Morné Steyn aiming for 100%

2009-11-10 22:29

Pieter Jordaan

Johannesburg – The “easy” kick that Morné Steyn missed in the Currie Cup final is a big enough irritation to serve as motivation for success.

Steyn will play his first rugby match in France when he runs out for the Springboks against the home side at the Stade Municipal in Toulouse on Friday night.

It will be the first of three Tests on the Boks’ European tour. The others will be against Italy and Ireland.

“It’s been a big year to date, but I want to finish it on a high. And I want to focus on achieving a success ratio of 100% with my kicks in every game from now,” said Steyn.

The missed kick in the final is serving as inspiration.

Steyn does not expect the ball with which they will play on Friday night to be any different from the one they are used to.

But his halfback partner, Fourie du Preez, believes that Steyn’s excellent play in New Zealand will have a calming influence on his (Steyn’s) debut in France.

“It’s not much different there than in the New Zealand winter and he has performed very well there this year,” said Du Preez.

“We won the World Cup there two years ago, even if the weather conditions are more difficult now.”

Du Preez believes his opposite number, Julien Dupuy, is a tough customer. He expects Dupuy to put a lot of pressure on the combination of No 8 Ryan Kankowski and himself.

Du Preez and Steyn agree that French flyhalf Francois Trinh-Duc will look to use his physicality to his team’s advantage.

Steyn may well have his hands full against French battering rams on defence now that he has a new inside centre in Adrian Jacobs following Jean de Villiers’s departure.

“Wynand, Jean and I have played together a lot, so this is something new, but I think we can do well,” said the Bok flyhalf.

“Adi will be up for it. We focused a lot on our defence together with Jaque (Fourie) this week.”

For Steyn, Friday’s Test may also be the first of three where he climbs the ladder of the world’s leading flyhalves.

Steyn and Trinh-Duc are fresher faces in the November Tests than Dan Carter (New Zealand), Matt Giteau (Australia) and Jonny Wilkinson (England).

But Steyn and Du Preez are players whose ambitions have no boundaries and one is to help the Boks beat France.

Du Preez said that fatigue is not an issue in the Bok camp and that is why the team is as ready as they can be to beat France.

“I don’t know how high we can go. Had I been told earlier this year that we would achieve what we did, I would have thought it to be very high. But we’re going to try and reach even higher,” said Du Preez.


  • Springbokkie - 2009-11-11 00:04

    Go you good thing!

  • Verdedig! - 2009-11-11 00:18

    Goed so MAAR onthou om te tackle want jy en ADi se defence is ewe beroerd!

  • John Paul Jones - 2009-11-11 00:33

    Morne will surpass Carter as the world's No 1 fly-half. Look at the international points table and see how many points he has already scored, in so few Tests. He has shown balls of steel kicking over winning penalties in high pressure situations, the likes of which I have not seen Carter match.

  • Francois - 2009-11-11 00:50

    Die enigste rede dat die bulle die Final gewen het was AGV Francois Steyn wat nie in die semi was nie.... Punt

  • Mpondz - 2009-11-11 00:50

    Good luck Morne! Make sure u put Trinh-Duc under pressure! And keep France on the backfoot! Make use of Adi too, he can open up gaps for Jaque Fourie and the rest of the backline to capitalise

  • Tommygun - 2009-11-11 06:03

    The French backs gave Nanu,Donald a few other All Blacks headaches, so I think we will have to come up with a good plan to turn them around. They have quality impact players off the bench ( Caveman ). I am a tad worried about the last 20minutes as we seem to go to sleep when the subs cime on. I don't thind Kirchner is the answer, so Son please prove me wrong. GO BOKKE

  • Hein - Centurion - 2009-11-11 06:26

    GO BOKKE GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Make us PROUD. We believe in you and support the team 100%

  • E W HOLLYHOKE - 2009-11-11 06:54

    As much as i like my rugby international rugby is becoming a bore. South Africa is so far ahead of the rest of the world that it is difficult to see them losing a game in the foreseeable future.I predict another easy win for the boks.The IRB may as well hand them the 2011 world cup now. The biggest disappointment for me is the present performance of the All Blacks In the space of two years Henry has destroyed the best rugby team in the world. If they were not playing at home in 2011 I doubt they would even qualify for the next world cup.Perhaps South Africa should only play tests against a combination of the better players in world rugby. Only then will we get competitive games of rugby. I must take my hat off to Peter De Villiers. I don't think there has ever been a better coach in world rugby

  • ONS VIR JOU - 2009-11-11 07:33

    Please Morne,don't miss any kicks Friday otherwise our previously disadvantaged brothers and sisters(Malemas) will push for Earl Rose to get a start, al wat ek kan se is ONS VIR JOU SUID AFRIKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • alice - 2009-11-11 07:45

    Fourie du Preez... you are a legend!!! there is no other like you... i just wish the selectors realized that combinations are more important than potential play... ie. putting in adi jacobs is a nono no olivier, du preez and M steyn... that is the combination that works. good luck guys....! hope something minor happens that jacobs only has a few minutes on field....

  • vivian malema - 2009-11-11 08:11

    cant believe he is still in the team,earl rose is a better flyhalf. steyn cant defend to save his life. dont know if im going to support this lilly white team.

  • Brendon - 2009-11-11 08:17

    I still believe that Adi Jacobs is our weak link. The French are going to exploit this area of weakness, and expose Kirchner's defense horribly. I hope that Olivier gets called in from the bench before it's too late. I wish the Boks the best for the game, but I expect to be beaten badly...

  • anon - 2009-11-11 08:25

    Troll alert!

  • sc1pio - 2009-11-11 08:26

    Hollyhoke, the all blacks are the 2nd best in the world atm by some margin. Perhaps the all blackslack depth just like us?a lot of Their best players went to play overseas and a lot will be coming back next year in the build up to the world cup. And as i know PDV i'm sure to bet on that the All blacks will surpass us again on the IRB rankings before the world cup kicks off.

  • @Vivian Malema - 2009-11-11 08:29

    @Vivian Malema: That's just fine the Springboks don't need racist supporters and I'm pretty sure they will all still do excellent (Morne included)... Good riddance to bad rubbish I think applies here...

  • Bull Supporter - 2009-11-11 08:36

    @ Francois. Ja en die enigste rede dat Sharks nie in die final was nie... O Ja, nou onthou ek, hulle kon nie eers die SEMI wen nie !!!! GO Bokke!!!!!!!!!!

  • Corne'@WP - 2009-11-11 08:37

    One never knows if the white powder on Rose is chalk or coke.

  • Springboks4Life - 2009-11-11 08:39

    Vivian Malema - you are the definition of a retard. We don't need you to support the Boks. Why dont you go and phuck off. Earl Rose over Morne Steyn, you must be joking through your arse. You are what is wrong in this country!!!

  • Bokbefok - 2009-11-11 08:42

    Vivian stop talking k@k please.Have u ever played rugby before???

  • Bok4Life - 2009-11-11 08:48

    Vivian Malema (if infact you are real) and not some half wit trying to get a reaction. Please keep your mouth closed, you obviously dont watch rugby or know anything about rugby! Earl Rose is the poster boy for what not to do when playing rugby!! He has no talent and single handedly lost many a game for the Lions!! Rugby will not miss Earl the Pearl Rose!! And Vivian if you knew anything, you would know the whole of Ellis Park/Coca Cola Stadium Boo'd This "Fantastic" player!! i believe plyers should be in the quad based on talent and skill regardless of skin colour!! ANYWAYS Morne You ROCK BOYJIE!!! You deserve your position 100% and are in the team for your talent and not skin colour!! Bokkkkkkke!!

  • Bokbefok - 2009-11-11 08:51

    Vivian have u ever played rugby???Go to a different website,because this one is obviously not for you.

  • Mandlenkosi - 2009-11-11 08:55


  • @John Paul Jones - 2009-11-11 08:56

    With that name and surname I can forgive you for being an idiot. You must be a soccer supporter. Rugby is about a lot more than just kicking mate. You cannot even put Morne Steyn’s name on the same piece of paper than Dan Carter, Jonny Wilkinson and Matt Giteau. BUT typical SA supporter (most properly BB as well) After a few good games you rate a junior player as the best in the world! Did you see Carter and Jonny’s kicking abilities in the last test? Wake up mate, Steyn will be “moertoe” within a this space! Next year the Boks will be last in the Tri-Nations AGAIN, and the BB will be nowhere, where they belong! Dream while your sandcastle is still standing. The French by 8 this weekend.

  • toolateforrestofworld - 2009-11-11 09:40

    Hmm, ok, let me get this straight. People still actually give the french a chance? I mean, apparently our front row would be able to handle their front row a little now, then the locks, we obviously win there, our flankers brussouw is suposedly the best, so he should be able to handle whatever flanks can handle, and Ryan is a thinner Spies with speed. our scrumhalf and flyhalf can be beaten easily, we hav the best outside centre, one of the best wings. Now , most of the french players i dont even recognize except a few front rowers and the fullback.They might be able to go through 20 phases of play, but the moment brussouw finally steals that ball and we counter attack, its over man, im sorry its over... just as long as matfield doesnt stand in backline and try to grubber the ball :P

  • DR - 2009-11-11 10:04

    Vivian are just stupid!!!!

  • Showtime - 2009-11-11 10:13

    All kick and NO DEFENCE, just like Naas

  • Megabull - 2009-11-11 10:14

    Go Morne we believe in you. You are the best flyhalf in the WORLD!

  • Peter - 2009-11-11 10:33

    Vivian is pulling your legs. However the comment on Earl Rose is not fair. I agree he is not what we need in the Springbok team, but to say he has no talent is wrong. He is brilliant - at times. The problem is he's not consistent. He can be really bad at times, but then do things that are genius. That little kick on Friday was sweet. Unskilled players could never do that. If he was a family member you wouldn't be so cruel in your comments.

  • Mark - 2009-11-11 10:34

    John Paul you clearly have much more experience trying to find kangaroos in the Kruger park than knowing anything about Rugby or did you forget that Morne Stien gave New Zealand a thrashing on his own last year while Dan Carter watched ?

  • phil - 2009-11-11 10:38

    When is the last time we beat France in France? 1997! In fact, the last time we beat them was in 2005 and they visited us after that... However, it should have been 2007 in the WC final, but then they choked. Also, this team have beaten NZ in NZ, so we should not underestimate them. Apparently Toulouse is a very unpleasant place to play, which make things worse. BUT, we have the better team and should win if we do not mess it up.

  • Mark - 2009-11-11 10:50

    John Paul you clearly have much more experience trying to find kangaroos in the Kruger park than knowing anything about Rugby or did you forget that Morne Stien gave New Zealand a thrashing on his own last year while Dan Carter only watched ?

  • Showtime - 2009-11-11 11:32

    Morne`s got a kicking game only.Dan Carter got a all round game and what is why he is 1 in the world.+/-15 point per game.Morne +/- 12 per game.Goooooooooooo *******DC*********

  • Roelf Vorster - 2009-11-11 12:17

    Morne Styen is like Naas Botha - You hate him when his not in your team, but you love him when he is in your team.

  • obvious - 2009-11-11 12:36

    I like the fact that Vivian's surname is Malema. It automatically discredits anything she might say.

  • @showtime - 2009-11-11 12:56

    Jy is so commin soos K@k. Jou stats is wel reg, maar onthou Dan se 15 punte sluit in wedstryde teen spanne soos Italie, Amerika, canada, Japan. Morne se 12 punte was teen B$I leeus, AB, en wallabies. Verder hou Morne ook recorde vir meeste punte in 3-nations, meeste punt deur enkel speler in toets, en die records gaan aan. En ook Morne was in twee wedstryde op die bank, en baie moeilik om van daaraf punte te maak jou asshole. Morne is wel soos Naas...n legende..GooooooooooMS

  • DONT THINK SO! - 2009-11-11 13:27

    Morne Steyn will never reach 967 points in Test rugby, Carter is by far a better player all round, I can see jacobs & Kirschner are already scapegoats, for Friday night.France to extend their unbeaten records against the 'tired' boks

  • lee - 2009-11-11 13:30

    @peter.... i am not a Earl Rose fan. but eventually somebody with brains has made a comment on this situation. thanks

  • Polokwane 4 Life - 2009-11-11 13:54

    @ Vivian even think of comparing Rose to Steyn you must really be stupid please do us and yourself a favour and stop following rugby the game does not need idiotic supporters like you. Why are we comparing Steyn to Carter at this stage look at how many games Carter has played and how many Steyn has played....Carter i more experienced and Morne is just starting his career and it's going to end up a lot better than Carter .....South African should stand behind their men.... Thanks Tshepo

  • Gerald - 2009-11-11 13:59

    @Hollyoake - Get a grip mate. France is a good team and we should expect a tough game. No win is guaranteed. As for Morne... who cares how he relates to Carter. He has a massive positive influence on the Bok team - which is the only issue we should concern ourselves with. This Vivian Malema is the same as Mr Jantjies... probably some bored white, schoolboy from Claremont trying to get a rise out of the rest of you. It is called trolling... a favourite pastime for youngsters in today's internet age. Just ignore him.

  • Gustav - 2009-11-11 14:05

    @vivian dilemma: We dont need your support... dont you understand that?

  • hardi - 2009-11-11 14:20

    Guys, cmon, cant you see this malema thing is not for real, this person is a sad little nerd in a dark room somewhere with no friends, and the only way he/she can get someone to come out and play is to trick them. Ignore it and it will go away.Get a life you parasite.

  • Morne - 2009-11-11 14:22

    Those 2 BB dont even know the difference between NZ & France, the boks are going to K@K this weekend because the Springbulls are full of S@#T!

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