Mallett praises rising stars

2010-11-30 22:41

Stephen Nell

London – Barbarians coach Nick Mallett has sung the praises of rising South African flyhalf stars Patrick Lambie and Elton Jantjies ahead of Saturday’s match against the Springboks at Twickenham.

“Lambie had an outstanding Currie Cup final, but his forwards played a big role in that,” Mallett said when quizzed about the brilliant young Sharks player.

“The one try that he scored – the show and go, going by himself and handing off Schalk Burger was great flyhalf play.

“I have seen Jantjies play in the Currie Cup. The way he attacks is very dangerous. He is an elusive flyhalf. Obviously there is a question about size and how he will defend that channel, but it’s actually your system that determines how good your defence is.

“If he understands the system and his role in it, there is no reason that he cannot do very well.”

Mallett is particularly excited about Lambie and believes he was put under a lot of pressure coming on as a substitute in the Test matches.

“They were clearly tempted to start him. He was under a lot of pressure because the game is often still in the balance when you come on with about 20 minutes to go. You can’t weigh up a player’s worth in the last 20 minutes of a game,” said Mallett.

As far as Saturday is concerned, Mallett was quite open about the approach the Barbarians will take.

“We will do the same thing that the Barbarians always do – we will keep the ball in hand and look to score tries,” he said.

Mallett believes the pressure is bigger on the Boks than on the Barbarians.

“The match against England was obviously a bigger one for the Boks than this one. But if they can win a fourth game on tour, they will leave go home with a good feeling. The tour will then be considered a success. The match is probably more important to South Africa than it is for me.”


  • dixkzn - 2010-12-01 09:17

    I think the class of the Baba side will smash the young boks .. it will be fitting that Mallets side smashes his old understudy Pdivvys team in the so called rugby Pdivvy originaly set out to achieve running rugby that is feared by all nations .. tisk tisk how he has not achieved this .

      roboman1 - 2010-12-01 12:49

      winning rugby is what really matters! You go Div, I reckon you going to be like Jake White, win a world cup and get fired anyway

      Andre - 2010-12-01 16:07

      Why are people still hero worshipping Nick Mallet. This man single handedly stuffed up the 1999 RWC camapign for the Boks. He fired the then best Springbok Captain of all time (Gary Teichmann) 6 short months before RWC with a phone call to Gary's mobile. I am to this day convinced that he had a homosexual infatuation with Bob Skinstad, but be that as it may, I am not interested in what Nick Mallet thinks. He must pklease stay as far away from South African rugby as humanly possible.

      Mac - 2010-12-01 16:37

      If the Boks play like they did against England then they will win - starve the Babaas and outmuscle them. If they employ a running game - God forbid!!

      Pieter - 2010-12-01 18:01

      mallet is not as great as he thinks he is.. his record with italy is terrible.. he might just beable to win his 4th game in 3 years with this side though..

      George Mouton - 2010-12-01 23:19

      @ Pieter - Nick Mallet is legend....! How about this, his record with a proper Rugby playing nation? He took the Boks to an equaling world record, 17 games won in a row in 1999... (Which only NZ & (Lithuania - Diff league) have achieved before) when he talks rugby you can hear he knows his shite.... Only a total dumb fool will judge Nick badly on what he has achieved with Italy, for one he has made a remarkable difference in the score line they finish with lately compared to that of yesteryear... and secondly he has a VERY difficult task of getting the best group of players to play due to club commitments and a actual lack of quality players available in Italy.... TOOOOOOOOOOOL

  • science=god - 2010-12-01 14:47

    @roboman1 Jake White Quit on his own accord.

  • Francois - 2010-12-02 00:00

    Kom nou Nick - die toer was 'n helse mislukking. Snorre glo nog meer in Zane, want hy glo nou die man kan senter ook speel en ons het ook teen Skotland verloor. Jy weet daai span daar in Edinburgh waarnatoe jy gaan met jou span van Italie en glo jy kan hulle wen - daai ouens. Die bokke het teen hulle verloor en na die tyd het Victor Matfield waarnemende afrigter ook geword, want ons wen toe teen 'n Engelse hoe:rskoolspan. Stuur vir ons 'n bietjie van daai goed wat jy rook - ons bly in die land saam met Malema en wil graag glo dit is 'n sukses.

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