National Stadium hosts SA v NZ

2010-07-07 15:47

Cape Town - The Springboks will play New Zealand at National Stadium (currently Soccer City) on August 21, following a ground-breaking decision between the South African Rugby Union and the Golden Lions Rugby Union.

Peter de Villiers’ team will begin the home leg of their Vodacom Tri-Nations campaign at the iconic 88 791 seat stadium, which will host the FIFA World Cup final on Sunday.

The decision to move to National Stadium creates significant landmarks:

- The potential for the largest crowd for a home Springbok Test in 55 years (since an estimated 95 000 attended the SA v Lions Test at Ellis Park in 1955).

- More than 9000 of the available tickets to be sold at R350 – the lowest price for a major Springbok Test since 2005.

- 5000 tickets to be sold exclusively at Computicket outlets in Soweto for just R100 from July 26th.

- Free parking incorporated into the ticket price for every four tickets bought.

“This is an historic day and one in which the whole of South Africa can celebrate,” said Mr Oregan Hoskins, the president of the South African Rugby Union.

“Taking the Springboks to what is already an iconic world venue gives our players and supporters the best stage on which to enjoy rugby.

“But it also allows us to continue the nation building through sport that we have enjoyed throughout the FIFA World Cup.”

The Golden Lions have been informally discussing the idea of playing this fixture at National Stadium for a year, and had the prerogative to make the final decision.

“I am delighted to say that the Lions needed no encouragement from SARU to make the switch,” said Mr Hoskins. “It has presented logistical and contractual challenges to them but I would like to commend Lions president, Kevin de Klerk, and his team for their determination to make this dream a reality.”

Mr De Klerk said the decision had only been taken after consultations with key stakeholders such as sponsors, suite and season ticket holders and the rugby clubs of the Golden Lions Rugby Union.

“The only thing that surprised us was the near unanimity of our stakeholders in embracing this decision,” said Mr De Klerk. “The reaction has been overwhelmingly positive and as much as we love Coca-Cola Park there was widespread agreement that we must take such a significant rugby match to one of the best stadiums not just in South Africa but in the world.

“I’d particularly like to thank key sponsors Coca-Cola, Bidvest and Macsteel for coming to the party and to the City of Johannesburg and Stadium Management SA for assisting us in making this match possible.

“They have had to make major sacrifices on some of their contractual rights but the way they have supported us in recognising the potential benefits of this move – not just for rugby but for South Africa – has been magnificent.

“The match would also not have been possible without the vision and support of Stadium Management SA who have been prominent in driving the process of hosting the Test at National Stadium.”

Mr De Klerk said the Lions had opted for a differential ticket pricing system – in line with the FIFA model – in the hope of producing a sell-out crowd. The price of standard tickets is R500 – a price that was locked in before the start of the season as part of the Union’s season ticket pricing.

“Sports fans have had to dig deep over the past few weeks and we know how much it has cost families to watch the World Cup.

“But a family of four can come to see the Springboks play the All Blacks in what is likely to be John Smit’s 100th Test at one of the best facilities in the world for R1400 in total – and that includes parking.

“And to offer the opportunity to the local community to see the Springboks – possibly for the first time – we have 5000 tickets available at just R100, as well as normally priced tickets, available through Computicket outlets only in Soweto.”

A second release of tickets may be made at a later stage, depending on the uptake of stakeholders.

Tickets for the match are available through Computicket channels (Computicket outlets, Money Market counters in Shoprite Checkers and Checkers Hyper stores; online at or through the Computicket call centre on 083 915 8000 and go on sale on Monday 12th of July 2010.

National Stadium Factfile

Built: 1987
Upgraded: 2009
Inauguration match: Bidvest Wits vs Amazulu (May 22, 2010) Nedbank Cup Final
Cost of upgrade: R3.5bn
Capacity: 88 791
Record attendance: 84 617 Ghana vs Germany (June 23, 2010)


  • Stevovo - 2010-07-07 16:03

    I am definately going attend this historic match and it will be my first time attending a game of this magnitude and hope that it unites the blacks and whites.

  • Chris - 2010-07-07 16:15

    Eish!.... why so expensive.... my WC tickets were cheaper.... they will fill every stadium, every game if the price is reasonable.

  • Craig - 2010-07-07 16:18

    Sad. They won't be seeing me at R500. Paid R140 to see the world cup at Soccer City. Willing to pay R200 to see the boks...

  • SARU JULLE G@T - 2010-07-07 16:41

    5000 tickets to be sold exclusively at Computicket outlets in Soweto for just R100 from July 26th - Hoekom moet die res van Suid-Afrika op die minste R250 meer betaal as Soweto... Ironies almal weet die hoekom... Ons werk net so hard en betaal ons belastings en ander rekeninge getrou... Ek is seker daar is manne en vroue in Soweto wat 100 keer meer as ek maak... Vat julle kaartjies en druk dit diep in julle g@$ op SARU!!!

  • The Voice of Reason - 2010-07-07 17:35

    This is a great move, and the announcement was long awaited. I'm glad to see the different prices used too, it helps to maximise revenue and fill the stadium. I don't like calling the stadium 'National Stadium' though, is that just because SARU don't want the Boks playing at a stadium named after soccer?

  • Fairboy - 2010-07-07 17:38

    Cool, I will buy my tickets in Soweto then,

  • mike - 2010-07-07 17:38

    Gotta say I'm very dissapointed to hear people buying tickets in Soweto will get them cheaper. That's blatant racism and shows no regard for rugby supporters. If anyone should be getting cheap tickets it should be for season ticket holders not because SARFU what to see blacks in the crowd. It's this kind of crap that divides people when the event should be bringing them together. I was planing to go to the game but think I'll stay home in protest at these types of policies.

  • Renegade - 2010-07-07 17:40

    Soweto won't see me. I attended both the semi and finals at Orlando. But that was the Bulls. Now it is a affirmative action/reversed apartheid team. I foresee A LOT of open seats. Waana bet?

  • TVR - 2010-07-07 17:53

    SARU is following the FIFA ticketing model, the ppl paying R100/tickets will get the crappy tickets(i.e. cat 4 tickets for SWC), the more expensive R500 tickets will be the better tickets(Cat1). The 5000 R100 tickets are reserved for soweto residents, but if nothing stops you from buying these cheap tickets if you DONT stay in Soweto, but don't expect a decent seat if you do.

  • Johan16 - 2010-07-07 17:54

    R500!!! what are you guys smoking?! the worst performing rugby union in the country is trying to bleed us dry! looks like de klerk and his dik gat chommies are looking for a eskom style performance bonus! hope they manage to sell the 5 000 tickets in soweto only... the vuvuzelas will make up the cheers of the 83 000 supporters you pissed off with your greed!

  • Johan16 - 2010-07-07 18:20

    mr de klerk i sincerly hope that you only manage to sell the 5 000 tickets in soweto. the vuvuzelas in that crowd should manage to make up for the 83 000 south african cheers that will not be in attendance due to your blatant greed & racism! GO BOKKE!

  • Wynand - 2010-07-07 18:27

    Can everyone stop moaning... The SWC tickets were cheaper because its a African World Cup, and they wanted to give us, South Africans the opportunity to watch as many games as possible... It was a favor not a right!!! So don't take it as the norm... The Lions tour was R1200 per ticket... And this is probably the most important game of the year!!! So stop moaning, and if you want the R100, go stand in the cue in Soweto!!! I'll defiantly be there!!! BOKKE!!!!

  • teacher - 2010-07-08 08:07

    This thing is simple my ppl. You all know that R500 a ticket for this type of rugby match is a bargain, R100 is mahala. Now stop being tjatjarag and go get R100 ticket in soweto before they are all gone. I've already asked my colleague to get 1 for me. There's no racism in this thing it's just an outreach strategy. Fine if you are not going its an extra ticket for someone

  • Awesum! - 2010-07-08 08:59

    Excited that this is happening, no doubt it is going to be a spectacular occasion! @ Craig: Willing to pay R200? Well go back to 1995 cause rugby tickets are pricey and besides there are 90 000 others that will be there! & the people on racism...Get over yourselves! Dont you see the point in offering those tickets at that price? Obviously not! Thats the problem, you get these self proclaimed hypocritical geniuses that shoot their mouth off yet they themselves in their own life are utter failures. Stop being so negative, its really starting to become beyond lame & those that dont wake up to the fact that we are in 2010 will be left to rot in the past. The world is changing and its happening quickly. Just because you cant move on dont make that other peoples problem. Its your life but its your choice to be miserable or happy!

  • Shiku - 2010-07-08 14:13

    This is awesome! Can't wait for the game, i will pay whateve it takes to watch it. I hope the blacks will support the Boks unlike Justice Bekebeke (Invictus, the book) supported all blacks! This is historic and we should treasure every moment. Great opportunity to unite South Africa. Embrace South Africa, embrace!

  • GERT - 2010-07-08 20:08

    Hope they can make the tickets a bit cheaper ie arround R150-R180 Love to go but just a bit expensive for lower prices we will fill any staduim...Bokke Bokke !!!! BO

  • olaleye kayode lawrence - 2010-07-09 07:28

    just want to say that this world cup ha been fantastic,it has realy lifted the african spirit. may God bless africa n the world.Amen.

  • bok_suppoter - 2010-07-09 10:46

    the logic is simple. R100.00 are available to ANYONE who is willing to drive to Soweto, they are not strictly reserved for black local residents. what's so racist about that? If SARU wants to attract more black people, thats a good and sensible move. i cant believe after hosting a great SWC we still have pathetic pessimists. the game will sell-out, the boks will win, and you'll still be a bitter and backward hater who never gets excited about anything.

  • Edward - 2010-07-09 20:32

    The name is changed to National Stadium because FIFA insisted on soccer city, when the SWC is over, we can change it again... National stadium makes sense, it IS for the nation and not just for soccer! I think this game (ticket sales) will be a success, and I for one, don't mind driving to Soweto to buy tickets in support of OUR national rugby team, I bet if it was sold only in Nelspruit most of you would drive there?! Soweto as a city is not supposed to make a difference just because it's just blacks staying there, it is a city, like ANY other in our wonderful country! Grow up and get away from the "only you matter" mindset! Go bokke en go SUID AFRIKA!!!! Sien almal daar!

  • Yolandie - 2010-07-12 11:33

    I want to know why they advertise that you get a parking ticket free for every 4 tickets bought, but I just came from Computicket and bought 10 tickets, and only gave me 1 parking ticket. When I questioned this with the manager, he phone Computicket's head office, and they confirmed that they only issue 1 parking ticket, if you buy 6 or more tickets!!!! What is this about????

  • Waldo - 2010-07-13 14:43

    I just called computicket and they said I had to be a resident of Soweto to be able to buy the R100 tickets. That's unfair. The normal tickets are too expensive. If I want to take my family it will cost between R1400 and R2000. Haha what a joke. Come SARU work something out for the average man on the street.

  • Ryan - 2010-07-14 11:27

    I just spoke to a guy from computicket and they said you have to be a resident in Soweto to buy the R100 tickets? can anyone confirm if this is true? as all the tickets are sold out and those are the only tickets left...

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