Poor performance hurts McCaw

2012-10-20 16:33

Brisbane - New Zealand captain Richie McCaw confessed that he might one day regret that his side had failed to match the record for successive Test wins on Saturday but he was most upset at their disappointing performance in the 18-18 draw with Australia.

The world champions, who had been in scintillating form in their last two Tests against Argentina and South Africa, were uncharacteristically error-prone in failing to win for the first time in 17 Tests at Lang Park.

A 17th win would have allowed them to match the record for successive Test wins by top tier nations held jointly by the All Blacks of the late 1960s and the South Africa team of 1997-98.

"It would have been nice down the track to have said you have been unbeaten for however long but the things that hurts, that you try and get right, is the performance getting better each week," he told reporters.

"This week we wanted to go out and play well and beat the Wallabies and we didn't do that, that's what's most disappointing.

"I guess you'll reflect when we get home, unhappy that you didn't get it right, but that's how it goes and we just have to fix it up."

New Zealand coach Steve Hansen said the All Blacks had been "10 percent worse" and the Wallabies "five percent better" than when New Zealand won their first two encounters of the season.

"It was greasy out there, but when you're out there and it's like that, you've got to look after the ball," McCaw said.

"The Wallabies certainly put pressure on us off the line and were in our faces.

"For a lot of the first half we didn't have the ball and when we did we tried to overplay it.

"It was a combination of a few things that forced us into mistakes. I don't like using excuses, we should have been good enough to sort it out."

While Hansen was fuming about a headbutt on McCaw by Wallabies flank Scott Higginbotham, the All Blacks player himself was more resigned.

"It's on TV so it will get dealt with," he said. "It does get frustrating at times and annoying but there's not much I can do about it."

Higginbotham has been cited over the incident and will face a disciplinary hearing on Tuesday.


  • erik.prinsloo.1 - 2012-10-20 16:55


      Jimmy NZ - 2012-10-20 17:15

      What does that make the boks...

      warren.vanwyk.3 - 2012-10-20 18:15

      @ Jimmy NZ: Weren't you one of the tooffless big mouths that laughed when we BEAT this exact same Aussie team? Seems you came down to earth with precisely the same thump we did.

      timothy.vanas - 2012-10-20 18:31

      It's going to be downhill from here.

      donavan.boshoff - 2012-10-20 19:07

      @warren leave jenny from the block alone she cant help this feeling, she is used to refs bending over backwards for backdoor mccaw and co. its alright jenny there is always the end of year tour to the northern hemisphere.

      warren.vanwyk.3 - 2012-10-20 21:10

      @ Jimmy NZ: Lol dude, calm down. And while you're at it grow up! Remember two weeks ago? I do, you & your mates were having a right royal go at us. If you'll forgive me for quoting you: “funny when the shoe is on the other foot...” Pity you had to scrape the bottom of the barrel coz up & till that point I had respect for you being the only AB supporter to have the guts to show your face here. Like I said... pity.

      donavan.boshoff - 2012-10-20 21:33

      Hahaha jenny shut up girl pants what does the colour of our skins have to do with the fact that you okes are starting to come undone??

      nzbro.allblack - 2012-10-20 21:36

      true jimmy lol. boks current record this championship: 6 matches, 2 wins 1 draw and 3 losses. All Blacks current record this championship: 7 matches, 6 wins ,1 draw. All Blacks win record since 2011 = 16 losses =0 draws=1 Boks win record since 2011= 5 wins losses = 6 draws=2 So statistically the boks lose or draw more than they win which might explain their jealousy over our consistent successes. Do the math.The choker tag clearly does not belong to the Ab's

      om.nom.nom.01 - 2012-10-20 22:20

      Jimmy NZ... you do know why Saffas support the All Black's? The black supporters say the Springbok team is too white & the white supporters say the team is too black. I'll also bet you they don't have one brain cell between them. Now what was that you were saying about stupidity, hatred & racism????????????? And you can't be too bright if you think we are incapable of clicking a link to your Facebook page, duh.

  • matt.jarvis.77312477 - 2012-10-20 17:09

    Hats off to the Wallabies.They've suprised even Ladbroke betting cause no one gave them a chance in hell to not lose against the All Blacks. The All Blacks played the game like a dead rubber and didn't put forth any real effort at all and therefore should pay the price for that.They've missed so many tackles in this match than they did in the entire Championship games put together.The Wallabies did well at the breakdown,held their own when it mattered most and got lucky at times with Joubert's refereeing especially with their binding and collapsing at scrums. At least Lithuania's 18 test wins record remains unbeaten.Loving it.

      om.nom.nom.01 - 2012-10-20 17:44

      Whaahaahaahaa, I forgot about that one.

  • grant.stevens.54390 - 2012-10-20 17:36

    @ Jimmy NZ , makes the boks twice world champs in professional era :-)

      sean.bagley.50 - 2012-10-20 17:44

      And the 1987 and 1991 "world cups" wins don't count either cause the Boks weren't allowed to participate in it because of politics.

      smellarat.smith - 2012-10-20 17:50

      No Sean they did count, and for good reason. The majority of SA citizens suffered under Apartheid, based on skin colour. PW Botha missed crossing the Rubicon in 1985 and wagged his finger at the world. The world just decided to give us the finger. We were rightfully excluded from RWC 87 and 91.

      Jimmy NZ - 2012-10-20 18:14

      Then the boks should have a much better win/loss ratio against the All Blacks. Really sad that a AB draw gets you so excited! Say what you want, facts are facts and you boys are so bitter it must really hurt... Oh, well enjoy your weekend off to watch the rest of the CC :) Go The All Blacks, World Champs, Four Nations Champs, Bledisloe Champs and no.1 in the World. Sean, you're a Sharks boy right? Well done!

      Jimmy NZ - 2012-10-20 18:37

      @smellarat...couldn't of said it better!

      lean.sadie - 2012-10-20 18:39

      Jimmy troll, nobody is excited as you all were when you thought it would be a walk in the park. It just good to bring the trolls like you down to earth. Bye now!

      Jimmy NZ - 2012-10-20 19:11

      Coming from you that's almost a compliment :)

      om.nom.nom.01 - 2012-10-20 19:16

      Jimmy NZ... is this "Suck Up Saturday" for you? Do you need donations for your passion gap?????????? Btw, where is your bosom buddy cape.pansy? Probably overdosed on tik!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lean.sadie - 2012-10-20 18:17

    Morne Steyn 1 out of 1, Man of the Match performance, what a player. WEll done bulls, you got 3 points. Filled with so called Boks, you guys played awesome rugby, never kicked the ball away, and your forwards were awesome. HAHA, bulls, SA's flagship team ne.

  • frank.schoombee - 2012-10-20 18:37

    Well done to the Wallabies for showing fighting spirit ... !! Something that is missing in some of the other "world renoun teams" But after all it's all in the trophy cuboard!! Well done to the All Blacks!!

  • Heinrich Badenhorst - 2012-10-20 19:34

    Yes it was not the best performance, but as a South African I'm ashamed of CJ pathetic performance and Richie just remember you are still unbeaten.

      stompies.hattingh.5 - 2012-10-20 21:34

      CJ pathetic? It was a super performance by him!

  • stompies.hattingh.5 - 2012-10-20 21:33

    It took a good ref to at last put the AB in their place. No nonsence Joubert, I prayse you! Without their normal cheating and intimidation of the ref, they were just another ordinary team.

  • danie.fick.98 - 2012-10-20 23:53

    hahahahaha..............lucky they didn't play SA in the final in world cup,the luck now ended - 2012-10-21 15:31

      They did'nt play the boks in '87 'coz you thought you were better than non-whites with your apartheid.

  • vern.huen - 2012-10-20 23:59

    I am an All Black supporter through and through but admire the Wallabies for the commitment and heart how they showed last night.. They turned up and displayed the fighting spirit that we all know the Aussies have, so good on them. I hope this is a game that will get the Wallabies back on track for a successful end of year tour. Sure it would have been great to get the win but we have had a good run and just need to refocus and look forward to the European tour in a couple of weeks time. We had our opportunities in the game but didn't take them, the Aussies too. A draw is as good as a loss for the All Blacks as that's how it is in New Zealand and am sure how South Africans view drawn games they have too. I remember when the All Blacks won the cup back in 1987. We went on a tour to Australia the following year in 1988 and drew a test which was the only blemish in 3 years of unbeatable rugby......until the Aussies beat us again in 1990 in the 3rd test in Wellington! That was a good run but we didn't get to play the Boks in those years which would have seen some great contests.....Fox vs Botha......Stanley vs Gerber...etc.... Good luck to the Boks and Wallabies on their Eurpean tours. Fly the southern hemisphere rugby flag...... .

      rocco.dewet.3 - 2012-10-21 04:09

      Another real New Zealander - sounds different from the fake ones does't it?

  • vern.huen - 2012-10-21 05:54

    I'm living in Bangkok, Thailand and there is a lot of banter going on when my mates from Aussie, South Africa, France, England ... watch the championship games, Bledisloe cup, June tests, end of year tour games together We support our teams passionately and that is what bonds us as mates strangely enough. We appreciate good play and at the end of the game we are mates again, sure the discussions and comments get a bit heated during the games but hey, that's the way it should be, but we are all mates again once the game has finished. The All Blacks are the team I support as I was born in New Zealand but I respect all our opponents for one reason and that is because of their passion for the game. I don't know about you guys but a lot of my heroes are from other nations along with my favourite All Black players. My favourite winger is Australian....Campese.....My favourite captain is Morne du Plessis from South Africa....My Favourite center is Philippe Sella from France....I like Jonny Wilkinson at flyhalf but I enjoyed watching Nicky Allen playing at # 10 the most, that guy was a freak.... My Dad took me to watch the Boks play in 1981 I managed to see their winger Errol Tobias, he was fantastic also and I have a lot of respect for that guy who really paved the way for colored players in South Africa at that time. I hope the All Blacks continue to play entertaining rugby and do the black jersey justice.

      les.gombart - 2012-10-21 10:31

      I wish more contributions in this ilk would occur on these blogs. I am a fanatical Bok, Stormers and Province fan. I HATE losing to the Kiwi's and the Wallabies, but LOVE watching these games. When we lose (these days a little too often for comfort) I am annoyed because I am a bad loser but don't feel that I need to insult other supporters. I love the fact that we have brought the Pumas into the competition and wish we could produce a sanzar "Lions " equivalent very 4couls of years to take on the British Lions...Now that would be a test of note!

  • benjamin.manuals - 2012-10-21 06:42

    blame die ref!!!

  • kevin.moxham.3 - 2012-10-21 07:07

    Referee's need to get tougher with Mc Cheat - otherwise the players will take matters into there own hands..!

  • Heinrich Badenhorst - 2012-10-21 07:37

    Just wonder why even Nick Mallet and Naas Botha wondered what happened to CJ, however they made a qiuk u turn after the game praising his second half perfprmance. Lets face it the AB's was not near their best but what happened to CJ remains a mystery eg. His handeling of the Higginbotham incident was poor and rather pathetic. The fact is that he was on the spot and did nothing else but warning them not even reversing the penalty. He did not even consult the TMO to check if Harris indeed touched down. Questions and no answers. How can a good referee slumped like this?

      troy.kimpton.5 - 2012-10-21 17:30

      exactly.he was standing there watching...what a git.maybe we should send him death threats.

  • glen.keesing - 2012-10-21 21:06

    It was kind of like NZ A vs NZ B . Aussie coach is a Kiwi, and Mike Harris who scored 5 out of 5 with the boot is also a Kiwi. I guess we won it either way.

  • glen.keesing - 2012-10-21 21:21

    The ""Chokers"" and ""poor AB's performance"" comments are interesting and quite revealing. If their performance was so bad (and it certainly was on their own standards), but yet they still remain unbeaten, does that imply that they played at the highest standard of of the next best teams , and that Aussie and Bok supporters truly hold them in such high esteem that AB'S are judged with a different and superior standard that their own teams . Or are they saying that their own teams are very poor even when playing at thier very best. The sad truth is that the AB's only have too play at a very poor standard to match or win against any other team. I guess in order to choke you must be in a position to win. and that would be why South Africa don't choke. Strangely Aussie was in a position to win and missed their opportunity, but aren't """chokers". must be that double and higher standard that everyone applies for the AB's, kicking in again. It's a massive compliment that you all have elevated them to this higher plain!

      vern.huen - 2012-10-22 00:07

      Hi Glen, I enjoyed reading your comment, thanks. Personally I think our team the All Blacks and the Springboks would find it disrespectful being called ''chokers'' after all we have contributed to world rugby. The 1956 Boks in NZ weren't chokers, the 1976 All Blacks in S.A, werent chokers. It;s just the way it is in rugby, a combination of the oppositon playing better rugby, your own team not playing to their abilities, the occasion and decision making under pressure amongst other facors. We get called ''chokers;; by the Aussies a lot!! Personally I think the Aussies owe the All Blacks a bit as we provided them with constant competition when rugby in Australia was in need of it back in the 1960's,1970s and early 1980's.. And indeed we in New Zealand owe the Springboks for the competition and richness they have added to our rugby history, without South African rugby, New Zealand rugby would be incomplete and meaningless. The World cups of 1987 and 1991 were for me great events (especially 1987!) but not the same without the Boks there. The world missed out on seeing the likes of Moolman, Serfontein, Gerber, Louw, Botha in action. The international rugby landscape would have been much different in the day. As for the tag ''chokers'' it happens to everyone at some stage in all sports and indeed in life in general........

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