Father-son combo on the cards

2010-06-10 08:52

Cape Town - If Bulls lock Flip van der Merwe takes the field off the bench in Saturday's Test against France at Newlands, it will be the 11th time for a father-son combination to play for the Springboks.

Flip will join father Flippie - a diminutive misnomer if ever there was one - to follow in the footsteps of Andries Bekker, whose place on the bench he has probably taken, and his father Hennie.

The selection of newcomer Flip to the national squad is well-deserved -and another feather in the cap for the Bulls who contracted him when the Free State largely overlooked the young giant for their Super 14 team.

He has mostly been used as an impact player for the Bulls and did exactly that - make an impact - when called upon.

His father Flippie played for the Springboks in six Tests and 12 tour matches in all after making his debut for Western Province as a teenager.

He was then a lock but moved to the front row where he was the heaviest Springbok until Rudi "Vleis" Visagie took over that mantel.

Flip's test career stretched from the 1981 tour to New Zealand until 1989 against the World XV match in Johannesburg.

While Van der Merwe's selection, considering his form and age 25 (his birthday was last week) is laudable and a good move with the future in mind, the selection of his Bulls squad mate Chiliboy Ralepelle remains a surprise - especially if seen in the context of Springbok coach Peter de Villiers's statement that the players were selected on Super 14 form.

Ralepelle couldn't make the Bulls side after injury and the selection of Bandise Maku would have made much more sense.

Maku played some outstanding rugby off the bench. While there is no denying Ralepelle's potential, it does not fit in with De Villiers' statement as Ralepelle played for the Bulls Vodacom Cup side and was this season regarded as their third best hooker behind Gary Botha and Maku.

The national coach's reluctance in the past to use Ralepelle or long spells off the bench makes it all the more puzzling.

Also in context of the very general statement indeed by De Villiers that Super 14 form dictated selection - who has already made a number of strange utterances even before the international season had started -there is the question why Ricky Januarie was selected, although he had a fair game against Wales.

But his selection then and now certainly couldn't have been on Super 14 form. Is he really better than the other contenders for the Bok jersey?


  • BLOUBUL - 2010-06-10 09:02

    "Ralepelle couldn't make the Bulls side after injury and the selection of Bandise Maku would have made much more sense." someone please tell me how he made the national side?

  • MB - 2010-06-10 09:42

    So who are the 10 father son combo's. Here is my contribution without going into search mode: Uli Smchidt and father Morne du Plessis and father Ruan Pienaar and dad Schalk Burger and dad Andries Bekker and dad Help...

  • BALSAK(alias Blue Bul Hater) - 2010-06-10 09:53

    Can someone please explain the inclusion of Chielieboy Ralapela in the Springbok squad???

  • Tieho - 2010-06-10 10:21

    I dont know what Ralephele has done to earn his place in the side...i like P Div but on this one it beats logic totally...GOOD LUCK BAFANA, I HOPE SOME BLUE BULLS SPIRIT HAS RUBBED OF YOU BOYS!

  • MB - 2010-06-10 10:27

    @ BALSAK. You cannot be that serious to ask such a question without being seriously thick. Or is it just a rhetorical question. Either way here is your answer in a sort of chronological order: Oppression of blacks- Aparthed- Democracy- Affirmative Action- Oppression of whites- BEE. That the reason for his current selection. However, there is a chance that given enough game time and no injuries- Chilliboy could be as good as anyone if not better. But as I said for now my reasons are spelt out above.

  • jody - 2010-06-10 10:32

    geluk aan flip. jou pa was ook n yster.

  • Jayden - 2010-06-10 10:32

    This stinks of quotas and the coach's inability to see form. In have no problems with players of colour, and am very happy about that the form players are in, like Guthro (best prop in S14) Gio and Bryan (superb wings) and Zane (the form fullback in S14). But why the hell Ricky January who was the second choice for his team, and chilli boy who never even made the squad. This just stinks. The other scrumhalfs (be it that I would Pick Ruan) and hookers must be scratching htheir heads thinking how much more they need to do to prove them selves. I wish best guy for the job was applicable in our country. Anyway, I hope we hammer the Frenchies on Saturday.

  • Dan - 2010-06-10 10:47

    @ MB. Only other name that comes to mind right now, is Tommy Laubscher

  • Staalburgher - 2010-06-10 11:08

    Quotas are racism, plain and simple. It is a sick world we live in where people pretend there is any justification for it.

  • gecko - 2010-06-10 11:22

    If it includes non-test playing Boks, father Joggie Viljoen played tests, son Joggie only played mid-week games.

  • johnny breedt - 2010-06-10 11:38

    father & son combo's = Alf/Harry Walker, Cecil/Mike Jennings/, Felix/Morne Du Plessis, Mauritz/Derek Van Den Berg, Louis/Uli Schmidt, Joggie/Joggie viljoen, Moaner/Wikus Van Heerden, Schalk/Schalk Burger, Gysie/Ruan Pienaar, Hennie/Andries Bekker and now Flippie/Flip Van Der Merwe

  • Raka13 - 2010-06-10 12:31

    Helgaard Muller should've played 1 more season of rugby, then him and his son could've easily made this list....Frik du Preez and Fourie du Preez are related? Does anyone know of other countries who had these many father/son combinations.

  • Joe - 2010-06-10 13:02

    The headline started with father a nd son combo... Flip and Flip tec... I didnt know that Ralepelle sen played rugby..

  • Lefty - 2010-06-10 13:21

    Lets get real Chiliboy has never finished a game , he cant take the preasure in the scrum and can bearly hang in for the Bulls Vodacom side . However he is a political race card and like it or not he will be the Boks captain one day . The reverse for somebody like BEAST !! The man plays his heart out , but is sidelined by BAFOONS running SARU . Very sad. And snorre saying he is picking players in form , wat n grap .

  • labrat - 2010-06-10 14:45

    Ralepelle - someone has paid their corruption fees.

  • Clive - 2010-06-10 16:50

    How Jayden can say Kirchner was the form fullback of the Super 14, I don't know. He missed several games through injury, and I (and many others outside Pretoria) felt Peterson, Aplon and Lambie were all better than him overall. And I am NOT a Stormers/WP supporter! Despite what PdeV says, form is definitely not the deciding factor in the final selection. Chiliboy is the prime example, but one also has to query Butch James's selection. If form was the only criterion, Stefan Terblanche would have played every test last year at number 15. But obviously there are other factors ......!

  • Sa Supporter - 2010-06-10 18:09

    The reason why ChilliBoy is in the team is because he is highly regarded as a future captain and it makes alot of sense having him near John Smit.He mite be the man to take the captain when John Smit hangs up his boots.The reason why Ricky is picked is because he has not let Sa down and PDV likes him alot.They chommies.If you look at Ricky game,He is always in your face while the other surumhalf arent at that level yet.Pdv sees Ruan as a no 10 not no 9 because he is a playmaker.A guy that wins games.

  • YoMama - 2010-06-10 18:45

    While no one will say it out loud, it is quite clear that the selections of both Januarie and Rallepelle are race related. A couple of years ago it looked like we could field a very dark looking team, with players who seem to have disappeared: Mujati, Mtwarira, Murray, Pieterson. When the dark players are the best, we forget about the ugly presence of the race factor that will always stalk SA Rugby. We have become a little complacent in ensuring that those dark skinned players are the best. Mujati should never have been allowed to leave and Murray has been hung out to dry by poor Sharks management. I personally would be happiest if the Bok team looked like South Africa: Perhaps 10 bantu blacks, 3 whities and two coloureds (one of whom must have asian heritage) Sadly, right now, the best 15 don't look like that. It is not the responsibility of the Springboks to be the tool of development. They are simply to be the product of everything done at the lower levels. Right now, that is what they are and it provides an indication that the administrators, provinces and universities aren't doing a good enough job of finding the other potentially great Springbok warriors out of the silent majority. While I can take Ricky Januarie and trust that he will do us proud (he never has not) it is the choice of Rallepelle that smacks of racism and political interference. The greatest loser, though, is Rallepelle himself. He was an undoubted star at the junior levels and has since been pawned around to serve the interests of others. I am sure that all the guy wants to do is play some rugga. The best thing that the Boks (this would require ignoring miscreants like Stofile and Malema) can do would be to put him out to pasture for a year or two, perhaps in a new province where he can become King Chilli and then pick him when it seems the obvious thing to do.

  • Sharky Andrew - 2010-06-10 20:44

    enjoy your time in the springbok team Flip, you're only keeping the bench warm for Alastair Hargreaves and Andries Bekker. They're both 10 times the player he is, I also still reckon Schalk burger should be moved to lock. a 4/5 combination of Schalk and Andries for the boks would be pretty damned effective.

  • @ Andrew Sharky - 2010-06-11 08:16

    What you smoking boet???

  • Skeletor1 - 2010-06-11 08:21

    @Sharky Andrew 6/10/2010 8:44 PM. Your an idiot, you just show how much you know about rugby. Is it because Schalk is not preforming that you want to move him to lock.

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