Morné relies on Ricky's service

2010-06-10 22:48

Stephen Nell

Cape Town – Morné Steyn may not be Newlands’ favourite son, but in the Green and Gold of the Springboks rather than the blue of the Bulls, the only question Capetonians may have is whether Ricky Januarie’s service to him will be good enough.

The Bulls star, who condemned Western Province to defeat with a late penalty in last year’s Currie Cup semi-final, will be playing on the same field against France tomorrow.

This time, however, he does not have the comfort of regular Test halfback partner Fourie du Preez on his inside.

The halfback pairing of Du Preez and Steyn were crucial in South Africa’s golden season in 2009.

Du Preez was the tactical genius in the side, while Steyn’s boot kept the scoreboard ticking.

“I will have to adapt as Fourie and I have played together for a few seasons. Ricky is a different player to Fourie, but we trained well together this week and I’m looking forward to a good Test for both of us,” Steyn said ahead of the clash with France.

“Ricky has different strengths to Fourie and I’m looking forward to it. He also kicks well tactically. It’s also a strength of the French, so Ricky, Zane Kirchner and myself will have to be spot-on with our kicks.”

Steyn had a remarkable debut year with the Boks. Sometimes a world class player’s second year poses a greater challenge and without the best scrumhalf in the world next to him it may prove an even bigger one for Steyn.

“I’m actually feeling a little more comfortable than last year. Just as is the case in the Super 14, I will be up against some of the best flyhalves in the world,” Steyn said of the international season ahead.

“Fourie usually makes it easier for me, but Ricky has played close to 50 Tests.”

Apart from the penalties he conceded, Januarie had a good Test against Wales last week, though Western Province and the Stormers rate Dewaldt Duvenage higher than him.

However, Januarie’s talent cannot be doubted and he has played some good Tests for South Africa.

Steyn will at least have his regular team-mate Wynand Olivier on his outside, while Pierre Spies is also at No 8.

Steyn’s success ratio at posts in the 2010 Super 14 was 77%, but if the Bulls’ tour games in which he kicked 14 out of 26 are taken out of the equation, the figure moves up to an impressive 85%.

“You never know what to expect in the Cape, but I have been kicking well in training,” he said.


  • Now we will know - 2010-06-10 23:22

    I cannot see that the Bok scrum will suffer against the French team but by saying that I can’t see them dominating as well. I am still of the opinion that Spies lack basic skills at no 8 and that Steyn is too slow for a fly half. Spies gets protected by the BB pack and Steyn plays 90% of the games behind a winning pack but also with the world’s best scrumhalf. So if Spies and Steyn do well on Saturday I will eat my words but until then I believe I am right. Also remember NOT to blame January if Steyn plays bad seeing that Grant did well whenever January was on the field. Before all the BB supporters and their families want to kill me I am not a Stormer supporter. Secondly I do agree that Morne is the best no 10 in SA but believe his kicking game overshadows his other obvious shortcomings. Spies is 1 of those players that scored 2 or 3 amazing tries in his career, has this image of the fantastic boy who lost his father and he is seen as a Saint although he is not nearly as good a player as he is made out to be. Boks +8

  • bulawayo-based-bok - 2010-06-11 00:26

    haha.....good joke Morne, you had me for a second there!! i mean i actually thought you wer trying to say that Ricky deserves to play 9 for the boks and offers a team great physicality!.....jeez ur a joker Morne!

  • mike - 2010-06-11 01:23

    No mention of Ricky being slow to clear the ball and then that usually followed by a poor pass. Maybe he can kick a little and hold his own around the fringes but what about field position, passing and speed vs quality? We have the upper hand in midfield but Ricky may kill the backline before it even starts. Can't wait to see how Olivier and Fourie play on Saturday, hope they get a few games together to settle as a combination!

  • BALSAK(alias Blue Bul Hater) - 2010-06-11 07:32

    Ricky January has never failed SA in a Green and Gold Jersey. If it was not for Peter de Villiers who selected Fourie Du Preez ahead of January after the 2008 Dunedin victory, he would have been the BEST in his position. Because of that MISTAKE by SNORRE , which afforded Fourie the opportunity, people are now claiming that Fourie is that much BETTER than January. In my view he is the BEST, he NEVER FAILED his COUNTRY in the Green and Gold Jersey. I'm challenging all those Blue Bulls supporters who are so against January, to name 1 game where he failed his country!!! Because all this talk about how BAD he is, comes from the one eyed Blue Bulls supporters!!! Go Rick!!!!

  • Lefty - 2010-06-11 07:33

    We hope that Januarie can get quick ball to Steyn and send our backs away and stop f... around when the ball comes out of the scrum . We should have played Pienaar as first choice against the French .

  • Blikperd - 2010-06-11 08:24

    @Balsak. You are a chop. Rugby is played by 15 players, if the service from the scrumhalf is slow, the whole backline is on the backfoot. This happens every game with January, his service is bad. He has other strengths (none better than Fourie). So maybe you should watch a game or two. If you think by never messing up, it makes you good enough then you are a mediocre person. And I hate the Bulls, but Fourie is the best player to ever walk the planet.

  • JAKES - 2010-06-11 08:27

    To now we will now: I am a shark supporter and would also like to have a shartk at no 8, the fact is Spies is the best and make peace with it, regarding Ricky he played in super 14 and a test against France is of heigher standards and is foolish to compar Steyn with Grant performance. To Balsak: you are obviously an idiot one eye Stormer supporter refuse to see the reality of poor performance by Ricky, who in fact is second to Duvenhage as per stormer selectors. Even in stormer country only 50% of then might support Ricky while the other 50% and the rest of the country do not support him.

  • Stormer@WP - 2010-06-11 08:32

    We all love Morne' Steyn,the problem is,he's playing for the wrong team.

  • Pietie007 - 2010-06-11 08:32

    I hope Januarie has a realy k@@ game!!!!! Doesn`t deserve his place!!!!!

  • hou by die blou - 2010-06-11 08:53

    ek dink balsak is ricky se gat gabba. mense ignore vir balsak. ek lees gereeld sy comments. hy weet niks van rugby nie. hy praat net van ricky. hy verwar ricky januarie met ricky louw (richelieu).

  • MB - 2010-06-11 08:54

    @balsak- januarie is better than what most of these clowns are saying. fact. Besides he likes a dop and that makes him my chine. He has never failed the boks - never- but he has come close - last minutes of the 2nd test against the British Lions. He is streaks ahead of Duvenage who I predict will not play S15 next year - he is too kak. Januarie should be vice captain of the boks.

  • MB - 2010-06-11 09:07

    CNA have a sale on. An idiots guide to Rugby. I suggest - you -Jakes, Mike etc should go out and buy it. Read it and then you will be able to say something of value about rugby. Januarie is good. Live with it.

  • fat and slow - 2010-06-11 09:13

    Fat Boy Januarie is so slow...!! ...Will Morne Steyn ever get the ball..??

  • StuartW - 2010-06-11 09:17

    Dit sal 'n goeie toets wees vir Morne, as hy nogsteeds goed kan speel met 'n scrummie wat dalk swakker bal aan hom gee as Fourie, dan klan hy homself as SA se beste loskakel ag....Go Bokke !!!!!

  • Danman - 2010-06-11 09:37

    hopefully now the gauntlet is down, January'll put his nose to the grindstone and bring his game up to par. No doubting du Preez's class... it'll take consistent sublime performances for anyone to win the jersey (until he retires)

  • Kobus - 2010-06-11 09:42

    Manne balsak is reg Ricky Kan skrumskakkel speel en as een van die voorry manne seer kry kan hy sommer op stut gaan sak en amper vergeet ek hy is ook die teenstanders se beste speler.

  • Jan @BALSAK - 2010-06-11 10:06

    Listen carefully you arrogant dip***t! You are right when you say that January has never failed the Boks. Neither has Fourie Du Preez. But saying that Ricky would've been the best if Fourie wasn't chosen, is absolute rubbish! Ricky had way more opportunities than Fourie to prove he's better but failed to do so. Fourie is better at tactical kicking, reading the situation and general play. Not to mention his brilliance on cover defence. That for one is where Ricky will never match Fourie. If Ricky was so damn good, why was he playing of the bench for your beloved Stormers? Talk about one-eyed supporters!!!

  • Raka13 - 2010-06-11 10:10

    To all Bulls supporters, I deeply and sincerely apologize for this d88s that calls him/herself BALSAK, he/she is a disgrace to the fellow Stormers - though I am not your biggest supporter. Balsak - if Januarie was still playing for the Lions, you would've hated him - FACT. Luckily Morne is a class player-he will be able to do something with the slow service. Morne is used to have below standard players next to him and still looks good i.e. Wynand Olivier.

  • Jan @MB - 2010-06-11 10:11

    Ditto to what I said to BALSAK. But I have to add that you are an even bigger dipsh*t than BALSAK to be agreeing with him. Why don't you ask Ricky how to become a master of alcohol abuse? Who knows, maybe you might join him playing for the Boks someday.

  • jakes - 2010-06-11 10:28

    Now we will know.........I have never came across so much bullsh%t in my entire life. Do you actually watch the games? Doesn't matter who you support, your obvious lack of basic knowledge of the game is a disgrace to all supporters. Please go back to tennis or bowls, and stay away from rugby.And BB supporters and their families won't kill you, your own friends will for the hogwash you blabber.

  • Abi - 2010-06-11 10:33

    @ all those against Ricky, I'm a womens rugby player and can tell you making offencive comments everyday against rugby players know nothing about the game. I know my game and got it in with my mother milk. My whole family were and still are legends in SA of which my cousins are playing senoir rugby. Remember the players you are ripping apart also reads these articles and comments. Ek sweer nie een van julle mense (familie)speel toprugby anders sou jul nie sulke uitlatings maak. Moenie aan ander doen wat jy nie aan jouself gedoen wil hê. Jul noem julself Springbok rugby ondersteuners maar kraak jul eie ouens af. SIES!!! Gaan kyk dan wwe as jul nie respek het vir ander.

  • RugbyBalle - 2010-06-11 10:54

    Just for the record - Fourie is brilliant, January is good and has magic moments, but lets be honest, the best still to ever wear the no 9 has to be Joost!

  • Gerhard @ BALSAK(alias Blue Bul Hater) - 2010-06-11 11:04

    Balsak, selecting someone for the bok team just because he has done nothing wrong, is not a valid reason to play for the boks. More so, rather argue a point and state why he should be in the team.(Simply stating your opinion of him being the best is not good enough) What is he bringing to the team to say he is South-Africa's best no9 at the moment. He is slow and no one can argue with it. Selction of the position: What is the job describtion and goal of the no9? To feed the backline is the priority of any scrumhalf. Tactical kicking is second on the list of priority and then general game play as in ball carry, defence ect... shoul he not be the best in South-Africa in these priorities, then he should not be played, period, regardless of who he is or which province he plays for.

  • Best Brand - 2010-06-11 11:16

    Quick one regarding number 9.... Fransie Houghaard, Sarel Pretorius, Jano Vermaak, Ruan Pienaar or even Rory without the facial hair.... enough said? Just to show that snorre is fair and just he also picked Chilly Boy.... i mean wtf? Enjoy the game.

  • HHHHHHAHAHAHAHA@Balsak - 2010-06-11 11:33

    I think Balsak is actually Ricky Januarie. There is just no way that any stormers supporter can defend Januray like he is doing

  • Mario K - 2010-06-11 11:57

    Blasak is a genius (in his own mind). Fourie is widely regarded as the best player on the planet (not only the best scrummie). Januarie and Balsak deserve each other. Balsak please go support the Aussies or the English.

  • Chuck - 2010-06-11 12:17

    Hay Balsak, I recon if January played for any other team accept the Stormers you whould have hated him to! You're so one dimensional!

  • mike - 2010-06-11 12:25

    @abi I find it hard to believe you since what happens on these forums has been happening since the first rugby game was played. I agree that some guys take it too far and actually there comments aren't contructive or even based in fact but I guess they all alowed an opinion. Ask your legends of SA rugby to give you a run down of a typical bar chat, cause you obviously never took part in one!

  • finish and klaar - 2010-06-11 12:34

    ...Fatso Januarie, and injured Ralepelle are quota players.. ....finish and klaar...

  • the first month is over...??? - 2010-06-11 12:53

    it will take january 3 passes to get thje ball to steyn, after he took 34 paces to get closer, after it took 4 min to see the ball under his belly after the first half is over when he is sober.....

  • SA Rugby Ondersteuner - 2010-06-11 13:04

    @ Blasak - ek is 'n groot SA Rugby ondersteuner en ook 'n Stormer ondersteuner - laat ek jou iets vertel, dis nie net BB ondersteuners wat dink dat Ricky Januarie nie meer goed genoeg is nie - all of us Stormer supporters are not one-eyed supporters that you are - Duvenage is strate beter, maar ek moet sê, Fourie du Preez is die skrummie in die land - komende van 'n oud-skrummie

  • Waldo Pepper - 2010-06-11 13:06

    I predict a humiliating loss for the Boks. Why? January has a delayed pass. This (as we have seen) results in forcing the backline to receive the ball standing still, or back-peddling. The French will exploit this and get turnover ball. Then we are in trouble because the French love broken play. Also, other major selection problems with 'old man Smith, 'luke warm Chillyboy' and 'rinkatink Ricky' - crazy!

  • Waldo Pepper - 2010-06-11 13:11

    I predict a humiliating loss for the Boks. Why? January has a delayed pass. This (as we have seen) results in forcing the backline to receive the ball standing still, or back-peddling. The French will exploit this and get turnover ball. Then we are in trouble because the French love broken play. Also, other major selection problems with 'old man Smith, 'luke warm Chillyboy' and 'rinkatink Ricky' - crazy!

  • @Best Brand - 2010-06-11 13:16

    Rory play better with the beard, its his source of power.

  • William Shakespeare - 2010-06-11 13:56

    He's called January cos he's so slow, that's when he has to make the pass so that the flyhalf can receive it by September.

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