Normal life 'slim' - Lomu

2011-10-27 10:10

Auckland - Former All Blacks wing Jonah Lomu’s health conditions, which forced a hospital admission during the Rugby World Cup, are worse than initially feared with the star admitting his chances of living a normal life were slim.
According to the website, Lomu, who still holds the Rugby World Cup record of scoring the most tries (with 15 through 1995 and 1999), was still bidding to keep his career as a sport’s star active.

Having played rugby last year, Lomu was planning on boxing for charity, but the New Zealand rugby legend confirmed that he wouldn’t be fighting.

The giant wing was diagnosed with the rare kidney disorder nephrotic syndrome in 1995 and received a transplant in 2004.

He was still undergoing dialysis regularly, explaining that he didn't wear a tie to the International Rugby Board’s award gala evening because he couldn't.

“I have two lines that are stuck in my neck where I just can't put any pressure on, and it's where I do the dialysis,” Lomu said.

Doctors delivered the grim message that Lomu’s health could take another turn for the worse, but he has fought against doctor’s recommendations before and overcome much adversity.

"I wasn't given any percentages,” he said.

“I was given a slim chance of things sorting themselves out, but a slim chance is better than none.”



  • Danny - 2011-10-27 10:50

    Hey, we all slated Lomu when he was at the hieght of nhis rugby playing career, but one never likes to read a story like this. Let's all hope that he can leadas normal a life as possible.

  • johan.blertsie.cilliers - 2011-10-27 11:09

    Wonder if he'll need another kidney? Does anyone know what can be done for him?

  • Stefan - 2011-10-27 11:21

    Hope all goes well with you in the future. You ae a true legend.

  • sam.kaitawa - 2011-10-27 11:21

    The most amazing thing about Lomu is he started this crusade whilst in transition from amateur to professionalism under Mains who relied on Cullen.......absolute athlete

  • Dewald-dewi - 2011-10-28 09:47

    believe everything will get better,pray for you big guy!!!!!

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