Cheetahs send Kings crashing

2012-10-26 21:03

Port Elizabeth - The Free State Cheetahs will remain part of the Premier Division of next year's Currie Cup competition after beating the Eastern Province Kings 16-6 in the second of the promotion/relegation matches in Port Elizabeth on Friday.

The visitors all but secured their place in their first playoff match in Bloemfontein, and only needed a single bonus point in the second encounter.

The Kings, however, produced a much better performance and were able to compete in the second fixture.

The Kings led 6-0 for most of the game and only a man short on defence created the overlap for the visitors to score the only try of the game.

The Kings opened the scoring in the fourth minute through a George Whitehead penalty.

Cheetahs Flyhalf Sias Ebersohn missed two penalties in the first 30 minutes, putting the visitors under even more pressure.

The turning point, it seemed, came in the 32nd minute when Kings scrumhalf Noel Oelschig was red carded for a punch.

The Cheetahs looked more settled in the second half and put together some probing attacks.

The Cheetahs scored their first points on the hour mark, to reduce the deficit to three points through a penalty.

It proved to be the catalyst for the visitors, as Ebersohn scored in the corner in the 62nd minute, after the Kings ran out of steam with one man short on the defence.

Scheepers converted and later slotted two penalties to give his side a 16-6 victory.


EP Kings
Penalties: George Whiteheadx2

FS Cheetahs
Tries: Sias Ebersohn
Conversions: Nico Scheepers
Penalties:  Nico Scheepersx3


EP Kings
15 Michael Killian, 14 Norman Nelson, 13 Paul Perez, 12 Siyabonga Mangweni, 11 Siviwe Soyizwapi, 10 George Whitehead, 9 Falie Oelschig, 8 Devin Oosthuizen, 7 Wimpie van der Walt, 6 Conraad Britz, 5 Rynier Bernardo, 4 Darron Nell (c), 3 Andre Schlechter, 2 Hannes Franklin, 1 Schalk Ferreira.
Subs: 16 Frank Herne, 17 Lizo Gqoboka, 18 David Bullbring, 19 Mpho Mbiyozo, 20 Scott Mathie, 21 Wesley Dunlop, 22 Scott van Breda.

FS Cheetahs
15 Hennie Daniller, 14 Rayno Benjamin, 13 Robert  Ebersohn, 12 Philip Snyman, 11 Raymond Rhule, 10 Sias Ebersohn, 9 Sarel Pretorius, 8 Philip van der Walt, 7 Davon Raubenheimer, 6 Hendro Scholtz, 5 Izak van der Westhuizen, 4 Francois Uys, 3 Ross Geldenhuys, 2 Adriaan Strauss (c), 1 Marcel van der Merwe.
Subs: 16 Hercu Liebenberg, 17 Schalk van der Merwe, 18 Carl Wegner, 19 Hendrik Venter, 20 Tewis de Bruyn, 21 Barry Geel, 22 Nico Scheepers.


  • jacobus.vandermerwe.9 - 2012-10-26 21:04

    The dirty playing Kings can't even beat an injury depleted Cheetahs C team...

      johann.beets - 2012-10-26 21:12

      Jacobus, jou doring! Die Kings speel 'n skandelike vuil game! Twee ouens af met knie beserings (kyk na hoe die moegoes ingaan met die tackle, hande viervoet al glyende sonder arms). Vertel my hulle besef nie dat hulle die opposisie lelik kan seermaak nie, dan noem ek jou 'n idioot of 'n leuenaar. Daar is niks mooi of opbouend aan die spulletjie nie. Hulle gaan volgende jaar in die Super 15 Suid-Afrikaanse rugby se naam onherstelbaar skade aandoen met onsportiewe optrede en skokkende nederlae.

      matt.prinsloo.1 - 2012-10-26 22:58

      Cheetahs C span?! Uhm die Kings was self sonder n hele paar 1ste keuse spelers - Bekker, Marais, Sampson, Watson, Engelbrecht, Du Preez, Grey, Stevens, Newland, Nokwe. So ek vang nie lekker jou punt daar nie.

      martin.marais.90 - 2012-10-26 23:33

      Matt, die ouens wat jy noem vir die Kings sou nie eers die Vrystaat C span gehaal het nie. Hulle is nie naastenby in Juan Smit, Goosen, Brussouw, Andries Strauss ens. hulle se kaliber nie!! WORD NET WAKKER!!!

      blou.johnny - 2012-10-27 02:51

      ...useless.. ....Watson and his political clowns...

      matt.prinsloo.1 - 2012-10-27 05:55

      @Martin: Kings het n handjievol spelers met ondervinding van rugby op n hoer vlak. Die hele Cheetah span is gewoond aan daai tipe rugby. Vir OP om n Engelbrecht te verloor, is net so erg as wat dit vir VS is om n Brussouw te verloor. Ons vat die verloor sonder om verskonings te soek. Julle verskonings is PATETIES!!!!!!!!!!!!

      suidlander.vanwyk - 2012-10-27 08:02

      hey jaco, CC is really not important at all its just an upgraded version of Vodacom cup, our prioroty is super rugby you idiot, lets talk again next year around this time thats if you even have a team to support you fool

      hans.himmler.7 - 2012-10-27 08:09

      How are they going to survive Super Rugby, besdies offcourse if they replace 80% of the team with Lions and other real union players? Watson and Watson, you are dkheads.

      pierre.devilliers.9231 - 2012-10-27 08:30

      Matt only said the kings were also without first choise players. He did not compare them with the Cheetah players, saying who is the best. He just implied that both teams were under strenght. The Kings will probably also get more players into their ranks before the Super season starts.

      nico.vermaak.1 - 2012-10-27 11:42

      Matt ek stem saam met jou. Die kings het op hoervlak gespeel en Vrystaat op hoërvlak!

      fanie.weldhagen - 2012-10-27 16:37

      is die hele idee van die kings nie om ooskaapse spelers n kans te geen nie......wate bliksem. dis n random wit span nou.... ek verstaan rerig nou nie....

  • heinrich.vanjaarsveld.52 - 2012-10-26 21:09

    The useless kings are out even there dirty tactics couldn't help them fark them hope they get farkup in super rugby GEMORS dink mos as hul vuil speel kan hul wen en hul op hul moere gekry cheetahs se 3de span was swak maar steeds beter - 2012-10-26 21:55

      Hey naartjie,you're bitter and full of hatred.Cool it man.Say it to their faces. - 2012-10-26 21:56

      Hey naartjie,you're bitter and full of hatred.Cool it man.Say it to their faces.

      suidlander.vanwyk - 2012-10-27 07:59

      Fact is we are playing Super rugby next year heinrich and if you dont like it go jump to the nearest lake

      heinrich.vanjaarsveld.52 - 2012-10-27 08:12

      Kings are useless so ill say it again and again GEMORS GEMORS kings there better words but I'm not permitted to say it

      jed.vonallemann - 2012-10-27 10:04

      Fact it will be your first and the your last Super Rugby season, as we can tell by the Promotion and relegation system, the better team always win's. No matter who end's last in the Super Rugby season they WILL beat the Kings. hahahahahha

  • lean.sadie - 2012-10-26 21:09

    What a bad game, wow. Sorry to say, but cheetahs could barely beat a team with 14 players. Some shocking handling, and decision making. They could have scored like 8 tries, if they just let the ball go wide, oh and learned to catch the ball. With that said, I Am glad they won, and stay in the CC.

      hendrik.schutte.3152 - 2012-10-26 21:15

      They only need to NOT loose by more than 40. Cheetahs did not NEEd to bust a gut to put in a good performance to seal this deal.

      lean.sadie - 2012-10-26 21:37

      Well duh, but another big hiding would have been better.

      godfrey.welman - 2012-10-26 22:24

      Sorry boys, Kaplan made enought money last week. What a differiace a ref makes, even with 14 players for a full half, to still be competetive. As I daid previously to all the "suurgatte en doem profete" the 1st Southern Kings will be that much sweeter.

      timothy.vanas - 2012-10-27 07:37

      Timothy Van As The Cheethas deserves to be relegated out of the Super 15. How the hell can they be behind at half time against the useless Queens. It seems that Ebersohn playied a Morney Steyn, type of rugby, kicking away all the possession. I honestly think that the Cheetahs threw this game to make the Queens look like worthy opponents. SARU need to investigate this game. I think a deal was made by the Cheetahs and the Queens because none of them has anything too lose. The cheetahs will be playing both Super 15 and Currie Cup and the queens will be playing Super 15 but not Currie cup. Now the question is where is the big bucks? Obviously in Super rugby so both teams are winners at the end of the day

  • beatybotha - 2012-10-26 21:10

    thank god EP Kings have shown what they worth. Bring back the lions.

      godfrey.welman - 2012-10-26 22:26

      The Lions is still in the CC....The Southern Kings will turn out in the differance.

      suidlander.vanwyk - 2012-10-27 08:04

      oh you want the resurrection of the DEAD, thats lioness

      jed.vonallemann - 2012-10-27 10:10

      godfrey, no diffrence the Kings will be the worst Super 15 side formed, they will lose the Promotion relegation game against the Lions at the end of the year and never get back in to Super Rugby. (the way it should be)

  • hendrik.schutte.3152 - 2012-10-26 21:14

    NICE! done & disted. Would not have expected anything else from this lodsided affair. Stew in your stupid decision SARU.

  • chris.aucamp.96 - 2012-10-26 21:17


  • lourensv1 - 2012-10-26 21:25

    Good job Cheetahs! Kings kan nie eers 'n jong(U23, en al die beserings!) Cheetah span klop nie. Al hoe julle klomp tossers nou kan Currie-Cup speel is as SARU die CC weer 8 spanne maak! Glo nie julle sal eers die Pumas of Griekwas wen nie. Dis bad vir die Kings-speelers. Go Cheetahs!!!!

  • werner.pretorius.12 - 2012-10-26 21:29

    Al wat ons uit die game kan leer is dat die Kings vlde jaar elke naweek moet bid vir reen.

      reagan.titus.5 - 2012-10-26 22:40

      Lmimmmm nc one werner

  • julie.j.vanrensburg - 2012-10-26 21:37

    I'm sure even the Lions who had a run of bad luck this year, often due to injuries, would have thrashed the so-called "Kings." Cheeky and Sonny-boy Watson must be stewing in their own juice, along with SARU. Hope the Lions will be back next year...

  • klip.indiebos - 2012-10-26 21:48

    Well done Cheetahs. But then were we expecting anything from Cheeky and his bandits!

  • Michael Kleber - 2012-10-26 22:06

    Well this was one of EP biggest games in the past decade and there was not much support there , but please explain to me that the Kings are not good enough for cc rugby but are good enough for international super rugby , this leaves saru with egg on their faces

      Marvin.ThomasSA - 2012-10-26 22:14

      Only 12 players in the current kings team has been given super rugby contracts for 2013 and 8 of them didn't play tonight due to injury. They stl busy signing players for next year like steven sykes, straus, catrakilis etc

      anton.meiring.9 - 2012-10-27 00:27

      Still pathetic marvin. Theyre not doing anything for EC rugby. \Mix breed\ teams fail.. just look what happened to the lions.

      chris.kriek.7 - 2012-10-27 01:26

      If the Kings have to sign players from other unions to build a team then the Watsons argument of building an EP team flies out of the window, and do Watson and Co really think it is going to make much of a difference? GET REAL SARFU!

  • johan.jacobs.5680 - 2012-10-26 22:07

    Still protected specie.

  • martin.gee.godfrey - 2012-10-26 22:37

    What a laugh... The Cheetahs having to play these ridiculous promotion/relegation games against a side that has no right to be in the Currie Cup anyway. The Cheeaths were definately not the worst team in the Currie Cup, they had some close losses. This shows the folly of a six team format and the fact that the gap between the Currie Cup and the Premier league is so vast has weakened rugby in the smaller unions. The Kings will be a farce in the S15 next season.

      suidlander.vanwyk - 2012-10-27 08:10

      actually they were unbeaten the whole season, sorry i forgot you can't read, you are from that city, I bet you think ANC made sure they were unbeaten in the first division this year.

      martin.gee.godfrey - 2012-10-27 10:04

      Being unbeaten in the Premier League does not give them automatic right to be in the Currie Cup and the Cheetahs proved that last week and last night. I don't know which city you think I come from and nor did I make any mention of any political party having any influence on the outcome. I stand by my comment that the Kings will be a farce in the S15 next year.

      lean.sadie - 2012-10-27 15:50

      You are dumb sir. That is the whole point of these games, to see who can get promoted or demoted. THat is how you earn the right to go up. Clearly they were outplayed, and wont be in the CC, that is the whole point. Stop being a baby.

  • theo.ferreira.58 - 2012-10-26 22:56

    Imagine for a second the Cheetahs were last in the S15 and defaulted their spot to the Kings without the opportunity to show they are better. Then fast forward to these past two weekends when they had to defend the CC status against the same team. Oh...and turn out to be successful. Imagine how embarrassing THAT would have been for SARU. Funny then, that the semi finalists in the CC are booted off the S15.... Wtf.... This is like an April Fool's joke.

      theunis.botha.96 - 2012-10-27 00:39

      Must agree with you theo.The kind of stuff that cul'tivate mis'trust and confusion, and har'vest paranoi'a.

      brett.petzer.3 - 2012-10-27 10:49

      You are 100% correct how the hell can the CC semi finalist be kicked out and the CC Wooden spooners stay in the Super 15 ,, SARU and Watson are the worlds rugby joke, can you just imagine how the AUS an kiwi unions are laughing at us??

  • matt.prinsloo.1 - 2012-10-26 23:03

    Wat het geword van 50 punte teen hulle in elke game? Wat het geword van n outomatiese bonus punt vir 4 driee? Wat het geword van grootbek Naka Drotske wat gese het hulle gaan nog meer driee druk teen die Kings die week?

      lean.sadie - 2012-10-26 23:33

      Wat het geword van jou plek verdien? Wat het geword van transformasie?

      matt.prinsloo.1 - 2012-10-27 06:02

      Seker verkeerde ou om te vra: maar wat het geword van common sense?! Soos so baie mense so dikwels se oor ons ouens wat gekoop is: rugby as n besigheid!! n Board room decision is geneem om SARU se 7 jaar oue belofte uiteindelik na te kom. Business is business

      louis.langenhoven - 2012-10-27 06:29

      wat het geword van gedra jou soos waar dit jou die 2 de liga vd Curriebeker...hahahahaha the great pretenders failed pretty badly to take one step up---we'll see how it goes when they play at two levels higher- its gonna be entertaining! I think another rainforest will die just to have enough paper for the new recordbooks

      marius.olivier.7 - 2012-10-27 09:20

      Lees vanoggend se Die Burger wat Naka Drotske na gisteraand se game gesê het. "Dit was 'n ander OP Kings span wat vanaand teen ons gespeel het wat gewys het dat plek gemaak moet word vir hulle in die Premier liga". Ses spanne in die Curriebeker is volgens hom in elk geval te min. 8 Spanne met 'n outomatiese promosie van die wenner vandie eerste liga en relegasie van die laaste span in die premier liga sal beteken dat meer spelers in kleiner unies blootstelling sal kry tot hoër vlak rugby, wat jou Super Ruby poel van spelers ook sal vergroot.

  • jaymz.hurly - 2012-10-26 23:07

    The EP kings are the julius Malema of rugby

      matt.prinsloo.1 - 2012-10-27 06:29

      Well spoken by the trailer park trash of SA

      jaymz.hurly - 2012-10-27 07:14

      You must be the idiot that lives 2 trailers down from me. If you can't come up with a good reply don't reply at all, by doing that you any saving your own name if you confused now its called ADVICE, ill give you a ten minute break to let ur brain cool down its worse then the old escort you drive, only u can patch a broken radiator but not ur brain

      suidlander.vanwyk - 2012-10-27 08:14

      but jaymz you are the idiot of the highest order, so you need to be addressed in that way. we need to lower ourselves to your level to address you accordingly

      jaymz.hurly - 2012-10-27 11:59

      U must be the bother that married matt's mother

      boltonbarry - 2012-10-28 12:55

      Dont worry Suidlander. Your rugby officials has done that on your behalf already

  • Marco van Rensburg - 2012-10-26 23:40

    Wat ht gword van ons gan teen grootspanne wen? Wat ht gword van ons gaan Currie Cup speel? Wat ht gword van ons wil EP rugby bevorder(koop spelers links en regs)? Wat geword EP Kings, Nix ni!

      chris.kriek.7 - 2012-10-27 01:16

      Wat het van die Watson geword wat op die Springbok trui braak? Die Watsons is baie blaf en nils byt. Die ergste is dat SARFU na hulle geluister het ten koste van SA Rugby! Kan iemand asb die rugby publiek inlig waat in hulle koppe aangaan?

      louis.langenhoven - 2012-10-27 06:30


  • nkambazyofaninikuphelidakwa.chiliza - 2012-10-26 23:42

    Griquas can do better than this. Plz SARU remove this rubbish b4 they even start playing for super15 the only win they wil get it agaist the melborne rebels.

      Jacques - 2012-10-27 00:13

      I would be shocked if they can manage even that...

      chris.kriek.7 - 2012-10-27 01:13

      At least you are optimistic, I can't see them winning a match! I only see them losing with record margins week after week and making SA rugby the laughing stock of the entire rugby world!

      niel.walt - 2012-10-27 06:28

      Not if beale and o'connor plays

      suidlander.vanwyk - 2012-10-27 08:16

      rubbish is what you posting here, go and work, KFC is waiting for you, you have no business commenting about rugby cauz you clearly know nothing

      boltonbarry - 2012-10-28 13:08

      Suildander he seems to know a whole lot more than you about rugby. Why he is working at KFC you can start in the garden

  • ndabenhle.g.ngcobo - 2012-10-27 00:02

    The Kings need help. Hopefully the predominantly white SA rugby public doesnt see them as the enemy. They could do a world of good for SA rugby.

      omge.klits - 2012-10-27 00:22

      Nope - deserve no more help than any other SA franchise - difference between unjust handouts and earning your place well illustrated . . . . If they earned their place - they would have had everyone's support.

      hein.huyser - 2012-10-27 00:36

      Leave race out of this one, its uncalled for. Fact is, the Kings are payback to that moron Cheecky Watson and his son puke, and this proves that you can not be truly competative when comrade employment happens. Not in politics or the sportsfield. They will embarrass South Africa, just like the rest of the cadre deployments have embarrased us

      chris.kriek.7 - 2012-10-27 01:10

      No good can be served if they get humiliated week after week in the Super Rugby competition. Please get real it isn't a racist observation, its reality!

  • reinie.brandt - 2012-10-27 00:34

    I don't support the Watson\\Kings decision, but the fact is that it was the same cheetah side as last week and look at the score. Atleast there was an improvement. You will only get better if you play the best. Sharks 4 Life!!!

      arnie.kay.1 - 2012-10-27 01:38

      Up the Sharks, any coastal side south of Port Edward will sukkel

      niel.walt - 2012-10-27 06:23

      Did u even watch the game? Firstly it soaking wet and raining. Secondly the cheetas started with 3 injuries in an already depleted side and then lost 2 more vital players. The kings showed no improvement apart from learning how to illegally take out players

      marius.olivier.7 - 2012-10-27 09:28

      @niel. Please explain how tackling a player around his ankles is taking out a player illegally.The only player taken out of the game illegally was Noel Oelshich whose red card was a result of Ebersohn's bloody face that was caused by one of his own players' reckless shoulder dive into the ruck

  • chris.kriek.7 - 2012-10-27 01:05

    Please, please explain how SARFU can justfy the Kings replacing the Lions in the Super Rugby competition? The Lions narrowly lost out in the semi-final last week. If SARFU honestly feel they have to be fair, then let them have a match between the Lions and the Kings with the winner playing in the Super Rugby competition.\r\n\r\nTheir decision is flawed, and will only serve to damage SA Rugby's reputation, and the Kings will not gain anything because they are going to be way out of their league, and are only going to be cannon fodder. Their presence in the competition is going to embarrass them and the entire country!

      arnie.kay.1 - 2012-10-27 01:36

      I concur

      ann.donnelly.22 - 2012-10-27 06:41


      suidlander.vanwyk - 2012-10-27 08:18

      like you are embarrassing yourselves rite now

      luke.sportify - 2012-10-27 09:26

      This is EP not the Southern Kings you idiot!!!

      boltonbarry - 2012-10-28 13:09

      They cant

  • arnie.kay.1 - 2012-10-27 01:31

    politics espically Watson politics loop line. knob heads

      luke.sportify - 2012-10-27 09:27

      what's that knob head? you live in SA dont u forget

      boltonbarry - 2012-10-28 13:10

      Luke dont stupify this

  • blou.johnny - 2012-10-27 02:42

    ...EP Cheeky Queens... ...jokers of SA Rugby.. ...flippen political clowns...

      louis.langenhoven - 2012-10-27 06:34

      pukey pffifteen?

      suidlander.vanwyk - 2012-10-27 08:19

      BJ idiot of the highest order, go fly something, your team is out of every competition you troll

      luke.sportify - 2012-10-27 09:28

      Pink cows look more like queens to me

  • philip.buys.1 - 2012-10-27 03:33

    I will support any team, playing against the spears. They stand for nothing that is true and fair.

      luke.sportify - 2012-10-27 09:28

      where u been hiding Phillip? The Spears??? To much brandy last night?

      boltonbarry - 2012-10-28 13:12

      Yes Phillip i concur. I was feeling sorry for the players that have been put through all this nonsense by their managers but after yesterdays display of un-sportman like play may they get hammered. I was wondering who to support next year in the S15 and have decided that EVERY team that plays against the Southern Queers will be my teams

  • heystek.erasmus - 2012-10-27 05:33

    I am so dissapointed!!!!ag no man Cheetahs!why do you do this!with a score like this,u only gonna give the Kings hope,and even some ammo to justify themselves!but we all know u voted for them to play S15 hey cheetahs?sad sad day!

      niel.walt - 2012-10-27 06:17

      Hope? If it was dry they woulda beaten them by 50 again and the cheetas played with a depleted C team, not even almost at s15 strenght or cc strenght.

  • roy.wadhams.1 - 2012-10-27 06:06

    Yeh! a pity that the Kings weren't outplayed right out of rugby. SARU will rue the day that they gave in to the Kings by allowing them to the Super Rugby.

  • jean.rossouwsa - 2012-10-27 06:33

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! If you Psss like a puppy jou can't play with the big dogs!!!!!!!!

  • ann.donnelly.22 - 2012-10-27 06:35

    The dirty way the Kings played is a reflection on the dirty way in which they entered the Super 16 competition. I'm delighted that they will not be playing in the Currie Cup next year. Well done, Cheetahtjies!

  • - 2012-10-27 06:40

    Kings playing S15 in 2013 thats all matters.

      omge.klits - 2012-10-27 09:52

      Well lets hope the Southern Cadres do not embarass the nation any more than what appears to be necessary for SARU . . . .

      jed.vonallemann - 2012-10-27 10:20

      And once they fail hopelessly , we never have to see them again. Thanks SARU for promotion relegation keeping the S**T out of the Currie Cup and the Super 15.

  • roy.wadhams.1 - 2012-10-27 06:41

    Now,the next BIG game between the two best teams with WP coming back with the cup. Go Western Province!

  • roy.wadhams.1 - 2012-10-27 06:46

    @lean.sadie.You do not earn your place in rugby,jy gaan en koop dit met dreigemente om na die hof toe te gaan of na die ANC en te staak. Afrikaans very bad so I hope I get the message across?

  • leon.young.9003 - 2012-10-27 06:48

    Well done kings much better now for the big one uhm sharks by 30 go deysel go sharks

  • bjorn.harrisonsagar - 2012-10-27 06:57

    Cheeky put back in his box ! You have to produce good rugby to get into the big league not try to worm your way in with your political cronies !!! I wish EP rugby all the best but not with that thug in charge and especially not with his manner of doing things. Its such a pity as EP has such a great history as far as school boy rugby is concerned .The youngsters dont stay in the Eastern Cape as Cheeky has only one mission and we all know the rest of the story .........

      luke.sportify - 2012-10-27 09:29

      what you been smoking Bjorn?

      marius.olivier.7 - 2012-10-27 09:41

      Everyone here slamming Cheeky Watson clearly has no idea what he inherited when he took over EP. A union that was robbed blind and R7mil in the red, a stadium that should have been demolished 10 years ago and a team that finished last in the first division. I definitely don't subscribe to his political views, but the turnaround on and off the field that he has achieved in 4 years borders on the miraculous and from a pure rugby point of view, he will get my support any day.

  • mthunzi.phakathi - 2012-10-27 07:03

    What else did i exect, these commets are the same thing u guys hv been saying frm day one. We get it, saru messed up big time, like the appointment of HM. I say let us give them a chance coz we cnt chnge a thing, the same applies to HM give him a yr.

  • - 2012-10-27 07:13

    Not much can be said about this fiasco because the outcome was predicted a long time ago. Now we can only wait for the super 15 series to rub in the humiliation.

  • leonard.bulle - 2012-10-27 07:14

    Kings speel soos hulle wp broers, baie swak en sonder planne! Aangesien die wp nou uit is na Sat, moet die kings nou maar die Suidelike span word. Noord sal hulle graag in die grond wil speel. Sharks gaan die wynsuipers in die see in speel. Sharks by 18

      tertius.coetzer.7 - 2012-10-27 08:27

      Ek stem, ons gaan WP wen, maar ons hoef hulle ten minste nie te wys hoe om rugby te speel, soos die bulle nie! Ag foeitog, wanneer laas het die bulletjies n final gesien?

      les.gombart - 2012-10-28 12:20

      hahahaha loud mouth... who are the champions? Sharks? No! Bulls? No! Lions? No! WP? Hell yeah!!! Suck on that big time!

  • george.slade.161 - 2012-10-27 07:25

    Kings : Sponsored by BEE .

  • psycc - 2012-10-27 07:39

    wining is winning kings sucks

  • deon.booysen - 2012-10-27 08:24

    Kings loose again. If a team can't even make the premier division how in the world will they survive super 15? Just proofs that their place in the super 15 undeserving.

  • johan.wilsnach - 2012-10-27 08:26

    I still cannot believe that SARU opened the back door for the kings. SARU just comes to show, you will earn your stipes. Nothing for MAHALA!!!!

      louis.langenhoven - 2012-10-27 08:45

      they didn't even come in through the back door-there seems to be some merit in that. they came through an open window like a skelm at night to think I was once a big supporter of EP rugby- in the days of Danie Gerber, Cowley, Domkrag, Burger, Serfontein, Pote, Andrew Johnson, Pedro, Hennie le Roux, Garth Right, Kallie Grobler, Andrew Pattersen- they had some good okes- if those were playing now they would've had a fighting chance

  • Jason - 2012-10-27 09:17

    People. Healthy competition and promotion/relegation makes for better sides. SA will benefit in the long term. Nobody agrees with how the Kings situation was handled, but lets be honest, the Lions certainly didn't deserve to stay in the Super 15 either, based on their performance.

  • luke.sportify - 2012-10-27 09:24

    Once again I am amazed at all the hate being written about EP. Should you not be pointing your finders at SARU? If EP, who will be the core of the Southern Kings keep improving as they have been over the past 4 years then I am sure South Africa will be much better represented by the Southern Kings The Lions have been given the chance and showed they dont belong in Super Rugby

      johan.vanheerden.12 - 2012-10-27 09:57

      Yes, but improve in the Curry Cup first. They played the race card to get in and have to build a new team for S15 as the current players are not good enough. So far they bought sub standard players their provinces don't need anymore, all white. They should have taken the R40m and started developing a team for couple of years

      omge.klits - 2012-10-27 10:03

      Nobody's speaking about EP Luky - the references are to the Southern Cadres - which politically, socially, manegerially and meritoriously is a completely different animal . . . .

  • Kevin - 2012-10-27 09:38

    Kings - or is it QUEENS - trying to show, by dirty play and bonecrunching dangerous tackles that they are not girls. Please - just face it - you are not yet Currie Cup A section material. Get some decent players, get rid of Cheeky (Chooky) and Lukey (pukey) and help Alan Solomons to start to mould a team for the future - rather than giving him a team of cast-off imports and then expecting him to perform miracles. Just imagine what this side is going to have to endure in Super 15. You can't run before you can crawl. It's a long hard road but if you make it through hard work and success along the way, then you will earn your stripes and some level of respect from the rugby community. WHAT A LAUGHT FOR NEXT YEAR - B SECTION CURRIE CUP and Super 15 - or will it be SUPER KLAP IT.

      luke.sportify - 2012-10-27 09:47

      Only time will tell Kevin So do the Lions deserve to be there in 2013? This is early days for the EC

      omge.klits - 2012-10-27 10:04

      So Lucky - you recon the card handed to the Southern Gauteng rugby supporters by SARU's decree was a fair one ?

      deon.booysen - 2012-10-27 10:45

      Lucky keeps pointing his finger at the Lions, yelling “look how bad they did!” when the facts are right on front of him. Who did the kings play in the relegation match? The Cheetahs! NOT the Lions. The Lions played in the semi-finals of the premier division, so YES! They are more worthy to be in the Super 15 than the kings.

      smallies - 2012-10-27 10:53

      laas week het ons gesien hoe maklik dit is om teen die klomp laaitys van die op te wen,gister toe dit begin reen het draka snotske aan sy ysters gese boys omdat ek bang is vir beserings mag julle net die laaste 20min speel en wragtag die op kon nog steeds nie wen nie

  • phahla.matwa - 2012-10-27 09:43

    They can't defeat useless cheatahs. Supper 14 will b a disaster. They r nt ready 4 supper rugby

      werner.pretorius.12 - 2012-10-27 12:34

      Ek al nie sommer die woorde \useless\ gebruik om die Cheetahs te definieer nie. Hul het die Curriebeker drie keer verower die afgelope 8 jaar!!! Drie keer meer as bv die WP.

      niel.walt - 2012-10-27 12:37

      Your spelling is useless.

  • smallies - 2012-10-27 10:34

    wonder of daai vuilgat 6 van samoa gecite gaan word.....vrek sorry nie samoa nie queens,mind you hulle het soos samoa gespeel,seker gereken hulle sou die fight kon wen maar heellaas kry hulle toe net n rooi kaart.....

      smallies - 2012-10-27 10:37

      hulle kon nie eers die cheetah vodacom cup\\shimla\\FS O21 span klop nie eish swaar tye le voor vir die rakkers

  • heystek.erasmus - 2012-10-27 10:47

    Actually,one good thing is coming from this whole Kings f@ck-up,when last were Bulls,Stormers,Sharks,Cheetah,Lions fans so united?lol,we all fight each other on all other occasions,but at least,here we stand together!EENDRACHT MAAKT MACHT!!!VIVA????

  • heystek.erasmus - 2012-10-27 10:57

    Just a thought,it took them 4 years too improve,from losing every game in the Bsectio,to winning the B section,with a very close game,what,it was with a point or 2 against the Puma's?okay,and now,they cant even compete,nevermind win against a very depleted cheetah team?how many years to crack it in the CC(not winning it,but just to be competitive)?another 4 years?and even then,that wont even be enough to crack it in S15(also,not winning,just being competitive),if it ever happens,wont happen in our life time,can the whole idea!

  • marius.steyn3 - 2012-10-27 11:06

    En nou Mr Cheecky Watson?Politiek kan ook net soveel help.Kom deur die ranks en verdien jou plek.

  • viv.pike - 2012-10-27 15:22

    And as is typical of all the anti-Kings comments of late, 99% of the commentators show that they know not much about rugby at all. Their hatred for the Watsons clouds their minds. Comments like "Currie Cup should be 8 teams, but Kings don't deserve a place." As The Kings finished the 1st Division season unbeaten, which other team them should be in CC?

  • leonard.bulle - 2012-10-27 15:48

    Geluk BULLS ond 21j met CC wen, lekker die wp chokers vermorsel, so choke hulle van jongs af hahahahaha

      lean.sadie - 2012-10-27 15:53

      SO die o19 bulle het gechoke ook ne? F$k julle mense is so dom.