Forgive Boks a bungling day!

2010-06-19 22:19

Comment: Rob Houwing, Sport24 chief writer

Cape Town – If South African rugby was in the midst of a dark era, we might have looked at their jaundiced showing against Italy in Witbank on Saturday and shaken our heads in further despondency.

But it isn’t, and that has to be kept firmly in mind.

You cannot summarily say a team that trounced Six Nations champions France so stirringly only a week earlier has suddenly gone off terminally like a hidden, half-finished can of pilchards at the back of the fridge.

Indeed, with significant changes made for the first Test against Sergio Parisse’s gutsy but essentially limited outfit, the home XVs could not really be accurately compared from one weekend to the other anyway.

No question: this was a dog’s breakfast of a Springbok showing and in the second half you might even argue that it attracted flies, into the bargain, as raggedness and imprecision infected the ranks with growing vigour.

But I, for one, am disinclined to put the boot in. Not yet, anyway – we are entitled to expect an altogether more vibrant and cohesive Bok showing in the East London follow-up next week.

Or, as acting captain Victor Matfield put it afterwards at the Puma Stadium: “We must just get the top three inches right.”

Yes, it was sobering that the Italians, in only losing by 16 points which means coach Nick Mallett must surrender all his hair courtesy of an in-house challenge, actually dominated possession overall and forced the world champions into making more tackles.

But, even at the risk of this sounding disrespectful to the northern hemisphere minnows, it was impossible not to deduce that some involuntary complacency and lethargy crept into the broad Bok mindset for this one.

This is, after all, one of those “obligation” mini-series sandwiched unpleasantly between the Super 14 and Tri-Nations when preservation slightly eclipses urgency, no doubt, in the thinking of some seasoned South African players.

And speaking of the Super 14, I cannot and will not put to pasture my theory that far too many Bulls and Stormers representatives who competed to the bitter end of that competition have been summoned to Test duty with indecent haste. Read, more accurately: without any rest at all.

Some players are being mismanaged and near-exploited, by my book, in defiance of warnings from the sports medicine fraternity.
The Witbank game probably only confirmed, in some cases, that while hearts may be willing in defence of the green-and-gold cause, minds and bodies are not exactly brimming with lustre.

Bryan Habana was a classic case in point. Still dangerous in bursts as a fine finisher and committed defender, this was a notably split-personality showing from him, with the left wing making an unusual gaffe or two and his focus going AWOL at important moments.

Not that Habana was alone in any fumble-fingers characteristic: several others fell prey to it as continuity was a glaring fault for the Boks.

They were guilty of failing to manage the “pill” nearly carefully enough at rucks or rolling mauls and the problem was compounded by Ricky Januarie, at scrumhalf, blowing decidedly hot and cold with his passing and general controlling of things. (He was certainly not all bad, his barrage of vocal critics need to be reminded.)

No 8 Pierre Spies also had an iffy day at the office, one minute providing a pass that would lead to a score and the next surrendering the ball to the opportunistic Italians frustratingly in contact for so big a specimen.

Another negative simply must not be ignored: Butch James, employed first at inside centre and then at flyhalf in the closing stages, earned a stupid yellow card for a trademark high tackle at a time when the Boks were attempting to turn screws, and instead the Italians got a bit of a second wind that actually saw them “win” the second half 10-7.

Somebody needs to come down like a ton of bricks on this otherwise solid, versatile customer – if that penchant were to rear its head for him in a really red-letter Springbok game, it could prove much more costly.

As Joel Stransky put it in commentary: “His mind disappears (at times) and leaves his body.”

There were some bright Bok aspects, like the fact that they were so palpably out-of-synch but nevertheless managed the imaginary “bonus point” for four tries, a couple of them cleverly worked.

Zane Kirchner set up one for Habana with a deft grubber off his wrong foot, while the fullback also registered his maiden Test try off Januarie’s final pass on the short side. And Jean de Villiers was reasonably convincing in the outside centre channel.

A pleasing aspect of the Bok pack was a mostly forceful showing in the scrums, where Gurthro Steenkamp was all fire and brimstone against Italy’s strongman Martin Castrogiovanni – so much so that the big No 3 was bent back like a swiftly-reversed banana in one and it led to his early exit with apparently damaged ribs.

Chiliboy Ralepelle worked honestly in the hooker’s jersey, and he is benefiting, touch wood, from a reasonable stint of injury-free rugby for a change.

And Francois Louw continues to build his reputation as an influential combatant on the deck.

He is built so intriguingly differently to someone like Heinrich Brussow, presently on the long-term casualty list, but is immensely powerful from his lower legs right through to his shoulders and can, of course, contribute equally comfortably as a barnstorming ball-carrier and adaptable blind-sider if required.

Five out of 10, Boks, at best. Try to up it to seven or eight in East London …


  • Judgement Day - 2010-06-19 22:44

    Actually, PdV's policy of fielding non-Boks he fancies are Boks is unforgivable. I am referring to Ricky and Butch. UNFORGIVABLE! Stop making excuses for Ricky and 'reminding' his critics of his ability. He is not our top or even 2nd best scrum-half, he is just PdV's liefling. Butch is from a bygone era of Bok failure. And too thick to cease his trademark high tackles. WTF is PdV doing bringing Butch back into the Bok team? F MADNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • marco - 2010-06-19 22:50

    The problem is that the ALL BLACKS today are looking really sharp against Wales and are slowly putting together a little strength-in-depth performances and should be firing come the start of the Tri-Nations which is kinda worrying if you a Bokfan although albeit against a predictable Wales.PDV keeps changing teams week in and week out and its not helping does it bringing in a player who he thinks motivates the other players around him and then only to get this very irate and obscene idiot yellow carded. What's the point of that? The guy got serious issues man serious issues.

  • Wake Up Man - 2010-06-19 22:53

    Can this rah-rah journalist not see the connection between PdV's woeful 3rd Test against the Lions, the utter failure of last November's overseas tour and this shambles against the Italians? PdV has been playing selection silly buggers for a full year and now we are expected to believe this is a one-off bungling day at the office for the Boks, and forgive it. This journalist is not the sharpest tool in the shed, much like the Bok coaching staff. They will all wait for the Boks to actually lose before admitting PdV's policy is shambolic, and even then continue to forgive it every time. Only at the World Cup will the penny drop, and by then it will be too late.

  • R&R - 2010-06-19 22:56

    Matfield and our other top players need a rest now. They are being mismanaged. PdV is to blame. He is so short-sighted. He will sacrifice our top players just to compensate for useless players like Ricky and Zane.

  • Oh No Not Again - 2010-06-19 23:14

    No Mr, this is not forgiveable. Over and over again we see the Boks building up a big lead and then backsliding, taking the foot off the pedal and losing the initiative just when we should be closing out the game and racking up a cricket score. Bok complacency is a bad habit that Div continues to nurture. Div does not distil the killer instinct in them. Also, his disruptive changes always screw things up. Are our Boks becoming chokers like the Proteas?

  • Enough Is Enough - 2010-06-19 23:27

    I'll forgive the Boks but not the biggest bungler of all, ol' Piet. The guy gives Bok jerseys to anyone, no matter how much of a has-been or never-will-be that player is.

  • WTF - 2010-06-19 23:28

    Can Peter Grant not play back-up fly-half to Morne? Why pick Butch?

  • Burtfred - 2010-06-19 23:54

    Verbositus longwindednes - (noun) This is a rare affliction, usually found amongst politicians who don't know the answer (or won't tell us) and journalists, who get paid by the word. What a floral, over-adjectivised -(is there such a word?) article - as usual from RH.

  • Johan - 2010-06-20 00:05

    We must still pay for our tickets. This is total nonsence you play or tell us you play the 2nd team them we dont buy tickets.

  • Impi - 2010-06-20 00:39

    Yep, Italy rubbished them.

  • Objectivity101 - 2010-06-20 00:56

    Yes, it's difficult to forgive the Boks for going AWOL basically all at once. Better next time please. Francois Louw is good but Deon Stegmann is better. As the article says, Louw is an adaptable blind-sider, that's where he has been played the entire year so far at the Stormers. Stegmann is very "unlucky" to not get a callup. Stegmann's workrate is simply the best out of all our flanks this whole year. Unfair is what I think it is.

  • Mike - 2010-06-20 01:11

    The World Cup Soccer has rubbed off and Bryan Habana should go to Bafana Bafana. He continues to be useless and now arrogance has also krept in. Ricky January is out of his depth and Butch James has taken on where he left off-a thug!!!! Bakkies can be used as a crash test dummie. I say replace these few and things will be better. My All Black partner says no keep them in the team it is in the All Blacks favour!!!!! Roll on the tri-Nations.

  • Eye of the Tiger - 2010-06-20 01:48

    Yeah,another win for the Coloured coach,i wonder what all the Boere are saying now?? Probably flippen angry (as expected). Long live Pieter de Villiers Long Live

  • Pathetic! - 2010-06-20 02:25

    No excuses please this was pathetic! Players like Butch, Kirchner and Chilliboy should have grabbed this opportunity against ‘weaker” opponents to prove that they are indeed good enough but they didn’t. Kirchner is k@k end of it. BUTCH JAMES is an overrated has-been and an embarrassment to SA Rugby. Why in god’s name didn’t PDV select Grant? Now Grant is gone and so is our 2nd best no 10 in SA as well. Who will take over from Morne if he gets injured before a test against the AB’s or Ausies? CHILLIBOY is pathetic and both he and Maku is a joke. BAKKIES is unfit and useless. Bring back Rossouw or vd Merwe. Rest Matfield and get Bekker to start. I am sure Matfield will be ok without 1 week match fees? SPIES will always be PDV blue-eye boy most properly because he is a Christian like Snorre!? SPIES is k@k and his lack of skills is shocking at no 8. PDV don’t want to give a player like Vermeulen a go simply because Vermeulen will prove that he is miles better than Showpony Spies.GUTHRO is playing great rugby and Jannie du Plessis is doing well aswell.Ditto for Louw and Pottie. January is not doing to bad but Pienaar is still better. Jean de Villiers should play at 12 BUT proof that he is better than de Jongh or Olivier and not just walk back into the team. I will start Jean at 14. Best Bok team now is (15) Frans Steyn (14 &11) de Villiers & Habana (13&12) Fourie & Olivier (10)M Steyn (9)Pienaar (1 &3) Guthro & Jannie (2) Gary Botha (4 & 5) Matfield & Rossouw (6,7 & 8) Burger, Louw and Vermeulen Reserves : Aplon, de Jongh & Januarie. BJ Botha, Liebenberg, Bekker and Potgieter.

  • Whenwe - 2010-06-20 05:53

    From the best team on show one week to the worst team on show next, what a difference a week (quota / sentimental selections) makes. Lets hope and pray that the selectors and Div / Kohsa in particular are taking a hard look at these performances and doing a bit of soul searching. When we face the All Blacks in two weeks time there will be no room for the Januries / James's and their like.

  • kevan - 2010-06-20 07:03

    Captain of a side you always play with is easier then captaining a side made up of players from various teams. That is a quality only John Smit has. Victor has proved this to us all in the past when captaining the bucks.

  • Emile - 2010-06-20 08:27

    Poor performance as a team and probably the worst example of scrumhalf play I have ever seen in my life. Not sure if Snorre has the mental capacity to learn from mistakes, but surely even that asshole must by now accept that Buth James and January are not the players they were 5 years ago. We cannot go into a Tri-Nations and 2011 RWC with them. January had one good game combined by several poor performances. Except for his traditional Head High swinging arm, James didn't do anything else worth mentioning. Maybe it was his combination with James (who is actually a flyhalf), but Jean de Villiers was just as poor. On the bright side though, Chiliboy did perform well for a second week in a row and he certainly also has a positive impact on the front row. I guess it is safe to say that only the WeePee racists will still complain about his selection, although I still believe we have 2 or 3 better hookers in SA. We must however remember this is SA and we must please government with their racist quota system. In that case, we cannot really complain about Chiliboy. Habana is still lost, but I tend to get used to his "soccer style" side shows on the field - bit pathetic for such a great player. Habana's gayish side shows and January's urge to shag every try scorer is probably a Cape Town thing that has now crept into the Bok team. January humps every WeePee guy that scores a try - what a disgusting sight on the field. Ruan Pienaar again showed that scrumhalf is his position, but I guess that would mean Snorre will have to part with January. Result of it is that Pienaar will probably remain on the bench. We are going to miss Fourie du Preez in the Tri-nations.Last complaint: Does the Bok team really deserve the honour of playing in such a KAK stadium. What an excuse for a stadium. Maybe the Boks performed so poorly because they are not used to playing at such an utterly kak venue. It is actually am insult to Italy to host their test in such a shit stadium.All in all it was a pathetic day at the office and a pathetic showcase for Springbok Rugby. Next week we might win by 50, but this week was a shocker.

  • BALSAK - 2010-06-20 08:48

    Zane??? Chiliboy?? Butch???

  • EVERSON - 2010-06-20 09:13

    This was certainly the crappest Springbok team of the past 4 years ..... Butch James!! is this some kind of perverse joke? Why play James, out of position, and leave de Jongh on the bench ... Isn't de Jongh the future? doesn't de Jongh need exposure at international level? And out little rotund scrum half is most definitely beyond his "best before" date ... there is at least 4 scrum halfs in the country that would put January to shame ... YOUNG scrum halfs, who belong to the future. I understand that de Villiers is looking at combinations, but could he not try looking to the future at the same time?

  • Lentswe - 2010-06-20 09:16

    Nostalgic first half. Disappointing second half. Right Rob, If we play against the likes of Italy there is no need to bring top tier BUT tired players like Matfield, Habana, Steenkamp, etc. Blood a few newcomers and keep our depth intact.

  • alice - 2010-06-20 09:19

    yes indeed it was an embarrassing performance...this was an experiment that just did not work...Why are we taking back players who have left SA and put them in the team.. when we have a dearth of brilliant players in SA...Butch James... should be back on the next plane to whereever he was...there was no cohesive structure...all in all it was a pathetic game, pathetic choice of team, and pathetic coaching.... poor paying spectators..

  • Molefe - 2010-06-20 09:28

    Seems to me that the team is starting to believe the myth of their own infalability. I hope this serves as a wakeup call! Guthro , Jannie Dup and Chillie are just about the only three who can feel satisfied with their performances. The rest where average at best! And as for Brainfade James...... He should be banned from playing rugby for life! That tackle puts him in the same catagory as Thug Burger!

  • SA Rugby Fanatic - 2010-06-20 09:40

    i'm sorry but slow-hands januarie was nowhere, his game is back down to the crappy performance he normally displays. he needs to be replaced asap because once we enter the tri-nations the all blacks and wallabies will exploit that slowness and we are gonna bleed points something fierce

  • Ginger - 2010-06-20 10:27

    I watched the game in a pub in London and had to endure endless laughter regarding Hugh Bladen’s commentary. He kept using the word “comma” instead of “point” when referring to a player’s height. I.e. one”comma”eight metres and not one point eight metres. Can anyone tell me what language this because it is definitely not English.

  • @ Pathetic! - 2010-06-20 10:34

    Your comments is just as pathetic as yeasterday's Bok performance. Sorry to say, but you are just as clueless as PDV.

  • Chappie - 2010-06-20 10:49

    As for those idiotic english commentators.Please lets get some new blood!

  • @emile - 2010-06-20 10:56

    What a sick pervert you must be, turning every issue into a sick sexual issue. And by the way both teams played in the same stadium s don't use it as an excuse for losing.

  • Fact! - 2010-06-20 11:08

    Let's not be too harsh on the Boks. Hell boys, look at what we have for a coach. What do you expect? He is an absolute clown. Sad that we are probably sitting with the best group of players ever and now subject them to a coach like this. It is a true tragedy.

  • STORMER - 2010-06-20 11:47

    @Emile....was Pierre Spies's cr@p preformance also a 'gay' Pta thing?

  • STORMER - 2010-06-20 11:50

    And as an afterthought, How cr@ppy is Witbank? Yugh yugh yugh.....I don't blame the chaps for not performing there.

  • Butchfan - 2010-06-20 12:22

    @ all the butch haters. Please show some respect to a world cup winning flyhalf!!! He had a bad game,that is all. He was amazing in the rugby world cup and he can do the same next year.What happens if Morne is injured? Who would you play flyhalf? Pienaar(useless flyhalf), Grant (Inconsistent), ??? Catch a wake up!! Butch is a world class flyhalf and will provide good backup in the world cup. The boks didnt play well,but they won and will pick themselves up again,they always do!! I see there are alot of fake springbok supporters leaving negative comments about the worlds best rugby team,the tri-nations champions and world cup champions.You so called supporters are pathetic!!!

  • @Emile - 2010-06-20 13:59

    You have no idea about rugby or the boys that play it. Dont make degrading comments about Cape Town. Bryan had a good solid game apart from 1 or 2 slips in concentration. Even Pierre Spies coughed up the ball on a couple of occasions and didnt manage to break the line. Reading your comments makes me think you are a Bulls supporter and look for any reason to have a go at Cape Town. The whole team were off the boil a bit on Saturday. Fact is I think P Divy should be looking forward to the Tri Nations. Butch out, its time and bring in someone else as back up flyhalf. Zane??? every now and then he has a good game but surley in the spirit of giving guys a chance Joe Pieterson should have at least been given an opportunity. Why have Gary Botha and Tiaan Libenberg not been called up????? these are the questions you should be asking, not making homosexually charged comments about players you dont know!!!

  • Molefe - 2010-06-20 14:27

    @Butchfan, ok... be honest now. You are Butch's mom arent you? You can admit it. We know you kinda HAVE to love him. @Emile, except for the sexual inuendo's. I have to agree with your assesment. @STORMER, for once in my life I agree with you. Pierre Spies was terrible!

  • Mr B - 2010-06-20 14:38

    This is a man of colour speaking, i can see most you dont have a clue what and how it is to manage a a professional team. you can drop players after one bad performance,and Pieter have to try different combinations to see what will work best ,and which players are willing to go all the way. Butch had a far game,but should be on the bench as backup,bring Jean and Jacq back,best combination in world rugby at the moment, As i said before i am a man of colour ,but its time Pieter open his eyes and let Ricky and Zane go,we will not win a world cup without Steyn at 15. Conraad Jantjies will only be ready near to the end of the year,and we need JP back at 14, aplon is fast,but are not strong enough and i dont think he will be able to tack Joe Roco, 5 meters at speed from our line. So please all of you,let the man try out his combinations and see what we gonna do in the trinations, we are so quickly to jugde and be negative in this country,just like the soccer,try to see the good

  • @Butchfan - 2010-06-20 14:40

    Are you kidding? Butch James only appeared to look "good" in RWC because the quality players around him covered for him, especially Fourie du Preez. Irrespective however, that was three years ago. He has been hiding in Bath (who have regretted being hoodwinked by his agent into believing he could at least play at minor club level, and now they can't even give him away). This underdeveloped mental muppet does not even have enough coordination to be able to use more than one arm at a time. He is useless. Always has been. Please.. Please give this idiot a one-way ticket back to England and never dare associate him with any form of Rugby in SA ever again.

  • Slim Piet - 2010-06-20 16:34

    Peter Grant gets to the S14 final as fly-half for WP. Morne does the same with the Bulls. Morne is the 1st-choice Bok fly-half. The nation desperately needs a back-up to Morne. Who can the nation turn to? PdV turns to Pienaar, who is not up to the job. PdV turns to Earl Rose, who is not up to the job. PdV turns to Butch James, who is a thug, and not up to the job. PdV turns to himself in the mirror and does not see an idiot staring back, but instead winks and says: "Love you lots China. You are the cleverest coach in Bok history with your experiments. You have tried all the obvious and best combinations available. I'm going to call you Einstein from now on. And Ricky, don't stop down there, if you stop you're out the team."

  • Emile @ STORMER & @emile (10:56 AM) - 2010-06-20 18:44

    I'm not a pervert, but this gayish beheviour is disgusting. If you like it, then I guess we know who's the pervert.Call it what you like - I call it gayish. At least Pierre Spies doesn't jump every player that scores a try. Sure you didn't even notice it. Quite disgusting, but hey, you are probably used to it. By the way, almost everyone (except front row) had a bad game. The problem is just that January was pathetic (again) and this has nothing to do with the boring Bulls/Stormer/Sharks/etc. debates on this site. I am just sick of players not selected on merit.

  • Emile @ STORMER - 2010-06-20 18:46

    I agree with you 100% on the Witbank comment. I think it was quite a slap in the face for the Boks and Italy to play there.

  • Emile @ Butchfan - 2010-06-20 18:50

    Butch was crap, BUT - he played centre and not flyhalf. That is my point with PDV. What is he trying to achieve. We are not looking for a centre (we have enough), we are urgently looking for a second flyhalf. Playing Butch at centre didn't help us or Butch. Maybe you should direct your frustration at our highly intellegent coach. The experiment with James was a total waste of time and money. Maybe PDV should pay the expenses when he selects players out of position.

  • Emile @ @Emile (1:59 PM) - 2010-06-20 18:55

    Didn't call January a homo, but his act is disgusting. The Cape Town comment may have been uncalled for, but hey, it wasn't me who declared Cape Town the gay capitol of the world. I agree, most players had a bad game and I do blame PDV for constantly picking players out of position or simply refusing to give worthy players a chance such as Boths, Liebenberg and all the other scrumhalves in South Africa.

  • Brother - 2010-06-21 08:01

    Poor performance was caused by the total lack of on field leadership. Guess that is expected with old “has been Matfield” as captain. Zane was not his useless self, but if one considers the fact that he is no more than a Curry cup player and the opposition no stronger than a Curry cup team, then he must have felt right at home on the field. PDV, please get rid of “Fat boy Ricky” and “Bulls no 4 choice Chilliboy”. Sure we have better transformation players to select if we have to select them. BAN THE VUVUZELA FROM ALL FORMS OF RUGBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • malcolmx - 2010-06-21 08:37

    One can forgive the Boks for a bad game. It happens. What cannot be forgiven is even considering Botch James being allowed to play. I have heared absolutely nothing of this "plus one, minus two player", in so long, I thought he was dead. I could not believe anybody would be so blatantly stupid to consider him for selection. "Trade mark high tackler"' sums up BOTCH'S game. You just know that he will high tackle and get costly penalties against the boks before he even sets foot on the field. He will score once & give away at least two scores, in every game he plays. Definitely a plus one, minus two player.

  • Rugbyman@ Brother - 2010-06-21 08:56

    You are clearly not a rugby supporter, or even knowledgable. Victor Mattfield is one of the king pins in the team and considdered world wide as one of the worlds greatest locks. But surely you know better. The has beens are John Smit, Butch James, Ricky January, Juan De Villiers and lately it seems Habana too. January looks like a midwife waiting to catch a baby. James is just useles, nothing else. John Smit? Does he still play? I can not remember seeing him on the field the past 20 games.

  • Boerseun - 2010-06-21 10:24

    Hoekom die span sleg gedoen het is... Chilly, January, De Villiers, James en Aplon

  • Stormers (now WP) Forever - 2010-06-21 11:56

    @Emile - You have allot to say for somone who seems to be a Blue Bulls supporter. Who was that loose forward who kissed all his teammates scoring tries in S14? Oh yes it was ' Flank by the name of Dewald Potgieter playing for the Blue Bulls. Need I say more about that. Back to rugby, yes the boks did not cover themselves in glory, the same they did in '07 RWC in their last pool match. The first choice 22 will definately play better than the current team and with more of them back it makes it easier for the new commers to slot in.

  • Blondy - 2010-06-21 13:01

    The reason why we palyed so bad is there are to many Blue Bulls in the team.......The only thing Matfield does well is taking the ball in the line outs...other wise he is no where..... To the idiot who ask if John Smit is still playing.....shows how u know rugby... do u know why he did not lead the Boks....Matfield is not even close to him when leading the Boks .The CAPTAIN was not there so they played like a provincial side....Remember WOLRD CUP 2007 CAPTAIN....JOHN SMIT???

  • Molefe - 2010-06-21 14:07

    @Blondie. It is people like you and Butchfan who give SA rugby supporters a bad name. Sure Butch James was good. Sure John Smith was good. Two hundred or so years ago! (it is called sarcasm, the same as the question whether John Smith still played rugby?). Do I need to draw you a picture? Do you select the dinosaurs on the grounds of what they did when they where young? No dude. You obviously need to find some of those marbles. And as to the team having to many Bulls players? Where did YOUR team finish? May I remind you who holds the Super 14 AND the Vodacom cups?

  • Emile @ Stormers (now WP) Forever - 2010-06-21 16:14

    I can see this issue really bothers you. It seems you also love it and therefore no complaints - good on you and trust you enjoy your Newlands chaps. Well, bottom line is it is disgusting and I don't have to approve anything I don't like. I never saw Potgieter kiss or hump anyone, but again it show exactly what you are looking for in a game. My advice: Keep your eyes on Newlands and you will get everything your hart seems to desire. I think you justified your position enough, so move on and get a fu@#in life.

  • @ Blondy - 2010-06-21 16:15

    Your name says it all.

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