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2011-11-04 12:44

Cape Town - Sport24 readers comment on Josh Strauss's missing beard, the Lions winning the Currie Cup and another SA cricket scandal.

Another SA cricket scandal

Another scandal has hit South African cricket after allegations of ball tampering during a four-day SuperSport Series match between the Knights and the Warriors in Kimberley over the weekend.

“The two umpires during the match - Karl Hurter and Adrian Holdstock - looked into it and found no evidence of foul play...Case closed.” – Rheinhard Peens

“The ball was of a poor quality. The leather came off and it quickly became soft. It was the responsibility of the umpires to replace it.” - Steven

“The Warriors are just sour because they got such a whipping.” – Dirk

“People always need a scapegoat when they lose-match fixing, the ref, the pitch....the list is endless.” – Shirley

“Ashwell Prince thinks he is better than the game and the spirit it should be played in.” –R Peens

“I used to love cricket but the constant scandal has ruined it for me.” – RJCloete

As captain should Prince have acted to avoid this incident? (Gallo Images)

Lions show SARU the way

Which of the victorious Lions Currie Cup side would be picked to play in a Bok Test team to play against New Zealand next week? Sure it would depend on who the coach was, but there would be no riots on Joburg if not a single player out of the match 22 were selected!

“I'm a die-hard Sharks supporter, but I've got no problem with my team losing to a team that played the way the Lions did... absolutely amazing rugby to watch.” – Chris

“For the Lions, it is about the team, and not the individuals. We don't want the stars with their big egos. We want the guys that will play for the team and the fans.” – Nico

“It reminds me of the family atmosphere that Kitch Christie built with the Transvaal outfit in 1993.” – Mufasa

“Mitchell and Spencer showed South Africa how. Take the Boks and equip them with South African physicality and All Black flair and you'll get a unit that will be unstoppable and will dominate world rugby.” – Ernest

“John Mitchell for Bok coach!” – HQ

Currie Cup Champs. First John Plumtree and now John Mitchell/Carlos Spencer. Have New Zealanders given South Africa the blueprint for success in modern rugby? (Gallo Images)

Josh Strauss's beard is history

The big beard Lions captain Josh Strauss had grown while he waited for his girlfriend to relocate from Cape Town was forcefully removed by team-mate Wikus van Heerden after Saturday’s 42-16 Currie Cup final victory against the Sharks.

“They should use parts of Joshua's beard to fix the patches in Elton's hair!” – Dieter

“Should have left the Borat ‘tache for Movember. “ – Brett Norval

“Who knew there was such a hottie under there. Yummy.” – Melanie

“He's shaved off a few years ... looking much younger.” – Marazor

“Let’s hope the strength wasn’t inside the beard.” – Dianne

“Josh who...” – Dylan Des Fountain

Who is this guy wearing a Lions shirt? A new signing perhaps? (Picture Tweeted by Waylon Murray)