Amor 'kicks out' Joost

2010-05-20 08:24

Philip de Bruin

Pretoria - Former Springbok captain Joost van der Westhuizen has apparently moved out of the house he shared with singer Amor Vittone in Dainfern Valley, Johannesburg.

He moved in with Garry Hartslief, a business acquaintance, on Thursday, someone who knows the Van der Westhuizens as well as Hartslief said on Wednesday night.

He was speaking on condition of anonymity "because I don't want to harm any relationships. I can guarantee you that my information is completely correct".

Neither Van der Westhuizen nor Hartslief confirmed or denied the rumour on Wednesday night.

Van der Westhuizen said: "What happens in my house is my personal business, so I won't be commenting, like I've already said last year after the whole video debacle."

The debacle he's referring to is the sex video showing him and a stripper half-naked. The former rugby player also appears to be snorting drugs in the video.

Hartslief says both Amor and Joost are friends of his, so he would rather not comment.

"I'm not confirming the information, but I'm not denying it either.

"What I can say, is that the facts as they've now been presented to me are not 100% correct."

According to Beeld's source, Amor asked for a separation "because she wants to have clarity about the journey ahead for her and Joost. No one is saying a divorce is inevitable."

Amor did not respond to requests on her cellphone for comment.


  • Just Asking - 2010-05-20 08:36

    What is this doing in the Sport section,that is if you classify couch rugby a and white powder sniffing a sport

  • Vaughn - 2010-05-20 08:38

    Yes and? Who cares about 2 bonehead wannabees?

  • Debbie - 2010-05-20 08:40

    so what ?

  • GT - 2010-05-20 08:41

    Please explain why this is in the SPORT section. Neither of these 2 banana's play sport. This should be in the entertainment and bimbo section

  • ricky - 2010-05-20 08:44

    Wow what a story...this must be the breaking news of the century!!! Well done Phillip de Bruin for being on top of this. Give Phillip de Bruin a journalist of the year award :)

  • Don - 2010-05-20 08:44

    Serves him right...well done Amore, you should have done it a long time ago!!

  • right! - 2010-05-20 08:47

    "because i don't want to harm any relationships" - yeah right, why not just keep your trap shut then??

  • Mole - 2010-05-20 08:49

    Do we have to be informed about 2 lowlife scumbags seperating? Jeez, they're not even celebs but rather 2 planks from boneheadville!! Who cares?

  • Andy - 2010-05-20 08:52

    Perhaps they can get Mike "Ballsup" Bolhuis to investigate what's going on?

  • Brandon - 2010-05-20 08:53

    Wait, let me check my give -a-s**t-o-meter". . . reads "0".

  • Pietertjie - 2010-05-20 09:00

    I bumped into Amor at the shop and asked her how she was doing; she told me straight that things were 'going great but not well at all'. I then quickly used the opportunity to ask her for some free Bulls rugby tickets but it was a no-go since everyone is supporting the brilliant Stormers these days. Since there was powder sniffing involved, shouldn't this be in the Health section?

  • janineg - 2010-05-20 09:02

    bananas, LOL. That's so true. Who ARE these people?

  • Lynne - 2010-05-20 09:04

    Why can't we just leave these people alone to try and sort out the mess their lives/marriage is in? Joost / Amore DON'T talk to anyone! Hope you manage to sort out your lives.

  • nasty - 2010-05-20 09:08

    Maybe Joost can get some guidelines from Tiger as to how to manage the upcoming divorce. both these guys are in for an @ss whipping. as they say in Afrikaans," jy wil mors"

  • Hammy - 2010-05-20 09:08

    ...and the award goes to Philip de Bruin for best sports article of the year. Now our kids can all excel with mixing sex and drugs with sport! Wow!

  • Ron - 2010-05-20 09:09

    Ag shame man! now i won,t be able to see them on TV playing their childish games.

  • Rabin - 2010-05-20 09:12

    ..And in other Sport news - The Vaal Dam is 112% full ...

  • Eddy - 2010-05-20 09:14

    So does this mean Amore is back in play

  • Yunny - 2010-05-20 09:14

    Well... clearly vaughn and mole thought enough of the "bonehead wannabees" to spend their high & mighty time reading and even COMMENTING on this...

  • hansi - 2010-05-20 09:15

    What drivel .......... boring

  • Suzie - 2010-05-20 09:15

    This is why i love you guys. I know i can get my morning laugh from reading your comments.

  • Laska - 2010-05-20 09:19

    AMOER ja, skop the SNOTKOP out !!!!!

  • DeonL - 2010-05-20 09:20

    He is a bad role model, but he did play brillantly rugby, some of his tries were unbelievable! That is why it is in the Sport section!

  • Braam - 2010-05-20 09:21

    Big whuppeee!! And that's news, why? We don't need to know what's happening with " the wanna be Bechams ". Sad day for SA if that's news. We don't care about them, they are just some idiots with the same problems many of us face daily, so why do we need to hear about their's. Write something of intrest please!!!!

  • Stormer - 2010-05-20 09:22

    Typical blue bull c@%*t.WTF who cares about this p@&*k.They are both boneheads

  • Benny - 2010-05-20 09:25

    Gee Philip, THANKS for keeping us informed. Can't wait for the next thrilling episode of the "The doings of Joost & Amor". I'll be anxiously watching M Web's sports column for the next bit of yesteryear's skinner stories!

  • Hp - 2010-05-20 09:26

    Give us positive GOOD NEWS and more people will listen to and read the news and maybe be can even educate more people that way. No wonder the world is in such a mess with all the negativity going around. We reap what we sow. Put love out into the world, not this constant hate and resendment and we might even stop the crime in this country. Every couple go through hard times at some stage, and it's nobody's business. Anyone taking advantage of another person's disposition is a parasite.

  • Captain Obvious - 2010-05-20 09:26

    Who the @!#$ cares???? Is it ANY of our business? Grow up.

  • Ivan - 2010-05-20 09:27

    How interesting!!

  • Mango - 2010-05-20 09:27

    Who is this Joost guy with the golf club? And Amore, who's that? Write about something worth reading please. How does Bakkies Botha's wife feel about putting up with him for four weeks. That should be good.

  • Bloodhound - 2010-05-20 09:29

    "speaking on condition of anonymity " ...........once the topic starts like this it loses its value for me , becaase believe if you are not going to do something about it and want to turn it into a " skinder storie " thats all and someone wants to make a storie and bring other peoples private lives in the public . get a life and a real job Skinder Bekke

  • Buddha - 2010-05-20 09:30

    I wish my wife would move out so that I can snort drugs half naked with a hooker. Joost just did it the other way round

  • Anton - 2010-05-20 09:32

    Sal graag wil weet wat het dit met die media te doen. Ek ken Joost pen amore persoonlik en laat ek julle nou vertel dat dit een van die nniceste couples is. laat daar foute gemaak is , wie maak nie foute. Los tog asb die mense uit en bepaal julle by julle eie verhoudings en persoonlike optrede wantlaaat ek julle nou iets vertel. Gaan kyk bietjie in julle kaste wat is daar wat jullle vir julle vrouens, mans en familie wegsteek. Laat asb hierdie 2 mense toe om hulle huwelik en gesinslewe te red

  • Camel Man - 2010-05-20 09:32


  • rob - 2010-05-20 09:32

    Rabin @ 9:12 your comment is pure class

  • whitelinefever - 2010-05-20 09:40

    lucky Joost never played wing in his hey-day. He would have spent the whole game on his knees with his nose on the touch line trying to sniff!!!!

  • Paul - 2010-05-20 09:42

    Eish... A true rugby story with a golf pic? Mr. De Bruin, I will personally forward your details. I reckon you could easily win an award. It might not be a Nobel prize, but is the next edition of the Darwin awards not due? Another cutting edge piece of journalism: Thank you Beeld. Beeld/Burger/Volksblad almost as bad as "Die susters kerke" in the past...

  • T - 2010-05-20 09:42

    YOU obviously all care else why bother reading and taking the time to comment.

  • Birdman - 2010-05-20 09:47

    @Rabin - HaHaHa!!! Sums up this nonevent exactly!

  • die yster - 2010-05-20 09:48

    Hey guys, My girlfriend and I moved in together. Although I am not 100% confirming it at this stage, I am also not denying it. So Joost and myself is on Par.

  • Elsa - 2010-05-20 09:48

    Die wiel draai. Wat jy saai sal jy maai. Onskuldige Amor het maar net vir Joost by sy vorige vrou afgevry.

  • Buskruit - 2010-05-20 09:50

    Ag shame Joost , lyk my die ander geslag kry jou onder , moenie moed opgee nie , Jy is nogsteeds n Hero vir baie van ons! Anyway ek dink jy is beter af sonder daai Tert , Sy is die soort wat op ander mense se ru ry vir haar bekendheid en haar tafel maniere is swak.Sterkte !

  • Vince - 2010-05-20 09:50

    Why is this in the rugby section? We have the heat magazine for this rubbish. This is a sport page, put sport on it.

  • Dave - 2010-05-20 09:55

    Wonderful important news about some scumbags ! Is nothing else happening in the world that you can report on ?

  • William - 2010-05-20 09:55

    Celebrity marriages never last, especially if one partner is prone to the Colombian cold haha...

  • Marlene - 2010-05-20 09:59

    Dit is hoogtyd dat jy aangaan met jou lewe Amor. Jy verdien nie die negatiewe publisiteit wat jou en die kinders se persoonlike lewe raak nie. Sterkte en jy sal beslis baie heel hieruit kan stap!

  • Joost - 2010-05-20 10:03

    Tiepies Bulls speler!! Need I say more...

  • eunice - 2010-05-20 10:09

    what goes around comes around she broke up his home . his ex must be having a good laugh, they both deserve what s coming to them. i just feel sorry for the children. i hope she tells them one day how she took him away from his wife.

  • @Anton - 2010-05-20 10:15

    What did you say? waffle waffle waffle poep

  • herman - 2010-05-20 10:16