Aplon to help Habana to record

2011-09-21 09:54

Cape Town - Springbok wing Bryan Habana could receive help in crossing the whitewash to become the sole record try scorer for the national team.

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He has been included in the starting line-up to face Namibia, a team who has only ever treated the final whistle as the sound of relief at the RWC.

Therefore Habana’s chances are all the more likely that he will break his much publicised "drought" and rid himself of the proverbial primate seemingly weighing him down.

Though many, including Habana, may not have pictured Namibia and North Harbour Stadium to be the scene of his triumph, the potential boost he may receive out of the match may be timed perfectly to awaken one of RWC’s most dangerous weapons.

Habana’s cause will be aided by his team-mates at Western Province, namely Gio Aplon.

Aplon will make his RWC debut against their northern neighbours and although he is excited at the opportunity himself, he wants nothing more than for his fellow wing to score.

“I hope that Bryan’s sake that he can reach the milestone by scoring a try. It will be a highlight for the entire team. People forget so easily how hard Bryan has worked over the years and I hope it happens for him now,” Aplon told on Wednesday’s Die Burger.

Aplon will even sacrifice a debut try of his own if it means his mate can surpass Joost van der Westhuizen’s record of 38 tries, a record which Habana equalled against Italy last year.

“I will definitely do what Rayno Benjamin did in the Sevens!”

Benjamin unselfishly passed the ball to a team-mate inside the in-goal area instead of scoring the try himself during this year's IRB Seven's series, something Aplon did for Benjamin as well while the two were team-mates for Paul Treu’s side in 2008.

Furthermore, Habana will also reclaim the all-time leading South African try scoring record at the RWC after Jaque Fourie joined Habana on eight tries after scoring against Fiji.

Although Aplon has already played in 15 Tests, he has been reminded by captain John Smit of how to treat the occasion.

"John always says that you never know when it will be your last Test. I will approach this as my last chance to represent my country and to make a mark."

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  • MustBeCrazy - 2011-09-21 10:04

    Go Aplon, Open your account, Go Bokke!!

      Pikkie - 2011-09-21 12:05

      So 'n bek moet jam kry. Mooi so Gio. Jy is 'n regte vriend!

  • Anneleen - 2011-09-21 10:20

    Aplon, your heart is most certainly in the right place...Aplon, Habana and Bokke...go and have a great time...enjoyed the part about "the most dangerous weapon"...Boks-4-ever!!!!!

  • Bootman - 2011-09-21 10:24

    Aplon and Habana to score a hatrick each.....

  • patrickb - 2011-09-21 10:29

    Habana is so slow, he could not score a try unless assisted by a fellow player. What a has-been!

      Bootman - 2011-09-21 10:39

      Thats why you have fifteen players on the field. If any player could score a try without being assisted by other players, you would only have one player on the field.

      Kudubul - 2011-09-21 10:53

      True patrick he needs a pass right on the scoreline to do a try. But as every Stormer will tell you he defends well.

      Johnny-BB - 2011-09-21 10:59

      ..Agree, ...Bryan Banana = has-been palooooooooka...... .....same as Smit.....

      TrueSaffa - 2011-09-21 11:52

      All you haters are pathetic, he is still a great player, not as as great as he was but if he can hit form now, he will be great weapon!

      Eduardoo - 2011-09-21 13:24

      ...Johnny-BB...Hangs out on sports forums all day...making stupid comments and uses 3 dots like school girls do between every sentence...probably hasn't had a job for more than a year now...still lives with his mother...Johnny-BB=never-been and never-will-be palooooooka...

  • Maori - 2011-09-21 10:33

    Ek lag die bokkies verloor!

      Bootman - 2011-09-21 10:35

      Dont hold your breath......

      myoomsemotor - 2011-09-21 10:43

      hoe onnosel kan n mens nou wees "fake" maori? is djy dan jas!!!!!!

      Johnny-BB - 2011-09-21 10:55

      ....PDV + Grandpa John Smit = bye-bye World Cup... .........Proteas out in Quarter finals.... ....Go All Blacks..!!!!...

      Will2.0 - 2011-09-21 11:07

      Bootman, I wish he would hold his breath for 80 minutes. Or maybe he already has, thus the braindead commentator we know.

      The J - 2011-09-21 11:20

      Johnny-BB. Is this you Chief Kok? Or maybe one of your distinguished relatives? Same mindless, uneducated comments. And supporting a country they have never seen (apart from scenes of Lord of the Rings) or walked upon its soil. Verdict- Another insignificant, sad strange little individual best left unnoticed.

      myoomsemotor - 2011-09-21 12:23

      most of these fake all black supporters would'nt even see there so called team play a home game. i spoke to a born and bred NZ friend of mine and he told me how everyone in NZ cracks jokes at these SA fake NZ supporters, they will never in a million years support a team other then their own. FAKE ALL BLACK's YOU GUYS ARE PATHETIC..... GO BOKKE !!!!!

      Andy Lamont - 2011-09-21 13:19

      Dear Maori, Up until now you have sounded like quite a sensible guy. Don't let down your high standards. lets stick to the rugby. This is a great competition and a worthy world championship side will need to front up and beat all the best sides. come on the Boks!

      Bootman - 2011-09-21 14:13

      Moari has very high standards. He only sleeps with prossies who charge more than 50 bucks.

      Safaripak - 2011-09-21 18:50

      @fake Maori. Ek stuur vir jou my beste kortbroek Safaripak in die pos as die Bokke teen Namibië verloor. Ek stuur vir jou my beste langbroek Safaripak as jy na NZ emigreer en jou identiteitskrisis uiteindelik oplos.

  • Richard - 2011-09-21 10:43

    Well the only way Habana is going to score another try is if someone hands him the ball inside the in-goal area. Be sure to note the instruction: "hands him the ball". Its too risky to try passing to Habana.

  • Sportfan - 2011-09-21 10:56

    Lol, why must everyone now try and assist Habana to break the record, if he was good enough to equal it he should be good enough to break it. To break a record, that you've been equalling for two/three years, against "Namibia" is not really something you should be proud of. That is the only reason Habana is at the world cup to break Joost's record because on form he surely doesn't deserve his spot, Mbovo should've been there or Hougaard from the start.

  • marcile.dewaal - 2011-09-21 11:03

    I would rather assist Jaque Fourie.....

  • Gavin_H - 2011-09-21 11:07

    The only good thing about him getting the record against Namibia, is that hopefully then he will be put out to pasture and the better wings can be given the many chances that he has squandered in the last couple of years.

  • The J - 2011-09-21 11:13

    Hey let's hope his game improves beyond belief instead of achieving a try scoring record

  • popeye - 2011-09-21 11:15

    They specificly picked Habana against the "weakest" team in the Pool in order for him to score a try, then they will say how good he is and pick him again for the next game. Aplon you must give him the ball with an open tryline or behind the tryline then he will score a try.

  • Jozee - 2011-09-21 11:31

    John's last test was in the final of the '07 RWC!

  • Louis Visagie - 2011-09-21 11:55

    To all the Idiot haters out there I want to say, If Habana and Smit are Has beens what does it make you...Never have beens ??? At least they are leaving a legacy !

      The J - 2011-09-21 12:05

      Easy Louis. I think most people, who probably are not too educated in rugby, are judging from recent showings by the two players concerned. No one can doubt Habana's class and achievements of the past and we all know that John is still a reasonabaly good player with IMMENSE leadership skills and the respect of the team. Best thing to do is throw your support behind these two Springboks and hope they add to their game for the remaining fixtures. I certainly will.

  • Jason - 2011-09-21 11:58

    Most of you guys are certainly tip top Bokke supporters with your words of encouragement.. You will all eat your words - for sure - UP THE SPRINGBOKS!!

  • James121 - 2011-09-21 12:29

    What a bunch of negative pricks. By his own admission Habana had a poor season but he has picked up his game and his all-round skills make up for any lack on the attack front.

      Bootman - 2011-09-21 13:44

      James unfortunately there are people like this around. People who can only feel better about themselves when they are putting someone else down. People who have achieved nothing in life yet find it appropriate to critisize someone who has achieved everything.

  • Thefactxxx - 2011-09-21 16:51

    Italy last year........???? over...wait for it....rated.....

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