Raubenheimer to start for Boks

2009-11-03 14:24

Johannesburg - Springbok fetcher Heinrich Brussow will, barring injury, play in the Test against France on Friday, November 13 after all.

That is the result of the finger injured by Pierre Spies on Monday which will see him miss the Springboks’ tour of Europe.

Jean Deysel of the Sharks has been called up to the squad and Brussow has been replaced by the Sharks flank in the squad to play Leicester Tigers on Friday night at the opening of the Premiership champions’ new stand.

Brussow has been ordered to now stay behind and train with the other 14 Boks who will only leave South Africa next Tuesday and will fly direct to France for the Test.

From within the Springbok players’ camp this team is seen as the Test side.

The side playing Leicester leaves for Heathrow on Tuesday evening.

The Spies injury sees uncapped Dewald Potgieter move from No 7 flank to No 6 with Griquas’ surprise inclusion in the team, Davon Raubenheimer, moving from the bench to the starting line-up as the other flank.

Deysel, who joined the Springboks on Tuesday morning after being called up on Monday night, takes Raubenheimer’s place on the bench.

“I don’t mind moving to No 6,” said Potgieter, impressive throughout the season and also as a captain of the Emerging Boks when they fight back so magnificently to draw with the British and Irish Lions at Newlands.

“The decision to move me to No 6 was probably made because I play to the ball a little more than Davon and because the coaching staff obviously expect it to be a tight match against Leicester.”

Potgieter points out this was his position for the Emerging Boks against the Lions and also in the Currie Cup when the Blue Bulls fetcher Deon Stegmann was injured.

He also filled in for Spies at No 8 when the big man was injured in the Blue Bulls’ Currie Cup campaign.

Potgieter does not foresee the side struggling to gel. “We’ll have four days of training together - the same we had for the Emerging Boks.

“We play a simple game plan which is easy to slot into. Also, most South African sides play very much to the same game plan, so I don’t foresee any problems in that respect.”

While admitting that it has been a long season, Potgieter said the Bulls and Blue Bulls’ successes in the Super 14 and Currie Cup ensured a continuing enthusiasm.

“And this tour is a further injection,” he added. “I really look forward to it.”

Time for rest there will be after coming back from Europe. The Bulls will be giving their players a three-week break after a season of virtual non-stop rugby in which their Boks featured in 15 Super 14 matches, were involved in nine Test matches to date with three waiting in Europe, and also four or five Currie Cup games towards the end of the season after their return from Test duty.

Revised Springbok team to face Leicester:

1 Gurthro Steenkamp, 2 Chiliboy Ralepelle (captain), 3 Jannie du Plessis, 4 Danie Rossouw, 5 Andries Bekker, 6 Dewald Potgieter, 7 Davon Raubenheimer, 8 Ashley Johnson, 9 Heini Adams, 10 Ruan Pienaar, 11 Jongi Nokwe, 12 Wynand Olivier, 13 Juan de Jongh, 14 Odwa Ndungane, 15 Earl Rose.

Reserves: 16 Bandise Maku, 17 Heinke van der Merwe, 18 Alistair Hargreaves, 19 Jean Deysel, 20 Francois Hougaard, 21 Meyer Bosman, 22 Riaan Viljoen


  • Vernon - 2009-11-03 14:32

    Not good enough for Super 14, ..but chosen to play for the Boks....He he he he... ...what a joke...

  • poena - 2009-11-03 14:33

    die span lyk nogal goed behalwe vir so paar "kwotas"...mmmm....15 & 16 regtig nie van ons beste of toekomstige spelers nie...maar die res van die span gaan lekker saam speel....

  • Bok 1906 - 2009-11-03 14:38

    This means that without a doubt Brussow was originally dropped for the test against France... pure empirical evidence that the man (De Villiers) is a bloody vindictive moron. He hated the fact that he was pressured into selecting Brussow, and landed up with egg on his face, now he sees this tour as a way to squeeze him out. Mr De Villers, you just lost any small bit of respect you managed to create this year.

  • Bull ring judge - 2009-11-03 14:45

    Good decision to leave Brussouw behind and rest him for the low level games,he needs the rest he's played a lot of rugby in recent months. WHAT IS ROSE STILL DOING THERE? He's tainting that team.Only if rugby was played by 14 players then that 15th place will not have been there for him.

  • Joe - 2009-11-03 14:56

    Waar's Derick Kuun?!!! Ek's verstom dat niemand iets sê oor sy weglating nie en maar blykbaar gelate aanvaar dat sy twee reserwes by die Bulls bo hom gekies word.

  • Jos - 2009-11-03 15:07

    mmm ya, we'll see, but Ralepelle as Captain, when he doesn't even make the Bulls' starting team is a bit of a stretch...he's not good enough, simple! happy to see Ashley and Heini there & Jongi (although he's a bit scared at tackling time...) hope Jean gets a run and Francois too. Hope Chiliboy proves me wrong... but Rose is a joke at 15, was the last time and will be again!

  • Johan - 2009-11-03 15:23

    Ek kan nie die arrogansie en dikvelligheid van PdV verstaan om Earl Rose in die rugbywereld se keelgatte te probeer afdruk nie. Hy is 'n vroueslaner nie 'n rugbyspeler se gat nie. Wynand Olivier moet in die toetse speel maar Peter gaan seker met die ander kwota, Adi Jacobs begin. Jean Deysel moes van die begin af bo Raubenheimer in span gewees het. PdV kan net dankbaar wees ons het genoeg puik spelers wat sy sukkelaars in die span kan saamdra.

  • Johann@ok1906 - 2009-11-03 15:23

    What are you talking about... Always a conspiracy!

  • BOK BF - 2009-11-03 15:23

    Well, actually his fiance at the time...

  • REALIST - 2009-11-03 15:29

    four day training camp for the boks 'b', watching jean deysel being the best loose forward from all in the team but cannot play him in the first 15 because he is two white and does not play in club rugby in a blue shirt. sad sad sad

  • @Bull ring judge - 2009-11-03 15:38

    Obviously you struggle to read...Brussouw is going only next week! Nothing wrong with de Villiers...get a live you old Bok! SuperDave

  • Auzzie - 2009-11-03 15:44

    Interesting to see(and read) that sum hide behind names like Bok 1906.Did you get the right to placade these names.Sorry boet you're really old and probably suffers from the RIP van winkel syndrome.Rather stay home and die peacfully will you???Poena and vernon you manifest yourself quite clearly as those of the old order who refuse to transform...let me tell you, you will be force to except change...time to wake up from that bad dream your forefathers have created 400yrs ago in SA and move on swiftly with the new guard of change.

  • katman - 2009-11-03 16:14

    Vernon, that's more Drotske's fault than Raubenheimer's. Old Naka continues to pick donkeys like Hendro Scholtz, while Raubenheimer is a far more exciting prospect. Anyone who saw Griquas play this year will be able to confirm this.

  • semperfimamba - 2009-11-03 16:16

    I may just have to give PDV his dues...i been hammering at him since the squad was anounced, but i just went back and watched all the Giquas (sp) games and to be honest Davon is actually a fine player, you never know he may turn out to be quite a find. Do i believe he should have had a few S14 games...yes but hey you neeeeever know. Looking at the team listed above...its actually not thaaat bad at all. Now i just need to find an excuse to tell the missus to get me out of driving her to Boston :) i can stay home and watch this game.

  • Qminati - 2009-11-03 16:19

    De Wet Barry, Marious Joubert, Ashwin Willemse, Schalk many complained when they kept being selected into the national team by the previous coach when they were clearly not the best players in their positions and / or hadn't played competitive rugby for long periods of time?? PdV has proven his critics wrong so far, and this is another opportunity for him to do so...the likes of Kuun, Mapoe et al will get their opportunities, they just need to be patient.

  • Jawellnofine - 2009-11-03 17:02

    I think the likes of Brussouw, Olivier, Rossouw and the other seniors were more to lend some backbone to the team, I think Heinrich would have started against France anyway, or if not come on pretty quickly.

  • Nic - 2009-11-03 19:06

    There is good news people, if Earl does not perform on this tour we can be sure that DIV will have too much pressure on him not to choose him again...remember when he refused to choose Morne and Brussouw? But eventially the inevitable happened, so let us not get ahead of ourselves... This is a midweek game and there is not one normal starting team player playing....and lets face it, with the exception of Rose, this team would give hidings to most teams outside South Africa... As for the comments on Chili, I think he is a great player, just totally different to Kuun. Kuun had an astoundoing super 14 but in the Currie Cup I must be honest and say he was overshadowed by many others (p.s. I am a Bulls suporter)... Chili is going to be Captain of the 1st side in the future wheather we like it or we need to deal with it...perhaps he is going to be like John Smit mould, not the best player for the position but will make a great leader...they both come from Boys High afterall

  • Had Enough - 2009-11-04 07:09

    Complaints. complaints this is what you guys are good for. Quota players? give the guys a chance, you have to start somewhere. Stop making racist remarks, there will never be an all white Springbok team for those who always have issues when a player of colour is chosen. Then you come up with naming guys like Wynand Olivier, he is so good,realy........................

  • Vernon - 2009-11-04 08:34

    Yes, transform the Bok team, .....from a winning team to a losing team... The Bok team is looking more and more like the Bafana team.. Hope the Bok team doesnt play like the Bafana Banana team...

  • waits - 2009-11-04 10:11

    9 players of colour in the starting line-up,and only two are not there on merit(chilli and rose). great!! chilli is to be the future bok captain,so one can understand his inclusion. but rose???? can't lionel mapoe play fullback? watch devon go!!

  • Ruan@bok1906 - 2009-11-04 12:56

    Honestly what more do you want DIV to do this year to get your respect. Get rid of your sense of superiority and look at what South African rugby has achieved this year... Boks are number 1 in the world, what more must happen!!! WHAT A CHOP YOU ARE HEY!!!!

  • Ams - 2009-11-04 20:50

    I also don't agree with many of the selections (and omissions Mapoe, Strauss/Liebenberg/WP Nel/Wian du Preez) for this group (Earl Rose; WTF? Maku?? Hargreaves?), but I think by this time Div knows what he is doing. We won the Lions tour and Tri Nations - what more do you want? Ok, obviously to end of the year with a clean record. Remember that Jake also pulled out a few suprise selections in his time (Meyer Bosman - oh yeah another '??' for his selection as well); some paid off (Frans Steyn) and others didn't (Bosman). Div has worked with many of these players at under 21 level and knows their abilities well. Some will swim and some will sink - if someone like Rose swims it means he can play test match rugby (which everyone, including moi, strongly doubts), but if he sinks then we don't have to worry about him further. Div is not selecting players to lose games; he has his job to worry about. Let's see how it goes, we owe the man that much. He has considerable collateral for this tour which I don't think he would have had if the year was a disaster. Many of the faces we see now is there because of the successful year we've had; if the year wasn't a success many of the faces would not have been there. Hopefully we can end off on a high note and look forward to 2010.

  • JT - 2009-11-04 20:56

    Hi guys let me introduce the real PDV to you. We all knew this was bound to happen. Luckily for him he inherited Jake White's team that were all properly trained and at their peaks and quite honestly never needed any further coaching. PDV can take no credit for them thus far. He can however take credit or should i say THE RAP for his choices and the results from now onwards. This is what we were all afraid might happen. This team should take on Bafana Bafana........ it will be a close team. LOL

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