Mbalula recalls Div into rugby

2012-05-14 08:32

Johannesburg - Sports Minister Fikile Mbalula is bringing former Springbok coach Peter de Villiers back into rugby to assist with the development of the sport, according to a Sowetan report.

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"It is a great pleasure to announce that we are getting Peter back into rugby to help us with development projects of the sport," the sports minister said.

"We want him to develop the best model for grassroots rugby in the country. We are engaging him. The man has a wealth of knowledge that we need to tap into.

"Peter has done well for the country, including winning big events with the junior national teams," Mbalula said.

The minister has said he wants to see schools in the townships and villages playing competitive rugby.

"There is talent in abundance in the townships and villages in Gugulethu, Khayelitsha and the Eastern Cape. We want to see schools in Seshego, Bloemfontein, Mamelodi and other townships also playing rugby and producing great players for the Springboks."

De Villiers won a bronze medal with the South African Under-19 squad at the 1999 Rugby World Championships, and won gold in 2005 with the same team and silver the following year. In 2007, the former national coach won the Nations Cup with the Emerging Springboks.


  • warren.kilian - 2012-05-14 08:38

    Jake White wins us a World Cup and he gets kicked in the teeth, this clown does nothing and gets a new job to "tap into his wealth of knowledge" - idiots!!!!!

      Jason - 2012-05-14 08:52

      Really don't feel sorry for Jake he did write a book that he made plenty from and no way back into SA rugby after that. I'm sure Div won us a Tri-nations or two, and the world cup well Bryce had more to do with us not progressing than Div had...

      my10cent - 2012-05-14 08:54

      @warren.kilian, pity that poor old Jake White is just that - White?

      johan.hattingh.5 - 2012-05-14 09:07

      Warren, Jake White kicked himself in the teeth!

      Maaifoedie - 2012-05-14 09:12

      Well done, Minister and Divvy.

      Pierre - 2012-05-14 09:50

      That was a strange comment to write? From the article; winning a bronze, silver and gold with the U-19's is not nothing; and in addition to his achievements as a Springbok coach (tri-nations win, a British and Irish Lions win and 3 consecutive wins over NZ does not sound like nothing; definitely not the work of a clown? Jake Whites possible conflict with SARU and exclusion is not PDiv’s fault. Don’t let us lose more good coaches. I am glad PDIv is back.

      Templar - 2012-05-14 13:30

      Wonder if his pay package will include a monthly Helium allowance?

      Poloyatonki - 2012-05-14 15:58

      I rather have PDV than White..

  • Jason - 2012-05-14 08:50

    Got to wonder how he never got the Spears job... when Cheeky has been going on about how Spears rugby will speed up transformation.. They take a white foreign coach?

      Marius - 2012-05-14 11:54

      Because Cheeky knows more about rugby than this idiot. He wants to speed up the development of players, not put it back 10 years.

      Jason - 2012-05-14 12:00

      ahhh Marius when some has inning a bronze, silver and gold with the U-19's.. show he knows a little more than you do about rugby. Considering you have ignored what he has achieved I can only assume it is because of another reason, your inability to see talent beyond the person skin colour.

      Jahendel - 2012-05-14 13:52

      @Jason so true...most of them dislikes him because of that

      Marius - 2012-05-14 14:17

      @Jason. Allister Coetzee the other non-white rugby guru according to most guys rating Div, destroyed EP rugby completely after taking over a side that finished 3rd on the Currie Cup A-division log in 1993 and coached them completely out of the Currie Cup within 2 years. Simillarly, Div took a World Cup winning team and within 4 years coached them to a side that even lost to Scotland. Township rugby can win under age group cups where throwing the ball around like a hot potato with no structure can still work, but once you get to senior rugby, 9 times out of 10 the team playing structured rugby wins the tournaments and Div doesn't have the first clue about structured rugby.

      patrickjasoncawood - 2012-05-14 15:16

      Spears job? Dont you mean the Southern Kings?

  • hespach - 2012-05-14 08:50

    Eish - Was this job advertised? I am sure that there are some better candidates around - What about Nick Mallett? He did a fine job with developing Italian rugby if you keep in mind that the players available to him were not really from the top shelve.

      Hanjo - 2012-05-14 10:43

      in the whole of SA you can think of 1 person who might be a better candidate, I think that is evidence enough that Divvy is the man for the job, what's everyone's issue with him anyway? SARU appointed him when he might not have been the best candidate, in his 4yr period in charge of the national team he accumulated valuable experience, it would be suicidal not to use that experience...I also feel that even though many feel de Villiers wasn't ready for the role of national coach at the time of his transformation appointment, no one can argue his relative success at the Springboks, and as a result we now have a skilled, experienced, creative rugby brain and surely he can only improve SA rugby. - also, I see some bring up White, yes, White was dropped after the WC, but maybe just maybe SARU have now learnt their lesson and want to change their ways by looking after the talented coaches we have in SA. - two wrongs won't make a right.

      Dawood - 2012-05-14 13:27

      hespatch, u idiot Nick Mallet like you wouldnt want to work in the black reserves with non white players. Hence the best candidate got the offer. Agree with one thing-RACISM still looms at every level of rugby including the millions of white supporters.

      Templar - 2012-05-14 13:33

      Dawood, let me get this straight: You say that by supporting Rugby makes me a racist because I'm part of the "millions of whites" Care to explain that one?

  • thebe.tau - 2012-05-14 08:56

    Soccer is the best sport in the world, nothing brings so much excitement like this sport, I mean the English PL yesterday and PSL on saturday proves my point.

      fdalana - 2012-05-14 09:00

      baised comment on a wrong article.

      wehan.victor - 2012-05-14 09:01

      If you don't like rugby, don't support it. Its quite easy. Its called choice...

      Attie - 2012-05-14 09:11

      rather comment on bafana then on rugby ?

      Rudi - 2012-05-14 10:28

      Correct, don't FORCE rugby down the throats of a nation where soccer is their culture. Let those who WANT to play rugby do that and those who WANT to play soccer do that ; BUT PLEASE let the best player get the opportubity to represent his country.

  • Piet - 2012-05-14 09:11

    Even in higher circles stupidity prevails..... He has done nothing to sport exept stuffing it up.....Concentrate on soccer fool!! And leave things you dont understand alone....

  • Dirk - 2012-05-14 09:13

    The only thing that Peter de Villiers can develop is a killer moustache, an art that was lost during the 19th century.

      Koos - 2012-05-14 12:33

      And he can make us laugh.

  • Facts - 2012-05-14 09:28

    The Minister must be very hard-up to tap into a dry tap !!!

  • Johan - 2012-05-14 09:39

    Here we go,the Divster is back. He can start to develope loosies in the western cape. He will hang around for a year then apply for stormers job, watch this, can't wait

      Facts - 2012-05-14 09:47

      I was worried he becomes the next Cobra's coach. Anything is possible in the Western Cape.

      Jeremy - 2012-05-14 13:03

      Hy is 'n goeie aanwins virrie Weskaap, Stormers sal hom nie wil gebruik nie, mar hy sal meer Nazim Carr's en kholiso's virrie Stormers ontwikkel!

  • Deon - 2012-05-14 09:43

    Cant imagine why he hasn't gotten a job sooner......

  • Positive - 2012-05-14 09:53

    I'm sure that there is a lot of players that could benefit from a couch who was involve with one of the best Springbok Team that we had in a long time bitty we did not win the world Cup, and I bet most people that is always negative about PDivv haven't played proper rugby , they must stick to playing Hockey !!

  • Carl - 2012-05-14 09:55

    I don't get it. Why does this have to be a racial issue? Give Div the credit that is due to him. He was the Springbok coach and bar his occasional tongue twisters, most of his players complimented him. People, of all colours, seriously need to take the race chip off their shoulder.

      Rudi - 2012-05-14 10:45

      PDiv was NEVER the coach while he was there - he admitted himself that those players don't need coaching and the senior players themselves did the coaching. What a mess !! We see again with the REBELS that a committee cannot lead - only a leader.

      Stormflat - 2012-05-14 11:24

      So Rudi if wasnt the coach what was he.. The committee @ SA junior level and senior level.. what drivel. You would love to believe that.

      patrickjasoncawood - 2012-05-14 15:20

      didnt the Rebels beat the Crusaders over the w-end??

  • duncan.biyela - 2012-05-14 10:23

    I think if you have some one who has coached at the different levels of the national code he must have some sort of expirence. Il be the first to say that his appointment as the Bok coach was a huge mistake on SARU side, but non the less the man spent four years with some of the best players in the world, contesting against great players and coaches. not many people have that on their CV's so yes the man must have picked up some sort of expirence along the way. I believe it will only aid Development rugby in the townships and rural areas to have him there as rugby in those areas is really poor. Its a pitty everything has to be turned to Race, Can we not just be happy for Jake White who is doing well for himself in Australia and be happy for P.Divy who now has a chance of redemption. Lets not look at the small individual aspects, but rather the Big picture..... SA Rugby and the development thereof cause i dont belive there are many high profile coaches in SA that would be willing to coach development as it would not be finacially viable for them and it would dent our developed teams from schools to clubs and finally provincial and national teams. So yea why not give the man a shot. Good luck P.Divy

      DuToitCoetzee - 2012-05-14 10:53

      100% with you!

  • Anton - 2012-05-14 10:26

    Just keep him away fom the media

  • Roy - 2012-05-14 10:27

    my10cent have people like you nothing better to say but use the race card once again? Stop being a "maaifoedie" grow up and call it as it is,a "cadre" nomination.

  • Rudi - 2012-05-14 10:51

    PDIV returning to ANY kind of rugby spells trouble. It has NOTHING to do with race, but only competence. He coached the Kavaliers 9Currie Cup B-division) before his politically appointment with the Bay Boks etc. etc. until he became coach of the senior Boks team. Affirmative action doesn't work ; never has ; and never will in future. The principles behind affirmative action is commendable, but doomed for failure. When a person is given too much responsibility too soon, it becomes detrimental for his career and PDIV is the walking example. He should have taken it slower - the way Allister Coetzee does.

      Positive - 2012-05-14 11:12

      Aai Rudi its easy to want to talk about affirmative action and easy forget that a lot of white couches somewhere in their careers was given the opportunity to coach , the same with Jake White he never even played rugby , or couched a professional team before becoming couch , his record wasn't spectacular as well , but was given an opportunity and here maybe some people thinks they r better then a springbok couch won't need his experience , but hey there is a lot of players that could benefit from his experience , why not , so what is your problem other then race ?

      Rudi - 2012-05-14 12:08

      It has NOTHING to do with race. PDIV is a "couch" as you correctly had put it ; and Jake White is a "coach" as everyone else correctly has put it. It all comes down to competence. Jake White took a mediocre team and turned them into World Cup Team winners ; PDIV took an excellent team and turned them into losers. Jake White had successes with John Smit's team from u/19 and then u/21 world series wins. Get your facts right. Jake White had an exemplary record and walked in the footsteps of the great Kitch Christie. By the way - for every great coach that did play professional rugby, I will show you two who didn't. Look at Carel du Plessis, Rudolp Straulie, John Mitchell, Mark ? from England etc. etc. - all ecellent players on their day and absolutely clueless as a coach. I have personally witnessed both Allistair Coetzee and PDIV on two separate occasions where they have coached youngsters the basic skills and Allistair was much more competent than PDIV. Again, it has NOTHING to do with race, but ALL to do with competence.

      Jahendel - 2012-05-14 13:57

      @Rudi call a spade a spade

      bfvillet - 2012-05-14 14:20

      today black people govern south africa it is much better than it was under apartheid especially It is sad that you live in a country and cannot see that AA is working maybe you dont realise that that your boss is black as soon as a black coach fails AA is seen as the cause for this what do we blame as the cause for the many white coaches failing in south africa but get to keep their jobs no matter how many times they fail and here i am only going to mention the coach of the free state but there are many others. It seems that people in south africa have now developed new words such as affirmative action incompetence and quota to reinforce the idea that black coaches and leaders are not good enough well i have news for you no manner of name calling is going to deter us from taking up these positions and neither will we apologise for this and this is exactly what De Villiers did and will do again. Ps i dont think he will be working for Sarfu but rather with them as his appointment is being made by the minister they might end up working for him

  • fanie.smit.5 - 2012-05-14 11:07

    Wealth of knowledge he reckons. Well he did not use it last year using all the makrokke krokke. I will never forgive him for losing the world cup and I think I am not the only one.

      Stormflat - 2012-05-14 11:26

      Most of the rugby followers would actually blame a certain NZ referee..

      Tebogo - 2012-05-14 11:35

      have a broad outlook. the coach was not to blame.

      Rudi - 2012-05-14 12:12

      I agree. A proper coach would have told the Boks at half-time to change their tactics - not go for penalties, but actually run the ball as they had the majority of posession. Look at what Jake White did to the Brumbies at half-time against the Bulls ; or Os Du Randt with the Cheetahs' scrums on Saturday against the Stormers. Now THAT is the influence from a good competent coach.

      Deon - 2012-05-14 12:19

      The Boks played the same way as the stormers now: Good on defence, but they forgot how to attack.

      Bootman - 2012-05-14 15:05

      Rudi first you credit the players with coaching the team, now you say PDV should have told them to change their tactics. If the players were good enough to coach themselves to a B&I Lions victory, to a Tri-Nations victory and to a WC quarter final, why werent they good enough to know that they had to change their tactics in the second half of that game?..................oh I forgot, PDV only coached the team when they lost.

  • Positive - 2012-05-14 11:22

    Just showing how much dedication he has for the game , at least he wants to help and develop players of this country , good on you. I'm sure you'll do a great job

      Rudi - 2012-05-14 12:15

      PDIV is not dedicated to rugby - he still learns - just very slowly. He begged for a position at SARU and actually had an article a few weeks ago in the media where he admittedly said that he "felt a bit useless" as nobody wanted to give him any job. SARU evidently now feels a bit compelled to help PDIV and gives him a sideline job. That's job creation.

      Koos - 2012-05-14 12:37

      Give my R500k a year and I'll show you how dedicated I am.

  • Ted - 2012-05-14 11:38

    Good stuff. It is important that when a positive decision which will ultimately bring us closer together we give a thumbs up. There are some stone-age South Africans who never want to see rugby being a national sport for all races. This is a much better option to get capable black players in the team on merit and not just to make the numbers through so-called quotas. One thing that we fail to see is that people like Beast and Tsumba were products of a vibrant schools rugby in Zim before its implosion. It can happen here.

  • The-third - 2012-05-14 11:50

    cadres looking out for each other.

  • Anton - 2012-05-14 12:00

    Who will he report to- The minister or SARU

  • Rudi - 2012-05-14 12:29

    This instead of the QUOTA systems? Then it is an EXCELLENT move from SARU in an attempt to get rid of affirmative action and quota systems. But then again, I don't think SARU has that vision and foresight to develop a programme of this magnitude. This leads to believe then that SARU just created a sideline joppie for PDIV in lieu of his article a few weeks ago where he admittedly stated that "he felt a bit useless".

      Koos - 2012-05-14 12:54

      This program is bigger than running the CC or S15. It is a bottomless pit and one man can not run it. SARU needs to invest mega$$$ for this to pay off .....maybe. Then how do you measure your success? This is not something that you do on the spur of the moment. PdV pledge his support to the ancESTORS, now it is payback.

  • Koos - 2012-05-14 12:48

    I want to give you this example. It has nothing to do with rugby but the principals are the same. Easterns cricket are spending money on coaches on junior level. Facilities had being established in the townships. The only things the kids in the townships need to do is pitch for practise on a weekly basis. It does not happen. The union are paying for the taxi to take them to games. 90% of the games are played with 8 to 10 kids. Then you're not even sure they are in the correct age group. When trials are held it is done in groups. Whites/indians this week, township boys next week. At least seven boys will have tracksuits to wear this winter. You get the idea that we want to force them into playing the game for the wrong reasons.

      Koos - 2012-05-14 12:56

      In a township of 150-200k people and you struggle to find 14 under 11 boys to play the game? Why? If you have a clinic with free balls, t shirts and hot dogs there is 100's.

  • Emile - 2012-05-14 12:50

    Just wonder what nice salary package these two have in mind. Just wonder why suddenly the minister thinks rugby development is his "job" - sure he knows more about rugby than SARU and all the provincial unions.

  • Jeremy - 2012-05-14 12:54

    Dis iets baie goed vir PDV en SA rugby, veral ontwikkelende areas!, rugby kan net vinniger groei in die land!

      Anton - 2012-05-14 13:14

      Jy is heeltemal reg dit is goed vir Divvy, nou het hy darem weer n Job. Oor 3 jaar surface hy weer en maak aanspraak op die Springbok job. Oor SA Rugby mmm weet nie so mooi nie

  • Rodney - 2012-05-14 13:20

    Peter de Villiers has been on the market for several month.Nobody has (apparently,) picked him up .An individual clothed with certain powers has (it seems,) ridden roughshot over the market and has offered Peter a job.I think any individual with better rugby credentials than Peter (and who wants the job) can approach the court to have the Ministers decision overturned...

  • Positive - 2012-05-14 13:29

    Kosie Van dermerwe and Rudi why r you so angry complaining complaining what do you want to prove that development is wrong, so F- ken negative all the time all your comments you just wanne see the bad in everything , yes maybee Divvy wasn't the man for the job but if he won the world cup you'll still complain I wonder what you'll say if Heineke struggles still blame it on divvy .It's arrogant people like you who keeps racism alive , no wonder BEE and AA is still alive due to people like you who don't like the term transformation Trols

      Rudi - 2012-05-14 13:36

      Only YOU keep racism alive. Read all my blogs without blinkers on. I say AGAIN : PDIVVY's incompetence has NOTHING to do with his race - there are other coaches from the same race who are more competent ; and other coaches from other races even more competent. Who cares about the race group ; ethnic group ; religion ; language ; culture? As long as SARU appoints the best man for the job.

      Koos - 2012-05-14 13:43

      You are missing my point broer. Read it again, slowely. With their haste they are setting Divvy up to fail. Is this SARU's idea or the minister's? When you build a house, you don't order the roof before the walls are up.

      Positive - 2012-05-14 14:03

      I'm sure he would have been incompetent if he won the world cup as well ne, point is as much as I wished to have a merit system in place unfortunately we have a divided system , and then people like you still complain if someone wants to help and share his experience rather then running away and if you did know Peter actually played for saru team during the apartheid era and he knows what it means to look pass your circumstances and become successful, maybe that's not important to you but I'm sure it will have a positive impact on development

  • patrickjasoncawood - 2012-05-14 15:14

    Why are you guys so anti PDV? Why waste the experience he has He may not have been great with the media but the players rated him and he will deff be able to help in some way. Surely winning the Tri Nations and beating the British Lions takes some skill other than player management. Dont rate the man but if he can help in some way why not use his skills?

      Positive - 2012-05-14 15:58

      I agree with you 100% you see too many people will rather want to take the skill and run away , look at how many skilled migrants ran out the country we just need more and more people with the attitude of helping and encouraging one another and forget about politics and race etc , whoever can give a contribution will only help build this country. Even though a lot of people never gave him credit he brought the game to the people and I remember last year before the world Cup when he used 2 club players from Tygerberg RFC to train with the boks.

  • Marinus - 2012-05-14 16:22

    I believe he has much to offer. He has proven himself over a period of time, however not the best of the best but still.... True that a lot has been invested in him, and, let us not repeat the mistakes by ALSO leaving him in the dark. I believe he will and has a constructive role to play.

      Koos - 2012-05-15 07:07

      Agree, BUT GIVE HIM SUPPORT!!!

  • Vincent - 2012-05-15 19:29

    Rudi, you are talking crap, BIG TIME. I strongly believe that White is a good coach, give the man that credit, especially if and when it is due, but then please apply that principle consistently. As much as I, as a staunch SA rugby supporter, was ecstatic about our world cup victory with White being the coach then, and I will always celebrate our Springbok victories irrespective who is the coach, Div has one significant achievement which your White can't minute/record on his CV, and that is three consecutive victories over the toughest rugby challenge in the world, the All Blacks. May I remind you that we "dodged" the All Blacks during the world cup tournament we won with White at the helm, as much as I hate to say this as a biased and proud South African, we can just wonder what would have happened if we have met the All Blacks in that tournament, I certainly don't regret it at all, but the outcome could have been so much different, you know that. You are also hipocratic, as is proven by your believes and assumption that the senior "Boks" coached the team, and not Div, you have never attended the coaching sessions when Div was Springbok coach, as you similarly never attended coaching sessions when White was coach, but you are prepared to believe White coached the team and not the senior "Boks", though you can't testify about it, but you refuse to believe the same scenario applied when Div was coach, super hippocratic behaviour and outlook if you ask me.

  • Emile John Jacobs - 2014-09-29 18:29

    This one idiot gave a comment saying structure rugby is the best way to go and Peter can not coach it. Really, he had structure to his rugby and the reason that South Africa can not win New Zeeland as much is because they are to structured. Some structure is needed, but it can not be a rule. Look at WP now with their new approach. Were structure does not guide the what to do when to do or so. It is only used as a start and not as a means to an end. They play less structure currently and only use it when necessary.

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