You said it!

2011-03-29 13:50

In this edition of comments of the week Sport24’s readers seethed about the Proteas tragic World Cup exit, poked fun at Morne van Wyk dozing off against India, and answered the question: Is Bakkies Botha a bully?

SA: The horror, the horror

The World Cup knockout-phase monkey stays infernally glued to the Proteas’ backs for another four years...

“Choke...the official soft drink of the Proteas.” - Boomboom

“Are we now looking at the new generation of chokers?” - Thomas

“You know what will earn the Prochokers a morsel of respect? If they just come out and admit it, say the words 'We choked'.  Show some balls and tell the truth for once.” - Ragged Tooth

“SA were outplayed by the Kiwis. Give credit where credit is due! Get over it, NZ were the better side.” - Alan

“They deserve a rotten-tomato welcome, they let us down.”  - Freakfloyd

“Wait until Kirsten and Donald coach SA. Then we'll lose and everybody will be singing a different tune. Two things you can count on from Saffa fans - the best coach is the one we don't have and the best team is the one we didn't pick.” - John

“They should not be tagged as chokers but as losers.”  - Ajay

“This was a lesson in humility.” - Spitfire

“Replace that shrink with a Buddhist monk.” - Brendon

“One thing you have to hand to South Africans. We're still, by a long way, the number one ranked nation in the world when it comes to being bad losers. Even Australia can't compete with us.” - John

“Of course it's nice to win. But winning isn't the only thing. People need to get over it and stop acting like spoilt children. However bad you're feeling, the team is feeling far worse.” - John

“Fruit & Veg City are having a sale: buy 222 kiwi fruits and you get 11 Proteas for free!” - Rasputin

“With the whole turncoat nation shouting ‘chokers!’ in chorus everytime the Proteas lose even the most insignificant game, it’s little wonder that the Proteas have become their self-fulfilling prophecy. The SA public has done this to them. Until we remove the yoke of our expectation from their necks the pattern of failure will repeat itself again and again.” - Harly

A gutted South Africa coach Corrie van Zyl (Gallo Images)

Morné doz(zzz)ed off

Morné van Wyk didn't just appear to be asleep behind the stumps in South Africa’s thrilling victory over India last Saturday - he was!

“It's an excuse for his bad day at the office.” - Shimla

“Luckily he didn’t take a little blue pill by mistake, because then the game would have been even harder.” - Charl Scheptic

“At least it wasn’t a laxative because then he would have been in the sh...”  - Tatunka

“How the heck does a professional sportsman confuse a vitamin with a sleeping tablet?” - Stevo Cooper

“Boucher would never make such a stupid mistake.”  - Kevin

“So he can actually say he can beat India in his sleep!” - Met Uysh

“Morne van ‘Wake’” - Ekasi

JP Duminy was highly irked by the fact that van Wyk had taken the wrong pills again. (Gallo Images)

Is Bakkies Botha a bully?

Botha and Sanzar’s citing commissioners know one another so well by now that they should probably be on first-name terms, but that friendship was not enough to prevent one of the country’s most controversial rugby players from having to defend himself again early this week...

“Bakkies head-butted him out of the ruck, once he was out already, he grabbed him around the neck and flung him to the ground, nearly ripping his head off. When I saw the incident happen, I thought ‘oh-oh, there goes Bakkies with a red card’, but surprisingly the ref did nothing.” – Shistirrer

“I still remember the days when Uli played. None of today’s softies would survive one game!” - Picasso

“I can’t understand how people can defend Bakkies. He could have broken Duvenage’s neck - there was a real possibility of very serious injury.” - Logoll

“So rugby is becoming a bit of a ballet…” - Iceman

“Bakkies is a bully who picks on players much smaller than he is, and a thug who just can’t help himself.”  - gcr

“First things first, almost all of the players are smaller than Bakkies. Hell at over two metres tall, find me anyone other than a lock that is taller.” - Ferretgee

“The cruelty of ageing was obvious to all and sundry as the young buck took on the ‘legend’ Saturday night. The Boks need a thinking, disciplined enforcer. Bring on the new era of Elstadt.” - Saffa Cat

“If he tried that with any of the forwards he would have been carried off the field on a stretcher.” - Frederick

“I don’t think the tackle warrants a citing or any other action, and I am not a Bulls fan.  Bakkies is now being victimised in my opinion.” - Robynsky

“From now on the bigger guys must just leave those little pikkies alone completely. As they jog past on the way to the try line whistling happy tunes from childhood memories, give them a nice little pat on the head and ruffle their hair fondly.” - Juggernaut

“Who cares what happens to Bakkies, The Stormers silenced the lambs!” - Mumford

Bakkies prays for forgiveness for his sins. (Gallo Images)