Jantjies learned the hard way

2011-11-01 07:52

Cape Town - Golden Lions flyhalf Elton Jantjies says the hard lessons learned earlier this year have moulded him into a more complete player.

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Jantjies was the hero for the Lions in their 42-16 Currie Cup final win over the Sharks after he contributed 24 points with the boot to earn the man-of-the-match award.

Jantjies showed immense composure on the big stage - boasting a 100% goal-kicking record in the final - which can only bode well for South African rugby in future.

But 2011 wasn't all plain-sailing for the 21-year-old. He struggled with his form during the Super Rugby competition, after which the Lions finished second from bottom on the overall log.

And he firmly believes the lessons he took out of that campaign have made him a better player for the future.

"The Super Rugby competition was a learning process for me, but I came out better at the other end. I probably learned the hard way, but I had the support of my coach, my team and my family," Jantjies told the Beeld newspaper.

"I corrected the mistakes from the past. The fact that we play well together as a team obviously made it better for me."


  • Lionel - 2011-11-01 08:09

    Could be a very intersting battle looming for the No.10 Bok jersey!!!!

      Jed - 2011-11-01 08:18

      Agree'd Jantjies , Goosen and Steyn. Good future for us if you ask me.

      Michael - 2011-11-01 08:28

      Future is looking very bright for the BOKS!!! From what ive heard Goosen is the one to watch for future flyhalf. Keep Lambie at 15 and frans at 12. Morne steyn might be in trouble, we need a flyhalf that can run and kick, i tihnk Goosen can do that!!!

      Lionel - 2011-11-01 08:35

      I think it will all boil down to the coach that they pick and to he's game plan. Michael, I agree Morne Steyn will be in serious trouble if they want to play the running game.Interesting times ahead.................

      Raeez - 2011-11-01 11:46

      Not so sure bout Steyn. Goosen and Jantjies play exciting Rugby. Both can play a running game and they good kickers, Steyn might be a better kicker but the rest of hes game is soooo 1999. Then theres the tackling abilities....The youngsters proved the whole season they can take and make the big hits.

  • AdriaanAdams - 2011-11-01 08:17

    come on news24, the pic of Jantjies is so old, Xerox stopped being a sponsor long ago, it's MTN incase you didn't know...

  • pswart40 - 2011-11-01 08:25

    Corrected your mistakes ???? You PERFECTED them... a Champion performance.... All of a sudden Morne Steyn's place looks to be Jantjies' and Pat Lambie cannot be too sure after Taute's performance... One thing is for sure... The Springbok youth looks promising..

      Ian - 2011-11-01 10:25

      Your thinking is inside out! If he perfected his mistakes, that would make them even worse! No, he corrected them.

      Thomas - 2011-11-01 19:59

      We have got exciting talent coming through, but Lambie is still the thinking back in SA.

  • Hannetjie - 2011-11-01 08:35

    Jantjies has improved dramatically. Agrre with the outdated pic of Elton but what about the header -s hows Sharks players with the Currie Cup - shouldn't that also be updated - sHarks are so last year!!!!

  • colin.dovey - 2011-11-01 10:14

    We must not forget Jaco Taute's Successful LONG Kicks (+57m) for the Lion's victory. He was a GOOD match for Francois Steyn's boot.......

  • johan.blertsie.cilliers - 2011-11-01 10:26

    His real test would be to dictate the game on a higher level and then being able to perform when his forwards are on the backfoot. We need a genuine match winner at no 10

  • harold.uberstein - 2011-11-01 15:01

    The self-same people that booed and slated him. now think he is a hero. Is this not so transvaals. Jantjies has developed into the best flyhalf in the country thanks to Carlos Spencer, He plays and kicks exactly like Carlos did when he was at his best. Please take note YET ANOTHER NEW ZEELAND coach

  • manettew - 2011-11-02 09:22

    iwith the upcoming youngsters the next wc will be interesting wonder how the squad gonna look and i know its gonna be difficult too choose from the youngsters

  • Litha - 2011-11-02 09:50

    Only my province WESTERN PROVINCE hasn't unearthed a youth player that Bok material yet we breed the best talent in the country, guess on Elstadt will be the only shining star, in fact we are bleeding good players (Sadie, Whitehead, JJ) and keeping old stock players in our fullback the slow motion Jantjies. The biggest problem is that we have a (Coetzee) coach that resembles White with the crap of experience being superior, it that was anything to go by then Lions wouldn't be champions, Jantjies won CC for Lions without experience, same as Lambie won it for Sharks last year being the least experienced player. Johan Goosen is threatening to win it things for Cheetahs without experience. Experience of crocks is inferior to lack of experience of skilled and talented young players. In fact, Robbie Deans, took Aussie talented kids and made them superstars and WC semi-finalist, we lost with all the old age players like Smit. If Coetzee becomes the BOK coach, we will have the best astute and articulative coach that can explains not winning trophies yet has the best talented pool in the country, ask the Stormers and WP.

  • jacques.ackermann - 2011-11-02 13:33

    jantjies had a great season but this goosen guy from the cheetahs is a freakish talent. he has not had a poor game to date and he is only 19...he has the perfect game and he might be the next dan carter. unlike morne steyn he has the full package. i guess we need to watch the super 15 and see how these players develop. it really looks like a bright future. seeing that allister no cups coetzee is not into taking the sb job the next coach might develop some new talent. i must say i reckon carlos spencer is doing some great work with the lions. jaco taute and elton being the stand out players for me. i reckon the sharks needs a nz backline coach too.

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