WP to stay at Newlands for now

2011-11-10 19:57

Cape Town - The Western Province Rugby Union remains open for discussion about a possible move to the Cape Town Stadium, but no such decision is pending.

“Whilst we continue to remain open to considering our position, a considerable number of important elements would need to be resolved, including what the best financial model for WP Rugby would be,” Tobie Titus, President of the WPRFU told the WP Rugby website.

“Any decision would need to be taken by the General Council of the WPRFU. At the moment no such decision has been taken and no such decision is pending. WPRFU will continue to play all official league Super Rugby, Currie Cup and Test rugby at DHL Newlands.” added Titus.

This comes after Theuns Roodtman, the WPRFU's chief executive, told Die Burger newspaper that they "are in talks with the city" (Cape Town's City Council) about a possible move from Newlands to the new stadium in Greenpoint.


  • Grant - 2011-11-10 20:35

    So Greenpoint stadium remains a white elepnt that should never have been built in the first place. Thanks Mr Blatter - for eff-all! Reports some months back said it was going to be demolished to make way for a shopping centre?

      Nico Roets - 2011-11-10 21:01

      Its not thanks to Mr Blatter... its thanks to the corrupt ANC that CT is stuck with a stadium which never should have been built.

      Jay - 2011-11-10 21:12

      What are you guys on about..? Not only is the DA the ruling party in the Western Cape, but there has been a stadium at Greenpoint for DECADES! Lol Besides, I have been to three events at this stadium in the last 4 months - so wouldn't exactly call it a white elephant. And it was brilliant! So whoever is responsible for building this stadium - ANC, DA, the Flying Spaghetti Monster - THANK YOU! It's a jewel in Cape Town's crown. Do either one of you even live in the city..? Or are you just criticising from afar?

  • Johan - 2011-11-10 20:38

    "the best financial model for WP Rugby would be" TO START WINNING CUPS!!

  • Jay - 2011-11-10 21:03

    Even though I grew up in the stands of Newlands and can understand many die-hard fans reluctance to move to the Cape Town Stadium, I feel very strongly that this would be the right thing. Newlands is fantastic once you're on your seat, but everything before that is a headache. If you don't believe me, go to an event at the Cape Town Stadium... and then buy railway stand tickets for the next big game at Newlands. Let's forget just trying to get to the stadium, the traffic, etc. Once you're inside it feels like you've time-travelled to the 1970's... the facilities are so old and run-down. I can't imagine what visiting teams fans must think. Try to get a beer or go to the toilet... impossible! And even if you manage to get your hands on a beer, you're not even allowed to take it outside of that hole they call a bar... Cape Town Stadium is like a breath of fresh air - the bar, food and toilet facilities are as good as Wembley Stadium, there is no overcrowing in narrow walking areas, and once you're inside your breath is taken away by this truly magnificent stadium. Since they took the main stand standing area away Newlands hasn't been the same anyway - that was the heart of Newlands. They might as well just finish the goodbye now. Besides, 60,000 Province supporters can make a whole lot more noise than 45,000!! Prooooooooooovinceeee.....!

      Marius - 2011-11-10 21:21

      Agree 100% with you. Especially the bit about the bar , not to mention the toilets. I have nightmares of some alien thing attacking me while taking a at the crips. Horrible.

      Paul - 2011-11-10 21:55

      Well said Jay... a ray of common sense... The new stadium is not going to go away, Newlands (much as it is loved and has tradition and all) has seen its best days... Its time for Cape Town to embrace the new stadium. WP rugby and Super rugby - what a venue!

  • Pieter - 2011-11-10 22:07

    Who is WP again? I haven't heard that name in at least 10 years

  • Kenjaymay - 2011-11-10 22:17

    I'm a bit worried here...... has WP got enough supporters left to fill any stadium? Maybe they should play at the local highschool! LoL!!! Go Lions!

      Pieter - 2011-11-10 23:34

      @Kenjaymay I'd say they should compete in the B-division, 10 years without a cup is proof you are out of your league

      sean.looney - 2011-11-11 00:52

      wow. the lions win the curry cup in a weakened year and their fans are suddenly as loud as the bulls fans. i think our supporter base is just fine thank you kenjay.. if i were you i'd be more worried about the awful attendances at ellis park and the fact that the lions are going to be dealt a dose of reality in the super15 next season.

      Pieter - 2011-11-11 02:40

      @seanloonitic They might get a dose of reality, but certainly not from the mofkop Stormers

      Blou - 2011-11-11 06:16

      Pieter, he certainly looks that way.

      Nibiru - 2011-11-11 06:59

      @Pieter & Blouballas You guys should know

      paul.ramncwana - 2011-11-11 09:06

      We r still here and we r not going anywhere. WP 4 Life!!!!

      Jean - 2011-11-13 10:20

      saying that just makes you sound stupid coz even in the ten years we haven't won a cup newlands was consistently full to capacity so dont make stupid uneducated comments like that considering that the liones only sold out game this year was the currie cup final

  • Blouballas - 2011-11-11 06:26

    Stay at Newlands for now and cupless for another 10 years.

  • Nerfiller - 2011-11-11 09:22

    WP is one of very few unions that owns its own stadium, its silly to go and rent a huge stadium when yours is paid for. Its that simple.

      Jay - 2011-11-12 13:39

      You can argue that way yes... But Newlands will need a serious upgrade soon, which would cost millions - how are they going to pay for that? If you rent a stadium you don't pay for upgrades... Also, if WP moves to Cape Town Stadium and develops Newlands into business and residential properties (since they own the land), they can MAKE millions/billions - because you don't get much more prime real estate in SA than that location... and it's massive! Also, if they put a clause in the buyers' contracts that every time they sell their property, they need to pay 5% to the WP Rugby Union (as developers do), then they will make millions more... Besides this extra income, the large increase in capacity (10,000 +) will generate a considerably larger income over the year. We all know Newlands sells out regularly during the season - in fact, it's the best supported rugby team in the world (in terms of attendance) - so R1 m + extra income for a big match (10,000 x R100) is very realistic. Furthermore, the city council WANTS them to move to the new stadium - they need them - so I'm sure a very reasonable rent agreement could be worked out. They might even pay for some of the necessary changes... Considering all these facts, it would actually be financially MUCH better for WP Rugby to move to the Cape Town Stadium. They just need to be smart about it.

      Nerfiller - 2011-11-15 15:36

      Its a rugby union not a property developer and I'm sure they are making enough money. Yes Regularly sells out but I bet the rent wont change for games that are not well attended at the new Stadium and the matter of having to share it with other events may be a problem. More involvement with government = more problems. Its a thing of heritage long live Newlands Stadium!!!! WP is altyd a lekker ding!!

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