Hawies backs Goosen for Boks

2012-01-17 07:54

Cape Town - Cheetahs backline coach Hawies Fourie says their young flyhalf sensation, Johan Goosen, could be the Springbok flyhalf this year.

Fourie told the Volksblad newspaper that a good Super Rugby season is all that stands between Goosen and a Springbok jersey.

The 19-year-old is expected to make his Super Rugby debut on February 25 when the Cheetahs tackle the Lions in Johannesburg.

Goosen burst onto the big stage in last year's Currie Cup for Free State and many pundits predicted he would one day play in the Bok No 10 jersey.

"Johan's performance in Super Rugby will determine whether he will play for the Boks this year. He definitely has the talent to do it," said Fourie.

"But he has competition from a number of good young flyhalves. Elton Jantjies (Lions) had a good Currie Cup last year and Patrick Lambie (Sharks) could also play in this position.

"And don't forget about Sias Ebersohn (Goosen's expected understudy at the Cheetahs). He had a good Super Rugby tournament in 2011 and he and Johan will push each other for the Cheetahs' flyhalf jersey.

Fourie says Goosen adapted quickly in the Currie Cup and expects the same from him in Super Rugby.

"Johan's long pre-season will definitely help him. Niel (du Plessis, the Cheetahs' fitness coach) does good work and our pre-season preparation has changed a lot. The goal is now to make the players better athletes, rather than make them bigger and stronger. It fits Johan like a glove because he is by nature a good athlete. It will get the best out of him," said Fourie.


  • John - 2012-01-17 08:02

    Please leave Lambie at Full back he has already proven himself there.........

      Saffa - 2012-01-17 09:34

      Plumtree has already said Lambie will play 10. I also prefer him at 15, but lets see what he does at 10 in the S15. At the very least it will either shut all the 'Lambie for Bok 10' promoters up OR prove them right. Tough competition amongst the young 10's.....

      John - 2012-01-17 12:07

      Plumtree has his own agenda he is the same block that kept playing john smith in front of Bizmarck look where it got the Boks in the world cup, Lambie is the Bok fullback and he should play in that position in all comps....

  • Johan - 2012-01-17 08:09

    Need to see this young man in Super 15 first but looks promising!

  • jacques.brits2 - 2012-01-17 08:33

    He is going to be one of the best flyhalves RSA ever had!!!

      Chris - 2012-01-17 09:24

      Agreed. I'll be watching all the Cheetahs games this year just to see how this guy's coming along.

      Dirk - 2012-01-17 09:57

      I have been saying this ever since I watched him as a schoolboy at primary and high school level. He is not just good- he is exceptional. And he seems very humble with his feet firmly on the ground. And he works hard- he was seen practising kicks at the posts at 5 in the morning.And dont be surprized if Serfontein is on his outside. Potentially, half the Bok side could be GC OBs in 2-3 yrs

  • Adeeb Franciscus - 2012-01-17 08:36

    Bishops boy Timo Swiel seems to be a great up and coming talent at flyhalf, Goosen is good as well I'm looking forward to see him play super rugby!

      Hugo - 2012-01-17 12:56

      Another Bishops boy Dillyn Leyds also look exceptionally talented

  • Dhirshan - 2012-01-17 08:42

    FINALLY A NO. 10 WITH X-FACTOR compared to boring morne 'kick everything' steyn and basher butch. this guy can kick 65 meter penalties, side-step like gitaeu and defend as good as anyone. elton, sias and lambie too - great talent coming thru. exciting . . .

      Dirk - 2012-01-17 10:17

      Two 78 mtr kicks at school GCB vs Paul Roos- obviously with suitable conditions

  • wmdupreez - 2012-01-17 08:53

    Agree 100%

  • Steenbra - 2012-01-17 09:15

    Our national coaches have been far too conservative. I also like the philosophy of the conditionong coach, since SAfricans are consumed by bigger is better and faster!

  • Reece - 2012-01-17 09:26

    10. Goosen 15. Lambie **Homer drooling**

      Christopher - 2012-01-17 09:48

      I'd like Viljoen at 15 and any of Lambie, Goosen, Ebersohn, Van Aswegen, Jantjies at 10 with Frans Steyn at 12 and Hougaard at wing (by far his best position). With Steyn and Viljoen in we have 2 players who can both drop-kick from 60m out and they're interchangeable. They both also have attacking instincts and with Hougaard on the wing we'd score tries from everywhere and be solid in defence!!!

      ajdiss - 2012-01-17 11:02

      @ Christopher, Who will be 1st choice number 9 if Fourie is unavailable? ... I would prefer Hougie at 9

      Francois - 2012-01-17 22:37

      @ajdiss - hopefully you are not referring to Fourie du Preez. Du Preez was unavailable for the past two years, he just forgot to inform Snorre that he is a ref and Snorre still picked him. Or maybe Snorre knew and chose Du Preez as a ref, but unfortunately the Aussies or the Kiwis bought Bryce. If Du Preez jumps from his ego to his IQ, he will sustain such injuries that he will be permanently on the dole.

  • Anton - 2012-01-17 09:38

    A few years ago, flyhalves were extinct in SA, now they are everywhere. Maybe there is still hope for the rhino

  • Laurence - 2012-01-18 03:56

    What are you smoking..?????!!!!!! Earl Rose is possibly the worst SA no. 10 has to offer..... He has a good match now and then, but Johan Goosen could run rings around old Earl not to mention tackle him into the ground. Goosen has a giant boot like Francois Steyn and is lightening fast. No comparison..... I'd even take Elton ahead of Earl the pearl not to even mention Lambie. It will be between Patrick and Johan for the no. 10 spot.

  • Sean - 2012-01-18 15:29

    goosen has flair and vision... we need that. leave lambie at 15 we need a cool head at the back.

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