Balie Swart to assist referees

2009-12-01 15:52

Johannesburg - Balie Swart, a World Cup-winning Springbok in 1995, has been given an innovative new role by SA Rugby to assist coaches and referees in the proper application of scrum law.

Swart was announced as a referee selector for the 2010 season by SA Rugby on Tuesday but will have a dual role as a go-between for coaches and the refereeing hierarchy and as a coach of legal scrumming technique.

"Balie worked with our referees throughout the 2009 season on a one-on-one basis to keep them up to date with scrumming technique and how it impacted on the application of Law by match officials," said Andre Watson, SA Rugby's manager of referees.

"We've now appointed him as a referee selector 2010 and, in addition, coaches are invited to bring matters to his attention regarding refereeing. There is a misconception that the refereeing community closes ranks and that it is pointless to raise issues. Hopefully the appointment of Balie will provide a channel for coaches to raise their concerns through a channel with which they can more easily relate."

In addition Swart will also be available to assist teams in coaching legal and safe scrumming technique, according to the Law and the protocols of SA Rugby's BokSmart rugby safety programme.

"Safety is obviously a primary concern at the scrum and Balie will be able to advise coaches on those aspects as well as those areas where they're going to get penalised by referees," said Watson.

"We're constantly looking to improve the performance of our referees and hopefully this initiative will allow us to raise the bar even higher."


  • Mike,CT - 2009-12-01 16:06

    "Balie worked with our referees throughout the 2009 season" So this is the man responsible for the Bulls' success in the currie cup.thanks to his good work on the refs the BB's won.

  • MZUNZI - 2009-12-01 16:10


  • Shawn - 2009-12-01 16:15

    Our reffs are not the problem, the international band of clowns are the problem, but start with Barnes, take him out in the South of JHB, those boys will sort him out.

  • JACO - 2009-12-01 16:18


  • Jakes - 2009-12-01 16:29

    That is real funny. Who can remember Ballie giving Andre Watson a redcard, Lions vs Griquas. Too funny

  • Capetonian - 2009-12-01 16:33

    I think its a really good idea, and one I hope the rest of the world follows. JACO has obviously never heard of the All Blacks

  • Stephen - 2009-12-01 16:41

    Mzunzi, these boys you named are plain k@@@@@k!!!!!!! sorry, I know they are boys of colour but where are any of them today. They were all crunched as props and never lasted. Plus none of them coach so whats the point. Think before you make doff comments.

  • Rico - 2009-12-01 16:43

    @ MZUNZI...does everything always have to be about colour for you? Grow up! What does those 4 guys even know about scrummaging anyway?

  • FOTA - 2009-12-01 17:33

    Ettiene Fynn was a one hit wonder, Lawrance Sepaka was and still is lazy. Eddie Andrews was weak and not even Super 14 material. Brian Mujati is Zimbabwean and is under suspension for assaulting a referee on the field of play. Still want them?. And just as soon as they go through the education that is required to coach then they can step up. I would be happy with any front rower that has the pedigree and qualifications - colour is of no importance. Balie is a great choice, he has been a forward coach for top teams, he is a student of the game and he is respected around the world. The fact is the Refs have no idea what is happening in the front row and need some help. It is a great idea.

  • jawellnofine - 2009-12-01 19:06

    @mzunzi, because you should look at his track record as coach after he retired from rugby. Please man this is about bettering refereeing in the country. It's a fantastic initiative I believe. It has nothing to do with the colour of the man but what he has been doing since 1995.

  • Ed - 2009-12-01 19:58

    @Mzunzi: because they're k@k, dude...not ONE of them played very long at the top level.

  • Ballie is my Bitch - 2009-12-01 20:57

    What the hell is he going to do? He was probably one of the worst props in the history of Sprinkbok Rugby!!!!!! After Lawrence and Eddie of course. Rather get some one that the refs respects as player: Willie Meyer, Cobus Visagie, Os, why this oke?

  • JT - 2009-12-01 21:53

    I remember Balie Swart in his old age, teaching Cobus Visagie a lesson in scrumming at Newlands. Visagie just made the WP side and big things were expected. Six penalties was awarded against Visagie, each met by a smiling Balie Swart. Balie is a student of the game and has proven his coaching ability.

  • Idiots! - 2009-12-02 00:58

    It is so funny to see how the white guys falls daily for guys like “Mzunzi”.This guy is most properly not even black and even if he is he is joking with you idiots and laughing at you! JT yes as you said Cobus was a youngster but what happened in the games after that game? Balie Swart is an f...g clown like Koffiesak Wiese who thinks they know everything. I just hope that someone teach the po#s to talk properly and stop with his “ne” that and “ne” that! He has never been an above average player and also 1 of the lucky guys that was picked by old “rooibond” overrated Kitch simply because he was a Lions player. The 1995 Boks were the luckiest team EVER to have won the WCup. It only happened because it was in SA. The non selection of a player like Tiaan Strauss will always give a sour taste in the mouth. Balie Swart is not needed at the Boks .Use Os or Cobus Visagie.Balie is a prime p....! Seems as if the WP guys are very much in demand these days! Pieter Rossouw and Vlok Cilliers sort out the Bulls with the import Morne “tortoise” Steyn at 10. Now they want to use Balie (went to school in CT) TO HELP THE Boks and WP Nel saved the Cheetahs scrum! Most of all the Mighty (hehehehe) BB bought TE VET BARRY to sort out their problems in the front row......suppose they did contract him as a front row and not a centre!?

  • @MZUNZI - 2009-12-02 07:25

    Hallo Mr. Chip on my shoulder. Why all the anger about poor old Balie? Is it maybe because of his colour? Relax, at least his surname is "Swart".

  • StuartW - 2009-12-02 07:27

    I think he should rather work with the Aus, NZ, Eng and Wales referees on this...they are the ones who don't know the rules.....@ Mzunzi....unfortunately the players you named didn't do much for the game after they stopped playing......Brian is playing in Europe, don't think he has the experience yet to handle such a job...Eddie was plain useless, and I'm a WP supporter...if you want to get an Andrews, then rather ask Keith......sorry mate...

  • Dude - 2009-12-02 10:40

    Jip Ballie is the man for the job, the only player to have given a ref a red card and then immediately got it returned to him hehehehe lekke Balie, Hoop hulle kan jou n internationale kontrak gee vir die joppie

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