RFU attempted to pay off maid

2011-11-25 13:39

Cape Town - According to the leaked RFU reports regarding the England Rugby World Cup team, a Dunedin room keeper was paid to remain silent after she threatened to sell her story to local newspapers.

Humorously dubbed ‘Twickileaks’, likening the information leakage from RFU’s headquarters to that of Julian Assange’s infamous Wikileaks saga last year, new information published by The Times newspaper reveal that James Haskell, Chris Ashton and Dylan Hartley were urged to pay NZ$30 000 to room keeper Annabel Newton to prevent her from selling her story to local newspapers for their alleged verbal sexual harassment of her.

The newspaper reports that the England trio, who admitted to an inappropriate joke, refused to pay the money, insisting that they had done nothing wrong.

“Two days before the Scotland game, WC (believed to be Will Chignall, the RFU's head of media) says you've got 24 hours to decide whether to settle with the girl for NZ$30 000 or not. Paying the money seemed to be the advice. Another option wasn't really given.

“We refused to pay because we hadn't done what she claimed we had done. So we went to find our own lawyers in NZ because we felt the RFU QC was interested in defending the RFU's reputation rather than ours,” one of the trio were quoted as saying in one of the RFA leaked reports.

A complaint was made and investigated by the hotel manager, the RFU and local police after Newton claimed that she had been traumatised - a claim dismissed by one of the players in the report with a video of the incident in question reportedly showing her with her thumbs up and smiling.

"The girl had claimed we were half naked, intimidated her, tried to trap her in the room, that x had grabbed her by the hips," the player said. "She also told her lawyer that she had it all on video, but retracted this when we said that was great because we too had the whole incident on video so we could prove she was lying."

A dressing down for the trio followed with one player quoted as saying, "We had the law laid down to us and were criticised in front of the team in a meeting and that was fair enough. We felt awful that we had let the boys down through creating unwanted headlines."

Newton eventually sold her story to the press while the police decided there was no case to answer.

Haskell and Ashton were later fined £5 000 by the RFU for breach of conduct, suspended until December 2012, while Hartley was cleared.


  • Lionel - 2011-11-25 14:47

    Pommies,can't take them anywhere!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ArchAngel - 2011-11-25 15:17

    Except back to apologize. Now all they should do is ask for forgiveness regarding the Potato Famine.

  • Kenjaymay - 2011-11-26 01:02

    Somebody should stop those a$$hole newspaper those at The Times from printing BS like this!!!!! Complete and utter Crap!!

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