Deans: Pocock over McCaw

2012-06-11 12:39

Sydney - Wallaby coach Robbie Deans has praised his newest Test captain David Pocock, saying that he has never in his time coaching seen a player as effective at the breakdown.

According to the website, the Wallabies registered their first Test win of the season with a 27-19 win over Wales, with the biggest difference for Deans’s troops after their 9-6 loss to Scotland in Newcastle (Brisbane’s better weather aside) being the impetus generated by the pack.

Another notable sight was Pocock charging into the breakdown with consistent support, whereas against the Scottish forwards the Western Force flank was often left isolated.

All Blacks captain Richie McCaw, who Deans coached for years at Canterbury and for the Crusaders, is generally regarded as one of the finest opensides that has ever graced the game.

However Deans said that Pocock was a “freak”, and was direct when asked if he had ever crossed paths with a player who was the equal of the Zimbabwean-born fetcher.

“No, no, absolutely not (does a player compare to Pocock)”, Deans said.

“He is a physical freak. He has such a low centre of gravity, he's got such strength and he's quick and he's smart.

"So he gets into good position and he claims good position. He's nigh impossible to move and he gets the benefit of that."

Who would YOU rather have in your team? David Pocock or Richie McCaw?


  • danny.zulberg - 2012-06-11 12:53

    They both transgress the law at the breakdown and the refs don't know how to deal with them. The older Mc Caw gets the worse he gets. Pocock NEVER disingages from the tackle before he plays the ball (Never any daylight), and Mc Caw enters from the side every time and both do not keep behind the last player's feet. This is what makes the IRB change the laws every year. Rossouw has started playing to the law, but that is why he is no longer in favour?

      shakes.tshabala - 2012-06-11 13:03

      @Danny, I beg to differ. If they repeately transgress as you say, why don't the Refs penalize them constantly? You telling us that those two players are bigger than the game, oh no. Even the SA Refs allow their style of play. Give them both due, they win many balls for their respective teams. I would select both of them in my team.

      gary.martin.33821189 - 2012-06-11 13:14

      I totally agree. Non-disengagement is more difficult to spot (though he was pinged quite a few times against Wales) but Richie continues under the radar and I for one will never agree to those who raise hime as number one. Number one at being less "caught" is what it amounts to. But one has to say that being a breakdown expert is tough enough so why not press the rules to beyond breaking.......possession is all.

      paul.sdoow - 2012-06-11 13:20

      er shakes they do get penalized that's the point but for everytime they noticed to transgress they have already done the dirty ten times? not saying they not quality players but hey we all know if you can get away with a professional fowl why not?. did you not notice last world cup with popcock he was the master of disguise at breakdowns . as for work rate both those guys have high work rates but so does and good loose forward.

      marnusmnorval - 2012-06-11 13:25

      @ danny dont be so sour.. one eyed monster.. they are the best of the best.. The only reason you say so is becaus you are an SA supported. Give praise to the best

      Nzbro - 2012-06-11 23:19

      its not in Deans interest to praise Mc Caw over his own Oz player. What damage would an error like that do to pococks confidence? However Mr Deans knows his fellow cantabrian, Mc Caw is the best No 7 but is not permitted to say it. not in public at least. regardless .."we still luv you robbie, just tell them what they want to hear aye..".lol

  • razz.tazz.9 - 2012-06-11 12:56

    Mr Deans as you know, Sir Ritchie McCaw has made his mark already, and achived many accolades thus far in the local and international arena.

  • stompies.hattingh.5 - 2012-06-11 12:56

    Die twee grootste "skelms" ja

  • marnus.lamprecht - 2012-06-11 13:03

    I might be wrong, but Pocock was penalized 3 times this weekend, he turned over 2/3 balls, is it worth having a one dimensional player like that in your team? He does slow the ball down at the breakdown but I think McCaw has a lot more skills, better attacking potential, is a frequent line out option and gets pinned way less.

      Jack - 2012-06-11 13:44

      I fully agree marnus. Refs are blowing the so-called fetchers. It is partly why Brussouw is not the player he was. You can see the new ref policy in the nature of penalties awarded against sides. The fetchers are getting hammered. On saturday the Boks were only pinged once for not rolling away, so not selecting a fetcher was a good strategy. If you read Deans' comments on Pocock he is talking about his ball-carrying abilities. Pocock is obviously reinventing himself, which McCaw is finding hard to do, if you watched Saturday's game. I am glad this is happening because the previous situation just meant that the crooks win, and it cost us in the world cup.

      Niel - 2012-06-11 13:51

      Omg this world cup thing is worse than apartheid, we lost because we don't know how to use a rugby ball. We had more than enough possesion and territory to win despite the ref being blind. Accept that and change our rugby so it won't happen again

  • Pat - 2012-06-11 14:02

    nothing more pathetic than deans kissin asstralian ass!! poor basterd!

  • Skwertno1 - 2012-06-11 14:22

    Yeah both cheaters.....

  • jacques.ackermann - 2012-06-11 15:26

    he and mccheat plays to bend the rules at the breakdowns. os if they get away with it by al means. its just up to the other teams to do the same. i really hope HM brings back brussow and 90 of our breakdown problems will be sorted. its just a matter of getting the timing right. the AB get away with murder at the breakdowns at every game

  • sean.brady.14224 - 2012-06-11 15:42

    The following quote is taken straight out of the blog created by Tony Johnson. For the record he is not a South African. I know how the supporters down under like to have a dig and say that we South Africans always moan about the refs :-). "I am reluctant to have a dig at Craig, because he is a great guy, and has clearly been the world’s best for some time, but I thought he allowed David Pocock an almost Lawrencian (new word, invented after a certain RWC quarterfinal) amount off leeway at the breakdown in the first half." So how good is Pocock at rugby, or could it be that he is actually much better at transgressing the laws and getting away with it? Don't get me wrong, this is exactly what his job entails, if he can do it to such a degree then well done to him. Brussouw seems to be a little off the pace when it comes to pushing the boundaries. As much as we complain about Pocock and McCaw we would love to have someone of their calibre playing for the Boks!!!

  • Rich - 2012-06-11 16:24

    My sevens better than yours na, na na, na, naaaa na! Whatever Robbie. Richies accolades, leadership skills, lineout work, defence and ball carrying ablility speak for themselves. I'd take Richie over Pocock any day.

  • gsaker1 - 2012-06-12 09:35

    Give me a break - it was a leading question begging for the right answer - and Deans under pressure for his job appeased the Australian fans and their media with the answer form a question put to him by a foreign journalist no doubt put up to be an Australian journalist who year in year out have been desperately wanting Pocock to steal some of McCaw on field presence and reputation It's almost become a pathetic a campiagn by the Australian media to dethrone McCaw...The Wallabies were outplayed at the breakdown in the WC semi-final lead by McCaw and McCaw is a man mountain on the fild with his presence, go forward with the ball and leadership. He is still the worlds best no7 - I don't give a damn what a nervous Robbie Deans says when his job is under extreme pressure. Pocock is brilliant but he will never be 3 time 'World Player of the Year' Ritchie McCaw.

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