Josh Strauss joins Crusaders?

2012-08-31 13:18

Cape Town - Lions loose forward Josh Strauss could be on his way to the seven-time Super Rugby champion Crusaders for next year's tournament, according to the EWN Twitter page.

However, according to SuperSport rugby writer Brenden Nel, the report is false.

"lions ceo says its rubbish"
, Nel tweeted.

The Lions were excluded for the 2013 edition, making way for the Southern Kings following a SARU decision earlier this month.

Strauss will return to the Lions for their promotion/relegation match against the lowest finishing SA side next year.


  • denis.dendrinos - 2012-08-31 13:23

    LOL..........he wants to know what it feels like to go through to the finals!

      ianmichaelcalder - 2012-08-31 13:32

      Denis, as a fellow Sharks supporter, I'm a bit bummed that you forget that while the Lions haven't had much success in Super rugby, they did beat us convincingly in the Currie Cup. Big loss for SA to have Josh leave, but I think it was obvious after he stepped down as captain of the lions.

      nico.pretorius.946 - 2012-08-31 13:33

      hahahaha denis, he wants to know how it feels to WIN the super finals, he already has the WINNING experience in the currie cup :)

      denis.dendrinos - 2012-08-31 13:36

      eish - people slightly uppety for a friday huh? it's called a joke! and sadly Ian - I cannot forget that..........

  • raymond.romans.5 - 2012-08-31 13:23

    Good on you Josh. I wish you all the best. Pity you didn't join a decent SA franchise though.

      odupreez - 2012-09-01 09:50

      Were there any offers?, if not, this is better than joining the puke watsons !!

  • pieter.thefuture - 2012-08-31 13:23

    wow, talk about moving a step up - moving from the joke of the super15 to the best performing team in the history of the comp. Good luck to him.

      mark.higgens.9 - 2012-08-31 13:45

      No Pieter you have it wrong, the 'joke' of the super15 will show its ugly head next year aka Southern Kings.....

  • JK - 2012-08-31 13:25

    Epic beard

  • WesKaap - 2012-08-31 13:27

    and the mass exodus begins!

      nico.pretorius.946 - 2012-08-31 13:34

      Just for the super rugby, he will be back when it matters, with a wealth of experience to boot!

  • Melanie Bronkhorst - 2012-08-31 13:31

    I just hope he gets some game time there, great player, deserves to know what playing for a winning team feels like.

      brilloks.bittergal - 2012-08-31 16:07

      He will get plenty. Few flanks are better.

  • nico.pretorius.946 - 2012-08-31 13:33

    Awesome news! He is going to get proper experience in a winning outfit, and will be back for the Lions end of the year :) Hope GLRU can manage more of this type of deals!

  • Paul - 2012-08-31 13:37

    wow. great for him now watch the boks and everyone else run after him.

  • trevor.izatt - 2012-08-31 13:38

    SARU what are you trying to do to SA rugby...........fools why not let the kings beat the lions first or you only intrested in having the kings the stongest team in super 15......holding up 14 other teams

  • wvaneyk - 2012-08-31 13:51

    Well done Josh,best move ever

  • rzmuller - 2012-08-31 13:55

    I like Josh but I dont think he will get any starts, Crusaders have so many great loose forwards. maybe from the bench!

  • brilloks.bittergal - 2012-08-31 16:06

    The core problem with the Lions is loyalty. Supporting them is like being in an abusive relationship. you show support and loyalty to them (and they expect it) but they move on without a second thought as soon as they get a better offer. Then comes the bad mouthing, politics, lies and infighting that drive you even further away. I'm not saying that the players shouldn't grab the opportunity when it comes their way. I'm only saying that THAT is the core problem. You can get married for love or money. The players these days get married for the money.

  • Arche' van Rensburg - 2012-08-31 21:22

    it will be great if he can join them,then atleast before the next world cup we will have a loosie who can offload and know more about the attacking brand rugby nz and aus play!!

  • bokmaster - 2012-09-01 12:29

    If this is the case then a local side has missed trick here. With the right guidance and career path, he has the potential and leadership ability to fill the leadership vacuum in the Bok setup and maybe even go on to captain the Boks. Hopefully it won't be too late before someone eventually recognizes it.

  • cecil.wright.142 - 2012-09-01 17:20

    I hope that the Crusaders, who are the only Super 15 team I support, are not crazy enough to do this

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