Henry joins ailing Blues

2012-08-22 09:08

Sydney - Former New Zealand coach Graham Henry has returned to his roots in joining the Auckland Blues' revamped coaching roster in a boost for the ailing Super Rugby side.

Henry, who oversaw the All Blacks' World Cup win on home soil last year, joins as technical adviser and defence specialist from 2013 under head coach John Kirwan, the team said on their website on Wednesday. (

Prior to his 2004-2011 stint with the All Blacks, Henry coached the Blues from 1996-1998, winning the inaugural Super 12 rugby title in 1996 and again the following year.

Henry reunites with former All Blacks specialist skills coach Mick Byrne, who will be forwards and kicking coach with the Blues.

Grant Doorey, who assisted Kirwan during his 2007-2011 tenure as head coach of Japan, has been named as skills and backline coach to complete the high-profile line-up.

"I'm thrilled with this coaching team. The experience and individual expertise these three men offer is exciting for me as head coach, for the Blues and our supporters," Kirwan said.

Kirwan, named head coach last month, replaced Pat Lam, who spent four years in charge of the team in New Zealand's largest city. Lam was asked to re-apply for his position as the Blues lurched through a terrible season to finish 12th in the 15-team southern hemisphere provincial competition.

Henry stepped down from the All Blacks in the wake of the team's World Cup triumph, but will be reacquainted with a number of his former charges who, despite big expectations, failed to fire for the Blues last season.


  • nzbro.allblack - 2012-08-22 10:02

    this is going to be interesting. The chiefs will have another serious contender for their title come 2013

      TravieGrif - 2012-08-22 13:28

      That is one heck of a coaching team, I won't lie. I doubt that the Blues will be quite as woeful in 2013 as they were this year!

  • cape.maori - 2012-08-22 10:07

    Sir Graham Henry and Sir John Kirwan - a royal combination. Hopefully the Blues will be back to their winning ways. They need to sort out the squad - get rid of Weepu and Ali Williams - play the youngsters and get some experience from the Saders ala Carter and Read. Go the Blues!!!

      TravieGrif - 2012-08-22 13:29

      I do agree with the Weepu and Williams comment, but I am not a Read fan. I think that he is a glorified thug who disappears when under pressure. He is one of the dirtiest players in world rugby at the moment, and I can't be loving that!

      cape.maori - 2012-08-22 14:12

      @Travie - strange that you are the only one with that opinion - ask Naas Botha and Mallet whether they share your views. In any event, I respect your view.

  • donavan.boshoff - 2012-08-22 11:26

    Don't rats normally flee a sinking ship?

      cape.maori - 2012-08-22 11:27

      No, only you!

      donavan.boshoff - 2012-08-22 11:39

      No chance china I'm a sharks fan we look forward to the blues games as much as we will the kings next year. And thats with Grant "morning blokes" Bashford the ex-school P.E teacher coaching. - 2012-08-22 13:13

      @dumO u support the sharks, wot the fuk do u know, your ship is still sinking!!! how many titles for your team again??????? twat

      donavan.boshoff - 2012-08-22 13:41 why should it matter how many titles the sharks have won? (none by the way but we have been in the finals 4 times, do you know rugby?) are you saying I should only support a winning team or else I know nothing about rugby? You are up late aren't you? Must be close to midnight in enzed? Feeling sheepy yet? Wanna go hit the hay little lamb?

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