Cheetahs pick Super 14 squad

2009-11-04 13:39

Jóhann Thormählen

Bloemfontein - Greater competition for places in the Cheetahs’ starting line-up may just be the tonic for their best Super 14 campaign to date.

Good performances by Griquas and the Free State Cheetahs in this year’s Currie Cup have allowed the Cheetahs to head into the Super 14 with more depth.

Cheetahs coach Naka Drotské announced a 42-man squad on Tuesday. The squad, which will be reduced in January, will assemble in about two weeks’ time.

The Cheetahs also have a better draw for 2010 than was the case this year.

They play their first six games in South Africa, of which four will be in Bloemfontein. The Cheetahs will also tour overseas for only four weeks.

Some lesser-known players have also been included in the squad.

Rocco Jansen, who will be joining Griquas, is a prime example. He played in the First Division of the Currie Cup for the Elephants this year and his six tries placed him among the leading try-scorers. Jansen previously also played for the Blue Bulls in the Vodacom Cup and Currie Cup.

Cheetahs backline coach Hawies Fourie said that Jansen is a very promising player who does the basics well.

“He also finishes well,” he said.

With the departure of Richardt Strauss (hooker) to Leinster, Hans Grobler has been included as one of the hookers. He has been a standout player for the Shimlas this year.

Wesley Wilkens was included as flank ahead of Rohan Kitshoff of Griquas. Former Matie captain Wilkens joined Griquas at the end of the Currie Cup campaign.

Cheetahs Super 14 squad:

Hennie Daniller, Riaan Viljoen, Danwel Demas, Bjorn Basson, JW Jonker, Robert Ebersohn, Philip Snyman, Wilmaure Louw, Meyer Bosman, Corné Uys, Barry Geel, Naas Olivier, Louis Strydom, Jongi Nokwe, Lionel Mapoe, Rocco Jansen, Tewis de Bruyn, JP Joubert, Sarel Pretorius

Kabamba Floors, Frans Viljoen, Ashley Johnson, Francois Uys, Davon Raubenheimer, Juan Smith, Heinrich Brüssow, Hendro Scholtz, Wesley Wilkens, David de Villiers, Jacques Lombard, Izak van der Westhuizen, Nico Breedt, Rudi Mathee, Kobus Calldo, Ruaan du Preez, WP Nel, Hans Grobler , Rayno Barnes, Adriaan Strauss, Albertus Buckle, Coenie Oosthuizen, Wian du Preez


  • Gary - 2009-11-04 13:47

    Sal 'n regtig goeie span hieruit kan kies. Ten minste semi's vir Cheekwas in die S14!!!

  • Nick Armstrong - 2009-11-04 14:22

    A fantastic squad of the best players available! :) All the best Vrystaat in 2010! :) You were cheated by Kaplan and Legoete in the 2009 Currie Cup Final.

  • Politician - 2009-11-04 15:01

    Thx Nick Armstrong....great to see someone agreeing with what a lot of Cheetahs fans were "protesting" after the CC final. That's however, water under the bridge and Cheetahs looking forward to a much improved S14 campaign in 2010. Yes, good squad. I'm not a Naka fan at all and would've liked to see Dawie Theron involved somehow. C'mon Cheetahs, make us proud again!!.

  • Gary - 2009-11-04 15:11

    Ag Nick. That's just sour grapes boet. I am 'n fanatical cheetah fan, but we were beaten by the better team on the day, (the only way they cheated was by playing Fourie du Preez, he is not human).

  • Jan - 2009-11-04 15:41

    @Politician & Gary. You guys suck!!!! Can't believe you @ss whipes are still sour. But wait till 12 Feb 2010 to try and avenge your so called "cheated by Kaplan" final. Bulls will break you in Bloem!

  • Ernst - 2009-11-04 15:51

    If the Bulls lost, and complained only HALF as much as the Cheetahs did this week, everybody would have had a lot to say against them! Please get out of your naivity - mistakes were made in both directions - and the Bulls could have won even further if everything was blown against the Cheetahs. Now, actually this article is about the Super 14 - and please Cheetahs, if you want to take part you'll have to win some against overseas teams. Stop moaning and become something! All of us would enjoy that. Otherwise step aside for the Eastern Cape team.

  • JJ - 2009-11-04 15:51

    And Fabian Juries misses out once again...PdV made sure Devon plays S14 next year

  • peter - 2009-11-04 17:16

    The only people complaining are the CC Final watchers , not the every game watchers . Congrats again to the Bulls. This is going to be a good Team, A lot more depth than in the past . The best of luck to Naka and his team. I'le support them 100 % of the way ( Go Cheetahs )

  • Nick Armstrong - 2009-11-04 17:26

    @Politician - pleasure - it's the truth. @Jan - did you watch the game mate? I have it on HD PVR. Starting at 1 min 26 - Matfield clearly shoulder-charges the FS player - Bakkies tackles him around the waist - then holds him on the ground - and plays the ball - from which the Cheetahs player loses it forward. Pro Legoete doesn't see the shoulder-charge (which the crowd did - could clearly be heard going "oooohh"), he doesn't see Bakkies clearly holding the tackled player and playing the ball on the ground - yet he sees the ball go forward by a few centimetres...??? From that turn-over came the BB's first try - the cross-kick from Fourie du Preez for Hougaard to score. In the move before the penalty - when the BB's player was tackled just short of the line - as he hit the ground - he lost control of the ball - and he and the ball went forward under momentum - that's a KNOCK-ON. Again - not seen (conveniently). So - instead of penalty FS on the other side of the field and Matfield yellow card - its' a BB 7-pointer. It was Legoete who WRONGLY called Richardt Strauss' throw-in "not 5 metres" - when it clearly DID go 5 metres. And Strauss then got a yellow card. Where were the yellow cards for Habana's and Fourie du Preez' deliberate professional fouls in the 1st half - close to their line??? The FS player penalised for "taking out" Pierre Spies in the air from the kick-off - when he hardly made contact - and Spies fell because his support player wasn't holding on. This is just the start - there isn't space here for every issue. I understand mistakes are made - but when incident after incident after incident happens - and ALL go in favour of one team - that's not co-incidence - it's CHEATING. Pro Legoete, especially, cheated. Fact. Watch the game again. But - yeah - it was Loftus, the darling BB's, their "dream season" - there was no way the officials were going to allow anything to come between them and victory. So - yeah - merry Christmas BB's - you've been gifted the Currie Cup.

  • Sharks for life!! - 2009-11-04 19:35

    Here's hoping that the Cheetahs take the momentum from the end of the season into 2010. Would love to see a couple NZ/Oz teams fighting for the wooden spoon. Go Cheetahs!!

  • Blue Jake - 2009-11-05 00:38

    These whallies are gonna finish last again. Like every year. @Nick Armstrong: Blah blah blah.

  • Ella - 2009-11-05 08:50

    Nick Armstrong - I'm not going to follow with a long layout like you did. Go to the website: and read the actual facts and reaction on all the incidents the Cheetahs are complaining about again and again and again..., and everything the Cheetahs got away with. The Cheetahs simply didn't win!

  • Nick Armstrong - 2009-11-05 09:55

    @ Blue Jake - you BB's are the first to cry like stuck pigs when things don't go your - yeah - "blah blah blah" it may be - but it's the TRUTH. You cannot argue with hard evidence - TV evidence, and a knowledge of the rules. @Ella - yes - I have no doubt FS also 'got away' with certain circumstances - however - none - absloutely none as fundamenatlly crucial to the actual scoring of points and thus the result as all the BB's 'gifts'. Trivial in comparison to what the BB's got away with - and EACH incident either leading DIRECTLY to the BB's scoring points - or FS being denied a try-scoring opportunity. Like I said - 1min 26 into the game - and Matfield should've been yellow carded - and ditto for Du Preez and Habana later on in the 1st half. But - there was no way Kaplan was going to yellow card any of the darling BB's - especially their captain and 'special' Boks - on their day - their "crowning day" at Loftus. The better team lost on Sat. Fact. By the way - there's an e-mail going around with screen-shot 'stills' showing many of what the BB's got away with - try and get to see it, if you're interested... Oh yes - @ Blue Jake - how about the BB's trying to grow/develop your own talent - and stop raiding Free State and Grey Bloem (see Deon Stegmann, Morne Steyn etc). Again - FS are U19 and U21 champs. Through the decades - the nursery of SA rugby (and feeder to the other Unions) is Free State and Grey Bloem - FACT. So show a little respect - or wait 'til Grey Bloem pulversises your little Affies, Waterkloof et al again! The only reason why Free State don't win the Currie Cup year after year - is that the wealthier Unions 'steal' their players - and have been doing so over the decades. Yes - money talks - but the TRUE talent conveyor-belt of SA rugby - is the Free State!! Stick that in your Pretoria pipe - and smoke it.

  • London Bok Fan - 2009-11-05 11:46

    Am I missing something?? I don't see Jacque Louis Potgieter amongst those names...good enough to take the cheetahs to the currie cup finals, but not good enough to even make the provisional squad? Nass Olivier is pretty good, but surely Potgieter is better than Louis Strydom...

  • StuartW - 2009-11-05 13:35

    @ London Bok fan....Potgieter has signed with the Bulls for 2010....that is why he is not in the cheetahs squad.

  • JP - 2009-11-05 16:00

    Nick Armstrong, daardie rubbish e-mail waarvan jy praat is beskikbaar op - vir al die bad losers om na te kyk soveel hulle wil. Kamerahoeke onder verdenking. Neem ook die volgende in aanmerking: Andre Watson het verduidelik oor "vorentoe" of nie a. albei is op spoed en hulle hardloop vorentoe; b. In fisiika is dit heel eenvoudig, die wat vektore verstaan sal verstaan. Jy kan nie 'n lyn trek op die grond, hardloop en dan die bal na regs aangee en dan hoop die bal gaan agter op op die lyn van nie, want die spoed waarmee jy vorentoe hardloop is 'n addisionele "krag" wat jy in ag moet neem wat inwerk op die hele beweging van die bal; c. Watson het aangetoon dat die speler se hande moet of sywaarts of agtertoe beweeg as hy die bal aangee, dan is dit NIE 'n vorentoe aangee nie; d. Fourie se hande het sywaarts beweeg toe hy die bal na Habana gegooi het, dis hoekom dit nie 'n vorentoe aangee was nie. E. Jy kan NIE na die bal se beweging kyk nie. DIT is wat mense mislei. Nico Breedt se 3: Heinrich Brussow se aangee was vorentoe. Sy hande het vorentoe beweeg toe hy die bal uitgegee het na links. Maar dit lyk nie so nie, want Nico Breedt het BAIE stadiger gehardloop as wat Habana en Fourie gehardloop het. Vergeet vd vorentoe van Nico se 3: Na die skrum, wat geswaai het, het Pottie die bal opgetel en vorentoe gegaan. Spies het bygekom en vir Brussouw en nog een weggevat vd bal af. . .dus 'n losskrum met onkantlyne. Frans Viljoen het toe met die swaai vd skrum aanhou ombeweeg en van ons kant af aangesluit en die bal,wat deur Pottie geplaas is, opgetel en vir Brussow gegee, wat ook onkant was. Viljoen het nooit van agter die laaste voete gekom nie, wat nog te sê deur die hekkie. -7 Cheetahs. Daar is nie 'n manier hoe die nuwe losskrum wat gevorm is nog gebind kon wees aan die onkantlyne van die skrum nie. Spies het juis vroeer weggebreek en die Bulle het dit juis gedoen as teenvoeter vir Vrystaat se momentum. Die Cheetahs se tweede drie het gevolg na 'n 5m skrum aan hulle toegeken is en vandaar het hulle 'n strafskop gekry. Hougaard is in die beweging wat die skrum voorafgaan heeltemal omgestamp sonder dat hy aan die bal geraak het. Dit moes 'n strafskop vir die Bulle gewees het. Ek sou ook graag wou weet wat fout was met Jaco Pretorius se drie wat nie toegeken is nie en waar Habana aanvanklik gestraf is dat hy direk afgrond toe gaan teenoor JP Joubert, maar daar was geen sprake daarvan nie. Nico Breedt gaan verder. Die onkantlyn van 'n skrum is nie die middel vd skrum nie. Indien 'n speler losbreek vd skrum moet hy 5 meter terug, agter sy eie skrum se laaste voete. Wanneer die bal uit is, is dit algemene spel, en is daar nie onkantlyne nie. Hier het egter 'n onkantlyn ontstaan nadat Pottie en Spies die bal geplaas het. Viljoen was NOOIT aankant nie, en Brussow was 'n grensgeval. Daai is NIE 'n wettige drie nie. Kaplan het 'n SHOCKER gehad in die tweede helfte. Brussow en JL Potgieter was so gereeld onkant, dit het gelyk of JL al klaar vir ons speel. WP Nel het eenkeer in die tweede helfte die bal amper onder Fourie se nuus kom uitgrawe, nadat Pottie 'n bal afgeneem het. Almal het vir Kaplan en Kobus Wessels gewys, maar hulle het hul blind gehou

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