Plumtree calls WP destructive

2010-10-26 22:08

JJ Harmse

Durban – There's little you can tell John Plumtree about finals, and the accomplished Sharks coach has called on his knowledge of the psychological aspect by questioning Western Province’s play at the breakdown.

He described WP’s play in that area of the game as “destructive” ahead of Saturday’s Currie Cup final, and is happy that Craig Joubert has been appointed to referee the game.

Joubert was in the firing line after the Stormers’ defeat to the Bulls in the Super14 final. He penalised the Stormers heavily at the breakdown, leaving captain Schalk Burger wondering if there might be two sets of laws.

Plumtree said it’s the application of the same set of laws for both teams that gives him peace of mind, though he is very concerned about WP’s play at the breakdown.

“The game won’t be won and lost there, but it is one of the most important aspects of the game. It’s about getting quick ball, and if you can’t get it, you won’t get your game going or be able to build momentum,” he said.

Plumtree said that the Sharks’ loose trio had a different approach to the breakdown than their opponents.

“WP are destructive in approaching the breakdown. Add to that two sets of very aggressive tight forwards and a few big backline players, and it’s clear that the potential for fireworks is there.”

He does not believe Joubert will carry any ill will from the Orlando final into the game, but isn't sure whether WP have improved enough to not find themselves at the wrong end of his whistle again.

“There is still chaos in that aspect and WP are still very destructive there. I know Craig understands what it’s about. They will attack our ball and we will attack theirs. That is why it’s so important that both teams are refereed according to the same set of laws.

"That will allow us to play our game.”

Plumtree said his experience of finals with Swansea, Wellington and the Sharks has taught him that there's no way to guarantee success.

“The big unknowns are how you prepare for the final, whether your game plan will be the right one and how it will be executed.”

He said there were numerous positive aspects of the Sharks’ play this year.

“We've brought young players through the ranks who will make major contributions to the Sharks in the coming years. And equally important, we have established a style of rugby that people can get excited about. They attend matches on Saturdays to support us because of the way we've been playing,” said Plumtree.

A win on Saturday will be a just reward for that effort.

“If you ask me whether we need to win to make the season a success, I'll say yes. My team won’t run out of the tunnel on Saturday with a different mindset. There is only one goal for us, and that is to win the Currie Cup. And Western Province know it.”


  • IsiWp - 2010-10-26 22:23

    I hope WP beats the crap out of these poachers. I also hope the Boks lose all their games on tour and that NZ wins the WC. Only 2 teams in my books. WP and NZ.

  • Waste - 2010-10-26 22:24

    Schalk Burger wasn't disciplined for his outburst against SA referee Craig Joubert, after his loss to the Bulls in the S14 final. Subsequently the final was analysed ad nauseum, and it turns out that Burger was simply outplayed by Deon Stegmann. Live with it.. . . . So Plum mentions en passant that WP have "destructive" loosies, and then people get excited and start making headlines. The Sharks have destructive loosies, the Bulls have destructive loosies. What's in it?

  • Rob - 2010-10-26 22:33

    Shame old Plums, nice one and thanks for following Naka's example. In the same boat I guess & feeling the pressure. Trying to influence the ref to gain the advantage. Both you and Naka are pathetic. Nevermind all these mind games, Saints Bismarck & Jannie along with the inexperience of Lambie at 10 will be your downfall

  • Mike@CapeT - 2010-10-26 22:34

    It's called 'gamesmanship'! Joubert will be better employed ensuring that the Sharks are not consistently standing offsides at the rucks and mauls as they so often are, and getting away with it. They call it a flat defence but it is clearly offside....majority of the time!

  • Barry - 2010-10-26 23:10

    Plumtree skuil vir Province...we going shark hunting on afraid, be very afraid !

  • ModderOtter - 2010-10-26 23:13

    Ai tog, net toe ek dink die Sharks is beter as die Cheetahs kom hulle met dieselfde k@k!! Begin al verskonings maak nog voor die spanne op die veld gedraf het!!

  • Colin B - 2010-10-26 23:20

    Can hardly wait for Saturday. Sharks will show the way for SA rugby by carrying the ball all the way. Todays game calls for possession of the ball and that is our game. The Sharks will win!

  • G.Salvesen - 2010-10-27 00:45

    Players you don't have to worry about in the Wee Pee team. Schalk Burger cant tackle wraps his arms around your neck and legs around your waist like a baby baboon. Janjies doesn't know how to pass he is the team, if the opposition loose the ball and he grabs it its a try,doesn't score from set moves.....GO SHARKS>>

  • Kiwiwank - 2010-10-27 01:24

    OMG this is such an fkn joke! First it was Naka droe drol dumb Cheetah who bitched about WP so-called illegal scrumaging. The Cheetahs was then blown away at Newlands. Now this paranoid, kiwi sheepshagger jumped onto the wagon aswell.Next thing he will accuse WP of espionage, like the AB’s! On Sunday, after their loss, he will most properly accuse the WP team of putting stuff in the Sharks food causing food poisoning. It’s shocking to hear how this idiots sucks up to the referees before games. Just shows you how dumb the referees are by listening to this. I say dumb because they obviously listens to this otherwise shagger and Naka won’t try this.....unless they are really as dumb as they look.Joubert is anyway anti-WP so we expect a one-sided referee show. He should rather keep an eye on the second dumbest (2nd to Bakkies that is) and no 1 thug in the Sharks team, Bismarck (o lord it’s hard to be humble when you believe you are god’s gift to society) du Plessis and his brother, the hillbilly doctor. GO WP SHAGGE SHARK WITH A SHAGGER COACH!BRING IT ON MATE BRING IT ON!

  • John - 2010-10-27 01:31

    Go for it Sharks! Let's hope for good reffing and a cracker of a game.

  • Claude - 2010-10-27 04:57

    Destructive!? Plumtree - Desperate.

  • JPF - 2010-10-27 05:51

    And now John? Did Naka had a chat with you?

  • Big Cheese - 2010-10-27 05:57

    Plumtree you pillock . Its called a " breakdown " and hence you need to be destructive . Do you want someone to be " constructive " at the breakdown ? Craig Joubert must be blushing from all the compliments . Hope he refs properly and without bias this time .

  • Christi - 2010-10-27 06:42

    I want the sharks to get a hiding from the WP - they must come down to earth again - and I think they are hoping for two setps of rules - because that is the only way they might win

  • Michael - 2010-10-27 06:56

    Nice try Plumtree. You know WP will outplay you in the breakdowns. That is why you are trying to get the ref to look at WP at the breakdowns. WP will be champions.

  • Blue Jake - 2010-10-27 07:07

    At least there is a very tiny plus for us Blue Bull and Cheetah supporters. No nerves, stress, emotion leading up to the game. We can watch on Saturday without the end of the world looming if we would have lost. Good luck to both teams.

  • BALSAK(alias Blue Bul Hater) - 2010-10-27 07:16

    WP by 3-5, period!!!!!!!

  • Confused - 2010-10-27 07:18

    Did John Plumtree say this last night because this article was posted at 22:08. Makes me wonder if this article is legit???? Also, Plumtree doesn't really say what WP does at the breakdown. They are "destructive"!!! That could really mean anything. I'm starting to wonder whether News24/Sport24 are bloody agents???

  • Plumtree's 16th player? - 2010-10-27 07:22

    Seems like Mr Plumtree is already trying to get the swing vote of the referee for the game on Sat. Feeling a bit of pressure? Province by 9.

  • Pieter van Niekerk - 2010-10-27 07:24

    We all know that Craig Joubert applied two sets of rules during the S14 final (however the Bulls deserved to win as they were the better team on the day). We also know that the WP has a great disadvantage with Joubert on the field as conclusive evidence exists that he is openly unfair towards the WP. Nevertheless Plumtree shocked me with his cowardly attack on the WP. Plumtree, the Sharks are good enough to win without the help of the referee. It seems, however, that you have so little faith in your team’s ability that you are soliciting Joubert’s help even before the game starts.

  • Jik - 2010-10-27 07:27

    The writing is on the wall Province...

  • JR - 2010-10-27 07:45

    Nou waar is al die Wie Pie supporters dan vanoggend. Nognie wakker nie of wat, hoop julle word wakker voor Satardag anders moet julle nog 9 jaar wag om die blinkgoed in die kas te sit.

  • Flip - 2010-10-27 07:51

    WP are indeed destructive and they are gonna destruct the Skarks.

  • Mark - 2010-10-27 07:55

    Hey!! Did you hear? Blue Bulls can still make the finals!!!! By buying enough tickets!!! ROTFLAMO.

  • @IsiWp - 2010-10-27 07:58

    My word, you are a ray of sunshine. I am so glad that you support WP, because you are the epitomy of what a supporter should be... NOT. Hard times ahead for you I am afraid, but at least your positive outlook on life will pull you through LOL GO SHARKS, and Go Bokke

  • fuzzy - 2010-10-27 08:01

    what baffles me is how they can appoint Joubert to ref the final. At best he is SA's 3rd best ref and most definetly home town ref.

  • Leon - 2010-10-27 08:03

    IS DIT PLUIMBOOM!!!!???? Siestog, dis maar erg as jy alreeds op 'n Woensdag hierdie tipe k@k kwytraak..... O, WP is DESTRUCTIVE.........SO wees BANG.....BAIE BANG!

  • Klaas - 2010-10-27 08:03

    Ja julle Sharks supporters, kyk en support net die game en leer by die WP, julle moet nog 30 jaar wag voor julle die Curry CUp soveel keer as die WP gewen het. Pasop dat julle lee-kop woorde nie backfire op julle nie, ek haat julle al nes ek die Bulls haat, arrogante supporters maak dat mens die span en speleres self begin haat. Arogante gemorste.

  • BBJW - 2010-10-27 08:06

    Plum i scorrect ! Burger is worth at least 6 points to any oposition . Maybee he will get in some eye gouging as well and then we will be even better off. The province loosies have had to learn how to steel ball on the wrong side of the law otherwise the pansies would not get any ball !

  • Leo - 2010-10-27 08:07

    Provided the SHARKS leave their HANDBAGS in the changeroom,tuck their PETTICOATS tightly into their FRILLY BROEKIES and make sure their STILETTOS have new heels,WESTERN PROVINCE won't have a problem with winning THE FINAL fair and square!

  • @JR - 2010-10-27 08:10

    Ons steur ons nie aan stront nie. Daar is baie beter dinge in die Kaap om te doen.

  • Baz - 2010-10-27 08:10

    Stop crying cause the Bulls outplayed you and say well done if (when)the sharks beat you......... is cape town arrogant ???? Hardly !!!!!

  • GW @ JR - 2010-10-27 08:10

    You have just walked out of the strip club in Soweto half drunk and now you want to talk kak? You really need help, Why dont you go to Weskoppies i am sure they can help. Go Province

  • Weepee - 2010-10-27 08:11

    Destructive!!!! What is Plumtree talking about??

  • NamWP - 2010-10-27 08:13

    Yes, Naka also complained about WPs scrumming tecniques and look where it got him and the might Cheetah front row? WP will kick butt on Saturday!

  • Yea right ... - 2010-10-27 08:16

    "we have established a style of rugby that people can get excited about.They attend matches on Saturdays to support us because of the way we've been playing," ??? Yea, that's right John, that must be the reason why the Shark Tank was packed to the rafters for the semi's. Or was it perhaps because most of your own supporters thought they would lose that game. If it is the latter, then don't expect too many supporters at the Tank this weekend. @ confused - This article was written by JJ (Bloutril) Harmse. Therefore it's doubtful if it contains any truth. Regarding the "destructive" part. JJ himself couldn't find any fault in the way Province play at the breakdown, therefore he had to invent something for Joubert to focus on.

  • JJ - 2010-10-27 08:16

    Wee-Pee jou lekka ding!!

  • Sharkman @ Pieter van Niekerk - 2010-10-27 08:18

    Bla-bla-bla grab a box of Kleenex. @ Confused - I think you make a good pint.

  • DieSkim - 2010-10-27 08:22

    It's gonna be one hell of a game... Can't wait for the Duane Vermeulen/Kankowski & Burger/Alberts match-ups... Also Mvovo vs Apples and De Waal/Lambie!! Province to sneak it at the breakdown and scrum. Die currie cup kom weer!!

  • tim - 2010-10-27 08:23

    ja plumtree, naka did the samething and then got thumped and embarresed. feeling the presure their buddy? shark will lose their first game at home since february on saturday.

  • JR - 2010-10-27 08:24

    @IsiWP you sound like you are worried for 2010 and 2011. Go SHARKS and FRANCE!

  • scrum cheaters - 2010-10-27 08:27

    WeeProbeer = 9 year losers and scrum cheaters... ....GO SHARKS..!!!

  • @Pieter van Niekerk (Koos Kaap) - 2010-10-27 08:31

    Jy slaan die spyker op die kop. Plumtree is k*kbang vir die WP se voorspelers en nou probeer hy reeds vooraf Joubert se steun werf. Naka het dit probeer en ons weet wat met die Vrystaat gebeur het. Die onnosel Plumtree probeer so waar dieselfde. Dom aap!

  • Sharkster - 2010-10-27 08:31

    No wonder this country is in a mess, some of the comments made here over a game of rugby shows the poor mental state of some people. Sharks by 5 If WP win then, well done to them. Lets hope for equal reffing decisions.

  • e - 2010-10-27 08:32


  • Neille - 2010-10-27 08:32

    Just play your best game Province, and the Sharks don't stand a chance !!

  • jenny edwards - 2010-10-27 08:32

    I think Plumtree is worried, that is why he is trying to find fauld with the way WP play the game. you go province and we will take the Currie Cup to Cape town this year. play the game and may the best team win. I have faith in the MAN above and if we are meant to win we will-God Bless and Good luck WP

  • Connie - 2010-10-27 08:42

    HAHAHAHA please its all pre-game tactics, the loose forwards are going to take on the shark pack without mercy. They showed no destructive play against the Cheetahs. They played a well planned, clean and patient game and almost white washed them. WP will take the ball wide and run circles around the sharks who play a very intese forward game like the bulls. The only advantage the Sharks have is that it is a home final, and ooooooo yes the Referee.......need we say more. There is only one P and thats the WP!!!! Go Province!!

  • @JR (Koos Kaap) - 2010-10-27 08:42

    Nee my ou vriend, dit werk nie so nie. Soos jy twee weke gelede met die semi-finals gesien het, word 'n rugbywedstryd nie deur die ondersteuners op 'n webwerf gespeel nie. Was dit maar so, sou die Blou Bulle 250 - 0 gewen het.

  • thumper - 2010-10-27 08:45

    Craig Joubert is an "afrikaans" box!