Nigeria scam hits rugby

2010-06-26 09:31

Dublin - It has come to the attention of the IRB and the South African Rugby Union that a person or persons who appear to be based in Nigeria have been operating an internet scam targeted at rugby players and coaches seeking positions abroad.

The scam involves players and coaches being requested to send money to a bank account in respect of visas and playing licences at rugby clubs and/or academies which do not exist or are being misrepresented.

Police in various countries have been alerted.

The IRB has urged all players and coaches to verify the bona fides of clubs and/or academies prior to applying for positions and to exercise caution if requested to transfer money in such circumstances.


  • Jack Daniels - 2010-06-26 10:29

    Why is it every time there is a ilegal internet scam there are Nigerians involved, that's why South Africans generally look upon them with mistrust and who can blame them. The majority living in SA are involved in prostitution, drugs, weapons, money laundering all kinds of organised crime with the tacit approval of our wonderull police force.....come on chief of police do something.

  • 50 CALIBER - 2010-06-26 11:08

    Jack, you're wasting your breath. The filthy disgusting nigerians are paying the cops RENT. The cops get more from this rent than what their salaries are. Rather pour yourself a double JACK and forget it. This is not aimed at all the cops by the way. There are some good ones out there.

  • WTF @ Jack Daniels - 2010-06-26 11:24

    It's because the Nigerians have been scamming people for 2 decades. The 419 scam was invented by them and is named after a piece of anti-fraud legislation in Nigeria. Nigerians are like lawyers: 99% are giving the rest a bad name.

  • Hehehehehe! - 2010-06-26 11:26

    They surely target the Cheetah and Bulls players, coaches and agents by sending then letters in English seeing that the poor idiots will never fully understand the contents thereof! Start with Bakkies and maybe Naas for coach!

  • Theman - 2010-06-26 11:48

    I agree with you Jack...they have tarnished their own reputation. Granted not all Nigerians are corrupt but when you think "scams" the first word usually coming out of your mouth is "Nigerians". It's so bad you could replace the word crook with Nigerian.

  • Slimey - 2010-06-26 12:48

    IF there is a SCAM... there is a NIGERIAN behind it.. with a couple of crooked cops in their back pockets!!! As soon as they reach ANY country, they find the "Bad Seed" Cops, pay them a 'retainer' and they are SET UP!!!

  • @WTF - 2010-06-26 13:05

    Yeah sure mate don’t you think they are more like BB supporters who gives all SA people, especially the Afrikaners, a k@k name! You sound very “blue” yourself!?

  • Dipolelo - 2010-06-26 13:31

    After the World cup all these crooks must be sent to their country to develop and clean those dirty and sewerage stinking streets in Lagos

  • KinngKong - 2010-06-26 14:35

    So it's true when they were saying that xenophobia will flare up after the SWC..truth is if it wasnt nigerians it wouldve been somebody else you would be callin names...

  • Tshepo - 2010-06-26 15:57

    People get this through your heads: NEVER TRUST ANY NIGERIAN PERSON!!! These people are plain evil!!!

  • Jamie - 2010-06-27 11:36

    Scum of the earth. send them all back to their basket case country and cut off all their ties from the rest of the planet. They should never ever be allowed into SA or anywhere else!!!

  • Standi - 2010-06-28 09:17

    Jeepers gents, couple of rough words of hatred there. I have also been a target of these scams as a coach. Luckily they aren't very hard to pick up! Swedish Rugby Union Head setting up academy in New York looking for head coach! Why on earth would Sweden use resources to set up academy in New York? And since then I have received emails from Chinese tennis academies (or so they say), Hockey academies, a rugby academy in Melbourne (set up by the Canadian union or something like that). Crazy

  • Vusi - 2010-06-28 11:57

    Mind u,not all nigerians are bad.afterall alot of u guys are benefiting from them even your ladies and your mothers.just come closer to them and they will change you poor life

  • StuartW - 2010-06-29 08:30

    Die probleem is geld gierigheid.....mense staar hulle vas teen geld en vergeet om logika te gebruik....kyk net hoeveel eposse oor SARS se geld terugbetalings doen nou die individu moet mens deesdae ongelukkig logika eerste stel en geld laaste...ongelukkig kom meeste van die gemors uit Nigerie....

  • @everyone falling for these schemes - 2010-06-29 14:45

    IDIOTS !

  • CHRIS - 2010-06-30 15:17

    I live and work in Lagos.Never felt more safe and secured.Compared with Jo'burg,New York and other world cities.In Lagos police do not tolerate nonsenses.Great people,great nation and proud Nigeria.Every country has its "baddies".Stop your stereotyping.In any country if you are stupid you will suffer.Become Internet - wise.

  • GW - 2010-06-30 16:02

    @Vusi, dont agree with your ideas. Once again like the old saying has it "IF IT SOUNDS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE" then it must come form a "TRUE" Nigerian

  • Riley aka The FundRaiser aka Young Reezy - 2010-06-30 16:56

    @Tshepo Dude be careful. Nigerians might be the reason why your mum and your wife are always cheerful !!! - I spent a month in Lagos on biznis and only got robbed at OR Tambo on my way back by a Tshepo lookalike !!

  • @Hehehehehe! - 2010-07-02 12:40

    Go for spelling lessons and then comment again.

  • MM - 2010-07-07 08:02

    hahahahahahhaahha WHATS NEW???????

  • BRI @article - 2010-07-07 08:10

    Why am I not surprised. So typical.

  • Sharkie :-) - 2010-07-07 11:30

    DAMN!!! There goes my $10 000 per month coaching job in Nigeria!! Should have known it was 2 good 2 be true!! Hehehe..... only idiots get caught with these internet scams.

  • Gert Maree - 2010-11-08 11:55

    We were nearly caught. They contacted my son and offer him a contract to play rugby in Canada. They used the following name.Robert Gaillard ( President )Switzerland Rugby Union/Ronnie Rugby Club.P.O.Box 7705 Bern,3001 Switerland .Phone +413435553885. They use this email.

  • Claudia.B - 2010-11-15 02:06

    I'm furious this Rober Galliard aka'Ronnies Rugby' club is a piece of filth how dare this b allowed for so long playing with ppl's lives. I swear I'd smack that dog out happily.

  • Claudia.B - 2010-11-15 02:08

    That Robert galliard needs to b stopped asap it's playing with peoples lives don't sites like 'player seeker' moderate this shite?

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