Naka questions WP's scrum

2010-10-13 22:27

Jóhann Thormählen

Bloemfontein – The Free State Cheetahs are questioning the legality of Western Province’s scrumming tactics ahead of Saturday’s Currie Cup semifinal and have e-mailed André Watson and Mark Lawrence about it.

Cheetahs coach Naka Drotské has made it clear that he is expecting a fair front-row battle.

Province dominated the Sharks front row of Jannie du Plessis, Bismarck du Plessis and Tendai Mtawarira, but apparently not just because they were stronger.

Drotské feels that certain aspects of the home side’s scrumming is suspect and that is why he e-mailed South African referees manager Watson and match referee Lawrence.

“I have e-mailed them about the so-called slingshot engagement at the hit. And also about the loose forwards that release their bind a little early,” said Drotské.

“I have an undertaking by Mark Lawrence and André Watson that they will study footage of it. It’s important for us,” he said.

The so-called slingshot engagement to which Drotské is referring means that the eighthman pulls his locks back and pushes them forwards at the hit.

This results in the team and its front row gaining more momentum at the engagement.

The laws state that all eight players have to be static at the hit and no movement forwards or sideways is allowed. If an eighthman’s shoulders are bound to his locks, it is effectively impossible to use this tactic.

Drotské, however, is not worried about how Lawrence will referee the scrums.

“I don’t think Mark is very technical at the engagement. He allows the players to determine it by themselves and we all prefer it that way.”

The coach expressed his unhappiness after the match against the Sharks in Durban about the manner in which referee Pro Legoete delayed his engage call.

If the playing fields are level and the Cheetahs on form, it’s unlikely that the will struggle in the scrums on Saturday.

Even so, Drotské has a high regard for the WP forwards and believes their good set phases is one of the reasons that they will achieve success this year.

Meanwhile, the Cheetahs have picked an unchanged side from the one that trounced the Leopards 78-7.

Springbok flank Juan Smith takes over the captaincy from hooker Adriaan Strauss, while centre Meyer Bosman and prop CJ van der Linde (heel) have shrugged off minor injuries.

The teams:

Western Province:
15. Conrad Jantjes, 14. Gio Aplon, 13. Juan de Jongh, 12. Jean de Villiers, 11. Bryan Habana, 10. Willem De Waal, 9. Ricky Januarie, 8. Duane Vermeulen, 7. Francois Louw, 6. Schalk Burger (captain), 5. Anton van Zyl , 4. Adriaan Fondse, 3. Brok Harris, 2. Deon Fourie, 1. JD Moller

Replacements: 16. Hanyani Shimange, 17. JC Kritzinger, 18. De Kock Steenkamp, 19. Pieter Louw, 20. Dewaldt Duvenage, 21. Lionel Cronje, 22. Paul Bosch

Free State Cheetahs:
15. Hennie Daniller, 14. Philip Snyman, 13. Robert Ebersohn, 12. Meyer Bosman, 11. Corne Uys, 10. Louis Strydom, 9. Tewis De Bruyn, 8. Ashley Johnson, 7. Juan Smith (captain), 6. Hendro Scholtz, 5. Waltie Vermeulen, 4. Francois Uys, 3. WP Nel, 2. Adriaan Strauss, 1. Coenie Oosthuizen

Replacements: 16. Skipper Badenhorst, 17. CJ van der Linde, 18. Izak vd Westhuizen, 19. Kabamba Floors, 20. Tertius Carse, 21. Sias Ebersohn, 22. Riaan Smit


  • Very true - 2010-10-13 22:38

    The refs let WP get away with murder. Lawrence was bought last week against the Sharks.

  • WP supporter - 2010-10-13 23:49

    :-) Ag shame

  • OMG here we go again! - 2010-10-14 04:26

    Gaan hierdie fkn plonker nooit ophou g@tkruip by refs en kla oor spanne nie?Fkn simpel ding,tipies dom Vrystater.Hoe legal speel jou skapies ou Naka?Hou op praat jou d@@s en speel die game.Bangg@t!WP met 15

  • Tanie Tokkie - 2010-10-14 05:49

    Goeiedag aan almal op die forum . Klink vir my WP speel tronk reels, (Buig die reels sover as moontlik) dit was eienaardig vir my dat hul so goed prestreer het met daai 3 vetties laas naweek , ek hou nie daarvan om my taal te meng nie maar ek verwys hier na die "slingshot" taktiek soos genoem in die artikel , ek is verlig jong Naka bring dit onder Mnr Watson se aandag , ons soek net regverdige beslissings Saterdag (Groete uit Bloem) Tannie Tokkie

  • Cliff Bradley - 2010-10-14 06:11

    Naka was maar altyd n ref koper , so hy behoort te weet van skelm speel !!!! IDIOOT

  • Mike - 2010-10-14 06:26

    Naka - what about your lazy runners hindering the opposing tacklers - constant throughout season - no wonder your side score tries. Stop crying like a baby before the game. Your side are no angels at the breakdowns boet!! PLAY FAIR.

  • Claude - 2010-10-14 06:28

    Yadda Yadda - excuses excuses - trying to influence the refs before the event? I supose Drotske has to try everything not to loose. Gamesmanship at its worst! Be like WP and do your talking on the field.

  • Laeveld Stormer - 2010-10-14 06:38

    hahaha, trying every trick in the book! Naka, you've already lost this one!!! Instead of just quietly showing confidence in his player's ability and skill he has to try and disadvantage WP by snugging up to the ref's to be a little stricter on WP at the scrums... because there's no way they could have been stronger than the sharks' front row, there must be something illegal going on. Tell me, why haven't the sharks or any other team in the tournament complained about this?

  • Louanne - 2010-10-14 06:41

    Ag asb Vrystaat, WP het die Haaie ore aangesit in die srcums. Moet nie die scrum werk nou betwyfel, konsentreer liewer op julle game, want julle gaan dit nodig he Saterdag. Ek is seker die ref sal regverdig wees. GO PROVINCE!!!! WP JOU LEKKER DING. DAAR IS NET 1 P EN DIT IS DIE WP!!!!!

  • Laeveld Springbok - 2010-10-14 06:42

    Naka, if you don't even have the confidence in your players to pull this off, how can any of your supporters have confidence in your players. Sis man!!! You will lose because of your sinister and dispicable ways of trying to gain advantage on saturday. There is none of this bullsh*t from the WP camp! Disgusting!

  • Windell - 2010-10-14 06:45

    The Cheetahs are doing all the talking before the game...I'm happy that WP are so silent before the game...Were gonna give the blikore 'n helse pakslae...Habana to shine!!!

  • Zangetsu - 2010-10-14 07:07

    Well, well, well! When it comes to the final stages of the competition then all of a sudden everyone finds a problem with WP. Just admit Naka that you guys are scared to come to Newlands & would rather have prefered to go to the Shark Tenk or the Bullring but unfortanately you guys have to face WP. There are so much corruption in your scrums as well but you dont hear that WP complains about that. Cheetahs Man Up & take your beating that will be bestowed to you coming Saturday! WP all the Way!!!

  • Verskonings - 2010-10-14 07:12

    Ag foei tog ... die Cheetah-verskonings begin al vroeg hierdie keer! Naka moet hom eerder bekommer oor die een-oog skeidsregters/lynregters wat nie weer die vorentoe-aangee gaan mis en so die vorige kragmeting se "wen-drie" moontlik gemaak het nie ...

  • Chaz - 2010-10-14 07:20

    Doesn't take a genius to figure that out. WP can't scrum to save their lives and we all know that. They applyall the "cheating" tactics available until they get caught - exactly like the Aussies. There is no way in hell that WP will out scrum the Sharks legally and that's why the Sharks got so frustrated on Saturday. Just wonder what a "professional foul" realy is if a team's tactlics are before the game to see if tey can get away with "cheating" at set phases. They should red card the coach I guess. With Rassie Erasmus in the vicinity, we all know cheating tactics is the norm. I hope the Cheetah scrum WP in the Newlands turf on Saturday.

  • Hannes Visser - 2010-10-14 07:28

    Naka, hou op K@# praat en laat jou manne speel.

  • Andre - 2010-10-14 07:29

    So predictable - mind games again !

  • Stoney - 2010-10-14 07:29

    shame, for the orange circus - al klaar bang vir die wp. speel die game en los die gekla.

  • morne - 2010-10-14 07:30

    naka knows they cant beat province. this is shit you can expect from blacks. hes making a d00s of himself. maybe its time ollie gets hold of him again.heard he can run like the wind when caught with his pants down

  • Jonny - 2010-10-14 07:33

    Naka, or should we replace the n with a k. Stop moaning about the ref, play the game. If you want to beat WP, be better. This is now typical SA coach, they will go to the ref and start complaining, but during the matches it is clear that his own players is not abiding the rules. And after the match they blame the ref for this and that. Hell no, Dont always moan.

  • Ryno - 2010-10-14 07:44

    And so the psychological warfare continues. Of course Naka will say that, he knows that the Cheetahs only chance to win is with their forwards.

  • known - 2010-10-14 07:56

    ...yes, the WeeProbeer are known for their illegal scrumming... ...real cheaters...!! .....real losers...!!

  • Julz - 2010-10-14 08:06

    Duane Vermuelen please break Ashley Johnson in half, cos we all know who will get the knod for the end of year tour and why!

  • Ina - 2010-10-14 08:07

    To say Lawrence was bought is a strong accusation But that he had blinkers on and did not see the above which Naka pointed out is true But at that level a referee should be able to pick up on infringments of that nature and blow against it Strange the SHarks did not complain at halftime Maybe they missed John's leadership capability

  • Rudi - 2010-10-14 08:07

    I have been seeing a lot of comments about the W.P big mouths for the past couple of weeks and especially this week.Funny, Naka has been in the paper all week,first telling us that all the pressure is on W.P. to win. Then telling us that his team is peaking at the right time. Now we are scrumming illegally...sounds likesomeone is grasping at straws. It also seems to me that A.Coetzee and Schalla are both pretty down to earth and humble guys who tend to stay away from putting in jabs at other teams and refs.Maybe,just maybe, all the W.P bashers are getting a bit nervous?Maybe thats why the comments are getting more personal? Either way there WILL be some mouthwatering rugby this weekend. Go Province!!!

  • Rudi - 2010-10-14 08:12

    @ Very true... Where do you go to buy a ref? This is not Pakistan cricket or the PSL. Please wake up. Lawrence had a shocker that impacted negatively on both teams.He is normally very good and well respected in the Super 14. Spare me the provincial hooliganism bulls#*t!! To many of your tip on these forums thats why I very seldom bother to comment.

  • @very true - 2010-10-14 08:18

    Get your facts straight before you post such idiotic comments! Lyk my Naka Drotské is bang om Kaap toe te kom! WP jou lekker ding

  • Debbie - 2010-10-14 08:19

    Can someone please get this guy a pacifier so he can shut the heck up? His team hasn't even lost yet and already he is starting with excuses. Naka Drotske is a disgrace as a rugby coach and I am certain that his team will come off second on Saturday purely because he lives in a dream world. He believes that when his team loses it's either because the ref was not impartial or because of illegal tactics from the other team. In the mean time it is purely because he is not as good a coach as Rassie was. I do not like either the Cheetahs or WP but I do believe the BEST team will win on the day and I doubt very much it will be the orange boys. Grow up, Naka. In my opinion your team should be penalised already because you are directly meddling with the referees before the match. As far as I'm aware it is illegal... Go Bulls!

  • BALSAK(alias Blue Bul Hater) - 2010-10-14 08:21

    Rubbish, our scrum have improved!!! WP vs SHARKS final ....

  • Shame - 2010-10-14 08:25

    @ very true - Jy is leeg bo. Jy sien nou net wat Naka se, nou glo jy dit, jy moet jou reels bietjie gan nagaan, net so moet Naka ook. Dit is alles praat om die ref aan die cheetahs se kant te kry want hulle weet hulle gaan hulle gatte sien teen die WP. Refs het klaar die cheetahs gehelp om in semis te kom.

  • skywalker - 2010-10-14 08:32

    More mind games....the Cheetahs must just front up and shut up..!

  • Rob - 2010-10-14 08:40

    Pathetic and so typical of Naka and Cheetahs. Always moaning about something before big games. Just play the game Naka and stop acting like a pre-school schild. The whole 'jannie jammer gat' mentality of the Free State union makes me sick.

  • WP BEST - 2010-10-14 08:44

    Ag siestog, Naka, jou aap, e-mail vir Watson en Lawrence......shame.....@Very True: Really, this not Pakistan Cricket, or the IPL, get a life, and also, go read your rule book.

  • Skeptic - 2010-10-14 08:48

    @Very true - You guys are a bunch of cry-babies. WP was the best team on the field on Saturday and they won on merit and good play. It is so strange that if ever WP plays well then the refs have been bought, but if the other teams wins, then it is because of "brilliant" play. How green can jealousy be to effect one's eyesight so badly......??

  • WP Jou Lekka Ding!!! - 2010-10-14 08:53

    I didn't know that the Free State was know for it whine!!! - could it be sour grapes?

  • Mark Lawrence - 2010-10-14 08:53

    Naka, did you get my banking details?

  • Wp chick - 2010-10-14 08:54

    ag please kon dink net n shark supporter kan so praat ons het met julle gedoen presies wat julle n rukkie terug met ons in die srums gedoen het, please just go watch that game again, Wp doesnt have to bribe the refs we win and loose our games like real men.

  • Champ - 2010-10-14 09:02

    Hak, Hak WP id K#K!

  • Keith - 2010-10-14 09:08

    Wee Peeee !!! it is your time now. You go boys !!! Show your critics what you made of

  • Pire - 2010-10-14 09:18

    hahaha, hoe kinderagtig kan mens nou wees? Shame. Aan die ander kant, ek blameer hulle nie, want hulle sal nie wen nie, so hulle moet nou na ander maniere kyk om die WP te onstel.

  • Innocent on looker! - 2010-10-14 09:22

    Nou wat nou, Naka, jy't nie gekla oor dit toe julle WP geklop het nie, nou eweskielik sien jy julle kan dalk verloor!!! Pi55y is wat ek se, enige iets net om te probeer wen, soos k@k e-mails na Andre Watson en sy mense. F#-up or move up! As the Northern Irsish would say.

  • boerseun - 2010-10-14 09:26


  • cheaters - 2010-10-14 09:45

    ...WP = CHEATERS.... ...WP = LOSERS........ ...WP = CHOKERS...

  • Neville - 2010-10-14 09:46

    I think I need to point something out here. Naka is the worst excuse of a rugby player and coach. He is also the one who make verybody believe his is Vrystaat through and through. The next week after the Huisgenoot interview he joined the Blue Bulls and went on to become the worst captain in their history. Even worse than idiot Kuhn.

  • you're right Naka - 2010-10-14 09:57

    You've got the video evidence, I just wonder why WP must always try cheating tactics, its good that this is addressed dont want sa rugby style to copy that of Richie Mkcaw where they spoil the game with illegal tactics, and off side play at the breakdown. If Naka is just stiring he would'nt have had video evidence and if Naka was lying then WP have nothing to worry about so play fair and keep the eye gouging off the field please. Go cheetahs!!

  • jerry - 2010-10-14 10:03

    to all you WP supporters - your whinging about Naka makes me sick . your actions on this forum are as bad as your actions at are like some political party supporters - blind to your own teams shortcomings. you should learn to comment on the story , and not to verbally attack and insult the coach , who has the right to question illegal tactics.

  • @ Chaz - 2010-10-14 10:25

    Ja jou Fokken doos, those little gappies were taught a good lesson on saturday by a better side that took them apart in the scrums. Grab a body board and float out to see so we never have to hear you talk *hit again. Sannie Du plessis and his skeel oog brother have never been good in the scrum.That skeel oog bliksem is still far better than your vet gat JS. Go Province

  • Bullion - 2010-10-14 10:33

    @BALSAK(alias Blue Bul Hater). Jy laat my lag - Shame die Bulle het regtig jou sielkundig geknak. Die enigste manier om te herstel sal wees om n Blou Bul te word en te voel hoe voel dit om Kampioene te wees en hou almal jou haat omdat die Bulle so goed is. Wees eerlik met jouself, daardie haat is eintlik n smagting om n Blou Bul te word. Woosaaa Woosaa. LMFAO

  • D@P - 2010-10-14 10:47

    Stem saam met Hannes Visser. Naka hou op praat en speel die game. Jake White was ook grootmond op 'n stadium en hy het 'n duur les geleer. Speel die game los die mind games.

  • Rob - 2010-10-14 10:53

    @ Tannie Tokkie - jy nie dalk 'n lappie om te gaan hekel nie? VS en hul supporters sal altyd 'n klomp moaners wees en soek altyd 'n rede hoekom hulle verloor.

  • Zee - 2010-10-14 10:58

    Shame Naka - having to resort to mind-games again do you? Poor little vrystaat man!