Drotské: Pressure is on WP

2010-10-11 09:19

Jóhann Thormählen

Bloemfontein – The pressure is squarely on Western Province in Saturday’s Currie Cup semi-final against the Free State Cheetahs at Newlands.

That is the view of Free State coach Naka Drotské. He believes the Cheetahs have nothing to lose as the home side are expected to win the trophy again this year.

“All the pressure is on WP because they have not won the trophy for a long time. Everybody says this is their year. That is definitely an advantage for us,” said the Cheetahs coach.

Capetonians have had to support their team through a lean spell.

Province last won the Currie Cup in 2001, but the Free Staters wore the crown in 2005 and 2007, and shared the trophy with the Blue Bulls in 2006.

Many experts believe a new era has arrived in Cape rugby following the Stormers’ outstanding effort in this year’s Super 14.

Province narrowly lost their Currie Cup semi-final against the Bulls at Newlands last year and won’t want something similar to happen against Free State.

Drotské said that the Cheetahs’ 29-24 win over WP at Newlands earlier this year inspires confidence ahead of the weekend’s match.

He added that it’s pleasing that his side usually performs under pressure.

“The advantage we have is that our players know how to win important games. We have won five out of our last six games in the competition. Province have not managed to get the results that they have wanted in their play-off games in recent years.”

Free State’s win over WP at Newlands has a lot to do with their success in 2010 and gave the players confidence at the beginning of the second round.

Prior to that the Cheetahs had struggled for consistency and lost unnecessarily in the first round against the Sharks in Bloemfontein and against the Lions in Johannesburg.

The Cheetahs are also expected to be well-rested for the match.

Drotské said that his players had had an additional rest day because of their match on Friday. They were also not involved in such a physical clash as WP and the Sharks.


  • StuartW - 2010-10-11 09:29

    Naka se dit net omdat hy moer bang is om Nuweland toe te gaan...hoop dit gaan weer 'n goeie game wees soos saterdag sin...die skeidsregters in albei wedstryde van saterdag was baie goed gewees....en dit het gesorg vir uitstekende rugby...

  • RushdoggWP - 2010-10-11 09:42

    Ek lek my lipe af!!!

  • Ag ou Naka - 2010-10-11 09:43

    As ou Naka en Ludeke eers met hul skoolkinders sielkunde begin wil ek my sommer bek@k.Miskien is daar meer druk op jou Naka..hoekom....wel vir starters dit sal die skynbaar sukkelende Vrystaat unie n m@erse finansiele hupstoot gee as hul in die final kan wees veral as die Bulle die Sharks wen en die eindstryd dan in Bloem sou wees.Gaan speel die mindgames met jou pelle se vrouens jou ou bleskop hoender vd Vrystaat!WP gaan jul opvreet Saterdag ou siel druk ofte nie!

  • HHH - 2010-10-11 09:49

    Die Cheethas dink alweer hulle het voor die game nog begin het gewen..

  • OVS - 2010-10-11 10:04

    Hier gaan nou seker weer 'n spul suurgat WP narre wees wat op die artikel gaan commentaar lewer. Maar hulle gaan nog suurder wees volgende week na hulle uit die finaal gespeel is deur 'n ware Rugby span. Julle grooter unies koop my nie met geld nie, ek staan by my span wat elke jaar julle ouens op julle neuse lat kyk, want ons begin feitelik elke seisoen oor en nog steeds maak ons julle bang. GO VRYSTAAAAAAAAAAAAT !!!!! ...... oppas WP julle moet maar reg maak vir 'n regte egte Rugby span wat kom om pyn uit te deel..

  • Mike@CapeT - 2010-10-11 10:06

    Mind Games? Come off it Naka, both teams are under pressure to win....for different reasons and, for the same win the Curry Cup!

  • BALSAK(alias Blue Bul Hater) - 2010-10-11 10:09

    Naka probeer cheap sielkundige games te speel, ons val nie vir dit nie. Hy moet eerlik wees en se hoe BANG is hy om saterdag die MAGTIGE WP op nuweland aan te durf. Hy is BANG- FINISH en KLAAR!!! By saturday evening they wil be a well beaten team!! WP by 10.....

  • Laeveld Stormer - 2010-10-11 10:27

    But Naka, if all the pressure is on WP and your team performs under pressure, does that mean that you will not be performing come saturday? One can never write of the Cheetahs as they seem to be nothing more than CC specialists and that makes them dangerous. BUT... I believe WP has this one in the bag. And no Naka, you are not better off because the pressure is on us, the pressure was on us prior to the sharks match as well and I presume you know what happened in that match? You are not very good at this mind game thing are you?

  • Stormtrooper - 2010-10-11 10:27

    Mindgames gaan nie werk op die WP nie, Naka! Hou op met die sielkundige oorlogvoering en fokus liewer daarop om vir 'n bloed harde game voor te berei. Go WP!!

  • boggom - 2010-10-11 10:33

    As ek reg onthou het Plumtree laas week dieselfde een probeer. Hoop dit werk beter uit vir jou Naka. Go WP.

  • Balsak - 2010-10-11 10:36

    Geld teen "Guts" WP kon nog nooit die Cheetahs baasraak nie, soos die Sharks probeer hulle die Cheetahs leeg koop. Eers die afrigter en toe die spelers, nou gaan hulle seker die ref. ook probeer.

  • Tim - 2010-10-11 10:41

    Whatever naka, you and your blikoor team can come and try cos you know for wp to lose they have to play ubber-shyte on saturday. So bring it we are hungry for more.!

  • Tim - 2010-10-11 10:44

    Whatever naka, you and your blikoor team can come and try cos you know for wp to lose they have to play ubber-shyte on saturday. So bring it we are hungry for more.!

  • Rhynland - 2010-10-11 10:56

    So in die kol! Die WP gaan dit nie maak nie.Naka, die span is reg, hul KEN rugby en die WP ondersteuners gaan WEER in sak en as wees.Die jagluiperde jag hierdie naweek. Cheetas met 15

  • punk - 2010-10-11 10:57

    Naka al wat ek vir jou cheetahs en die bulle wil se is dat die beker kom kaap toe.

  • punk - 2010-10-11 10:58

    Naka al wat ek vir jou cheetahs en die bulle wil se is dat die beker kom kaap toe.

  • GeePee - 2010-10-11 10:58

    Why bother about the outcome? We all know how things work, blue bulls and cheetahs always struggle to win games in the fist half of the CC, but they get helped into the semi's, remember last year when they where not even supossed to be there but help to play in semi's and into the final? this year will be the same as the last 5 years, the two afrikaner teams are helped by SARU to play the final every year, what is different this year? Naas & friends only complain when the boks gets robbed but not when these guys are helped to play fianl every year. watch this space, bulls and cheetahs again the refs favourites.

  • Cheetah - 2010-10-11 11:00

    Ha ha, the old WP faithful are out in full force again today, understandable I guess. A province with so much talent, and that have produced so little in the last 10 years!!! Just like with the Lions we hear every year, that this year is Province's year, and every year they fail to make an impression!!! So for them to come out foaming at the mouth, and insulting all and sundry is actually hilarious, cos the record books show, that Naka the Nar as they call him, has a way superior CC record than any other WP/Sharks/Lions coach... Cheetahs contesting their 11th consecutive semi on Saturday, and remind me how many have WP managed with all their flashy boks in the last 10 years??? Noooo only six, and won none!!! Cheetahs 10 and won 5...and two out of three against WProblems both victories at Newlands. no wonder the WP fans are a bit bitter towards the Cheetahs. I actually think the WP have the edge for Saturday, but that is usually the case against the Cheetahs.. yet they still manage to compete, and are second only to the Bulls in CC success the past decade... And please spare me the usual Super Rugby analogy, this is after all a CC competion!!!

  • Rob - 2010-10-11 11:10

    Ander jaar, ander WP span ongelukkig OVS. Oortuig julle self maar dat julle 'n kans het op Nuweland Saterdag. 'n Maklike game voor 'n groot semi is beslis nie die regte voorbereiding nie. En ag shame kom tog net oor julle self met die spelers se gekopery. Dis so asof dit altyd in die gatsak hou om te gebruik as julle verloor het.

  • @Laeveld Stormer - 2010-10-11 11:14

    Bud, i wouldn't read too much into last weekends result. Cheetahs will have a lot more to lose this weekend than the sharks did on Saturday ie unlike the Sharks they will play their first string side and the tempo will be much more intense. Hope the Cheetahs do it and i hope my Sharks don't choke AGAIN...Naka hope to see you boys in the final

  • JODY - 2010-10-11 11:15


  • Mike@CapeT - 2010-10-11 11:27

    @ Cheetah....yes, you are quite right. The Cheetahs have been surprisingly successful over the past decade with a lovely brand of rugby that they can be proud of! Well done to them....let's hope this is a year too far...LOL!

  • @Cheetah - 2010-10-11 11:56

    Maar ou snotneusie jy behoort bly te wees dat WP so pateties is man!Met jul uitstekende rekord in die CB behoort saterdag in die Kaap a walk in the park te wees!Fkn aap wat vd Cheetahs se SRugby rekord..hehehehe!Dis rugby nie die afgewaterde k@k CB nie.Anyway jy weet seker nie eers die ANC is nou in beheer en apartheid verby nie...die CB was die Wereldbeker van SA in die apartheidsjare....jou jare!Daai jare toe die CB nog iets beteken het vir die MANNE vd Kaap toe het ons hom gewen...toe dit saak gemaak het..hehehehehe!GO WP..SHAGGA Vrystater se boer!

  • Danie - 2010-10-11 12:00

    Aan die snoek- en patat vreters van die kaap---Geniet die hype rondom die currie beker die week. Na saterdag is jul WEER goners.Dan praat jul en hoop vir vlg jaar se S15. Die Cheetas gaan jul wegbere!Go Cheetas

  • Ryan - 2010-10-11 12:27

    Blah blah blah blah he could not try harder to convince himself that the Cheethas will win. Not gonna happen dude!

  • Vaste 6 - 2010-10-11 12:30

    UItstekende rugby WP. Hou julle voete op die grond en "stick to the basics". FOKUS !!! en laat Naka en die Vrystaetrs maar sê wat hulle wil. Persoonlik dink ek hulle het rede om bekommerd te wees, maar moet hulle nie onderskat nie. Dis 'n baie goeie span wat enige dag van die week WEER die CC kan wen. GO WP !!!

  • Fuzzy@jody - 2010-10-11 12:42

    Where have you been this whole season? There is absolutely nothing wrong with WP's tight five. actually it was the much vaunted Skarks scrum that battled.

  • Eric - 2010-10-11 13:09

    To Cheetah - isn't it amazing that you guys from that part of the world can only remember back a mere 10 years? Which province has won the most number of Currie Cups? And which is the only team to have won the Curri Cup 5 times in a row? I agree that Cheeahs have a good record over the last 10 years, but before that???? My hope is that both teams play good attractive rugby, and that we don't have suspect refereeing decisions which would mar the spectacle. Go Province.

  • WP WP WP - 2010-10-11 13:12

    Kyk, almal weet ou Naka was nog nooit die skerpste potlood in die pakkie nie, maar liewe genade, nou haak sy kop uit. Hy verkondig hoe goed die Vrystaat onder druk presteer. So what? Volgens hom is die druk nie op die Vrystaat nie, maar op die WP. Ou Naka, dit lyk my die geraas van die motorfietse by die tuiswedstryde het jou verstand aangetas. Kom by ou!

  • GW @jody - 2010-10-11 13:27

    WTF!!! With a name like that you should be doing the washing and not commenting on rugby.

  • jb - 2010-10-11 14:35

    Currie Cup Final 2010: Freestate vs Blue Bulls De Waal, Tiaan Liebenberg, Vermeulen,Shimange + a Coach...amper 'n 3de vd span kom van FS. Aan julle, die jongtjies gaan julle op voeter en julle weet dit, net soos daai Sharks laas jaar met hul gekoopte FS spelers.

  • Robz - 2010-10-11 14:44

    Trying to confuse WP. Even Jody thinks he can mess up the tight 5. Nobody can be as stupid as he try to be. He is pulling a mindgame like Naka. The WP scrum had the upperhand over the Shark boks. Makie WP almal Bokke. Visvoete bo.

  • @ WP WP WP - 2010-10-11 15:25

    Lyk my jy is ook nie die skerpste potlood in die sakkie nie, want "die druk is op WP" (verwsying dat WP die oorwelgende gunsteling is) en 'n span "presteer goed onder druk" (verwysing na druk in 'n wedstryd situasie, is twee verskillende kosepte!

  • Bul - 2010-10-11 16:35


  • Effie@Jodie - 2010-10-12 00:06

    Jodie ek wil jou stamp van agter asseblief, smaak my jy ken jou rugby.

  • Piet Parow - 2010-10-12 07:44

    WP better bring their A side on Sat. The Cheetahs are never intimidated when they play in CPT. I think it will be tight but homefield advantage should see Province through. I predict a WP/Bulls final.

  • Piet Parow - 2010-10-12 07:51

    I just cant understand how the Cheetahs are normally successful at Currie Cup level but absolutely pathetic in Super Rugby? Perhaps the Sharks are to blame for constantly poaching their star players?

  • Laeveld Stormer - 2010-10-12 15:56

    @@Laevelde Stormer: You're right, perhaps I shouldn't. The fact might have afforded us a slight upper hand last week in the sence of determination and focus... this week both teams have an equal amount to lose should they not triumph. I recon it's going to be much tighter. That's the only thing I do not like about rugby.... you can speculate / discuss / argue all you like but just like everybody else you're going to have to wait and see what pans out come match day. PROOOOVVINNNCE!

  • SHARKS - 2010-10-14 09:13


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