England avoid Boks in 2013

2012-11-30 19:16

London - The Rugby Football Union (RFU) on Friday announced that England will play Australia, Argentina and New Zealand at Twickenham in the 2013 end-of-year internationals.

England have beaten Fiji and lost to Australia and South Africa in the current series of matches, which concludes on Saturday when they face New Zealand.

"The 2012 QBE Internationals are living up to expectations," said England head coach Stuart Lancaster.

"We have gone head to head with the best teams in the Southern Hemisphere at Twickenham. In the process, we have learnt a lot about our players and what is required to perform at the very top level of international rugby.

"We are looking forward to meeting Australia and New Zealand again next November and welcoming Argentina to Twickenham for the first time since 2009."

England 2013 end-of-year internationals:

Saturday, November 2: Australia (Twickenham)

Saturday, November 9: Argentina (Twickenham)

Saturday, November 16: New Zealand (Twickenham)


  • david.s.duncan.1 - 2012-11-30 20:50

    Tired of losing? :-)

      grootrot.vanzyl - 2012-11-30 21:34

      The poms will loose 3 - 0 against the Southern Hemisphere teams.

  • sean.bagley.50 - 2012-11-30 22:00

    Bloody hell they post the November Internationals for 2013 before they even post where England will play in the June tests in 2013,a bit back to front these Poms aren't they?The Boks are too physical for you softy Poms and te veel pakslae en eina dis te seer hierdie kontak sport ding genaamd rugby ain't it?

      Flemstone - 2012-11-30 22:45

      Beat the Poms by 1 point and a draw in the previous game. What does that say about SA rugby Sean? Imagine what All Black fans can say about the Boks? Recently the Boks have lost to them by 16 and 10 points. If the Poms are soft in comparison to SA, what is SA in comparison to NZ?

      sean.bagley.50 - 2012-12-01 00:18

      @Flemstone You should stay off these rugby pages mate as your comments clearly shows that you don't have rugby acumen at all.HM's Springboks beat and draw with the Poms by small margins with a scratch team he had managed to assemble to be competitive,whereas Steve Hansen had being working with Graham Henry since 2004 and then took over the head coach role after the 2011 WC with the same core players that won New Zealand the tournament. Hansen inherited an All Black winning team that's being playing together for ages and who understood his method of playing and each others weaknesses,flaws,strong points,etc whereas HM had to start from point zero with what he got.How long does it take to get all the ingredients just right in order to make a team formidable? The team that PDV inherited in 2007 beat the All Blacks 3 times in a row in 2009 because it was a winning team that also beat the British and Irish Lions in a Series in the same year.The core player base Jake White had started & that won the 2007 RWC was passed on to the new coach at the time which was PDV. Start making some sense next time you post your comments.In fact read them carefully 1st before posting garbage.Don't bleat away with what the All Blacks have achieved and expect Meyer to do the same with a team he is still building.This is HM's first attempt at being a test level coach whereas Steve Hansen had been Graham Henry's assistant coach at test level since 2004.Don't try to compare apples with pears.

      Jimmy NZ - 2012-12-01 06:11

      The boring, bitter, bonehead brigade!!! If you think the AB's cheat, I would assess your own rugby acumen. Can't beat us so we must be cheats... Pathetic really!

      Flemstone - 2012-12-01 12:24

      You've completely missed my point Sean. Can All Black fans claim the Boks are soft or not? By your standards yes.

      aduvenhage - 2012-12-01 15:03

      No, Flemstone, they cannot. The Boks are not on an 11-match winless streak against the ABs. England last beat the Boks six years and 12 matches ago. The ABs, in contrast have won their last two matches against the Boks. But if you're taking Sean's post about "softy Poms" seriously, perhaps your rugby knowledge is not your biggest problem.

      Flemstone - 2012-12-01 16:28

      Oh so its a misunderstanding. Sean doesn't actually think the Poms are soft? Sorry I always assume when people insult England or other teams that they aren't joking. How exactly does my inability to spot South African sarcasm give you an indication of what my rugby knowledge is like? I've read many of Seans comments. He's hardly the joker on here.

      pierre.devilliers.9231 - 2012-12-02 07:06

      Flemstone, generally you don't have a point, so there is not much to miss. And yes the AB's do cheat and are getting away with it more than other teams. I already gave you examples, but then you just play the dumb card whenever it suits you.

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