Blue Bulls days numbered?

2010-01-13 08:00

Neels Jackson - Beeld

Pretoria – The newly-established Tshwane Sports Council is considering doing away with the Barberton daisy as the region’s traditional sporting symbol.

Five proposals – all incorporating the colours white, black, yellow and green – have already been tabled. It is on the cards for all representative sports teams in Pretoria.

Traditionally, Pretoria-based teams wear light blue with the Barberton daisy as their emblem.

Herman Bester of the Gauteng North Angling Association said that politicians had already decided to give the daisy the bullet.

He refers to minutes of the Tshwane Sports Council that provide five examples of a new logo that have already been tabled and of the Tshwane colours of white, black, yellow and green (almost identical to the ANC’s black, yellow and green).

Kallie Kriel of Afriforum has said that they are willing to take the matter to court on behalf of angling or “any other sporting code that would like to”.

The changes are among the possibilities that exist in the process where the newly-established Tshwane Sports Council are reconsidering emblems and colours that representative sports teams from Pretoria will wear.

Tshwane Sports Council chairperson Bismarck Mosuoe said that no decision had been taken. According to him the sports bodies had been asked for proposals and a decision will be taken at a special general meeting of the Tshwane Sports Council in April.

All sporting codes will be tied to that decision.

Beeld asked whether the Blue Bulls’ colours would also be in the firing line, and he answered that it is “the implication”.

However, he emphasised that the meeting had to take a decision.

“If they want the daisy, they will have it. If they want a zebra, they will have it.”

Blue Bulls president Boet Fick said: “It won’t happen.” He added that the Blue Bulls emblem had been registered.

Bester and Afriforum also expressed serious reservations about how the Tshwane Sports Council had been established and is functioning.

It is a structure under the Gauteng Sports Council and forms part of the new sporting structure that Government wants to establish in South Africa.

Gauteng and Tshwane’s sports councils and constitutions are apparently not in order and there was not much consultation with interested parties.

Bester denies that sports bodies had been consulted.

The establishment of the Tshwane Sports Council will apparently lead to the phasing out of the Gauteng North Sports Council to which 84 sporting codes are affiliated.

Bester said that only four sporting codes had attended the first meeting at which the Tshwane Sports Council had been created, and at the second meeting there were only eight.

The Tshwane Sports Council further consists of representatives from local sports councils from different parts of the Tshwane metropole.

Should all 84 sporting codes join the Tshwane Sports Council, they would have a lot more votes than the local sporting councils.

However, Kriel says he has seen an e-mail in which it is proposed that the local council’s votes should carry just as much weight as all the sporting codes put together. This is said to be “in the interests of transformation”.

The Tshwane Sports Council will meet again on Wednesday evening.


  • T - 2010-01-13 08:07

    it's got nothing to do with blue bulls . . .

  • Blou Bul ondersteuner - 2010-01-13 08:08

    Dit sal `n droewe dag ses as dit moet gebeur dat die Barberton daisy op die Bulle se truie moet verdwyn. Ek is seker die besluitmakers is Mamelodi Sundowns ondersteuners en nie Bul ondersteuners nie. Ons salk Toi-Toi as dit gebeur, Hoedspruiter

  • Ruan - 2010-01-13 08:08

    Why does nobody notice that the colours they are proposing are the colours that the ANC use??? Pure propoganda... Repetition creates familiarity with a brand...

  • StuartW - 2010-01-13 08:12

    Miskien gaan hulle dit verander na 'n strooitjie met with poeier......persoonlik dink ek hulle moet hulle pote afhou van die rugbyspanne se embleme...ons peuter nie met die verskillende sokkerspanne se embleme nie.....

  • Mark - 2010-01-13 08:12

    Look I don't support the Bulls but if it happens it will be a sad day for rugby in general. I'm honestly sick and tired of politicians trying to kill off sport in this country the way that they are. It's a joke, the unity that Mandela tried to build during the '95 World Cup is gone. I'm disappointed that the ANC of today is creating divisons in our wonderful country. It's got to a point where I don't want to support any of our sports anymore because of the politics. Just look at the results...........

  • Etienne - 2010-01-13 08:13

    Kyk nou gaan die F0kk3rs te ver.

  • Scurry - 2010-01-13 08:13

    Hulle is Bef*k man, los die tradisies wat ek Suid Afrikaans is en gaan maak eerder die ander k@k in die land reg. Transformasie se moer rugby is rugby en blou is blou en die Daisy is ons donnerse daisy!!!!!!!

  • staaldraad - 2010-01-13 08:15

    Perhaps a couple of powder-white lines incorporated in the new Bulls emblem will be appropriate..

  • Heather - 2010-01-13 08:16

    I am so sick and tired of all the changes - and all the money being spent on implementing these changes (give the money to Eskom instead so that they don't need to hike prices as much as they plan to) - there is absolutely NOTHING offensive about a little flower. The Blue Bulls' identity is firmly established in the brand, why oh why change it? What's next? Maybe a better question is "what's left to change" since we have had city names changed, street names, airport names etc etc etc. LEAVE THE BULLS ALONE.

  • About time! - 2010-01-13 08:18

    This should bring about a refreshing change to Loftus. It will boost the economy as people buy paint to change the colour of those light blue houses, buy new t shirts, caps stickers etc.And just maybe they will start playing rugby as opposed to high kick and charge. A wonderful idea that deserves countrywide support.

  • Brett Pretorius - 2010-01-13 08:20

    I just don't see how light blue or a daisy acts against the interests of transformation. I think this money could be far better spent on providing funding for development of children in Soshanguve, Winterveld, Atteridgeville etc. Come on, you blind, daft pillocks! The kids need equipment and facilities THAT is in the interests of transformation!!!!

  • AJ - 2010-01-13 08:21

    If not so tragic it would be funny - is it April 1st already. Do ANC leaders ever do anything of real consequence, other than spend their time and our money with cosmetic stuff like emblems and names and basically doing stuff all else for people they are supposed to work for. I see Roadlink too has also adopted an ANC Logo in terms of colours in their advertising. Typical backwards mentality, EVERYTHING must look like them otherwise it is a threat. God this place is so backwards. I suppose it is good the Natal Sharks have a black shark, we may be allowed to keep our emblem longer, or perhaps we need to have a black, yellow and green shark now too! What a joke!

  • Bulls fan - 2010-01-13 08:25

    These effen politicians should just go jump in the sea. They are destroying South Africa. How the hell can they dictate what colours we should be wearing. All sport codes have developed their colours through many decades, now all that effort and brandishing is going to be ditched. Soccer, Cricket, Rugby, all sport codes in Northern Gauteng are going to wear just ANC pissy colours, just like the Tshwane logo (talk about being UN-democratic!!!)? So much for democracy, this country IS in the dumps.

  • Debbie - 2010-01-13 08:25

    I am trying really hard to stay calm here. I'm also at the same time trying to make sense of this. How would peeving off a bunch of staunch Bull supporters benefit transformation? This will cause havoc and people won't take this lying down. And here I'm not only referring to the white supporters. I've seen MANY people of colour support the Bulls and I very much doubt they would applaud this. The colours of the ANC has nothing to do with a South African provincial RUGBY team for goodness' sake! This is merely another way for the current government to show us that they have the power and can take away anything from us they wish, without regard. It sickens me. This madness needs to stop sometime. All these kinds of action are doing is causing greater division in a nation already battling to stand together. I wish these mindless idiots would start thinking for once and use their resources for the really important things like oh I don't know, poverty? Feeding those who are hungry? Improving public health care systems? Improving education? Mmm, problem is of they do the last few they'd have no promises to make to the masses next time elections come around.

  • Stephan Piek - 2010-01-13 08:26

    These arrogant b@stards are now barking up the wrong tree.....! Hands off our pride and joy!

  • Graham B - 2010-01-13 08:26

    Ooooh, this forum is going to get nasty today! One for the record books..

  • Jacques - 2010-01-13 08:27

    they have a flower as a symbol? who's all about the blue bull !

  • Sick and Tired - 2010-01-13 08:28

    Why don't they just leave the sport alone?? Why after all these years is it suddenly becoming an issue?? Do they have nothin better to do with their time? *sigh*

  • BWA Ha Ha Ha!!! - 2010-01-13 08:29

    Blue Bulls in ANC colours! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!! Thats some funny sh!t!!! I can just picture Loftus in a sea of green yellow and black! I love this country!

  • DR - 2010-01-13 08:30

    Anything to try and screw rugby. Do the council get a cut for the new emblem. How come no one has said a word about the missing protea on all the replica soccer shirts. Is transformation a oneway street

  • Hardus - 2010-01-13 08:31

    I'm so sick to hear the word Tshwane. The ANC should concentrate on issues like corruption, farm murders and general violence, the failing education system, condition of infrastructure (roads, water purification, electricity supply to name a few). I can promise you that should Afriforum intervene in this matter, they will win any court case to retain the daisy as the region's sporting emblem. Bismarck Mosue of the Tshwane Sports Council was not instrumental in bringing any sport structure or emblem into being, but they have inherited everything and want to change names of cities, the Springbok emblem, etc for solely political reasons. Long live the Barberton daisy and the Blue Bulls!!

  • Wes - 2010-01-13 08:31

    Hehehe I just love it!! Serves them right for trying to exclude the majority of SA from their previous apartheid govt. Afrikaners can moan all they want... they brought this upon themselves!!!

  • peter - 2010-01-13 08:31

    I never cease to be amazed by what is important in SA - don't your leaders have any idea what a mess the country is in?

  • Paul - 2010-01-13 08:32

    Here we go again ! Politicians at work ! Why don`t they focus on all the other pressing issues i.e. illegal immigrants , housing , water , electricity etc , etc ! And leave the sports people alone ! We are fine we don`t need there assistance !

  • Kallie - 2010-01-13 08:33

    In die belang van TRANSFORMASIE!!! Hoe lank gaan die publiek hierdie k**k nog sluk! Transformasie is nou al 16 jaar oud. Asseblief mense, boycott nou vir eens en altyd rugby, sokker kan maak net wat hulle wil, niemand se 'n woord nie!! Maar elke janrap en sy dom maat wil hulle wil afdwing in rugby.

  • ipmi - 2010-01-13 08:33

    impi you dont even support rugby maybe you should go watch invictus and learn a thing or two

  • Francois - 2010-01-13 08:34

    Next they would want the lines on the field to be black. Why allways scratch where it do not itch!

  • Topdown - 2010-01-13 08:34

    Everything from the top down, nothing ever from the bottom up. Result: Bottoms up.

  • sobeit - 2010-01-13 08:37

    Rather dump the politicians, can't even run Pretoria efficiently or make sure rubbish gets collected.

  • jack Kukard - 2010-01-13 08:38

    Same crap different logo , let them rather try and fix the state of the country , mamparas

  • daniel - 2010-01-13 08:40

    i want to take a bafana replica to loftus and set it alight, just to calm me down.

  • Kallie - 2010-01-13 08:41

    In die naam van TRANSFORMASIE!!! Hoe lank gaan die mense nog hierdie k*k sluk!! Mense BOYCOTT nou vir eens en altyd rugby, dan sal die dom bliksems luister!! Elke janrap en sy dom maat het sy vinger in rugby, hulle maak net wat hulle wil met sokker. PUBLISEER TOG NET MY KOMMENTAAR!!!!!!!!!

  • WP Fan - 2010-01-13 08:43

    I think that there are many ways to improve the access to sport for the previously disadvantaged in our country - but that requires hard work. By changing the Blue Bull colours and emblem, it will greatly upset the predomenately white Afrikaans fans - which is the ultimate goal of these clowns.

  • VLS - 2010-01-13 08:44

    This report is stirring up unnecessary drama. The Bulls colours and emblem are not at risk at all. Poor reporting.

  • Sharkie - 2010-01-13 08:45

    I agree, dump the daisy. But not the Springbok! Go Sharks

  • Soope Koos - 2010-01-13 08:46

    @ Impi. Eks nie 'n Bul ondersteuner nie, maar dis jou tipe wat maak dat ons nie ordentlik oor die weg kan kom in SA nie. Jy moet daardie nonsens hardop voor my kwytraak ou seun, dan sal ons altwee hospitaal toe moet gaan sodat hulle my vuis uit jou kop kan haal. Jy het seker net so hard gejuig toe ons in '95 die wereldbeker gewen het, maar nou hou jy skielik nie van die bok-embleem nie. Jou gat man. En so hou die sirkusnarre van die ANC aan met hulle nonsens. Breindood seker.

  • Corry - 2010-01-13 08:46

    Much ado about nothing. Blue bulls is a private club and no longer even use the Barberton daisy in S14. In anyway, provincialism is dead the minute profesionalism started. tHey can call themselves the blue bulls or the tshwane grovellers. The point is they don't need the N tvl Sports admin to award colours anymore

  • Stevo - 2010-01-13 08:47

    Ek hoop dis 'n April Fool's joke wat net te vroeg uit die mou gelaat is, anders sal ek maar moet begin Vrystaat skree, tot hulle kleure ook geel, swart en groen raak. Simpel bokse

  • Thuthuka - 2010-01-13 08:48

    I don't like how EVERYTHING has to be associated to RACE/COLOUR/ANC on these forums. It's getting old and BORING, and it does not aid UNITY one bit. This reporter is also stirring k@k. Yes, the Blue Bulls are the Blue Bulls, and I don't see a reason to change the colours, HOWEVER, before you start aserting that the ANC is branding everything in its colours, consider this...WHAT ARE THE COLOURS OF THE NATIONAL FLAG, which I believe most of us have embraced? Stop trying to make everything a race thing, and argue the facts? YOU are the ones bringing this country down, not the government. We need to UNITE. Viva the SHARKS, Viva!!!

  • JH - 2010-01-13 08:48

    The change of colours is one thing, I won't go into the debate of resources being better spent of housing and more needier items. But if the council do change their colours, why will it affect the Blue Bulls specifically? They are a professional, revenue generating sports team (I assume self funded). So presumably they can choose to go by whatever logo and jersey colour they want to?

  • eugene - 2010-01-13 08:48

    In SA kry die hoogste bome die meeste wind, en van alle kante af. Die bulle is die beste span in die geskiedenis van SA rugby, kyk na 2009.... So hulle moet eerste verander sodat die res ook moet verander. Mense hierdie is die begin, wie is volgende? Die Sharks?? As jy nie n soccer fan is nie, gaan jy sukkel in die land. Alles verander teen ons. Australie, New Zeeland????

  • Nog 'n Blou Bul ondersteuner - 2010-01-13 08:48

    Ek is 'n baie groot Blou Bul ondersteuner en vind hierdie eintlik baie snaaks. Volgens my sal dit geen verskil maak as hulle die Pretoria sport kleure Pienk en Pers maak nie. Niemand sal vir my verbied om vir die res van my lewe Blou te dra as ek na Loftus toe gaan nie. 'n Blou sal 'n blou bul bly vir die res van tyd en ek is seker die kleur sal vir altyd gedra word deur die sture ondersteuners. Hulle kinders en hulle kinders se kinders. Nou die Blou!!!

  • mr. f - 2010-01-13 08:49

    @peter: No, they don't have a f!*&ng clue!

  • Sharkie - 2010-01-13 08:49

    Lol - I always said that the whole world will eventually become black & white. hehe!! Sharks Forever!

  • momo - 2010-01-13 08:49

    Wes, thanking for helping this Afrikaner make up his mind. Now I will NOT lend money to 3 people to pay their schoolfees! I will tell them to ask you!!!!

  • Shorts - 2010-01-13 08:51

    Another typical, and all too frequent, example of ' previously disadvantaged ?? ' individuals, who regard themselves as highly important, having nothing better to do than to interfere by looking to change things that work rather than doing something really constructive to seriously & effectively address issues that really need attention. By adopting this type of approach they are once again visibly demonstrating both their outright incompetence and intellectual stupidity.

  • Something Foul - 2010-01-13 08:51

    LOL - Love this - imagine the Blue Bulls running out in the new white, green, black and yellow zebra striped jerseys - WP like, and their name changed to the Tshwane Ngunis. Wonder what Loftus will now be called? Maybe the Tshwane councillors should rather do their work and leave functioning entities alone! Look at Pretoria now - it is a mess. From one of the cleanest cities I have ever visited to in the 70's to the 90's, to probably the filthiest, maybe second after Durban, in the late 90's. Have not bothered to return again after that.

  • Thuthuka - 2010-01-13 08:52

    ... Also, Dont the Boks also wear WHITE, YELLOW, GREEN? Why don't we blame the ANC for that as well. Ignorance is not bliss.

  • Rob - 2010-01-13 08:52

    We might as well get it over with. Because most blacks and coloureds hate the Springbok emblem, the Blue Bull emblem and anything else that was in place while Apartheid was around. It's that simple. And they will fight until everything is changed even if it means destroying the nations sporting codes. I'm all for change but this has simply become about changing it for the sake of changing it. So just get it over with really so we can all move on. While you at it change the Sharks, Cheetahs, Lions and Stormers colours and emblems too if they so insulting. I just can't believe how unforgiving and shortsighted the ANC councils are that continue to undo the great work of reconciliation Madiba did. One only needs to watch Invictus.

  • Blue Forever - 2010-01-13 08:52

    Let them try and see what happens. They will overturn their decision within a week. Pathetic bunch of clowns!