Botes to skipper Sharks

2011-08-17 14:57

Durban - Flanker Jacques Botes has been named as captain of the Sharks for their clash against the Leopards at Kings park on Friday night, replacing Keegan Daniel.

"Keegan will take a break, he has a bit of wear and tear, but he'll come off the bench later in the game, but I want to give him a little less time on the field this week," Sharks coach John Plumtree told Sharks website editor, Michael Marnewick.

The Sharks will be looking to retain their unbeaten home record in what should be an exciting Currie Cup clash.

Both sides generally look to play attractive, attacking rugby, and if the weather, which has cleared dramatically after a cold snap early in the week, remains good, there is no reason why an exciting game won't be on display for fans.

In team changes from last week, Plumtree has given some of his hard-working players a break while looking to retain much of the continuity that has taken them to second place on the log.

The loss of Lwazi Mvovo and Patrick Lambie to the Springboks this week has opened doors, with Sibusiso Sithole returning to the starting line-up and a new-look centre partnership being established.

"I'm giving Stefan Terblanche a bit of a break to give Meyer Bosman and Marius Joubert the opportunity to work together, I'd like to see what they can show me as a partnership as well as individually," The Sharks coach explains.

Conrad Hoffman will get a start this weekend to partner Frederic Michalak. "It's an opportunity to see what he can do after a long lay-off, he's keen to show me what he's capable of," said Plumtree.

The final change to the starting line-up sees Wiehahn Herbst start for Eugene van Staden at tighthead prop with Alistair Hargreaves coming into the team for the first time in the current campaign.

"The Leopards have conceded a few points this year, but they've also scored a few, so they have plenty of attacking threats and will come here with an attitude of wanting to attack and put on a good show. Defensively, we're going to have to be really up for it.

"Our defence was good against Western Province, but it was easier in the rain. Hopefully there won't be any on Friday. They will look to stress us and we have to make sure defensively we're on target - defence is a big focus for us this weekend."


15. Louis Ludik, 14. Odwa Ndungane, 13. Marius Joubert, 12. Meyer Bosman, 11. Sibusiso Sithole, 10. Frederic Michalak, 9. Conrad Hoffmann, 8. Ryan Kankowski, 7. Marcell Coetzee, 6. Jacques Botes (captain), 5. Ross Skeate, 4. Anton Bresler, 3. Wiehahn Herbst, 2. Craig Burden, 1. Dale Chadwick

Substitutes: 16. Kyle Cooper, 17. Eugene van Staden, 18. Alistair Hargreaves, 19. Keegan Daniel, 20. Charl McLeod, 21. Adrian Jacobs 22. Stefan Terblanche



  • jk - 2011-08-17 15:01


      ck - 2011-08-17 15:05

      Is that the best you could come up with?

      jk - 2011-08-17 15:08

      ck- its you wanna hear my friend, PROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVINCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Crzfst - 2011-08-17 16:02

      what was the result last week?

      Rob Rabbit - 2011-08-17 17:04

      @jk that is such innitiative you show - pity about last week then and probably next week too.

      lionel.pretorius2 - 2011-08-18 15:39

      Ja ou Bergie Prooooooooooooooooovince jou moer ?

  • jk - 2011-08-17 15:05

    wp to move into 2nd spot, bulls to be 2nd last...

      Tyrone - 2011-08-17 15:11

      bly van die tik af

      Diesel369 - 2011-08-17 15:14

      Hoe wil wp dit reg kry,hou aan drome droom JK.As julle wen en Griekwas verloor is julle 3de anders bly julle 4de.Jy het seker laasjaar se log nog by jou.Sharks gaan defnitief wen so ons gaan 1ste le of 2de bly.

      jk - 2011-08-17 15:20

      tyrone & diesel- wat weet julle elk geval van rugby af???!!!

      jk - 2011-08-17 15:21

      tyrone- eks nie n cheap druggie soos kok nie

      Tyrone - 2011-08-17 15:24

      Genoeg om te weet , jy weet absoluut niks nie plus dis dalk beter jy gaan vra jou skool gelde terug , its only a little friendly advice ,

      Shark-Chic - 2011-08-17 15:30

      For WP to go second would mean Sharks would have to lose to the Leopards....somehow, I dont think that will happen!!!!

      Shark-Chic - 2011-08-17 15:31

      Oh and not to mention, they would have to beat Lions aswell....hmmmm.....

  • jk - 2011-08-17 15:26

    jou advice is so nikswerd soos jou opinie

      Tyrone - 2011-08-17 15:29

      stop whining, or is that wine-ing in your case?? ,

      jk - 2011-08-17 15:29

      shark chick- you light up our days of our lives...

      jk - 2011-08-17 15:34

      tyrone- go and play on the high way boet

      jk - 2011-08-17 16:14

      gooinat- stay out of it!!

  • Shark-Chic - 2011-08-17 15:28

    Shaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrks...... :-) :-)

      Tyrone - 2011-08-17 15:36

      tell him sista lol, he already forgot the drubbing the sharks gave his breezers last wekend lol

      Sarge - 2011-08-17 15:37


      jk - 2011-08-17 15:46

      het julle mekaar nou gevind? sad team sad provinsie sad opinies...

      Shark-Chic - 2011-08-17 15:50

      Its ok jk, i would feel the same as you if my team lost last week against the current champs........ oh wait, my team is the current champs.........

      jk - 2011-08-17 15:52

      please make me laugh...

      Ron87 - 2011-08-17 16:06

      I can STILL feel the way Lambie stusk his hands in Schalks face to push him to the ground, on the way to scoring that great try!!!

      gooinat - 2011-08-17 16:11

      @Ron and I can still see how we beat the Sharks at Newlands and at Absa OPark twice in the S15

      Chanea - 2011-08-17 17:33

      And what trophy did you get for your troubles gooinat?

  • Anneleen - 2011-08-17 15:37

    Sharks forever...go Sharks!!!!!!!

      Tyrone - 2011-08-17 15:38

      so bek kort jam :lol:

      Anneleen - 2011-08-17 15:47

      @Tyrone...thanks for your reply! I feel so very happy here right in Sharks domain!!

      Tyrone - 2011-08-17 15:50

      You're most welcome Anneleen, you should join us sometimes at

      jk - 2011-08-17 15:54

      middag annelee, ignore jy my...

      Anneleen - 2011-08-17 15:55

      @Tyrone...most certainly and thank you...i live for the Sharks!!!

      Tyrone - 2011-08-17 15:55

      LOL be brutally honest with him with a SOLID " YES" bwaaahahahaaaaaa

      Tyrone - 2011-08-17 16:00

      cool and likewise , btw , my nic there will be sharks_lover

      Anneleen - 2011-08-17 16:10

      @Tyrone and about we all visit Sharksworld? Stormers and Sharks chatting away!

      jk - 2011-08-17 16:15

      anneleen- never

      gooinat - 2011-08-17 16:16

      @Tyrone hahahahah Sharks_Lover, it should read Sharks _Loser,how can you say that the Sharks drubbed Province last week,a drubbing is what we gave u guys at Absa Park and Newlands in the S15,that international backline of yours should have ran circles against our youngsters and dont blame the weather but they did not,you were lucky to win that game finished and klaar.

      Tyrone - 2011-08-17 17:00

      LOL Aneleen, there are already quite a few stormer supporters that blog there , its not an issue , makes for good banter

      BlueRaven - 2011-08-17 17:01

      Gooinat I have to say it was a close game, in the same vein WP was very lucky to draw against Griquas finish en klaar.

      gooinat - 2011-08-17 17:05

      @Raven,we were indeed lucky against Griquas but a draw is better than a loss and where are your beloved Bulls finished and klaar??????

      BlueRaven - 2011-08-18 10:25

      My beloved Bulls will be back to their winning ways soon gooinat don't you worry about that, in fact they won their last game.

  • atreyu_za - 2011-08-17 16:02

    Anybody know if Eugene Van Staden managed to change the shape of his head to a square yet?

  • kosie - 2011-08-17 16:03

    they should give michalak a rest as well....

      Tyrone - 2011-08-17 16:05

      Kosie , even though i agree , i understand why they have not, the slip up against the kwas has forced a no further risk situation

  • Simon - 2011-08-17 16:12

    Go SHARKIES, don't let the Lions get to far ahead on points. Stay in touch. You guys have what it takes to win AGAIN! Yea SHARKS ROCK!

  • StBad - 2011-08-17 16:16

    One of the quiet heroes of the Sharks in recent history... deserves this!

  • jk - 2011-08-17 16:17


      Sh@rks Fever - 2011-08-17 16:48

      JK you on a role today. Making me laugh as ussual. Where those not so nice friends of yours. Maoeri, KOK and Bulldozer?

  • Sh@rks Fever - 2011-08-17 16:53

    Still a very impressive team. I think Sitole is another star in the making. Shit that guy as some serious gas in the tank. Our pension club in the midfield has to shape up though. My first choice would still be Riaan and Adi but who am I to go against Plum's choices. GO SHARKS!!! We need 5 points. And I will keep the mouth shut about ths being an easy game. These bottom of the log teams like the Leopards Pumas and Bulls can give you a serious run for your money.

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