Bok Test spots up for grabs

2009-11-06 08:03

JJ Harmse

Leicester - A look at the future of South African rugby and its depth and plenty of excitement about the potential of the new Springboks.

Those are some of the aspects against which the players will be measured in Friday night’s game against the Leicester Tigers at Welford Road, according to Springbok backline coach Dick Muir.

Muir, who will coach the side until head coach Peter de Villiers takes the reins again for the Test against France, believes the Boks may struggle a little for cohesion because of a lack of preparation time.

“It’s more about what we can achieve. In that sense, this game is very important with a view to the future,” said Muir.

“We definitely picked younger players for the game. Not just because we expect them to give the next step, but because we want them to excel.”

Muir added that at least seven places are up for grabs for next Friday’s Test in Toulouse.

“That is the other carrot for the players. There are definitely places in the test team up for grabs and the players that show they want it, will be rewarded,” he said.

However, the home side will not roll over for the Boks.

The Tigers picked a strong team, including All Blacks Scott Hamilton and Aaron Mauger. Lote Tuqiri will also be among the substitutes.

“Leicester have so much tradition and character that this will be a true test for us,” said Bok captain Chiliboy Ralepelle.

“It’s an important day for them with the opening of the new Caterpillar Pavilion, but we’ll have to put a dampener on the celebrations if we want to achieve our goals.”

Ralepelle believes the Boks’ professionalism will counter the lack of cohesion.

“Nobody has to stress about his team-mate because everybody here has proved that they can play. We’re keen to express ourselves because it’s a huge opportunity for many of the players,” he said.

Muir indicated that all 22 players should get opportunities, which means that half of them will represent the Boks for the first time.

“You have to consider how to utilise each player’s strengths in the game,” said Muir.

Tigers captain Aaron Mauger said that their biggest challenge would be to handle the Boks’ physicality.

“It’s not going to be easy because they have excellent athletes and ball-carriers,” he said.

“The secret for us will be to limit their possession to the minimum. We’re not going to roll over just because they are the world champions.”


  • scipio - 2009-11-06 08:09

    What a load of Bullcrap. The depth of SA rugby won't be displayed here. WHere is Duane Vermeulen, Jean Deysel, Wian du Preez, Adriaan Strauss? The depth of our quota players will be at display here and we all know even our top ranked quota players can't beat a side like italy. The media should write about proper stuff. And stop feeding the public lies. This is the springbok 4th team, Pick on Merit PDV

  • BUFFALO - 2009-11-06 08:16


  • Hide him Please! - 2009-11-06 08:37

    Please hide Div's favoutrite buddy - the honorable Sir Earl Rose. Don't give him the ball and please don't allow any attacking moves from Leicester to reach him. If we can hide him for the entire game, our chances of winning will be 100%. He has shown and Div has proven by now that Sir Earl Rose doesn't need to do anything to be a BOK, so please prevent him from doing anything. I don't think he's allowed to sweat in any event.

  • HJ - 2009-11-06 08:38

    Let the games begin - Come on Bokke - make us proud!!!

  • CJR - 2009-11-06 09:00

    @scipo: Could not have said it better.

  • Delano - 2009-11-06 09:07

    @scipio - please get over yourself - you sound like a pregnant woman

  • denis - 2009-11-06 09:23

    If they win by far, or lose, it will prove something one way or the other. The real danger for the future is this: A full-strength Bok side selected entirely on merit would put away any Northern hemisphere club side by 50 points. But if they scrape a close win with a mediocre performance, which is likely, then people who don't know too much about rugby (including some higher up the chain making decisions) will see it as proof that some of the questionable players in this selection deserve their positions. However I still believe in giving people a reasonable number of chances - remember how crap Percy was early in his career before developing into the greatest SA fullback ever.

  • Etienne Louw - 2009-11-06 09:26

    scipio - you sound like a pretty pathetic left behind pale face to me. We have stunning so called 'quota players' and we will see many more represent SA in future because they are natural athletes. It is time to wake up son and realise that we are living in a free country where hopefully race related comments like yours will just disappear in total

  • Mandlendoda - 2009-11-06 09:33

    @scipio-In which year are you living mate? Quotas were done away with some time ago.You are one of RSA's disgraceful breed who see all black players as quotas instead of seeing South Africans representing you and i. When are you ever gonna get over that and support your fellow countryman? i'm sure many people of your opinion are holding thumbs together hoping for Leicester to win and WE TOLD YOU SO,WHO'S CHILLI TO LEAD RSA? WHERE IS TIAAN ETC.I think rugby fans are the most selfish fans in the world.No disrespect to the Bulls but i think the arrogance does resemble that of Bulls fans.

  • Peet - 2009-11-06 09:40

    A real display of our depth would have included Adriaan Strauss, Richard Strauss, Derick Kuun, Tiaan Liebenberg, Duanne Vermeulen, WP Nel, Wian du Preez, Frans Viljoen, Johan Stegman, Sarel Pretorius, Jano Vermaak, Anton van Zyl, Cobus Grobbelaar, Willem Alberts, Stephan Terblanche, Joe Petersen, Steven Sykes, to name a few and EXCLUDED Rose, Adams, Ralapele, Maku, Raubenheimer. PdV is a racist.

  • Dave - 2009-11-06 10:29

    @scipo stop been a chop!! You posting nonsensical rubbish go play somewhere else

  • Dave - 2009-11-06 10:35

    I'm afraid Scipio is right. There is nothing wrong with fielding a development side though, but then then let's call it that. This team is far from our second best.

  • ben - 2009-11-06 10:36

    something to ponder... rose vs joe pietersen deysel vs reubenheimer kuun vs chilliboi strauss vs maku griquas scrummy vs heini on the other hand not sure why hougaard is there ahead of mapoe. silly choices in some instances in my humble opinion, with some players clearly not the best in their positions.

  • Honest - 2009-11-06 10:44

    @Mandlendoda, go and cry in your own corner. QUOTAS are alive and well in SA. And if you can't see that you are an idiot. Why don't your type leave the rugby alone and work on your Banana Banana team. I don't care if you are black, white, purple etc. if you are good, then play. But this transformation (QUOTA) crap needs to stop. Does not matter what you call it, it stays the same. I don't see any transformation in SOCCER?????? If you want to "transform" do it across the board. And we all ask ourself why are players like Jaen & Frans Steyn leaving SA rugby!!!!!! Wel the answer is very clear..... its called QUOATAS.....

  • Ross - 2009-11-06 10:44

    i personally think the second string bok team is going to get a lesson tomorrow, but i will still be supporting them. I personally think its going to be one way traffic in favour of the poms, i am being realistic here. GO BOKKE!!!!!!

  • @Mandlendoda - 2009-11-06 10:45

    I do a agree that some whites see all players of colour as "quota" but most rugby fans are very knowledgeable about the game. I hevent met any guy who said Beast or Habana or Ricky when he was in form are quota players but I must also question how Chilliboy who did not make the Bulls starting line up and Maku are better than Tiaan Liebenberg or Adriaan Strauss, on the other hand I saw from the first moment Ashley Johnson is going to be a future star and I would give him game time even in a test e.g against Italy. I also cannot understand how Francois Hougard can be in the group a head of Lional Mapoe. Does this make me a racist? No I just watch guys performing week after week.

  • Yster - 2009-11-06 11:14

    @Scipio, jy is heeltemal reg my maat

  • builtSteve - 2009-11-06 12:02

    @Mandlendoda : Are you high ? Of course there is still a quota system and there will be for some time. Transformation as they call it takes time. I have no problem with fielding the quota players, as some of them are full of talent and deserve an oportunity to display it. However this is not a springbok side, it is a development side or emerging side and should be called that. The Springbok name should be something associated with our very best possible side, which we all can agree this team is not. It should be called Springbok A or emerging springboks. PDV is tainting the Springbok name ...

  • @Scipio - Brian - 2009-11-06 12:17

    Dude, so much emotion. I do think that a full quota team would be beat Italy and even give France a charge. Maybe it would get people to stop complaining. Wow what a bunch of whiners, How did we win the tri-nations and super 14 with all these quota players, in a team sport? If there weren't quote players for you to complain about, you would probably complain about something else, like one province get favouritism.

  • @peet - 2009-11-06 12:25

    Peet, have you lost it? Pdv is not a racist, there is nothing more important to him than being the coach of the best rugby team in the world, lots of pressure on him to play quota's but does he? He play's the best team in important matches. i.e Jacobs, Beast, Habanna, Ndugani, Maybe he takes Rose on tour but is it the pressure from sa rugby?

  • @peet - 2009-11-06 12:42

    Peet, have you lost it? Pdv is not a racist, there is nothing more important to him than being the coach of the best rugby team in the world, lots of pressure on him to play quota's but does he? He play's the best team in important matches. i.e Jacobs, Beast, Habanna, Ndugani, Maybe he takes Rose on tour but is it the pressure from sa rugby?

  • @ROSS - 2009-11-06 13:46

    If you wait till 2morrow to be taught a lesson, you will be late for class!! The game is 2night @ 21:30!! Enjoy and I hope your predictions are wrong, I hope these youngsters do us proud and prove us wrong!!

  • Bok supporter - 2009-11-06 13:56

    @all these okes who kak and complain everytime a bok team gets picked. if you get tickets to go and watch the boks play, i bet you okes will be supporting just as loudly as the next guy. its a good thing that up and coming players are chosen for the year end tour, to give them a run and see what they made of. if the first string players get injured during any other tour, the coaching staff will anyway have to chose other players. GO BOKKE....SA will always support you.

  • Alan - 2009-11-06 14:15

    Not South African, just passing through the website. Have to say though, you guys are seriously damaged. Black or White or frecking Pink with Yellow spots and Purple stripes. What's the difference? Why don't you focus on the Rugby?

  • phil - 2009-11-06 15:09

    If you look at our 7s team, you will see that most of the players are non-white. When they came to London, there were SO many South Africans supporting the team and getting autographs from the (mainly) non-white players. If you believe the hype about people leavings SA, everybody here should be racists. But, obviously that is not the case. We support a team that was chosen on merit (Juries, Aplon, Mapoe, Stick, etc), even when they lose. The same goes for the Springboks and any other SA team. We just want the best players to play and the deserving players to get a chance. I was even more miffed when Mapoe was not chosen than any of the white players, because, man, he is a TALENT!

  • Fedup - 2009-11-06 16:54

    ...may the Bok-team with all the quota / AA players lose all their games... ..I will NOT support them... ...GO LEICESTER..!!

  • ImpartialCanuck - 2009-11-06 17:06

    @Mandlendoda, you can't blame SA rugby fans (whatever their race) - it is clear to all of us who love rugby that these are not the best players your country can put forward, otherwise the selectors are biased, or racist themselves. Your fans have welcomed players like "The Beast", who I believe was born in Zimbabwe, as one of their own and chant his name like a legend! How can this be racist? Other players when at their peak were also welcomed and became respected. What is blatantly obvious is when we sit and watch Currie Cup matches in a far off land and see players who are on the bench, or not selected at all, suddenly making it into an SA squad......... Must leave the likes of the Aussies and Kiwis delighted to see SA putting out a weakened, or "quota" team. It is not a pleasant term to choose, or use, but anyone who knows rugby can see that players like Mr. Januarie are passed their best and yet have been "given" a run - why??? Surely your country wants to see a winning team, to reap the rewards and financial gain for both players and country? We do hope that we do not see finger pointing in years to come when the SA side is depleted because YOUR BEST go and play abroad when they are overlooked!!! Come on put out your best and put aside the need to play to a quota system - let the game develop naturally!!! Are there any special training camps for other race groups in football/soccer, as most of the team seem to be of African decent??

  • Rossman - 2009-11-06 18:31

    No relation to the Ross who already commented here (or atleast I don't think so....or rather hope not). I know this not the best "A" team that they could've come up with but this is what we have. Win or lose, quota or not I will support them. I just hope this game provides the answers PDV was looking for. Looking forward to the game tonight.

  • Anon - 2009-11-06 23:51

    Guthro was allowed to get away in SA; the refs did not see it; coaches did not worry; selector were none the wiser; hell he even survived to won his team the cup. But now the secret is out - he cannot scrum. Next they are testing John Smit - hopefully the opposition is softer.

  • William Shakespeare - 2009-11-07 21:29

    In the interests of real, meaningful and necessary transformation to South African rugby, the Springbok emblem should be dropped and replaced with the humming bee. Then the team can be called the BEE Team. The Coach should replace the following players with appropriate development players: Morne Steyn, Victor Matfield, Bakkies Botha, Fourie Du Preez, Heinrich Brussow, Pierre Spies, Jaque Fourie and even Bryan Habana. Even better, a "rotation" system should be implemented from the Voters Roll to give all South Africans an equal opportunity to play for the BEE team, and give everyone an equal opportunity to watch them take on other national teams like the Wallabies, All Blacks and England on SABC TV. That way, everybody will be happy.

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