Bakkies chomping at the bit

2011-10-04 11:52

Wellington - Springbok hardman Bakkies Botha said he was chomping at the bit ahead of Sunday's Rugby World Cup quarter-final against Australia after missing two titanic pool battles against Wales and Samoa.

Niggling injuries meant the reigning champions' pre-eminent enforcer sat out the narrow, hard-hitting victories over Wales (17-16) and Samoa (13-5), instead just getting a run in the facile 87-0 dismantling of Namibia.

But the towering lock insists he is back to top form ahead of the quarter-final against the Wallabies in Wellington, with Danie Rossouw having filled in with aplomb in his absence.

"You don't know how frustrating it's been," Botha told reporters on Tuesday. "All the physical battles that I missed against Wales and Samoa.

"When I was sitting on the sidelines I just wanted to take off my number one jacket and get stuck in to it.

"I'm just happy to be back. I'm here for the team and I want to do something for the team.

"I'm feeling 100 percent. I can get out running and get out into it. I'm feeling good, as long as I can get on the pitch, although selection falls to the coach," he added.

Botha predicted a fiery confrontation up front with a Wallaby pack he said had improved under Kiwi coach Robbie Deans.

"Since Robbie Deans has taken over, the Australian pack has definitely picked up physicality-wise," said Botha, who will join French Top 14 club Toulon on a three-year contract after the World Cup.

"During the Tri-Nations and all Tests they're involved in, Australia are a much more physical side than they were three, four years ago.

"You can't play good Test rugby if you haven't got a pack that dominates physically.

"They've definitely picked up and this weekend coming will be a physical battle as well and hopefully we'll get on the pitch, do our work and have a good day at the office."

Botha added that the set piece challenge would be key to the team that comes out victorious, saying he thought Deans would pick the combative Nathan Sharpe in a bid to cause Victor Matfield problems in the lineout.

"The lineout and scrum are key elements in the game," he said. "I think they'll put Sharpe in this weekend and they'll try to play against Victor because we know Victor's the best lineout lock in world rugby."

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  • Anneleen - 2011-10-04 11:59

    Bakkies Botha...welkom terug! ...if you are in the team for Sunday, may you "chomp" the opposition...go Bakkies, go Bokke!

      Chief Kok - 2011-10-04 14:37

      Thug. How I wish he played against Samoa.

      AA - 2011-10-04 16:12

      @Chief Kok. And Brad Thorn is what ? Also a thug, except he is not a enforcer just little McCaws personal body guard because he is not man enough himself. So do not be an idiotic hypocrit

      Kleinboet - 2011-10-04 16:31

      I agree, Anneleen, but give credit where credit is due: Danie Rossouw did a hell of a job in his absence.

      Chief Kok - 2011-10-04 16:44

      Time to nationalize rugby.

      Jasoneye - 2011-10-04 16:58

      Danie Rossouw did a good job in his absence?????? WTF Danie has been the strongest lock in the Comp. Bakkies should stay on the bench and come on later. Danie is playing great rugby.

      Steyts - 2011-10-04 20:11

      @Jasoneye - I agree with you about Danie Rossouw that he has been the best lock in the comp, HOWEVER, we need to smash the aussies to bits in the rucks and mauls and Bakkies will do a lot better job at that than Danie!!

      Clark Kent - 2011-10-04 20:49

      Bags packed boys nearly time to get on the plane for home

      Gazza69 - 2011-10-05 10:52

      I hope he doesn't chomp on a red card!

      Staalbal - 2011-10-05 15:24

      @ Kok The whole samoan team are a bunch of thugs

  • Jamal - 2011-10-04 12:01

    I am not a Bulls supporter but Go Bakkies!!!!!

      Gomez - 2011-10-04 12:25

      Dont worry Jamal,they dont get it...

      Totman - 2011-10-04 12:42

      OU AAP & Maori your names suits you. The one not so clever and the other out of touch with SA. Amen!

      Kerr - 2011-10-04 12:43

      @maori: you and the protea's jibe..again. So old. You've been doing it for 2 weeks now, and no-one is reacting anymore. And its very rich that you call Jamal an idiot, because thats exactly what everone thinks you are by going on about Protea this and Protea that. And just in case you don't know why the Bok emblem moved to the sleeve of the shirt, it was to make way for the RWC 2011 logo which HAS TO apear on each rugby shirt at the RWC. Therefore after the Boks have won the 2011 version of the RWC, the and the RWC logo has gone, the Bok will again apear on the front of the shirt. You trully are an ignorant moron.

      Maori - 2011-10-04 12:45

      @Kerr - you are so wrong mate - it might be only for this campaign, but there is a carefully ochestrated drive to remove the springbok forever! Ask your favourite minister who told the proteas to moer the opposition - after the removal of your beloved springbok, you will want to moer the minister! Wake up shorty!!

      OU AAP - 2011-10-04 12:53

      Totterman,i am a big Boks and Bulls supporter but unlike you i believe that now the Boks comes first and the team and supporters must unite under the Boks banner. You dont see the All Blacks mentioning or linking any players to a club at this stage,Maybe i am not so clever as you put it but i know one thing we need to support the Boks

      OU AAP - 2011-10-04 13:02

      Maori,Because they are forced to wear a protea on the chest does not change the fact that they are the SPRINGBOKS, On the other hand the All Blacks should have a name change to Chokers if we look at their wonderfull record of the past 24 years at world cups,wonder what logo would go with that?,perhaps a picture of Suzie on the chest,any other suggestions of a nice choker logo

      Johnny-BB - 2011-10-04 13:14

      Maori, ......dont worry... ....the Protea-supporters are very rude and uncivilsred..... ....they have no manners or culture... ......tipical 3rd world....

      Johnny-BB - 2011-10-04 13:21

      Fake Johnny, "uncivilsred"...never heard of such word. Mmmm, you can't even spell and accuse us of being third world.

      Dal2000 - 2011-10-04 13:25

      Geez you people are faking slow hey. He's supporting him regardless of provincialism! He's being positive. Bunch of bloody chops.

      Johnny-BB - 2011-10-04 13:27

      yip, ...Protea-supporters are a bunch of uncivilised rude thugs.... .....sies...!!

      Kerr - 2011-10-04 13:34

      @Fake Johnny-BB: wow, you must really be a sad character. First of all, you have no national identity because you do not support the land of your Father and Grand-Father, but then, just to show how low you have sunk, you feel the need to steal somebody's (the real Johnny-BB) news 24 profile. And then, to show absolute ignorance, you (and maori) insist on calling the Boks "the Proteas", not realising that the Bok symbol temporarily moved to the sleeve to make way for the RWC logo, which HAS TO appear on each and every rugby jersey at the RWC.

      Jackool - 2011-10-04 13:41

      Who cares? Springboks, Proteas, Akkedisse? South Africa is out there to to the job and South Africa is behind them to do that job.

      Pooh-Bear - 2011-10-04 13:56

      When it comes to the Boks, there's no Bulls, Sharks, Lions etc. All are one in Bok-hood!

      Pikkie - 2011-10-04 14:39

      What the hell is this Johny BB carrying on with Proteas. Its a bush with flowers you get in the mountains. Our stories is about "Bakkies" a R U G B Y player. Twit

      Johnny-BB - 2011-10-04 15:06

      ..REAL Johnny-BB supports the All Blacks..!! ....I dont support a 3rd world Protea-team with 3rd world loud mouth supporters... ...I dont associate with uncivilised rude Protea-supporters... .....and the Springbok was replaced with the Protea... .......for the last time.... your eyes...!! ...Protea-supporters are arrogant...!! ...........Go All Blacks..!!!

      Wormtongue - 2011-10-04 16:23

      Maori you leave our Minister Mbalula alone. He can speak for himself. He is not on some grandiose trip like yourself. Brian Habana just became the highest try scorer ever with a Bok on the chest. That is how you put racism in its place. Hope you are not driving a Mercedes, BMW or a Volksie - associated with Nazism at some point you know. The list of countries who have committed terrible atrocitiesin the past are actually quite substantial. Some like Zimbabwe is still at it. Selectively applied morality is the hallmark of hypocrisy and perhaps ignorance too.

      theprodigy - 2011-10-04 18:22

      hey spineless traitors, see you are vomiting your stupidity on our pages again, you must really suck at life, but we love reading your drivel, it reminds me what losers you must be......LOL, your KAK adopted team is going down, & we look forward to you whimpering when they do.

      Magmansa - 2011-10-04 20:45

      @ Maori Kio Ora. Are you really a true All Black supporter? Cos if you are then you would respect the Springboks, and want them to stay the Springboks, as true All Black supporters do. The kiwi's I know(which is alot cos I live in NZ lol) say they dont even wanna play us if we not called the Springboks. Enough said.

  • InternetMan - 2011-10-04 12:02


  • Serias - 2011-10-04 12:16

    Please pick Danie at 8. That would be a monster pack.

      Dave - 2011-10-04 12:20

      couldnt agree with you more.

      InternetMan - 2011-10-04 12:23

      Yes very good plan

      Lafrasman - 2011-10-04 12:33

      Yes and have Spies and Alberts on the bench for last 20-25 minutes. Bakkies only need 55 minutes and Roussow can then slot in next to Victor.

      Good Advice - 2011-10-04 12:33

      Not a bad idea. Spies can be used as an impact player. Bakkies is definitely not an impact player and has to do the hard stuff early. Even Danie is a better impact player.

      Stryder - 2011-10-04 12:58

      Yeah, he really catches, passes and carries the ball well. Hardly ever knocks on.

      Lafrasman - 2011-10-04 13:01

      Snorre should ban Roussow from catching a ball with 2 hands, he never misses with one hand!

  • McDaNife - 2011-10-04 12:21

    I am not a rugby follower when Bakkies was injured who played in his place, was it Chuck Norris!

      InternetMan - 2011-10-04 12:35

      Correct. The boks suffered dearly with the reduced strength in the pack.

      chez - 2011-10-04 12:38

      No way, Chuck Norris is scared of Bakkies

      Loofdellort - 2011-10-04 12:40

      So you are not a follower of rugby when Bakkies was injured? Is there a question in there too?? fknhell

      Lance - 2011-10-04 16:08

      No, Chuck couldnt get past Danie..

      Blikskottel - 2011-10-04 17:46

      Rugby players scare Chuck Norris - that is why he turned down the Francois Pienaar role in Invictus and Matt Damon got the role!

      Gazza69 - 2011-10-05 10:58

      Chuck Norris has Schalk Burger pyjamas........

  • Jackool - 2011-10-04 12:23

    If Head-butt Bakkies played against Samoa he would certainly be red carded for Chomping on the ankles of one of those dirty Samoan rugby thugs.

      Jack Hammer - 2011-10-04 12:35

      Good point

      wv - 2011-10-04 13:05

      15 of the Samoan players are from New Zealand

      Blikskottel - 2011-10-04 18:07

      wv, Samoa is nothing but an All Black hit-squad - a Kiwi caporegime. The Samoans were grouped with the Boks to inflict maximum injuries and to try to get Boks redcarded to be later suspended by the Kiwi disciplinary inquisition (we all know the Kiwi sense of justice - just ask BOD/John Smit what happened when they got speared). And of course Paddy No'Brains (another Kiwi mafioso) runs the refereeing which allowed the Samoans to get away with their thuggery. Let the Kiwi's proceed with their absent threat in 2015 - it will be 8 more years for the NZ cry-babies and the Poms (as much as I dislike them) have a much better sense of fair play when they host 2015.

  • ikey_tiger - 2011-10-04 12:36

    Bakkies Botha can tear a page out of facebook..

      Serias - 2011-10-04 13:32

      Bakkies doesn't dial a wrong number, you answer the wrong phone!

      Kleinboet - 2011-10-04 16:37

      Bakkies just glares at a yellow card and it turns white. Also, Bakkies just glares at his opponent and he turns white.

  • PH101 - 2011-10-04 12:39

    Bakkies "yellow card" Botha will play from the sin bin AGAIN. Bakkies keep your head and we will win on Sunday. Put Danie at 8 if not keep Bakkies on the bench, Danie deserves his place on the field, Bakkies deserves his place on the bench.

  • Avi27 - 2011-10-04 12:40

    If bakkies is going to start then we must play Dannie at no 8 and move Spies on the bench to cover 8 and wing. This way boks can go with a 5-2 split. My match 22 taking into account injuries (JP looks to sit out): 1. Guthrow 2. Bismark 3. Jannie 4. Bakkies 5. Matfield (c) 6. Brussow 7. Burger 8. Dannie 9. FdP 10. Morne 11. Habana (If injured-Hougard) 12. JdeV 13. J.Fourie 14. Hougard/Aplon 15. Lambie Bench Smit, Beast, CJ, Alberts, Spies, Aplon/Pienaar-Utility, de jong

      Lafrasman - 2011-10-04 12:55

      I still believes that our bench will win us the WC and its just how PDivvy will utilise it. If we can be within 5-10 points of the opposition in the last 3 games at 60 minutes we will nail them with our bench. I feel that bringing on the likes of Bismarck, Hougaard, Alberts, Beast and CJ at the same time will be too much for Aus, Kiwis and whoever on the other side of draw. We might not necessarily score tries but we will have possession and penalties and drop goals will come out way.

      Jozee - 2011-10-04 13:05

      Like your team and especialy the cpt! Smit unfortanetly probably wants to write in his book that he lead the boks to 2 x rwc victories. With Frans away we will need pienaar on the bench for kicking back-up and can't leave hougaard out of the squad with his form at the moment. Sorry for Aplon then..

      Ya Beauty! - 2011-10-05 01:59

      mate Butch will be on the bench, Spies will start, i can tell you are a stormers fan however neither aplon or de long will make the 22 , Beast will all so start. The coach is going to go for mobility against the Aussies to wear them down first, then bring on the finishers. Butch needs to be there is Cooper needs to be shut down. I do not see Smit starting...

  • draaft - 2011-10-04 12:41

    Immensly tough nut if Bakkies is ready. Danie has been superb, Willem Alberts has been suberb, Pierre has been average.. Pierre has to be out to get Willem on Danie has to start, with Bakkies on the bench, that way if Matfield gets injured Bakkies won't have to play 80...let's face it, he can't. Get Flouw and Bakkies on the bench, let Smit only play the first half... Gurthro has to start, Jannie has to start...

  • rob barrie - 2011-10-04 12:50

    One of the players that owe SA a lot over the past 3 years. He should have not been at the RWC - not fit; poor execution when he played and a lot of side issues that actually got nothing to do with the game. Hope he realise it and perform for a change

  • Maori - 2011-10-04 12:55

    Come now boys and girls - you cannot play a QF with two injured locks - not going to work! The Aussies will target these 2 ooms - can see bakkies will only last for 18 minutes of the first half - Hougaard still concussed?

      lafras59 - 2011-10-04 21:45

      You talk too much ouboet,why don't you go and massage Carter's groin? You can do that pathetic haka for him to make him feel better if you want to.

  • LouisFLY - 2011-10-04 12:55

    "You don't know how frustrating it's been," Botha told reporters on Tuesday. "All the physical battles that I missed against Wales and Samoa. can feel his pain..go grote, gaan maak amok met die aussies.

      Maori - 2011-10-04 12:57

      gaan haal jou geelkaart, ou grote!! hahahahahha

  • jojo27 - 2011-10-04 13:01

    Welcome back Bakkies...Gaan moer hulee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cinderowl - 2011-10-04 13:03

    Last time I checked it was "Champing at the bit". And if Bakkies is involved I think I prefer the correct version.

      rufus - 2011-10-04 13:24

      You beat me to it, Cinderowl. It never ceases to amaze me how few "sub-editors" appreciate proper English. They would do well to read up more on English idiom. This is typically lazy South African editorial procedure, and it makes those involved in this process come across illiterate. Send your subbies on some course, News24.

  • PH101 - 2011-10-04 13:34

    OK we have now picked our team for this weekend. Now lets discuss by how much we will beat the AB's the following weekend. Aus is going home!!!!!!!

  • Love - 2011-10-04 13:42

    . . . . . . as Bakkies Botha sy Rice Krispies eet dan bly hulle tjoepstil !!

  • Kevin - 2011-10-04 13:44

    Rate this team.... 1.Guthrow 2.Smit (50min) 3.Du Plessis 4.Matfiled 5.Botha 6.Brussow 7.Burger 8.Russouw 9.Hougaard 10.Steyn 11.Habana 12.JDV 13.Fourie 14.Spies 15.Pieterson bench:Bizzie,Beast,Alberts,Lambie,De Jonge

      Lafrasman - 2011-10-04 13:48

      Your bench 2 short

      HJS - 2011-10-04 14:08

      Pleased to see you starting without Fourie du Preez, been the most "worrying" aspect so far in our pool games. He just stumbles and fumbles along all the time. Surely the "rust" must have worn off by now? I think he's just "not got it any more". Can put him on the bench, then Lafras just has to find you one more fore the bench.

      Lafrasman - 2011-10-04 14:10

      Well in that case I'll throw CJ in the mix to have a full front row complement.

      Phillip Carlisle - 2011-10-04 17:04

      Very interesting, twice I've heard about spies on the wing, he has the speed, could be interesting, but does he have enough speed on defense? Mmmm??

      The Rob - 2011-10-04 21:07

      @ Kevin - I'd make 3 changes to your starting XV. FduP to start at 9, Aplon at right wing and Lambie at fullback. Hougaard is excllent cover for either FdP or Habana. If Bakkies runs out of puff then Rossouw to slot in at 4 and Alberts to come in at 8.

  • - 2011-10-04 13:58

    Sorry Bakkies I don't see us dropping Danie for you. You might get a spot on the bench.

  • marco - 2011-10-04 14:06

    @Maori & Johnny-BB here is something you misfits wanna swallow that came from the IRB: "Even the All Blacks are replaceable " says the IRB. "IRB chief executive Mike Miller has hit back at the NZRU's threats to boycott the 2015 World Cup by saying that even the All Blacks can be replaced at a World Cup.NZRU says...we needed a full review of the IRB's financial model,Rugby World Cup commercial rules and RWC money flows... We are waiting with some anxiety what the IRB are going to do about it" So threats by the All Blacks on team sponsors deals etc.One thing is sure and that is Miller won't to be intimidated by the threats made from the All Blacks.I guess anyone claiming that New Zealand are irreplaceable at a World Cup would disregard their sole triumph in World Cup competitions on the basis that South Africa didn't compete in 1987.After all its not as if they've ever won a decent full strenght World Cup. I reckon lets invite the "Maori" and Johnny-BB instead to replace the All Blacks.

  • BallyAfrica - 2011-10-04 14:37

    Good to have bakkies back he must start to smash aussies. Got to go with Aplon if Habana is not fit. Looking like JP will be ok. If Hougaard is out have to go with Pienaar has scrumhalf cover on the bench. Ndungane comes on the bench as wing cover. I reckon Alberts to start to run at Cooper channel of the base off the scrum and tale lineout ball. Smash him early and he loses composure. 15. Lambie 14. Pietersen 13. Fourie 12. De Villiers 11. Aplon 10. Steyn 9. Du Preez 8. Alberts 7. Burger 6. Brussouw 5. Matfield 4. Botha 3. J. Du Plessis 2. Smit (c) 1. Steenkamp 16. B. DuPlessis 17. Beast 18. Rossouw 19. Spies 20. Pienaar 21. De Jonge 22. Ndungane

      Avi27 - 2011-10-04 14:55

      Not a bad team but CJ needs to be on the bench as we dont have a tight head to cover Jannie if he gets injured. I would replace Ndungane with CJ as De jong/Spies can cover wing.

      Theo - 2011-10-04 20:50

      Only a fool would play Smit at 2 to start.

  • Nico - 2011-10-04 14:56

    The correct expression is "champing at the bit." Another phrase suddenly in vogue with all the rugby writers. Shame.

  • bullincapeto - 2011-10-04 16:41

    I have a theory about Kok, his mom is such a staunch Bokke supporter that when she was pregnant with little Kokkie she drank too much meths while watching the bokke at Newlands.Little Kokkie was born, but alas he was much slower and smaller than the other kids.His "Deddy" then threw him and his mom out into the street. Kok now blames the Bokke for his fetal alcohol syndrome and broken home.

  • theprodigy - 2011-10-04 18:14

    dont do anything stupid now Bakkies, you have a habit of being a bit dumb from time to time, we don't want you giving the wobbles penalties or make the Boks suffer with 14 men while the other team has 16.

  • Richard Butler - 2011-10-04 18:52

    What are you going to hop them into submission? Respect to bakkies, but if he is less than 100% Danie Rossouw has been awesome and has a claim on the jersey. Go Bokke. Vat hulle.

  • Die Kenner - 2011-10-04 19:07

    Dis reg Bakkies, slag hulle!!!

  • Chelsea - 2011-10-05 07:11

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  • zule - 2011-10-05 07:46

    What a wonderful "problem" to we play Danie first and then Bakkies...or Bakkies first and then Danie??? GO BOKKE...vat vlam boykies

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