Botha warns Sonny Bill

2013-01-15 15:28

Johannesburg - Veteran pugilist Francois Botha has warned New Zealand's Sonny Bill Williams to spend more time on the rugby field and less in the boxing ring.

Botha, 44, squares up against Williams, an All Black rugby star and the New Zealand heavyweight title holder, in Brisbane, Australia, on February 8.

"Sonny Bill's a master of the offload but the difference is that he offloads balls whereas I offload punches," Botha said on Tuesday.

Having faced the likes of Evander Holyfield, Wladimir Klitschko and Lennox Lewis in the past, the 44-year-old South African had lost 9kg in the past month, according to his promoters, as he prepared to ressurrect his career against Williams, a dual rugby league and union international.

"I'm not a rugby player but I love rugby, and once this bout is over, rugby fans will be relieved that Williams will not return to the ring," Botha said.

"I know the All Blacks are very popular in South Africa and the fans would rather see him at his best on a rugby field.

"His rugby league skills have worked wonders for All Blacks rugby and I think he's wasted in a boxing ring. I'd rather enjoy seeing him display his silky skills against the Springboks, rather than try to box against a Buffalo."

Botha was excited about the prospect of more big pay days in the future, provided he is able to dispose of Williams.

"The WBA International title will be on the line, and once you wear that belt it could propel you into the big time," he said.

"I've been there before but this time I'm far better prepared. I'm going to teach Sonny Bill a thing or two."


  • willem.myburghdebeer - 2013-01-15 15:37

    Hahaha Cant wait to see this!!!

      gavin.lott.9 - 2013-01-15 16:35

      haha Sonny will knock him guys are getting your heart in the way. Sonny is a natural athlete who is fit fast powerful & youth is on his'll see.

      willem.myburghdebeer - 2013-01-15 16:57

      @Gavin I honestly do not know what's going to happen, but I do know that it will be funny.. Publicity stunt for Botha and Heaven knows what SBW is thinking..

      staal.burgher - 2013-01-15 21:58

      I don't know or understand boxing so I have no idea what to expect either but it will be funny if Sonny loses badly.

      franklyn.davies.1 - 2013-01-16 15:03

      If Botha is fit he will KO moneybill,it will be a huge upset if moneybill wins.

      Caleb - 2013-01-16 21:48

      Botha is 44 for Gods sake, he may have fought the likes of Holyfield etc, but that was a while ago, SBW is fast and tough, if it goes beyond three rounds then Botha is done for.

      pierre.devilliers.9231 - 2013-01-17 08:59

      On paper Botha should take this easily, but they are not fighting on paper. Williams is a natural athlete and Botha might have boxed actively too long ago. Will be interesting though, agree with previous comment. Can't predict this one, although I agree with Botha, if he knocks Williams out cold, then Botha can make a comeback and Williams will stay on the rugby field where he belongs.

  • - 2013-01-15 15:41

    I've said it before and I'll say it again he is gonna send you back to the Serengeti. Aus no place for Buffalo's, only roo's!

      steven.crofton - 2013-01-15 16:14

      Uh, I think you mean the Kruger National Park - the Serengeti isn't in SA ;) - 2013-01-15 17:40

      Who said it was troll? It was meant as a joke plenty of Buffalo in the Serengeti too you dot dot.

      pierre.devilliers.9231 - 2013-01-17 08:57

      Typical female.

  • morne.vandyk.58 - 2013-01-15 15:44

    Moer hom hard Botha

  • fullmoon.up.1 - 2013-01-15 16:01

    best of luck Buffalo, put him down, down under...

  • steven.crofton - 2013-01-15 16:12

    Why do they never mention that Botha also fought Tyson, and had him in huge trouble before he caught a haymaker that would have knocked a real buffalo out! Come on Francois, knock Sonny out, cos you're right, he doesn't belong in boxing!

  • Rick.Gonzo.56 - 2013-01-15 16:21

    Botha is going to smash this guy 6-0

  • gary.doyle.520 - 2013-01-15 16:46

    There's a big difference between rugby and pro boxing. SBW's size and phyique are going to mean nothing, the buffalo is going to give him a PK of note.

      gavin.lott.9 - 2013-01-15 17:05

      I very much doubt that! - 2013-01-15 17:49

      Agreed time to head back to Witbank and retire with a fishing rod in hand.

      staal.burgher - 2013-01-15 21:59

      They wouldn't match them if they didn't think Sonny Bill had a chance. I doubt it will be a walk over either way.

  • lybon1 - 2013-01-15 17:13

    Faf botha fought the likes of lewis,holyfield,klichko .....but he is still rumbling with sum1 like sonny bill.....damn how low can it get.....its sad

  • les.silverstone - 2013-01-15 17:27

    Bothas experience and good condition this time around will be decisive. Hes fought the best and is a real handful. Buffalo to win on points.

  • tertius.devereaux.1 - 2013-01-15 18:08

    Grootbek...Blixem hom Sonny-Bill

  • ljmostert - 2013-01-15 18:16

    Francois blixem the sidestep out of him!!!

  • dian.geere - 2013-01-15 20:32

    and what if SBW wins...then he has only beaten a 44 yr old veteran who at 44 should have enough money to retire from the sport and not wait for that next 'big' fight. Every fighter has one fight too many..... I just hope Fransie has more than this fight left in him.

  • nico.eksteen.7 - 2013-01-15 20:52

    SBW is super-fit and Botha is old. If SBW keep out of trouble in the early rounds he may come through in the end. I think it may be more interesting than people think. It's going to be a bit of a skande if SBW beat him though.

      Caleb - 2013-01-16 21:50


  • alex.degroot.370 - 2013-01-16 09:06

    I smell a fixed bout..... Buffalo got nothing to lose - he hung his gloves up when he became a grandfather. No one outside Oz, NZ and SA is interested in seeing Sonny Bill box - so set him up with a South African. More TV hype, more ad money. Buffalo gets his pay day, Sonny Bill retires after a fixed victory due to pressure by his rugby clubs and insurance brokers and later claims he was a "credible boxer".... If this fight was real the "boxer" would probably kill the rugby player...

  • eugene.dickson2 - 2013-01-16 09:54

    Sunny Wheelchair Williams !!!!

  • james.hunt.161214 - 2013-01-16 10:14

    Outcome is already known! This is purely a "promotional" foefie - One guy needs pension money and the other needs some positive press whilst some sponsors need to promote their products. @ 44 Botha (as good as he was/is) is all but past his sell-by date. SBW is 80% rugby player and 20% boxer but he has probably got a good manager who knows the value of good publicity for his charge.

  • carl.debeer.52 - 2013-01-17 12:16

    Time making the popcorn!

  • johnny.lamont.3 - 2013-01-21 21:14

    George Foreman regained the world title when he was 45. Botha will obliterate SBW but I'm sure this bout is fixed.

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