New Zealand
57 - 0
South Africa
2017/09/16 | 09:35 |  Rugby Championship | QBE Stadium, Albany |  Full Time
Rugby Championship

As it happened: All Blacks 57-0 Springboks

2017-09-16 07:55
Last Updated at 14:28
16 Sep 11:25

FT: NZ 57-0 SA ...

It's over, and thank the rugby gods for that. The final whistle was the highlight of that Bok performance ..

16 Sep 11:23
80' TRY ALL BLACKS! Taylor flops over the line as the ABs destroy the Boks at maul time...
16 Sep 11:23
80' The hooter has gone but the ABs have an attacking lineout 5m out...
16 Sep 11:21
79' This will be the biggest defeat, points difference-wise, the Boks have ever taken from the All Blacks...
16 Sep 11:20
78' In schoolboy rugby, when it is this one-sided the ref sometimes calls it early ... Might not be a bad idea
16 Sep 11:19
77' Another scrum penalty to the All Blacks... 
16 Sep 11:18
76' Hold on, folks. Just a few minutes left and it'll all be over...
16 Sep 11:17
75' Conversion good! NZ 50-0 SA. Yip ... 
16 Sep 11:17
74' TRY ALL BLACKS! Good run from Lienert-Brown bursts through. He offloads to Sopoaga, who scores!
16 Sep 11:16
74' Coetzee makes a good mark after another Barrett cross-kick and he can clear his lines...
16 Sep 11:14
72' Boks just can't secure the ball at the moment. Another scrum penalty to the ABs...
16 Sep 11:12
70' Boks win the penalty! They can clear their lines. They were under huge pressure there. They'll be desperate to get on the board here and avoid taking 50...
16 Sep 11:10
69' ABs on the attack again...
16 Sep 11:10
67' Watching the Boks right now is like watching the Mud Dogs before Bobby Boucher joined the team #WaterboyJoke
16 Sep 11:08
65' Not quite sure how we're going to get through these next 15 minutes, guys and girls. But we'll give it a go...
16 Sep 11:07
64' Conversion good! NZ 43-0 SA
16 Sep 11:07
64' TRY ALL BLACKS! It's Ofa Tu'ungafasi! Just sheer power there as he barges over the line. 
16 Sep 11:06
63' ABs win the scrum penalty and set up a lineout 5m out. 
16 Sep 11:04

63' Is that a try to the ABs? Codie Taylor goes close, but he may have been stopped just short. 

Replays show that Paige has done well to stop him! 

It'll be a 5m scrum to the ABS...

16 Sep 11:01
61' Into the last quarter now, where the ABs are dangerous...
16 Sep 11:00
61' Penalty All Blacks! Paige stopped just short of the line for the Boks but he is penalised for holding on.
16 Sep 10:59
60' Mbonambi finds his jumper and, finally, the Boks can attack off a solid lineout...
16 Sep 10:59
59' Paige on for Hougaard...
16 Sep 10:58
59' Pollard sets up a lineout for the Boks inside the AB 22...
16 Sep 10:56

58' More changes.

Pollard on for Jantjies

Mbonambi on for Marx

Big moment here for Pollard. His first test since 2015

16 Sep 10:54
56' Raymond Rhule misses his 167th tackle of the evening...
16 Sep 10:52
54' Barrett misses a kick. NZ 36-0 SA
16 Sep 10:51
53' TRY ALL BLACKS! Milner-Skudder in the corner! The ABs sucked in the Bok defence and Barrett threw a pass wide out right where Milner-Skudder finished well. 
16 Sep 10:49
51' ABs have an attacking lineout after Jantjies done for a high tackle...
16 Sep 10:48
51' Pieter-Steph du Toit now coming on for JL du Preez...
16 Sep 10:46
49' Hougaard kicks ahead under pressure. McKenzie gathers and puts in a perfect kick that finds touch on the Bok 5m line. 
16 Sep 10:45
48' ABs win the scrum penalty. If this was a boxing match, it would have been called off in round 5. Unfortunately, in rugby, we have to stick around for the full 80...
16 Sep 10:42
46' Scrum to the Boks just inside their half now...
16 Sep 10:40
45' Kitshoff on for Beast...
16 Sep 10:40
45' De Jager about to come on for Mostert...
16 Sep 10:38
44' Boks in possession but struggling to make any real ground ...
16 Sep 10:36
43' A streaker! Get in! At least he got over the All Black try line ....
16 Sep 10:35
42' More lineout woes for the Boks. Marx throws over the top...
16 Sep 10:34
42' Jantjies sets up an attacking lineout after a Bok penalty for offside...
16 Sep 10:34
41' Barrett gets the 2nd half underway...
  • 82'

    CONVERSION, NEW ZEALAND, BARRETT! 57-0: Barrett makes no mistake again and he has only missed one kick today. Brilliant game for the All Blacks and it is 57-0 to them.

  • 82'

    FULL-TIME: NEW ZEALAND 57-0 SOUTH AFRICA. They were criticised at home over the last week but the All Blacks have come out and proven themselves by humiliating South Africa with a score of 57-0. South Africa made a few mistakes in the first half that really cost them. They played poorly in the second, no being able to score a single point. New Zealand win with the bonus point.

  • 81'

    The hooter sounds in the background but the All Blacks are happy to have the lineout. They are going for their seven points here.

  • 81'

    TRY, NEW ZEALAND, TAYLOR! 55-0: Taylor takes the ball over the line but it was a strong maul after the lineout that did it. This adds insult to injury as the All Blacks have proven a point here today.

  • 80'

    We are coming to the end of the game and New Zealand win another penalty here. Raymond Rhule concedes it for not releasing the ball.

  • 79'

    Now the All Blacks will try to do everything they can to keep the Sprinbok score to zero. It is a scrum and Perenara will have the feed.

  • 78'

    Sopoaga kicks the deep and Skosan keeps in the kick. McKenzie tracks the ball down and concedes a penalty for a high tackle. Pollard will kick the penalty into touch for a lineout.

  • 77'

    Kitshoff gives a penalty away from the scrum and the All Blacks win the penalty. Frustration showing from the visitors.

  • 75'

    CONVERSION, NEW ZEALAND, BARRETT! 50-0: Barrett makes no mistake with the kick again and the score is 50-0 with the South Africans not being able to score at all so far.

  • 74'

    TRY, NEW ZEALAND, SOPOAGA! 48-0: Lienert-Brown sets up the chance with a nice run and an accurate try and Sopoaga calls for a pass and he scores his first try. Brilliant team try from the All Blacks.

  • 72'

    Trevor Nyakane concedes a penalty for collapsing the scrum and the Boks have not looked like scoring in the second half today. All Blacks have been clinical in both halves.

  • 69'

    The All Blacks have the ball and are working it through a few phases. South African have a lineout on their 22. Mbonambi will throw.

  • 69'

    Mbonambi throws the lineout wrongly and the All Blacks have the ball. They are looking to attack again. The ball is brought back to the centre as they work it through the 7th phase.

  • 65'

    NO TRY! Paige was the South African player who was defending it and the player was short so it will be a scrum. Good decision from the referee and the TMO.

  • 65'

    TRY, NEW ZEALAND, TU'UNGAFASI! 41-0: Tu'ungafasi is the man who takes it over the line, but it is a brilliant lineout from the All Blacks and the strength of the All Blacks takes them over the line. It is Tu'ungafasi's first try in his 8th test.

  • 65'

    CONVERSION, NEW ZEALAND, BARRETT! 43-0: Barrett slots in the easy conversion and they push their lead to 43 points. The All Blacks have been strong and ruthless in the second half. They want to push this lead as far as they can.

  • 64'

    The TMO is asked if it is a try or not. Did the ball get to the line? Was it the momentum of the player that took it over or was it a second movement?

  • 63'

    Savea passes the ball to McKenzie, the All Blacks are fast with the passes after the lineout. The hosts are attacking quickly even after a poor pass.

  • 62'

    Barrett kicks the ball away and into touch for a lineout. There is a kick after the lineout and Skosan collects it and puts it into touch.

  • 61'

    Rudy Paige concedes a penalty for not releasing the ball. There has only been one try in the second half. We are in the final 20 minutes as the All Blacks win a turnover penalty.

  • 59'

    Tu'ungafasi concedes a penalty for going off his feet in the ruck.

  • 58'

    The visitors work the ball through 12 phases as they control the possession looking for a gap in the defence.

  • 58'

    A few changes for the All Blacks, TJ Perenara comes on for Smith. South Africa replace Marx with Mbonambi.

  • 56'

    Raymond Rhule breaks through the line and he has the speed. The Boks manage to turn the ball over.

  • 55'

    The conversion is missed by Barrett, he misses his first kick today.

  • 54'

    The grounding is fine, the referees are checking if they can award the try. The TMO called into the action.

  • 54'

    TRY, NEW ZEALAND, MILNER-SKUDDER! 36-0: Milner-Skudder has grounded the ball perfectly and has kept his feet in play. It was Skosan's leg who was out and the All Blacks get another try. The TMO confirms it.

  • 53'

    Tu?ungafasi comes on Lualala and All Blacks are on the attack again.

  • 52'

    Elton Jantjies is penalised for a high tackle and the All Blacks have a penalty. Barrett kicks it out for a lineout.

  • 50'

    Marx finds De Jager after an important lineout. Jantjies will kick the resulting free kick into touch and South Africa clear the threat.

  • 48'

    Ruan Dreyer concedes the penalty for wheeling the scrum, he was warned by the Welsh referee after the first reset.

  • 48'

    Barrett will kick the ball into touch for a lineout. The kick is a good one and the All Blacks have a throw beyond the 22m line.

  • 47'

    Williams and Crotty have not seen that much of the ball today. New Zealand have scored quickly against the run of play today.

  • 47'

    The All Blacks are comfortably in the bonus point position with four tries.

  • 47'

    The referee is not happy with the scrum and he will have a few words with the players.

  • 46'

    Kitshoff and De Jager come on for Mtawarira and Mostert as South Africa make two changes.

  • 45'

    South Africa finally win a lineout but it is lost forward and that sums up the game for them really. A few mistakes really costing them a lot of points.

  • 44'

    South Africa have the possession again, near the 10m line. But New Zealand manage to turn the ball over and they will run it at the Boks.

  • 43'

    Crockett comes on for Hames as there is a replacement. Crockett has won 60 of the 64 games he has played and lost only 2 games. He has never lost again South Africa.

  • 42'

    Kolisi loses his footing but they still have the ball and the Boks push forward via Du Preez. They are closing in on the try line, into the 7th phase. The All Blacks turn the ball over and kick it out.

  • 42'

    HALF-TIME: NEW ZEALAND 31-0 SOUTH AFRICA. The last move of the half sums it up nicely. South Africa had the ball, they were looking dangerous and then a mistake from them allows the All Blacks to clear the threat. New Zealand have done well to attack on the counter to take a 31-point lead after the first half.

  • 42'

    Dane Coles is caught offside and New Zealand concede an early penalty in the second half.

  • 42'

    Marx with the throw, the referee just telling the players to stay in place. Another missed lineout for the Boks and Barrett kicks the ball deep to Coetzee.

  • 41'

    The hooter sounds in the background and All Blacks turn the ball over and cross kicks it to the left wing. South Africa turn the ball over.

  • 41'

    Second half begins! It has been a tough first half for the Springboks, but they will look to play better in the second. Barrett kicks things off for the second installment.

  • 40'

    Lineout is deep and finds Serfontein and then Mostert. But Mostert concedes a penalty for not releasing the ball after being tackled.

  • 39'

    Kane Hames concedes another penalty for not releasing the ball and the referee has a few words with the player.

  • 38'

    CONVERSION, NEW ZEALAND, BARRETT! 31-0: Barrett slots in the easy conversion without too much fuss and the lead is pushed to 31 points.

  • 37'

    TRY, NEW ZEALAND, RETALLICK! 29-0: A strong run from Ioane, poor defence from the Boks and Smith gets the ball, then passes it to Retallick who takes it over the line. Brilliant play from the All Blacks, but a few mistakes from the Springboks.

  • 36'

    CONVERSION, NEW ZEALAND, BARRETT! 24-0: Barrett has not missed a kick today and he does not miss this one. Big lead for the All Blacks now as they are 24 points ahead.

  • 34'

    TRY, NEW ZEALAND, BARRETT! 22-0: Scott Barrett scores, he just came on as a substitute and he scores. All Blacks spread the ball wide, Beauden Barrett with the cross kick and Scott takes it over the line. Good work from Milner-Skudder there too.

  • 33'

    Barrett kicks the penalty into touch deep in the Springbok half and All Blacks will attack.

  • 31'

    We are in the final ten minutes of the game and another lineout is overthrown from the Boks. All Blacks will have the feed at the scrum after Jantjies loses the ball forward.

  • 30'

    News is that Squire has gone off for a head injury check after taking a shoulder from Mostert.

  • 30'

    Laulala concedes a penalty for obstruction. There is a bit of a fight and referee Owens has a chat with Retallick. South Africa have a lineout.

  • 29'

    New Zealand have not lost their last 60 scrums where they have had the feed and they win it again here. South Africa have another lineout.

  • 28'

    Scott Barrett comes on because of an injury to Squire. A mistake in the lineout and the All Blacks will have the feed in the scrum.

  • 27'

    Lost forward by Kriel! Jantjies with a good kick and Kriel makes a run for it but the ball does not pop up nicely for Kriel and that will be another scrum.

  • 27'

    Coetzee gets the ball and puts in a good run. The Boks win a penalty for Hames not rolling away. The visitors kick the ball away into touch for a lineout.

  • 25'

    The Springboks are building patiently with a few good passes. They need to score next to be in the game.

  • 25'

    The ball is lost forward by Jantjies and the visitors will have to regroup quickly to defend here.

  • 24'

    Jantjies takes the ball through the defence and looks to pass it but he finds Milner-Skudder who kicks the ball into touch. Marx will have the throw.

  • 22'

    CONVERSION, NEW ZEALAND, BARRETT! 17-0: Barrett slots in another kick and he adds on the extras to push the score to 17 points.

  • 21'

    TRY, NEW ZEALAND, MILNER-SKUDDER! 15-0: Against the run of play, the All Blacks intercept the ball and Milner-Skudder runs with it, then he pass to Barrett. The number 10 runs with it to evade Skosan and then passes it back to Milner-Skudder who grounds it over the line. Brilliant play from the All Blacks.

  • 20'

    South Africa are passing the ball around nicely, they need a gap here in the defence.

  • 19'

    CONVERSION, NEW ZEALAND, BARRETT! 10-0: Barrett kicks the ball perfectly from the sidelines and lands a difficult kick. Two in two kicks so far for Barrett. New Zealand lead by 10 points.

  • 17'

    TRY, NEW ZEALAND, IOANE! 8-0: It is a penalty to the All Blacks and Smith takes it quickly, then kicks the ball deep on the left wing and Ioane gives chase. Skosan can't catch Ioane and he collects the kick and grounds the ball for a try.

  • 15'

    Cassiem bursts through the line for the visitors as Mtawarira sets it up really well with a good pass. But the Boks lose the ball and the All Blacks kick deep to clear.

  • 14'

    PENALTY, NEW ZEALAND, BARRETT! 3-0: Barrett does not miss those, it is straight in front of the uprights and he slots it in. He had a poor kicking game last week against the Pumas, but he makes no mistake here.

  • 13'

    The Springboks concede a penalty as Jesse Kriel is caught offside. They were under pressure as the All Blacks were pushing the ball wide towards the right wing.

  • 11'

    The South Africans are stringing a few passes together but they will be brought back for a lineout. All Blacks have a throw on the 22m line.

  • 10'

    New Zealand concede a penalty again from the scrum for the front row standing up. Kane Hames is the guilty party. A big scrum from the Springboks.

  • 9'

    All Blacks look to counter quickly as they run the ball. They are looking really strong on the attack.

  • 8'

    Elton Jantjies lines it up but misses the penalty. There is no excuse for missing this because there is no wind or rain and the conditions are clear and perfect for a good kick. It comes off the post and McKenzie drills it down the pitch.

  • 7'

    Smith gets the ball to Barrett who kicks the ball deep to Skosan and the Sprinboks kick the ball deep. The move ends with a penalty against the All Blacks for not releasing the ball.

  • 6'

    Strong, physical start from the visitors as they are taking the ball towards the 22m line. They are getting tackled but the final pass from Kriel goes out for an All Blacks lineout.

  • 5'

    First scrum, an important chance for the Springboks to make a point. But it is a kick after the scrum as the All Blacks front row stands up.

  • 4'

    Now Springboks steal the lineout from the All Blacks and then kick the ball deep and high. Good kick and McKenzie can''t collect it cleanly and it is a knock on.

  • 3'

    Marx with the throw and it has been overthrown, the All Blacks have the ball after a Springboks. The hosts attack and have a lineout just over the 10m line.

  • 2'

    Jantjies with the kick-off and the ball is taken back to Barrett who kicks it deep in the Springboks 22. First lineout of the game as Milner-Skudder kicks the ball into touch.

  • 1'

    Kick-Off! Nigel Owens blows the whistle and the Boks kick us off.

  • 0'

    Welcome to this top of the table clash of the 2017 Rugby Championship, between New Zealand and South Africa, from QBE Stadium, in Albany.

  • 0'

    This will be the toughest test to date this year for the Springboks, who remain unbeaten in 2017 after six Tests. The visitors came away with a draw against Australia last week, but will have to minimise their unforced errors if they want to remain unbeaten.

  • 0'

    The All Blacks remain favourites to win this battle, even after a tough encounter against Argentina last week, however we must keep in mind that they rested a number of key players.

  • 0'

    The battle between the halfback pairings will be important to watch. Recently Elton Jantjies has proved to be under extreme pressure when the Springbok scrum is under pressure. Francois Hougaard will also have to ensure a smooth speedy performance against the world class Aaron Smith.

  • 0'

    The All Blacks have made various changes to strenghten their starting line-up. Kane Hames gets his first start, as he replaces the injured Joe Moody. TJ Perenara moves to the bench and his place is taken by Aaron Smith. Ryan Crotty returns to centre, with Anton Lienert-Brown moving to the bench. Rieko Ioane returns to the left wing in place of Nehe Milner-Skudder, who shifts to the right wing, after Israel Dagg was ruled out due to injury. Brodie Retallick and Sam Whitelock will form the lock duo, with Liam Squire, Sam Cane and Ardie Savea, making up the loose forwards.

  • 0'

    The Springboks initially made three changes to their team that drew with Australia last week. Franco Mostert, who was rested for that game replaces Pieter-Steph du Toit, who shifts to the bench, while Jean-Luc Du Preez earns a start in place of the injured Jaco Kriel. Ruan Dreyer will play at tighthead in place of the injured Coenie Oosthuizen. Ross Cronje was withdrawn from the team late on Friday, due to a stomach bug and was subsquently replaced by Francois Hougaard. Rudy Paige therefore moves onto the bench.

  • 0'

    Our referee is Nigel Owens, from Wales. He will be assisted by Angus Gardner, from Australia and Matthew Carley, from England. The TMO is George Ayoub, from Australia.

  • 0'

    This is a big game in the Championship, All Blacks against the Springboks. The players are running now to a packed stadium and we will have the national anthems.

  • 0'

    TJ Perenara leading the haka as the Springboks stand in a straight line facing the haka.

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New Zealand South Africa
  • 8 Tries 0
    • 16' Rieko Ioane
    • 20' Nehe Milner-Skudder
    • 33' Scott Barrett
    • 36' Brodie Retallick
    • 52' Nehe Milner-Skudder
    • 63' Ofa Tu''ungafasi
    • 73' Lima Sopoaga
    • 80' Codie Taylor
  • 7 Conversions 0
    • 18' Beauden Barrett
    • 21' Beauden Barrett
    • 35' Beauden Barrett
    • 37' Beauden Barrett
    • 64' Beauden Barrett
    • 74' Beauden Barrett
    • 80' Beauden Barrett
  • 1 Penalties 0
    • 13' Beauden Barrett
  • 0 Drop Goals 0
  • 0 Yellow Cards 0
  • 0 Red Cards 0
Team Line-ups
  • Kane Hames
  • Dane Coles
  • Nepo Laulala
  • Brodie Retallick
  • Sam Whitelock
  • Liam Squire
  • Sam Cane
  • Kieran Read
  • Aaron Smith
  • Beauden Barrett
  • Rieko Ioane
  • Sonny Bill Williams
  • Ryan Crotty
  • Nehe Milner-Skudder
  • Damian McKenzie
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
  • 11
  • 12
  • 13
  • 14
  • 15
  • Tendai Mtawarira
  • Malcolm Marx
  • Ruan Dreyer
  • Eben Etzebeth
  • Franco Mostert
  • Siya Kolisi
  • Jean-Luc du Preez
  • Uzair Cassiem
  • Francois Hougaard
  • Elton Jantjies
  • Courtnall Skosan
  • Jan Serfontein
  • Jesse Kriel
  • Raymond Rhule
  • Andries Coetzee
  • Codie Taylor
  • Wyatt Crockett
  • Ofa Tu'ungafasi
  • Scott Barrett
  • Ardie Savea
  • TJ Perenara
  • Lima Sopoaga
  • Anton Lienert-Brown
  • 16
  • 17
  • 18
  • 19
  • 20
  • 21
  • 22
  • 23
  • Mbongeni Mbonami
  • Steven Kitshoff
  • Trevor Nyakane
  • Lodewyk De Jager
  • Pieter-Steph du Toit
  • Rudy Paige
  • Handre Pollard
  • Damian de Allende

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