Make Rhule a Bok - Gysie

2012-10-09 22:22

Cape Town - Former Springbok fullback Gysie Pienaar says the national selectors should seriously consider calling up Free State Cheetahs flyer Raymond Rhule.

The 19-year-old winger has been hugely impressive for Free State in the Currie Cup this season. His eight tries are the most thus far in the competition - a rare shining light for the team currently second last on the log and in danger of possibly being relegated.

"He is one of the best players I've ever seen," Pienaar told Volksblad. "And what really excites me is that he attacks space on the field, and not his opponents. That is a sign of a player with vision."

"If I was the Bok selectors then I would consider him (for the year-end tour to Europe). He is strong and very physical. If he keeps this form, he'll have a long Springbok career," said Pienaar.

Rhule is included on the left wing for Free State in their final round-robin Currie Cup game against Western Province at Newlands on Saturday. With the Cheetahs close to the bottom of the table, losing in Cape Town could see them playing promotion-relegation against the EP Kings to try and preserve their top flight status.

Kick-off at Newlands is at 17:05.


Western Province:


Free State Cheetahs:

15 Hennie Daniller, 14 Nico Scheepers, 13 Robert Ebersohn, 12 Andries Strauss, 11 Raymond Rhule, 10 Sias Ebersohn, 9 Sarel Pretorius, 8 Philip van der Walt, 7 Francois Uys, 6 Hendro Scholtz, 5 Izak van der Westhuizen, 4 Carl Wegner, 3 Coenie Oosthuizen, 2 Adriaan Strauss (captain), 1 Marcel van der Merwe.

Substitutes: 16 Hercu Liebenberg, 17 Ross Geldenhuys, 18 Waltie Vermeulen, 19 Davon Raubenheimer, 20 Tewis de Bruyn, 21 Philip Snyman, 22 Rayno Benjamin.


  • johannlatsky - 2012-10-09 23:19

    Only if they can take Ruan off the team!

      luke.watskots - 2012-10-10 09:06

      Isak ek hoor my pa het vir Rico geteken vir die 2013 seisoen!!!

      donavan.boshoff - 2012-10-11 18:38

      F*ck me maxi pad you got shown up on your rugby knowledge by balsak visser. SWAK boet time for a name change..... again

  • abe.sheldon - 2012-10-09 23:20

    This dude knows nothing about rugby, when he runs, but he always gets tackled, can't stay on his feet. Sent him to play sevens so he can learn to tackle and defend.

      spear.tackle.7 - 2012-10-09 23:34


      smallies - 2012-10-10 05:52

      and yet he is the top try scorer, not bad for someone who knowes nothing about rugby,mekes me think what do you know about the game....

      unclejb.vansiths - 2012-10-10 08:58

      abe.sheldon i'm afraid you are the one that knows nothing about rugby. This boy is a Junior world champ and the current top try scorer in the CC. you're clueless arent you???

      ckrohne1 - 2012-10-10 10:16

      @ abe.sheldon: Nonsense/Rubbish/Snert/Bullsh*t I say...... Did you actually understood what an expert like Gysie Pienaar had to say about him. A very good quality in Rhule as Gysie mentioned is that he attacks the space and not the opposition player. Now that is what NZ backline rugby is all about and we have seen the results in the championship. But Heyneke probably wound select him as he prefer players who play bashing rugby. Its time the Boks have a game plan that both combines bashing and side step as there is place for both in rugby. 0 0 | Delete

      luke.watskots - 2012-10-10 13:30

      Sounds like you know alot, we have a defence position open at EP if want to apply send your CV to

  • adeblocq - 2012-10-09 23:43

    9. Hougaard, 10. Goosen, 11. Rhule, 12. F Steyn, 13. Taute, 14. Habana, 15. Lambie. Now there's a world cup winning backline for 2015. Get them playing together for a solid 2 years, they'll be unstoppable!

      RudiErnst - 2012-10-09 23:53

      Not a Cheetahs scrummie as well?

      sebastian.debeer.1 - 2012-10-10 00:24

      Good team but I think Serfontein will be in the centres, he's the next big thing. Classy on all fronts of the game.

      rocco.dewet.3 - 2012-10-10 01:08

      I think Lambie is a waste at 15, and I am not even convinced he is the next best thing at 10 either. Hougaard has not impressed me at 9 or 11, although he probably does deserve a place on the bench at this point. We already have decent wings: JPP, Habana, Mvovo and now Rhule too. To compete with the ABs we still need big, fast explosive centres, and the same in a full back. Taute and even Frans Steyn should be considered at 15.

      BlouMasjien1 - 2012-10-10 07:05

      @rocco, so you want suicide bombers at centre ?

  • NguVala - 2012-10-09 23:52

    Rhule - this kid will definitely be a force but I'm a little reluctant to throw him in the deep end. Houggaard is doing okay and maybe Rhule should play back up. Having said that; Rhule brings more attacking potential and will need to no doubt prove in Super Rugby that he belongs. Houggie should focus on his most preferred position and that is scrumhalf. If the boks are to be a world force in 2015, HM needs to be bold enough to build a team and refrain from favouritism of Morne Steyn, Potgieter and the likes. What many forget is you cannot coach an attacking instinct but can coach kicking and Morne is a Robot. Jean D needs to also move on now

      NguVala - 2012-10-10 06:43

      @Mac - I think Jean De Villiers is a Stormer but idiocy is something associated with people who read less or focus less on detail. Let me school you a little - Flo has proved to be inspirational as he has displaced Coetzee. The combo of Vermulen, Alberts and Flo is really looking good. Remember that Smith, Burger will return and there's the matter of Brussow to consider. There is no way J Potgieter is better than any of those player. Also Kolisi is better. Potgieter has a lot of heart but brainless. I would pick Stander above him anyday. Jantjies and Goosen, especially Goosen has seen the Boks scoring tries so I think that's what all South Africans want to see. The game plan has not worked especially looking at the All Blacks running it back and scoring tries. The experience excuse doesn't hold water. Aussies are winning with and inexperienced team against minor oposition. HM is there now and we must all support him but he has to show the invention needed and again refrain from creating robots

  • rickey.tickey - 2012-10-10 04:01

    @ Johan, no, neither Rhuke or Goosen is overrsted. Goosen was played far too early in his career and now we must be careful that mentally he is now eaker. Goosen needs a S15 season to give him more time todevelop, physically and mentally. Exactly the same applies for Rhule.

      ckrohne1 - 2012-10-10 10:26

      I would to agree with you,but then super rugby is nothing short of international rugby. So does it really make a difference? I think not. Let Goosen and Rhule,Kholisi play smaller nations like Italy,Ireland etc....and take it from there......Sam Cane is younster too and already he played for the all blacks not to mention in a position where physicality is much a priority during agmeplay.

  • walter.bland.37 - 2012-10-10 05:59

    Rhule, has proved himself in u21 (team that won the world cup). He has proved himself at currie cup (leading try scorer). Why not give him a chance? Even though I am a Sharks supporter, i can still see talent and apprmediate the need to blood new young players. Let him play.

  • - 2012-10-10 06:16

    Everybody seems to have forgotten about a certain JPP. Was the form wing in Super Rugby this year until he damaged his hand.

  • mthunzi.phakathi - 2012-10-10 06:28

    What is this obsession with size? I do believe it is n excuse for racist tendancies. That is why oz n nz hv dominated our backlines, tackling is mainly technique dn strentgh. Do not tell me abt running over players bcz nz run around us nd pass.

      mark.ross.779 - 2012-10-10 07:24

      ah bugger off with your damn race card you fool. How does size become race? Honestly??? You've got problems lad

      cape.maori - 2012-10-10 08:57

      @Dorian - you are the complete idiot!!! Gatkruiper!!!

      ckrohne1 - 2012-10-10 10:31

      @dorian.rossouw -: not cool. There are proper ways in trying to get a message accross. Counter debating racist aligations with racism does not help....

      mthunzi.phakathi - 2012-10-10 11:19

      The reason for my ascertion is because it is the second most exloited excuse to sssideline gud black players. Yes, behind that experience nonsence. I have never commented on the race issue, however it is a fact that it is a rugby problem. You know it.

      mthunzi.phakathi - 2012-10-10 11:28

      These are not black tendencies, they are honest tendencies, which a lot of white people do realise. My friend i am a cosmopolitan person im not blind to the trusts. There are racists of all kinds, we must not ignore the fact that gatekeepers exist in SA

      mark.ross.779 - 2012-10-10 11:31

      and Lambie being sidelined? Come on bro, be logical here. He's 19!!!! He's had a great season in the Currie Cup. He may make it in time, but don't blood the guy too early I say. Goosen's older and was left out because it was considered too early. Why a) assume he'll be left out and b) IF that happens, that it was because he's black. Good lord man, honestly.. You must have such a massive chip on your shoulder to throw the bloody overused race card in so so so early.

      mthunzi.phakathi - 2012-10-10 11:31

      These are not black tendencies, they are honest tendencies, which a lot of white people do realise. My friend i am a cosmopolitan person im not blind to the trusts. There are racists of all kinds, we must not ignore the fact that gatekeepers exist in SA

      mthunzi.phakathi - 2012-10-10 11:32

      These are not black tendencies, they are honest tendencies, which a lot of white people do realise. My friend i am a cosmopolitan person im not blind to the trusts. There are racists of all kinds, we must not ignore the fact that gatekeepers exist in SA

      mthunzi.phakathi - 2012-10-10 11:46

      Lmbie is an english speaking lad from kzn, do u get my drift. This has nothing to do with the current selection, it has everything to do with the realities of rugby. No chip on any shoulder guy, js stating what i see. Thumbs dwn all you want, truth.

      mark.ross.779 - 2012-10-10 11:50

      No I don't understand... So its an afrikaans thing then?

      mthunzi.phakathi - 2012-10-10 12:51

      My friend on some demented level it unfortunately has to do with such prejudices. I care not for the politicaly correct inclinations of some, the truth is in rugby if u afrikaans n come from the afrikaans strongholds u r 1 up already.

      ckrohne1 - 2012-10-10 13:53

      @cape.maori -Your pretty outspoken on the subject of racism for someone who told another black Springbok supporter on here to go and watch soccer. This is after he criticised the all blacks. Hypocritical of you to say least...

  • nico.pretorius.946 - 2012-10-10 06:56

    Give him a season super rugby first

      Neil Alberts - 2012-10-10 06:59

      i agree Nico, let him play against a host of quality overseas players first!! dan praat ons weer.

  • bertie.naude.35 - 2012-10-10 07:25

    Bok wings should be JPP, Basson and Rhule. They won't let the Boks down, twice in a row against the Kiwis, like Habana.

  • suidlander.vanwyk - 2012-10-10 07:29

    Suidlander says while at it, give Julius Malema aka Juju, a chance at Prop

      bertie.naude.35 - 2012-10-10 07:42

      Just hang a KFC bucket in front of him and a woodwork exam paper behind him to make him unstoppable.

  • louis.langenhoven - 2012-10-10 07:57

    hougaard is no game breaker so bring Rhule on - when JP comes back he can play centre. Steyn to fullback and if anyone can find a decent replacement for JdV bring him. Lambie- utility back. Pienaar not the best to be had but played much better than Hougaard

      TravieGrif - 2012-10-10 10:20

      No. Keep FSteyn at of the best in the world! Lambie at 15, and Pienaar is playing really well, so leave him there! I like JP at 13, but I think that he is one of the best wings in the world at the moment, and I am not a huge fan of rebranding players

  • marius.potgieter.39 - 2012-10-10 08:29

    1:Beast 2:graig burden 3:pat cilliers 4:eben etzebeth 5:Andries bekker 6:deon fourie 7:willem alberts 8:Cj stander 9:s pretorius 10:elton jantjies 11:paul jordaan 12:jaco taute 13:j de jongh 14:jp pieterson 15:willie le roux .....a team to go forward with...

      niel.walt - 2012-10-10 13:29

      Hou die blinde skool n sportdag?

  • jacques.theunissen.982 - 2012-10-10 08:36

    Running and tackling are only some parts of the whole package what you need. You also need vision, kicking, passing and catching skills. This is where Habana is miles ahead of any other winger. Playing 7's for a year or two is probably on of the best investments a player can make in his future. Too many times we see "the next best thing" trying to chip over his opponent and the ball going directly into touch. If you cannot master these skills as a back, you should never become a Springbok. Imagine Pierre Spies, with al his speed, size and bulk, but with actual vision and skills? He certainly would have been the best 8 in the world, but now he is an international 8 who can't even step.

      niel.walt - 2012-10-10 13:27

      Habana is also miles ahead of going for overlaps and creating gaps.

  • luke.watskots - 2012-10-10 08:44

    If he wants to be a bok, he must come play for the MIGHTY KINGS!!!!!!!

  • miller.duncans - 2012-10-10 08:52

    Cheetahs are 2nd to last the bulls are rooted at the bottom

  • unclejb.vansiths - 2012-10-10 09:03

    With Heyneker Meyer as coach he will never be a bok. thats just the sad truth!!

      luke.watskots - 2012-10-10 09:08

      Ja almost as bad as your birth!!!!!!!!!

  • jimmy.moustache.12 - 2012-10-10 09:05

    I'm not surprised cape.maori, spear.tackle, botman, jimmyNZ and the like get along well with each other. If you put fifty children with Down's syndrome in a room there is going to be a lot of hugging.

      luke.watskots - 2012-10-10 09:08

      AND ME AND ME AND ME!!!!!!!!

      ckrohne1 - 2012-10-10 10:35

      poor taste using children with down's syndrome as an example.....

  • pieter.roos.566 - 2012-10-10 09:37

    I have a lot of respect for Gysie Pienaar but this does not seem like a good proposition since Cheetahs could be without Rhule should they have to play a relegation/promotion match against the Kings. Not wise! From a Cheetah supporter point of view.

  • steven.crofton - 2012-10-10 10:20

    Everyone's entitled to their opinion, except racists like dorian rossouw!! I think Ruhle and Serfontein could well be in our backline in 2015, but both of them need a year or so in Super rugby to mature their games and to prove themselves at the second highest level in the game.

  • kahlo.mampuru - 2012-10-10 11:16

    Sure Raymond can be a force if looked after and coached well. Paul Jordaan?? Tim Whitehead?? These two players got 'vision'... And we still need one big wing like JP on the field, combine skill and power just like NZ....just for that stronger player to round off plays where he'll be against two or three players...similar thing with Hosea and Savea. Our young backs are offensive minded, they can't defend...something that J. Fourie used to do well and organize our backs... We need that. One other thing, we need a fullback (Zane was never that bad, just as Flip...but i guess we all got our own views)... HM needs to be brave and start again to select backs...cause we got no backline at the moment...

      luke.watskots - 2012-10-10 13:31

      No he plays for FS not the Force, but will become a KING one of these days!!!

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