teams, and one cannot read too much in the stats, except to say that both the Boks and the ABs performed well in their pool games against Fiji and Japan, but not so impressive in their games against Wales and Tonga.

      Ruck'n Punt - 2011-09-18 08:39

      Well said Oscar, both the AB and Bok games were OK but nothing more nothing less, if the AB's played like the Boks played like that against Fiji the NZ fans would be a little dissapointed and asking questions, maybe that says more about the NZ public than anything else.

      Richard - 2011-09-18 11:46

      Hi Oscar: Agree that we cannot read too much into the stats. See my comments to Clark Kent above who is trying to do his bit for the All Blacks on news24. Just to elaborate: The All Blacks have long been a team that, because of their style, can put mega points past a mino. The Boks beacause of their style won't ever put that many points past the same mino. Comparing performance against these teams doesn't tell you much except that if winning margins against teams like Japan are more important than beating the top teams then play like the All Blacks!

      Oscar - 2011-09-18 13:41

      Hi Richard, yes, but also bear in mind that, when teams are more equal, differences are equaled out. The weaker team has much fewer gaps in their defence and the weaker team is more able to breach the stronger team's defence. That is why the ABs, who are constantly ranked number 1 by the IRB, will sometimes be beaten by weaker teams, like the Boks and Wallabies.

  • Tawriq909 - 2011-09-17 23:15

    the boks may not be very enterprising in their playing style but boy do they bring in the drama every single game they play and thats what most south africans find rather exciting. im quite chuffed with the win and the improved performance of the team from last week. now we should maintain it and try to go to the next level. all the best boks

  • fortune - 2011-09-18 01:09

    I think are forgetting world cups are won by great defences, the Boks have had 2 trying weeks with teams that are different in phases of attacks, the welsh through the the scrum and the Fijians through the backs and they have defended the line. The all blacks will keep playing their attacking rugby in these useless stages and then when they actually play steam that will attack back, it could be tough, I don't see the all blacks in the final, the Aussies are a flair team, hit Cooper hard once and he vanishes, the Irish did this, Genier is now predictable with his runs and the Irish,knew that, boks if they believe in themselves could win this world cup easily, they seem to be peaking at the right time,

      Richard - 2011-09-18 11:50

      Thumbs up...I like it!

  • Owentjie - 2011-09-18 04:26

    How many times has PDIV taken his hat off?

      Richard - 2011-09-18 13:04


  • BlueRaven - 2011-09-18 09:15

    You were awesome Danie! Well done! Go Bokke!

  • DAMAINMAN - 2011-09-18 12:14


  • Jacques Ackermann - 2011-09-18 15:12

    FRANNA STEYN NEEDS TO STAY AT 12...JDV's DAYS AT 12 is numbered. Great attention to the rucks great on attack. franna's speed and width of passing was the key. directed the backline with a master touch. hats off to morne turnstile steyn. really played some amazing attacking rugby. took the ball up flat and gave his outside backs some amazing bal to work with. great job all round. to all the francois steyn haters our there. would you all like some tea with your humble pie. it was really nice to see de jongh at 13 later in the game. i really feel he can make more of a impact in the outer chanells. great stepper and line runner well done to PDV and his coaching staff for a great game of attacking rugby. we have a template now of how rugby should be played. franna steyn is now the key to that.i think jean might need to consider moving to either 13 or wing but he cant outplay franna for that jumper. great game of running rugby not that joke of blue bulls 10 man rugby rubbish. with this style other teams will have something to worry about in terms of perparing for us. if we have more than 55% - 60% of ball possesion we wil end up winning 95% of our games.also hats off to the forwards. our pillars at the rucks did a much greater job of securing our ruck ball which in turn helped our backs attack of a better platform.

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