Dan Carter cited for tackle

2009-11-08 20:07

London - New Zealand flyhalf Dan Carter has been cited for a dangerous tackle on Wales scrumhalf Martin Roberts during Saturday's Test at Cardiff's Millennium Stadium.

VIDEO: Click here to watch Dan Carter's tackle

Carter was jeered off the pitch after the head-high tackle, which incensed Wales coach Warren Gatland, and will face a disciplinary hearing in Milan, where the New Zealand squad are preparing for next weekend's clash against Italy.

He is due to appear before International Rugby Board-appointed judicial officer Jeff Blackett, who is also the Rugby Football Union's disciplinary chief.

The 27-year-old, who was not yellow-carded for the offence by match referee Craig Joubert, could receive a minimum one-week ban.

Carter, who kicked 14 points during the All Blacks' 19-12 victory, was cited by Australian match commissioner Scott Nowland.

He is the third All Blacks player to be cited in a week, following one-week suspensions dished out to wing Sitiveni Sivivatu and prop Tony Woodcock for foul play during the victory over Australia in Tokyo.

Roberts, who had come on as a replacement, admitted Carter had apologised for the tackle.

"Looking at the replay it did look quite high. He did apologise to me. He said 'sorry for the tackle' after the game," he said.

"Things like that happen in games, and you just have to take it on the chin. It looked bad, but I was fine.

"Everyone has got their views and opinions, but as a player you just get on with it. The referee makes decisions."

Gatland, though, had no doubt Carter should have been yellow-carded.

"It was a head-high tackle," he said. "A guy makes a break in the 22, and if that had happened at the other end then it would have been a penalty and a yellow card.

"All the officials missed it, so we are pretty disappointed with that."

All Blacks centre Conrad Smith conceded New Zealand's general discipline was below the required standard.

"One of the worrying things was that our discipline still wasn't good enough," he said.

"We gave away far too many penalties and we are letting teams into games.

"I think our defence is really good, and the main way teams are making metres against us is through penalties. There were a lot of silly penalties conceded."


  • Dan is the Man - 2009-11-08 20:18

    No worries Dan,if you get banned,so be it.

  • Imboriako - 2009-11-08 21:03

    would do well in a bulls jersey..the thugs in blue are the top team for foul play and breaking the laws.

  • JG - 2009-11-08 21:34

    Ridiculous! What is this game coming to! There was very little wrong with that tackle! I thought it was great cover defense, hardly worth punishing!

  • darwinia - 2009-11-08 21:52

    Obviously an English plot. Trying to get the matchwinner banned to give themselves a chance. South Africans are used to this.

  • SportSouth - 2009-11-08 22:08

    To Imboriako: Shame on you for your "out of line" and disgusting remarks. Grow up man!!

  • Springbokkie - 2009-11-08 23:04

    lol shyte happens Dan, take it on the chin and join the club!! That's what makes the Southern Hemisphere the dominating pack - we learn to win with no winds at our backs. IMO it was a high tackle, but probably just worth a penalty. Good luck Dan the Man!

  • Politician - 2009-11-08 23:51

    Very true Darwinia!. If this was a Springbok....maximum penalty!. Dan Carter has never been a "dirty" player, never!. Gatland said : "It was a head-high tackle, A guy makes a break in the 22, and if that had happened at the other end then it would have been a penalty and a yellow card"....hahaha, an English plot no doubt!.

  • Gary - 2009-11-09 00:33

    A swinging arm at head height. If this isn't dangerous then you really are pretty blinkered. Glad to see the citing commissioner is not afraid to do what the match officials should have. The better team won and probably still would have with 14 but thuggery like that deserves to be punished - whoever they are. The only downside as a Wales fan will mean that he could be banned v. England.

  • @snort South - 2009-11-09 07:06

    you my dear snort south grow up to the fact that rugby has rules! Ask any Province supporter why they did not play in the final , rules you imbecile !The stander of refereeing is appalling across the Jg if you are correct then the Bulls would not have been in the finale and the Cheetahs would have won it.Make the refs accountable and we will all see another ball game .

  • Gwiiig - 2009-11-09 08:23

    Dan Carter is the man so he can do whatever he wants and get away with it. As long as he knows he is the best.... Whose Morne Steyn when you have carter??? Whose Wilkinson???

  • Fi5 - 2009-11-09 09:02

    Luckily for Dan, he was playing in a black jersey so he'll probably get a 2 hour suspension starting immediately,so he'll end up missing one training session. If he wore a green and gold jersey, well well, they'd have no choice but to suspend him for a minimum of 6 weeks.

  • Hmmm - 2009-11-09 09:06

    Why is it that SA is seen as the bad boys of the rugby world, but NZ are the ones getting 2 suspensions per game(and a lot more uncited)...We should refer this matter to Malema and have him sort them out.

  • Johan - 2009-11-09 09:36

    If you want a yellow card or suspension for that tackle, we can just as well stop playing Rugby. A penalty, yes, but if you want to yellow card every high tackle like that it's pathetic. I am not a NZ supporter but come on. If you ask me it is again a Sour Grapes issue by Wales. You lost! Get over it and carry on! Perhaps they'll have another excuse after an Auzzie loss!

  • Gavin - 2009-11-09 14:03

    I thought the welsh officials made a real meal of it it was never going to change the outcome of the game the Welsh were never up for it anyway. Warren Gatland has become a whinging pom, expected more from him especially after his comments earlier in the week.

  • ZION PAY - 2009-11-09 15:12

    It is refreshing to see that the referee is, more and more, coming under the looking glass. ref comments was at a time a no-no and total taboo. maybe it will be to the interest of the game if refs lost their deity status.

  • TJOPPIE - 2009-11-09 15:25

    Did not see the game, so did not see the tackle. But if I look at the photo it is clear as day that it was a high tackle. Possibly even a dangerous one. Unfortunately the rules must be applied evenly for all and Carter should get the maximum sentence. He will probaly only get a one week ban or a slap on the wrist. If this was 'n player in a green and gold jersey they would have dragged him into the street, shoot him and then put the corpse on trail for attempted murder...

  • Owie - 2009-11-09 19:32

    The tackle was high. Dangerous? I dont think so. Yellow card? I dont think so. Thanks for putting a video link up Sport24

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