Roux unveils simplified SARU

2011-08-04 14:10

Johannesburg - A more streamlined SA Rugby Union (SARU) will ensure the sport is run more efficiently, SARU chief executive Jurie Roux said on Thursday.

Roux revealed a new structure to be fully operational by September 1, at the re-launch of the national rugby body in Johannesburg.

"We have consolidated our responsibilities of developing, promoting and managing the game of rugby on behalf of the 14 unions and all South Africans into seven core functions," he said.

Each department is now developing very specific and measurable targets for performance against which they will be judged."

In a statement, SARU said its governance and operational departments have been re-engineered in the last 18 months, with the number of departments at the Cape Town head office reduced from 16 to seven.

"We believe we are one of South Africa's leading sporting federations - both on and off the field - but we've taken the handbrake off now," Roux said.

He admitted that SARU had struggled off the field in recent years, but said the new structures would rectify those issues.

"We're poised to take rugby to the next level," he said.

"SARU has been able to deliver a robust financial performance, healthy competitions and, most importantly, winning Springbok and Springbok Sevens teams, but there have been challenges - most of them behind the scenes.

"It's fair to say that the organisation laboured because of a confusing network of overlapping responsibilities and blurred reporting lines due to the separation between a professional and amateur arm.

"Those obstacles have now been eradicated and we now have a much leaner, cleaner and simpler structure."

Roux said the dissolution of the commercial arm - SA Rugby (Pty) Ltd - back into SARU at the beginning of 2010 had been the catalyst for the major operational re-design.

"SARU's 14 member unions simplified the governance structure by creating an executive council to in effect take the place of the board, a management committee and president's council.

"When I was appointed as CEO of the new single entity in October, I was charged with completing the restructuring of the operational organisation.

"That process has been ongoing for the past 10 months and is now complete."

Roux said a number of positions at head office had yet to be filled, following a process of internal recruitment, but that the new structure would be fully operational next month.

"These are exciting times for South African rugby," he said.

"It has been a challenging process for our staff and one that has not always been easy, but we come out of it a far more focused organisation."


  • jk - 2011-08-04 14:33

    jurie my man to take us forward!!

  • Bulldozer - 2011-08-04 14:38

    I thought they were simple enough.

      BLOODY AGENT - 2011-08-04 14:50

      Dozer,moenie simple met Stupid verwar nie

      Bulldozer - 2011-08-04 15:20

      Ha ha ha ha ha ha

      jk - 2011-08-04 15:30

      rick- die narre hier ken nie die verskil tussen n vaskop en n loskop nie...

  • Preshan - 2011-08-04 14:50

    The 30-man squad that will Win the Cup IF Div Picks them. 1) Beast.Steenkamp 2)Bissy,Smit 3)Jannie,Oosthuizen 4)Bakkies,Rossouw 5)Matfield,Hargreaves 6)Burger,Daniels 7)Juan,JeanD 8) Alberts,Kankowsk,Spies, Ashley(The two best performance goes through) 9)du Preez,Pinaar 10)Lambie, Butch 11)Mvovo,Van de Heveer 12)de villers,A Strauss 13) Fourie,de Joung 14) JP Peterson,Hougaard 15)Aplon,Strauss,F Styn

      jk - 2011-08-04 15:08

      spies- why!!!??

      Rick - 2011-08-04 15:11

      um... Oosthuizen is considered a loosehead prop, not a tighthead. Daniels?!?! Are you mad!

      jk - 2011-08-04 15:30

      rick- die narre hier ken nie die verskil tussen n vaskop en n loskop nie..., hou dit maar eenvoudig vir hulle jong...

      106SA - 2011-08-04 15:38

      Here is a list of who MUST NOT go!!!!! John Smit(useless);Brussouw(injured);Juan Smith(injured);Spies(very useless);Stegmann(very dumb);Pienaar(dumb);Jacobs(too slow;too small) and, maybe if PDV can 'stay' behind and Rassie goes???

      BM123 - 2011-08-04 17:42

      Which Strauss at FB (typo?) Habana may not be where he was but he's still a better wing than any of the others you've listed except for JPP. vd Heever and Mvovo have promise - but not yet!! Take Hougaard though (just not Basson!) At 3 you need either BJ or CJ. Not sure that Steenkamp will be fit - can have Oosthuizen there. Hargreaves not Test quality yet. Rather have Flip or take a chance with Mostert. Need a 3rd hooker - Chili instead of Strauss - Lambie and F steyn can both play at 12 as cover for Jean

      Karoobloed - 2011-08-04 20:56

      Preshan - this is the team I would pick: 1. Beast/Steenkamp 2. Bismarck/Ralapelle 3. Jannie du Plessis/CJ vd Linde 4. Bakkies/Rossouw 5. Matfield/Hargreaves 6. Burger/Brussow (Daniels if Brussow injured) 7. Deysel/Smith (Johnson if Smith injured) 8. Alberts/Spies 9. FdP/Hougaard 10. James/Lambie 11. Mvovo/Habana 12. JdV/De Jong 13. Fourie/Jacobs 14. Pietersen/Aplon 15. Frans Steyn/Pienaar

  • hardloop - 2011-08-04 15:08

    Whatever. Just do something about developing talent so we can be the best. And try not to let SANZAR continually shaft you with no rubber. Beijos.

  • jochem - 2011-08-04 15:10

    About time, SARU employed twice as many guys as other international unions, for doing three times less work. Typical SA.

  • jockvanwyk - 2011-08-04 15:15

    start by restructuring your training staff.Gold,Muir and Snorre must be retired

  • Ozman - 2011-08-05 00:43

    South Africa by right should be the power house in world rugby, but is failing dismally.

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