Rugby TMO to get more power

2012-05-16 09:01

Wellington - Rugby's television referees will be given wider powers under a series of rule changes that will be implemented later this year.

The amendments, which were announced on Tuesday by the International Rugby Board, will also set a 90-second limit for conversion attempts and restrict the amount of time the ball can be held at the back of a ruck.

The IRB says the changes will be implemented on a trial basis from August in the northern hemisphere and from January in the southern, applying at domestic and international level.

The most far-reaching of the changes concerns the powers given to television match officials, who will now be able to rule on foul play and on incidents which occur inside the field of play in the lead-up to a try.

Under current rules, TMOs can only rule on events which occur in-goal and in the act of scoring a try. They will now be able to advise the referee on incidents which may have occurred in the field of play in the lead-up to a try being scored.

TMOs will also be able to advise referees on incidents of foul play.

In other changes, conversion kicks will have to be completed within 90 seconds of a try being awarded.

At rucks, the ball will have to be used within five seconds of becoming available at the back of a ruck after the referee has instructed a team to "use it."

When the ball goes into touch from a knock-on, the non-offending team will have the choice of a lineout at the point the ball crossed the touchline or a scrum where the knock-on occurred.

Quick lineouts will be able to be taken by a player anywhere outside the field of play between the line of touch and the players' goal line. When a penalty or free kick is awarded at a lineout, the non-offending team will have the choice of a further lineout at which it will have the throw-in.

The TMO changes will be part of three specific additional tries implemented by the IRB and could be in operation in Test matches by November.

A trial has also been sanctioned for the November Test window which will allow international teams to nominate eight replacements in their match-day squad, rather than the current seven. The eighth player must be a qualified front-rower.

The law changes have come from recommendations of the IRB's independent Laws Representative Group, which comprises representatives from each of the 10 tier-one nations and the IRB Rugby Committee.

The IRB said extensive evaluation of the amendments had already taken place at Cambridge and Stellenbosch Universities.

"The Laws Representative Group were encouraged by the outcomes of the initial trials in Cambridge and Stellenbosch," IRB chairman Bernard Lapasset said. "The next step is a global trial with full buy-in and which has been approved by council on the basis that the amendments can have a positive effect on the playing of the game.

"The global trials are not fait accompli. It is essential at the end of the global trial process that decisions made are in the best interest of rugby worldwide."

The five Law amendments to be trialled globally are:

1. Law 16.7 (Ruck): The ball has to be used within five seconds of it being made available at the back of a ruck following a warning from the referee to “use it”. Sanction – Scrum.

2. 19.2 (b) (Quick Throw-In) For a quick throw in, the player may be anywhere outside the field of play between the line of touch and the player’s goal line.

3. 19.4 (who throws in) When the ball goes into touch from a knock-on, the non-offending team will be offered the choice of a lineout at the point the ball crossed the touch line; or a scrum at the place of the knock-on. The non-offending team may exercise this option by taking a quick throw-in.

4. 21.4 Penalty and free kick options and requirements: Lineout alternative. A team awarded a penalty or a free kick at a lineout may choose a further lineout, they throw in. This is in addition to the scrum option.

5. A conversion kick must be completed within one minute 30 seconds from the time that a try has been awarded.

In addition, the IRB approved three specific additional trials:

1. To extend the jurisdiction of the TMO to incidents within the field of play that have led to the scoring of a try and foul play in the field of play.

2. International teams to nominate up to eight replacements in the match day squad for Test matches, the additional player must be a qualified front row player.

3. Sevens teams to nominate up to five replacements/substitutes.

The IRB also approved further consideration for the ongoing review of the scrum. The amendment relates to the engagement sequence and will see the referee call “crouch” then “touch”. The front rows crouch then touch and using outside arm each prop touches the point of the opposing prop’s outside shoulder. The props then withdraw their arms. The referee will then call “set” when the front rows are ready. The front rows may then set the scrum.


  • steyts - 2012-05-16 09:08

    Wie van julle stem saam dat Tokolos die grootste imbisiel op die forum is????

      Koos - 2012-05-16 09:16

      Wel, ek stem nie saam nie. Ek dink jy wen die prys. Bloubul groete.

      Jason - 2012-05-16 09:17

      Im afraid i have to "Stem Saam!"...................but onto rugby, I like these new trial laws, no more forward passes leading to tries! no more time waisting towards the end of a game!!! Could be good all round.

      Harold - 2012-05-16 09:17

      Saffa wins, hands down.

      steyts - 2012-05-16 09:23

      I like these rules!! Hopefully no more uncontested scrums and the fact that Brok Harris is pathetic at scrum time this will be beneficial towards the stormers to take a line out in those situations!!!!

      Ren%c3%a9 - 2012-05-16 09:32

      With all the TMO involvement, you will probably see some games running into 90+ minutes - my guess is some ref will refer every second little thing to the TMO. I believe the technology is there, use it, but PLEASE don't abuse it.

      steyts - 2012-05-16 09:33

      Haha Harold, julle klomp se banter gister was hilarious!!! Het lekker gelag !!

      Stormflat - 2012-05-16 09:54

      Steyts there are some worse than him, but he is bad.

      Jc - 2012-05-16 12:25

      @ Rene: The clock is stopped when there is a referral to the TMO, so it doesn't matter! Don't you want the right decisions to be made?

      Tertius - 2012-05-16 17:12

      Julle moenie te hard wees op Tokolos nie. Dit blyk dat hy meestal op hierdie forums kom wanneer dit nie sy beurt is om die breinsel te hê nie. Mind you, dieselfde geld vir sy maatjies, Daar is net een breinsel wat tussen hulle die rondte moet doen. Ek is seker hulle is eintlik andersins almal gawe mense -

      adrien.mcguire - 2012-05-16 18:48

      The lineout / penalty is a waste. cos the non offending side can kick it out if they want a line out ! In most cases they will be able to gain ground by kicking it into touch. It will only make a difference by saving time near the 5 metre line ! Or am I missing something????

      Schaun van Zyl - 2013-05-05 19:18

      They say tmo more power, well, its like a final,Bulls vs EP last try up to tmo....... u could clearly see the ball rotating in the air and was lost forward, even the commetators was surprised when veldsman gave the try.He had all the tec to c that, slow mow and the angle. Guess we must get a panel of 5 tmo s and if all 5 do agree the decition stays. well done kings, but don't feel to proud on the helping hand.

  • Harold - 2012-05-16 09:17

    If the TMO laws applied since the start of the season, the Stormers would've been sitting with a whole bunch of suspensions by now.

      Jason - 2012-05-16 09:19

      What a CHOP!!! once again all you can do is Stormer bash!! do you have anything to say about rugby???? you know....the sport we are reading about in this section of Sport24................come on buddy pull your head out your @ss!!!!!

      steyts - 2012-05-16 09:24

      And without a loss since both tries scored by the crusaders came off forward passes....

      Jed - 2012-05-16 09:31

      The Bulls would have lost every game, it would stop the Bulls from keeping the ball at the back of the ruck for 20 minutes.

      Acta - 2012-05-16 09:32

      @Jason, I agree with you, but I think you know as well as me that was a feeble attempt to change something that won't change or in the near future at least. The heads are way to big!

      Harold - 2012-05-16 09:32

      Prime example Jason: The cause of the free for all on Saturday was when Andries Strauss flung a Stormers player over the touchline and that short idiot, Deon Fourie, bumped Strauss from behind on purpose. This caused Strauss to fall onto the tackled player, thus starting the fight. Before that we all the saw Elstad knee in a Cheetah player's back, on the ground. I don't call it bashing, I call it facts.

      Saffa - 2012-05-16 09:41

      @Harold: If the laws of evolution had been correctly applied, you and your fellow knuckledraggers would be shooting the breeze in a museum of natural history. Exhibit A. Exhibit B. Exhibit (you lot can fight it out as to who gets the largest glass case)

      Harold - 2012-05-16 09:45

      Jibber jabber, as always.

      John - 2012-05-16 10:19

      Harold when are you going to grow-up huh! This hate obssesion you have for the Stormers is seriously not good for you. Any article rugby related sets you off at a tangent. You need help mate

      dawiej - 2012-05-16 13:02

      Harold, if they did, you would have been on the bottom of the log

  • Acta - 2012-05-16 09:18

    Nice to see they are starting to use technology that is available, this will hopefully eliminate bad or even plain wrong ref decisions and the 'but the ref was on your side'. Wonder how 'use it' rule will affect the players fatigue and the place kickers concentration with the 90 sec that they have now, think it should be enough, we will find out soon enough.

      Ren%c3%a9 - 2012-05-16 09:28

      @Acta, must agree 90 sec - a bit quick. Also I don't see a change in this rule to the current one "Quick lineouts will be able to be taken by a player anywhere outside the field of play between the line of touch and the players' goal line." Do you? Am I missing something?

      steyts - 2012-05-16 09:37

      Rene - Morne Steyn sal moet werk aan sy skoppe om vinniger te skop, want hy push daai 90 second limit vandag!! Maar hy sal dit regkry...

      Ren%c3%a9 - 2012-05-16 09:44

      @steyts, ek glo nie MS is die enigste een wat met 'n 'stop horlosie' sal moet speel nie - daar is vele ander skoppers in dieselfde posisie. Maar sien jy enige verskil met die aangepaste nuwe reel van 'Quick lineouts'?

      steyts - 2012-05-16 09:52

      Nee daar gaan nie 'n verskil wees nie. Die spelers doen dit enyway. Dit gebeur baie min maar ja ek is anyway nie veel gepla oor dit nie. Wat vir my hart verblydend is is dat die blatante forward passes wat na driee lei nou uitgewys kan word deur 'n regverdige tv ref... Die SA spanne het al 'n hele paar driee teen hulle gehad met shocking vorentoe aangees!!! Plus dit sal uiteindelik ook vir Dewald Duvenhage forseer om vinnig te speel in plaas van om te kla en om te wag vir brok harris vir 'n halfuur om vir hom die bal te gee. Wat hy anyway net gaan verloor!!!

      Acta - 2012-05-16 09:54

      @Rene, 90 sec is very quick, i think it will be a case of which players adapt the quickest.Couldn't see any change to that rule either?? Read it a couple a of times? Any takers?Looks like we will have to ask the TMO on that one.

      Ren%c3%a9 - 2012-05-16 10:05

      @Acta, silly rule IMO - e.g. in golf, general play is fast, but putting - concentration is required - no rushing!!!

      Acta - 2012-05-16 10:22

      @Rene, Good point, the only reason, I think, they are enforcing the rule is to speed up the game and what I like about it, eliminate unnecessary time wasting especially at vital moments.

      Ren%c3%a9 - 2012-05-16 11:00

      @Acta, sure but there are other areas where you can speed up play. Sometimes before a try get scored, the guys go through 10, 15 - 20 phases, the poor kicker has no time to 'catch his breath'.

      Acta - 2012-05-16 11:50

      @Rene, Can just imagine how they will look when setting up, looks like they will need to step up in the fitness department. They don't say anything about penalty goals tough. At least they say it will first be trialed, hopefully flaws can be pointed out and corrected, ie some more time for the kicker.In general I am happy with the other laws even the one that hasn't been changed.Lets see what happens

      Angelo - 2012-05-16 12:33

      The 90 seconds starts from where the try is awarded...the ball needs to get to the kicker, kicker needs to place ball, step back, settle in, take aim, and kick all in ninety seconds? What if a sudden gust of wind blows the ball over? ridiculous rule IMHO too many variables and what ifs for this rule to be implemented fairly .

  • John - 2012-05-16 09:28

    Very good changes. Good to see they want to put an end to running the clock down towards the end of games. Now they need to sort out the ruck and set scrums.

  • Generaal - 2012-05-16 09:30

    Why doesn't the IRB revisit the whole "crouch, touch.....pause................................................................................................................................................................................................engage". The game is losing so many time due to this rubbish. I watched some ESPN classic test matches, and the scrums worked great. TMO getting more power is definitely a good thing.

      Angelo - 2012-05-16 12:35

      you mean touch........................................................................ pause ......................... ..................... ....................... ........................... .................. engage!!!!!

      Richardt - 2012-05-16 16:02

      I agree, but look at the last paragraph: "The IRB also approved further consideration for the ongoing review of the scrum. The amendment relates to the engagement sequence and will see the referee call “crouch” then “touch”. The front rows crouch then touch and using outside arm each prop touches the point of the opposing prop’s outside shoulder. The props then withdraw their arms. The referee will then call “set” when the front rows are ready. The front rows may then set the scrum" Crouch, touch, set will be an improvement!

      Peet - 2012-05-17 10:46

      This is a ridiculous rule in any event. From the moment they get the "crouch" they are already pausing. If they need to keep this rule and the commands stay the same, then why not: "crouch / touch-pause (as one) / engage". The time in-between the "crouch" and the "touch-pause" gives the Ref the opportunity to confirm that they are squarely lined-up, heads in the right position.

  • BlouMasjien - 2012-05-16 09:31

    Beste nuus van die jaar !

  • Nico - 2012-05-16 09:35

    It is about time they give the third umpire more responsibilities, but why not go a step further, the linesmen can give the ref advice on the game in real time, why can't the third umpire. He will see things on the tv (what we all see) that the umpires don't, why can't he just whispers something into the umpire's earpiece then? also, a quick penalty or freekick they should allow to be taken from anywhere behind the line it was awarded, just think, an NFL pass to the wing on the other side of the field for a quick tap, will surely mess up the defense structures and make for a faster game.

      steyts - 2012-05-16 09:40

      Is this a cricket or rugby forum??? Haha

      Harold - 2012-05-16 09:41

      Stormers supporters don't see what the TMO and the rest of us see.

  • Nicholas - 2012-05-16 09:35

    In future any potential professional rugby players are going to have to get a university degree to play ...

      Nicholas - 2012-05-16 12:50

      Hey, watch wat jy sê ...

      Koos - 2012-05-16 13:01

      Ag ner wat. Ons is al reeds die wenner as dit kom by reels ken. Chokers van Crusader Park ken nie die reels nie.

  • Master - 2012-05-16 09:59

    It's about time.

  • Flemjob - 2012-05-16 10:05

    Lets hope they make the changes gradually and not all at once.

  • Zion - 2012-05-16 10:07

    A small step for the players and spectators and a giant step for rugby. Viva the Best Taeam

  • Jen - 2012-05-16 10:30

    Sterile rugby - how boring! Long for the days the ref's were human but fair; and incidents could be settled with a lekker punch up at the after party.

  • ivan.graham1 - 2012-05-16 10:34

    Change the front row rules. There was a time when the tight head was penalised when he he pulled the loosw head down. Now the loose head is been penalised for being pulled down. Just doesnt make sence If puting the ball into the scrum is not applied , you can just as well cancel the scrum and give a free kick

  • Phillip - 2012-05-16 11:07

    To level the playing field and to facilitate more free-flow is always good, but what if the ref is Bryce Lawrence, and the TMO Paddy 'o Brien? Are these law change suggestions not simply playing into the hands of those who will stop at nothing to manipulate scorelines, in allowing them to increase their sphere of selective law interpretation? The Boks are looking utterly awesome this year, and maybe that's not such a good thing for those who were handed the cup by these two cheats. Ot

  • martin.gee.godfrey - 2012-05-16 11:16

    More rules made by non-rugby players (administrators) that will be open to even more "interpretation" by TMO's and referees. whilst some of the rules may be positive in this instance, it is annoying that the game is becoming so technical that it spoils the spectacle of rugby.

  • Scott - 2012-05-16 11:45

    This 5sec rule at the back of the rucks is gonna be a disaster, refs gonna have to sit watching when the ball is available instead of looking for offsides etc... And can you imagine the moaning when the ball is allowed to sit at the back for 5.5s leading to a try!!!!

      Acta - 2012-05-16 12:16

      @Scott, you do have a point there, I think they should get the AR that should be there for assisting in the mix and help with the offside line as they do in football. Also if tries will come off the ruck that the ball didn't come out quick enough, that will start some controversy.... something the TMO will need to look at and time very carefully, every time or maybe they should get Rolex in to do the job. But will there be enough time??hehe

  • johannes.p.bezuidenhout1 - 2012-05-16 12:04

    What about the time lost in the event of scums and resetting of ascrums. I thought the game was supposed to be faster.

  • Malcolm - 2012-05-16 12:54

    IRB again tampering with things in the game that is not causing any disruption. Change the rules for crouch touch pause engage calls at scrum time and things that actually disrupt a game.

      adrien.mcguire - 2012-05-16 21:11

      Agreed, should be Crouch, engage, push ! Simple

  • Fred - 2012-05-16 14:34

    Any increase in TMO powers has to be welcomed. It increases the probability of more reliable results. Currently approximately 40% to 50% of results are unreliable, due to referee errors and omissions. This is the single biggest reason why people are leaving rugby, and a major abdication of responsibility of the IRB. Who wants to watch a game with unreliable results, and where the referee is the biggest personality on the field. Stupid and boring. Unfortunately, counter positive trend, the back-of-scrum rule-change increases the power and presence of the referee. Rugby needs less of their presence, not more.

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