Racists get red card at Loftus

2010-09-29 17:27

Pretoria - The Blue Bulls Rugby Union have made it clear that any form of victimisation, racism, drunkenness or misbehaviour will not be tolerated at Loftus Versfeld in future.

The announcement was made by chief executive Barend van Graan at the weekly press conference to reiterate a zero-tolerance policy already in force at the union for years.

Van Graan said the move was a pro-active one and was not because of any individual incident that had been brought to their attention, but he was open in saying Loftus is not immune to this sort of misbehaviour.

“This is a pro-active step by us,” Van Graan said, “We have had racial incidents in the past and while we are not referring here to a single incident at any match, we know there are from time to time incidents of drunkenness, crude language, racism or victimisation that take place.

“We clearly cannot tolerate incidents like this at Loftus. We want to make it clear that all visitors, supporters and spectators – from all races – are welcome at Loftus Versfeld.”

To drive this zero tolerance campaign, the Bulls will widely advertise two emergency numbers during matches in future, where security personnel can be alerted to any untoward behavior.

“This is not something new, but we want to state it clearly by advertising our two emergency numbers where an sms can be sent to the control room. From there we have 76 cameras around the stadium where we can zoom into any incident and act accordingly.”

Van Graan said the zero tolerance policy would not be “just confined to race” but to any behaviour that crosses the line.

“We are sensitive that we have families at Loftus and men and women sitting together. We want a match at Loftus Versfeld to be a positive fun filled experience. We don’t want to stop the spirit of sportsmanship and healthy competition – that’s part of rugby, and we want a crowd that is interactive.”

Van Graan admitted that it wasn’t easy making a statement like this, especially without any incident to use as proof.

“We can’t say incidents like this are increasing or decreasing, but sometimes we hear a story third hand and obviously we don’t want it to happen. It’s not easy to make a statement like this and acknowledge openly that things like this happen.

“We are not proud to make this statement, but at times we feel it is necessary and we ask our fans to support us in this.”

Van Graan said any spectator who behaves in an unacceptable manner would face the might of the law.

“If someone is in violation of the law, there will be consequences. We obviously hope that we will never have to enforce this and we ask our spectators to help us with this.”


  • Cire - 2010-09-29 17:31

    Does this apply to racist demands by ABSA as well?

  • AtLast - 2010-09-29 17:37

    Can we use the sms numbers when the ref's behavior is untoward? Stop selling alcohol.!

  • Herman - 2010-09-29 17:37

    About time....

  • Victimised before - 2010-09-29 17:37

    Its taken this long for the Bulls to make a statement. I guess it's a start and is better than nothing

  • JJ - 2010-09-29 17:42

    Well done BB management

  • kykbydiehuis - 2010-09-29 17:45

    We know we know, Loftus is no fun, no booze inside or close enough, price fixing everywhere, not quality control on food, not enough bathrooms, bad service, ridiculously tiny seats, cages being lifted in our field of view like we are animals (row c main pavilion) before the game has ended. Badly thought out smoking policy that forces people to smoke in the food courts areas, while cramming together and cause stampedes. BUT Don't worry we are not coming, the "gees" is gone and so are we. I haven't enjoyed Loftus for 20 years and its because of the management NOT the spectators behaviour, if that is what you want to use as an excuse. Last ever game was boks vs aus a few weeks ago and that is that. Oh and Van Graan stop acting like you are doing us a favor by ripping us off for a sub par experience at Loftus.

  • IZ IT - 2010-09-29 17:46


  • Racism Yawn!!! - 2010-09-29 17:53

    Crap on a stick! When will this anti-racism bullshit that's being forced down our throats stop one day? I'm pretty sure there's more important things to concentrate on!

  • Capie - 2010-09-29 17:57

    This is certainly a welcome statement from the BBRU as I have had some terrible experiences at Loftus. Admittedly, despite being a so-called colored and having names thrown at me more because I'm a WP supporter, I havent actually had a racial incident myself. However, on several occassions did white Afrikaner Bull supporters shouted the 'k-word' when Habana or any other non-white, including Kirchner, knock the ball on - of course, they have never shouted any ugly words to white rugby players no matter how they screw up. This behaviour normally is from drunk Afrikaner men who are very excited when these very same individuals score tries, but let them make a mistake, and they suffer racial snarls! Furthermore, several of these drunken idiots who behave as they own the stadium have on occassion waved their flags deliberately in front of my face from behind and then acted very aggressive should I dare ask them to please be civilised as it blocks my view. Now I'm not saying it is racist, I'm saying that alcohol is playing a major part in most incidents at Loftus - and when these idiots get drunk, they dont care what they do and they become a nuisance to everyone, no matter color. So I suggest if BBRU really want to control these incident, they need to rather control the use of alchol, or even better stop selling it at games as it spoils it for a large number of people. I know it means lost revenue, but I'd rather pay more money for my ticket than having to deal with these drunken hooligans. Wonder what would happen if any non-white ever behave like that...but I can fact, I have never seen a non-white misbehave at Loftus...not because I think we are better, but because I can only imagine what would happen if we dare get drunk and shout at white players and being a general nuisance to the white Afrikaner around us...

  • Ernst - 2010-09-29 18:00

    I hope this stands for ALL racism and not again against one race only.

  • egg-zachary - 2010-09-29 18:12

    ---you're all idiots! I say, nice one! Taking the bull by the horns.... would all you morons rather he apologise after an incident makes the headline news on News24 or would you rather have him say this before it happens. You see; he IS been pro-active, because he knows there are dumb-a$$'s out there like you commentators here that would be stupid enough to do something at Loftus that would harm their image. Good for you pal!

  • Emile - 2010-09-29 18:14

    Can I then also expect that all those racist bank (ABSA) sinage will be removed from Loftus? There is no place for racism in sport or in general society. I fully support the Bulls' approach, BUT - what is good for the goose is also good for the gander. Racism cuts both ways. Not only white people are racists and unfortunately many sport decisions lately are 100% racist in principle. If you want to cut out racism, cut it all out and that most certainly includes ABSA Bank.

  • @racism yawn - 2010-09-29 18:32

    It will happen as soon as you hypocrites dissapear. Why didnt you take the moral high road 20/30 years ago?

  • johan peters - 2010-09-29 18:41

    ek sien iemand met die naam hier Capie het dit teen die afrikaners mans, wonder of hy nie dalk n rassis ook is om net n taalgroep se mans uit te sonder, moet se alkohol tas mense van verskillende taalgroepe aan Sal graag wil hoor wat hierdie mens te se het

  • Wagga - 2010-09-29 18:47

    If they want good behavior and discipline inside Loftus , the solution is simple. Just don't allow those retart hooligans from Wee Pee into the staduim. Problem solved and everybody happy.

  • Zombie - 2010-09-29 18:55

    I wonder if the BB Rugby Union is going the give a red card to the brutal and senseless farm attacks, corrupt and racists government, etc, etc, yawn....

  • rich - 2010-09-29 18:55

    Good move by the BBRU and long overdue. There are too many fools out there as Capie well describes - sometimes I do dispare. Now that is sorted...long live WP.

  • Other Unions - 2010-09-29 18:55

    I hope other Rugby unions will follow the Bulls/Loftus and address fan behaviour. Can we also import this into this blog-forum to clean up the comments which has become most unpleasant.

  • Stompies - 2010-09-29 19:15

    @Capie - ek gaan al vir meer as 30 jaar elke wedstryd Loftus toe en het nog net een keer iemand die k-woord hoor skree - en hy is summier dik gedonner deur blanke toeskouers. Ek het ook nog nooit gehoor dat 'n speler so toegesnou word nie! Trouens, op Loftus is AL ons spelers helde en word hulle so behandel. Vir baie jare al word geen drank aan die algemene publiek verkoop nie (slegs losies - en hulle gedra hulle nie maklik sleg nie) Die ouens kom van buite af dronk in en dit is sekerlik nie BBRU se skuld nie. Maar ja, dronk en onnosel sotte sal jy oral en onder alle mense kry - hoop jy geniet ten minste die goeie rugby.

  • Jurg van Onselen - 2010-09-29 19:22

    Can Newlands please remove the unpatriotic All Black supporters (SA Citizens)

  • Vic J - 2010-09-29 19:29

    As a Shark supprter, I always dread going to Loftus, never new what the mood the crowd was in and if they lost, oh damn. But rugby is rugby and I'm sure when they visited Kingspark, there were some guyes giving them gas.

  • @capie - 2010-09-29 19:42

    Well you wont be allowed at Loftus now, obvious by your statements that your are a racist so please stay home and watch it on TV...

  • hielke - 2010-09-29 20:33

    hmmmmm Absa.... BB...... am I seeing a trend or is it just my imagination.

  • Anti-Loftus - 2010-09-29 20:49

    This is welcome news to me. After witnessing a cooldrink vendor being beaten up by Afrikaners for no other reason that the colour of his skin, my friend vowed never to go back to Loftus again. The place is sick. Evil.

  • Koos - 2010-09-29 21:21

    Another farse... as if this was tolerated in the past and have anything to do with Loftus, friends of mine have been puked on at Kings Park (don't think it was Luke but who knows?), thrown with a full beer can at Newlands, etc... It have never been tolerated before, but if they put an ABSA sign there then I will definitely not go there again.

  • @Stompies - 2010-09-29 21:33

    Wow, I wish they would implement the same measures at the Shark tank... selling of no alcohol to the general public on the stands. Down here people buy jugs of beer and boy how many of it gets spilt on other spectators... it is so disgusting!!!

  • hennie - 2010-09-29 21:33

    What is the problem with this as this is just racism , BLACKS or must I say the real word gets away with murder and it is OK , it is just the way for WHITES to show there anger at the situation in this country. FIX the problems and these type of behavious will well ..... go away... It is easy to say that this is racism because this is the only word known by BLACKS to discrib... It might have been a simply one on one Fight between two people or more.Now it is called racism.. Shame poor People out there that still hit there heads against APARTHEID.. You must be a bounch of idiots!!!!

  • JC - 2010-09-29 21:49

    @Capie I agree for your comments (and i'm white and afrikaans). Loftus has a very bad reputation when it comes to its supporters and I know a number of Bull supporters that refuse to take their families to "Roftus"... "The Blue Bulls Rugby Union have made it clear that any form of victimisation, racism, drunkenness or misbehaviour will not be tolerated at Loftus Versfeld in future" - hmmm, does this mean Lotus will be half-empty on Saturday?

  • Obvious - 2010-09-29 21:56

    @anti-loftus. Shame, white people get murdered, raped, stabbed, robbed & beaten anyplace outside Loftus.

  • Chris - 2010-09-29 22:01

    As an Afrikaner it is a total shame to go to Loftus and their supporters. Saying that , will Absa be allowed at Loftus , since they are a racist group ?

  • Rowwe Rassie - 2010-09-29 22:21

    Come see a real team play at Kings Park! You must be drunk anyway to support the Bulls..... Viva Sharks!!

  • marius - 2010-09-29 22:49

    Ek is nou moeg van politiek+rugby+absa, die politiek maak rugby dood en dan kom absa om die doodsteek te gee sodat hulle net kan wys waarvoor hulle staan. Ek sal van nou darts op 'n saterdag by my 'local' kroeg gaan speel. Wat 'n klomp bulshitters en twee gesigte het ons nie in hierdie land nie.

  • Bulls Supporter - 2010-09-30 05:48

    Fat Pot Bellied Racists who arrive at 9AM….sit in car parks drinking beer and brandy and then stagger into the stadium and curse their afternoon away. Bottom line they are giving the rest of us Blue Bull supporters a bad name.....narrow the turnstiles and limit access to alcohol......problem solved.

  • Johann - 2010-09-30 06:36

    Some of the people posting here are petty provincial idiots. I am a Bull supporter, love going to Loftus and welcome the statement by the BBRU. These instances do take place but it takes place in stadiums across the country. I have been in ABSA stadium where racist remarks were hurled at visiting players of colour. Newlands are notorious where racist remarks are made towards players of the same race as the accuser. I've been hit in the back by projectiles at Ellispark (Coca Cola park). I've sat in Basil Kenyon stadium in East London where white players where shouted at with racist remarks. Please grow up and rather than accuse certain teams' supporters of this and that lets rather band together and all commit to help the unions that are man enough to publicly state this to sort out the visiting experience. I agree with some of the writers, ban alcohol and a lot of this will stop. Years ago ie 70's and 80's there were a lot more banter and a lot less stupid behaviour.

  • Vusi - 2010-09-30 07:10


  • @ impi - 2010-09-30 08:20


  • sipho - 2010-09-30 08:22

    I have an Idea; Let Solidarity open their own bank and lets see how many of these ABSA haters will join the SAB (Solidarity Afrikaans Bank)...I bet 90% wont join, coz they know they are just a bunch of idiots.

  • HD - 2010-09-30 08:22

    I've taken my family to Sharks matches twice while on holiday in Dbn. My wife commented that we didn't hear the f-word once during both matches. Watch how many families with small children are there in that stadium. I went to Loftus twice since moving here 15 yrs ago. I just cannot take my small children with me. The drinking and swearing is just too much.

  • Nixon@Vusi - 2010-09-30 08:31

    Why do people always assume the worst, Did something actually happen?if not I don't understand your comment? The type of people we are complaining about are not true rugby supporters, they are drunks that pitched up to games and act badly, if you asked them a few simple questions about rugby they would'nt even know what you are talking about. I've witnessed this a few times.

  • @AllAntiABSA - 2010-09-30 08:45

    Oh grow up all you anti ABSA comments. If it is so sensative for you - then don't go to rugby - it should be boycotted for a while anyway - then see what happens. To sit on this forum & make ridiculous remarks is crazy. As for asking if they are going to red card farm murders as well - that is even worse. We are all responsible for the way we behave - black or white & there really is no room for the kind of remarks we see & hear about. Sorry but little hope for this country after seeing this lot.

  • Plugit - 2010-09-30 09:08

    SOUTH AFRICA IN A CRISIS AFTER 20 YEARS OF LIBERATION If you want to talk about racism let’s talk BEE. When Nelson Mandela was released from prison 20 years ago he promised equal opportunities for all South Africans irrespective of colour, a truly non racial system. This guaranteed you the right to equality, the right to human dignity, the right to freedom of expression. The ANC have not lived up to this and instead created BEE, Black economic empowerment a racist system. When you refer to BLACK it immediately becomes racist. BEE is a racist program and it is time the government ends this system before it destroys this country, let’s look at our kids very few of us have our kids in this country due to the lack of opportunities and this racist program. School pupils who started their schooling in 1994 are been discriminated against because of the colour of their skin (white). The average school curriculum is 12 years, our kids are in their second 12 year term, white kids at the end of this will have fewer opportunities than their school mates, yet they have grown up and socialized over this period. We lack skills due to so many people leaving due to this racist system. White Businesses are been disadvantaged in tender proceeding as they do not comply with this racist program and have to adhere to a points system calculated on BEE. We only have to look at service delivery to see how BEE has destroyed the education system, health, power, roads. South Africa is heading for a disaster with our rivers and drinking water. The problems we face are endless due to BEE; the government needs to be accountable. I note with interest that White females are no longer credited as been historically disadvantaged, is this because it started to compromise the system and add some favour to white women as members of a business. I also find it most interesting that People of Chinese decent have more rights than a white South African, food for thought do you not think. The time has come to campaign against this racist BLACK empowerment system and create equal opportunities for all citizens in South Africa. Best Regards Plugit

  • anton - 2010-09-30 09:12

    As a life-long PTA resident and Bulls supporter, I welcome this move. A great many years ago, Loftus was actually famous for its hospitality. Yes, visitors were welcomed, and the game of rugby was more important than the teams playing. This started changing, funny enough, when the Bulls began winning everything in the late 90's. It seems a price you must pay for succes is the huge number of fair-weather fans, whose allegiance is temporary, and whose manners are non-existent. Now booing the visiting kicker is 100% acceptable ('everybody else does it anyway' simpleton logic), as is swearing, drunkeness, aggresion etc. This is not the culture of BB/NTRU rugby! To other supporters, beware of throwing stones, as when your respective teams return to winning ways, these fair-weather hooligans will soon be supporting your team.

  • kungani vhuchilo - 2010-09-30 09:45

    pls this is an international website so do not use ur beutiful afrikaans to comment in here.

  • Mafia - 2010-09-30 10:14

    So much for the democratic goverment for not kicking out whites that had oppressed the black population for years and the thanks we get is that we are not welcome into Luftus . You will never hear a black man moan of where he is becuase of aparthied . Weldone BB for making this statement .

  • loftus stinks - 2010-09-30 10:19

    seriously,i will only go to loftus if they have a segregated section for the away supporters, just like in football.if you want to go to loftus and sit amongst drunk afrikaners animals you surely must be crazy!

  • dogg - 2010-09-30 10:22

    @plugit????????? did u even read this article??????? If you understand anything about SA history, you will know why BEE is in place. President N Mandela promised us all of the above BUT before we can be equal, we all must have equal opportunities!!! Which some never had. AND IM NOT BLACK!!!

  • @Plugit - 2010-09-30 10:35

    I have to agree with you, "BEE is nou al al bietjie holrug gery". I also think it is unfair, that hardworking and deserving whites has to take the back seat when it comes to job opportunities. One has to ask when will BEE ever cease to exist?, because in the process whites are now being disadvantaged just like the blacks in the olden days. But please stick to the relevance of THIS article.

  • Bull Supporters are Dumb - 2010-09-30 10:45

    The more the dumd planks from pretoria drink the stronger they get (ask Bees) Pretoria is the only place on this planet were you can buy booze that has steriods in it free of charge. Now please dont get me wrong here, The older crowd 30+ are well behaved but my god those kids are like animals. They leave the wife or girlfriend at home and try and lay into anything that moves and my god if it does not move they will kick it until it moves and then lay into it. Dont ban the alcohol just rid the stadium of any drunk sole that acts like animal. @ Sipho, leave the rugby to people that have brains and not BEE Quota status...

  • rbgguy @ Plugit - 2010-09-30 10:49

    Are you like 70 years old?

  • @ kungani v - 2010-09-30 10:54

    Scrape the chip off your shoulder - and learn to spell "beautiful" et al ... Pathetic comment!