Ollie: Boks better off

2009-11-09 08:24

Gerdie Karstens

Kimberley – Former Springbok prop Ollie le Roux believes South Africa will be better off on their European tour with Wian du Preez and Adriaan Strauss in their midst.

The Cheetah front-rankers have been called up to replace injured duo Chiliboy Ralepelle (hooker, foot) and Gurthrö Steenkamp (prop, knee), who were crocked in the Bok dirt-trackers’ defeat against Leicester Tigers on Friday night.

The injured players are already on their way home. Jannie du Plessis (prop) was also forced to return home on Sunday because of a hand injury. He has been replaced by CJ van der Linde.

The Bok scrum was humiliated by the Tigers on Friday night, but Le Roux believes things will be different with Du Preez and Strauss in the tight five.

“Wian attacks the tighthead a lot more, while Gurthrö is struggling along. Adriaan also helps mould the front row into a unit. If you put Jannie du Plessis, Adriaan and Wian together, you’ll have a pretty decent front row,” said Le Roux.

He was speaking before SA Rugby had announced that Du Plessis was also injured.

Du Preez and Strauss were initially overlooked by the Bok selectors for the tour of the Northern Hemisphere.

While they were part of the Cheetahs’ pack that scrummed so well in the Currie Cup, not one of them were rewarded with an initial place in the touring squad.

There were mixed feelings about Lions prop Heinke van der Merwe’s inclusion ahead of Du Preez as he had not widely been considered a contender after being out with a knee injury for long.

The Tigers exploited that lack of game time against the Tigers. Leicester bullied South Africa in the scrums and Van der Merwe’s scrumming did not justify his selection.

“Anybody could see Peter de Villiers (Bok coach) included players who did not deserve to be there,” said Le Roux.

“Steenkamp did not deserve his selection considering form, while the hookers Ralepelle and Bandise Maku have not even proved themselves at Currie Cup level. It is unfair towards players that have performed.”


  • jaco - 2009-11-09 08:34

    it is just a pity that we had make our name "gat" before this - it was the most embarrasing display i have ever seen - i am afraid that the test combinations will also not work at the back AD Jacobs, Kirchner, JP Petersen had very bad curry cup seansons - the french is a difficult team on home soil - choose the best team or play under a different name - not springboks - these guys will forever say the beat the springboks, whilst it was probably the 4th team - where is stegman the only other true fetcher in SA

  • Hilton - 2009-11-09 08:55

    Who is Ollie LeRoux.......and he comments on "The Boks"...I wonder if he can spell he's mothers Name......

  • Joost - 2009-11-09 08:56

    Bring Joost terug

  • Soope Koos - 2009-11-09 09:00

    Ek wil my verstout om te se dat Vrydag se span 'n "kwota"span was. As dit ons 2de beste span is het ons groot moeilikheid. En as Kirchner ons beste heelagter is moet ek dalk weer begin rugby speel. Dis 'n skande dat die voorspelers waaroor ons so spog meters agteruit gestoot word. Ons lyk soos Aus 2 jaar terug. Die wereld lag vir ons. Kies die regte spelers DIV!!! Ek kan nie 'n wedstryd onthou wat Chilliboy klaargemaak het nie. Ek is sommer omgekrap.

  • Mclovin - 2009-11-09 09:01

    The whole point of the match was to see whether some players could make the step up from Currie Cup rugby. The result was never going to be of any relevance. Ashley Johnson and Juan de Jongh showed they can make the step up and that is enough for me to conclude that the match was a success. It is unreasonable to expect 15 inexperienced guys to come through on the same night. I think PDivvy and the rest of the coaching staff is going about the right way to pick talent. First you identify them in the Currie Cup and then you see if they can cope under stress. Even Earl the Pearl didn't have a bad game.

  • Graham - 2009-11-09 09:09

    I agee entirely with jaco. If we must play a third rate outfit then call them "The Afican Affirmatives" or something similar, but don't insult the Springboks!

  • oubaas - 2009-11-09 09:10

    Does Ollie remember how he got folded in the front row? Now he's an authority on scrumming. Give me a break.

  • Jacobus - 2009-11-09 09:16

    If Div is going to be true to his word and pick players on form, then the Free State tight 5 can expect a call up. They crushed the Sharks and so too the Bulls(to a lessor extent). We can't really blame only Steenkamp,Chiliboy/Maku,du Plessis. A scrum consists of 8 players and NOT 3. Raubenheimer didn't even break a sweat,he just stood around like a lost spectator,shame on you,in a country with so much talent at 6/7/8

  • geejay - 2009-11-09 09:24

    I am pretty happy now that sanity has returned. Of course having a tight five that are competitive and win ball will change the way the backs performed last week. Just one more change required, Hargreaves must come home and play a couple of s14 seasons, in the meantime send in Van Zyl.

  • Whrz the Os - 2009-11-09 09:28

    If PDivvy calls up someone to help with the scrums it should be Os? Everyone's praising the Free States for their scrumaging, but on paper,based on size,they should be the ones getting folded and squished?

  • Nala - 2009-11-09 09:39

    Well if the side was chosen on currie cup performances where the heck did maku, chiliboy & raubenhemer come from??

  • will - 2009-11-09 09:49

    Ollie is a bit like Joost - you can't believe him. I have actually seen proof in the form of a video (or was it on TV?) of him having a "go" at (what appeared to be almost sexual) some food!

  • graps - 2009-11-09 09:51

    Oubaas - What the hell does Ollie's scrumming have to do with him having a opinion. Every time Ollie has an opinion he gets attacked personally Have you been there Oubaas? If you have then tell us who you are. Then you can have as many opinions as you like!!! . Just keep the unwelcome personal jibes to youself. Sounds to me like you have had opinions that are very bent and buckled and are now sitting back in SA.

  • william - 2009-11-09 09:55

    I told you chilliboy is a waste of water in a waching machine...once again he wears his jersey only 5 minutes..haha

  • Makulu - 2009-11-09 10:01

    It was not only the front row that failed in this game, but so did the back three. The back three - Rose, Ndugane and Nokwe defnitely not defenders was a bad combination pick by the slectors, You can not take control of a game in the northen hemisphere without primary back three players. Way to many times they were not reading the game right and not on the right spots when the tigers went on attacks or played attacking kicks..Those mistakes are crucial. Thats where guys like Habana, JP, Montgomery were terrific in the WC. The credit does not always goes to Habana and Peterson, for their awesome defence control they have at the back. Against Leicester,a guy like Joe Peterson should've been at the back.

  • Enough Said - 2009-11-09 10:05

    I do not agree with Ollie, the players chose themselves, the selectors is just to stupid to select a good team. I do not believe the quota has got anything to do with it. Derek Kuun actually is actually pathetic and o that temper when we get scrummed to hell. So the springgods does not come from Pretoria alone? Early Pearly probably was begged by Divvie to perform otherwise he might have been fired. What was the words again, then I will just have a chat with Earl... So funny Divvie, have a chat with Dickie and the rest of the team bar three players, Sharkie and Bull props showed they still have eina memories from WP Nel, Coenie Oosthuizen, Adriaan and Wian. I am so glad I missed the game because I was not ready for high blood pressure. We cannot even blame old Stuart Dickerson.

  • morris - 2009-11-09 10:17

    It is wonderful to get regular comments from a big boffin such as Ollie. Thank you Ollie and thank Sport24 for letting us hear from the biggest boffin on such a regular basis. And for those critics, Ollie is the cleverest forward in the history of rugby - just ask him, he will confirm this.

  • tebogo - 2009-11-09 10:21

    Viva Ollie !!!! Go Bokke go!!!!! Kirchner & Petersen the best - Jacobs?

  • @mclovin - 2009-11-09 10:27

    i agree that we need to blood new talent, but i dont think putting so many inexperienced guys together makes sense. field a strong team with a few new boys!!

  • @william - 2009-11-09 10:46

    In all fairness, the jerseys they played in was white and even Raubenheimer had to get his washed(and probably framed it as he shouldn't be wearing any rugby jersey any time soon,unless ofcourse SA picks a touch rugby side)

  • Steph - 2009-11-09 10:48

    @Malume - From now on I am calling them the Blue Cows during the Currie Cup season!! I agree, let's give some of these youngsters a chance during mid week and let the cream rise to the top

  • @Hilton @ Oubaas from Rugbyfan - 2009-11-09 10:55

    Erm... I'd be interested to hear what your opinion is regarding the 54 test caps that Ollie has? Or the 50 plus Super 12 caps? Or the 100+ Currie Cup caps? Does that make him unqualified to have an opinion? How many test caps do you have Hilton and Oubaas? Have you ever played rugby at a level higher than 2nd team? I'd much rather listen to Ollie than listen to you and your idiotic comments. He's a hell of a lot more qualified to have an opinion than any of us on this forum.

  • oubaas - 2009-11-09 11:41

    @graps and rugbyfan : Ollie was good around the park but never a particularly good scrummaging loosehead hence the fact that a vast majority of his caps came from the bench and they even tried to convert him into a hooker. If BJ Botha, Tommie Laubsher, Heindrich Rodgers, Cobus Visagie gave me their opinion I would listen but not Ollie ' I ate all the pies" Le Roux. He loves Freestate and his chum Naka too much. He is still feeling guilty for going to the Sharks.

  • Graps - 2009-11-09 11:47

    @Rugbyfan - Well said!!! and @ FIDEL CASTRO - why all the personal comments? Would you say this to Ollie face to face? Says more about you than Ollie. I'm suprised that Sport24 allows this type of comment!

  • Springbok - 2009-11-09 11:55

    You don't experiment in the Springbok jersey. You do that in the Currie Cup and Super 14 even if you force the coaches to do so. The team that played against Leicester was a disgrace to the Springbok jersey, name and tradition. It was painful to watch. The Free State front row would have destroyed the two clowns from Leicester who were made to look like superstars by our pathetic props. Both the the Bulls and Free State would have put this arrogant Pommie team away based on the quality of the Currie Cup final and we have to watch this drivel from the Springboks? We are infinitely stronger than we show the rest of the world if the rugby administrators can stop their experimenting and other administrative bungling!!!

  • Graps - 2009-11-09 11:58

    @Rugbyfan - Well said!!! and @ FIDEL CASTRO - why all the personal comments? Would you say this to Ollie face to face? Says more about you than Ollie. I'm suprised that Sport24 allows this type of comment!

  • DB - 2009-11-09 13:56

    Seeing that Div has chosen to take CJ as an overseas based player, why can't he get both De Villiers and Steyn to come on board. We also need a backup kicker as our friend Ruan is kicking like his whatsisnames backside. A player like Joe Pieterson from the WP did an excellent job as fullback AND KICKER but Div keeps on a$$farting about with Kirshner and this idiot Rose

  • alice - 2009-11-09 13:59

    i have to confess.........ollie le roux was my absolute LEAST favorite player of all time...........and i am now reading his comments.........what a joke!

  • Clive - 2009-11-09 14:10

    The comments about "African Affirmatives" were provocative and unnecessary, and probably breach some rules about hate speech, etc. However, I do strongly agree that only the strongest available team should go by the name "Springboks"; anything less is an insult to the many fine players who have worn the jersey over the years. The English cricket team currently in the country used the name "An England XI" for their warm-up matches over the weekend; why can't we have "A South Africa XV"? We can't blame Leicester for thinking they beat the world champs - "chumps" more like it after Friday. Finally, yes, our old friend Mr Dickinson was poor on Friday night, but we were worse.

  • Benjy15 - 2009-11-09 14:10

    Call me a prophet, If Adrian Jacobs starts I see hime being a spanish bullfighter on Saturday, letting the Frenchies run straight through his channel and the loosies getting the blame......OLE!!!!

  • Fleckie - 2009-11-09 14:14

    I couldn't agree more, for once the fat man is right. @Hilto u might wanna check ur English b 4 u make any comments.@Mcloven wat world do u live in calling that game a success. All this match did was prove wat an IDIOT that lil Puppet reali is. Maku, Heinie,Chilli that Devon flank are all a JOKE and are there because of their colour. @Mcloven pitty he identified the wrong players in the currie cup hey. Bottom line is PDV picked the wrong players and they were useless besides 4 Bekker and a few others

  • FIDEL CASTRO - 2009-11-09 14:56

    Come on. I dare you to tell me that Ollie was the best loose head in SA history. And I also dare you to tell me that he is a better pundit then Naastie Botha. Even if I did accuse Ollie of being the worst loosehead in SA history, he wouldn't admit he was the best. And all of those who are quick to defend Ollie. A person who publically criticizes our national captain like he did a few weeks ago deserves to be insulted. Do you see Os Du Rand, probably the best loosehead in world rugby history, critisising John Smit? I rest my case. If Ollie kept his mout shut, nobody would insult him!

  • AnthraX - 2009-11-09 15:13

    Funny how you have all got nothing better to do, then sit here and bad mouth each other over bulls@#t that makes absolutely no relevance. Did any of you childish idiots, not wake up this morning, because we lost a friendly to a club side? Well...guess you did...

  • Leon - 2009-11-09 15:19

    Let the Free State boys show you how it is done!!

  • Jacques Roux Bernardo - 2009-11-09 16:09

    Ollie rules, all of you drools...

  • Koos - 2009-11-09 16:59

    dit is nou MNR devilliers se span kan ons nie die beste span kies nie ons het al te vore die selfde vote gemaak sit die beste op dan sal die mense nie kla nie ons is mos die beste span in die wereld Go Bokke

  • Andrew - 2009-11-09 17:10

    @ Jaco. Yes, I was more like the Boks 4th side but Leicester had 9 injuries plus 6 playing for England the following day so not quite a Leicester 1st team

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