Namibia out of Vodacom Cup

2012-01-31 22:17

Cape Town - Namibia's Welwitschias have pulled out of this year's Vodacom Cup competition due to financial constraints.

SARU's head of communication, Andy Colquhoun, confirmed to the Volksblad newspaper that Namibia pulled out of the competition.

Their absence will, however, not disrupt the schedule negatively. Teams will now instead receive byes where they would have played against the Welwitschias.



  • Bulldozer - 2012-01-31 23:09

    This is bad for WP. Now they will definitely finish last. - 2012-02-01 05:52

      You really need to get with the program. There are 2 pools in the Vodacom Cup and Namibia and WP were not in the same pool, No worries, from your name I can understand that things move a bit slowly upstairs.

      Bulldozer - 2012-02-01 06:21

      Awesome chirp buddy, awesome chirp.

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